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19.5 V Laptop Charger

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Can I Use A 195v Charger For A 19v Device

45W Dell Laptop Charger (19.5V ~ 2.31A, 4.5 x 3.0mm DC Jack)

The second part of this article dealt with the Should you aspect of this question. Now, lets come to the Can you? part.

Heres the thing. It ultimately depends on how long you have been running your machine. For a brand-new device, no one would recommend going for anything other than what is explicitly required by the laptop. But for something old and wrinkly, people probably wont be as scrupulous. However, this does not mean that you should start treating your device carelessly after using it for some years.

There is nothing wrong with using a 19.5V charger on a 19V device since most power bricks dont give out the exact voltage as they claim, and most of them tell it a bit higher than what it actually is.

In the same thread , one user reports that upon checking the 19V chargers, they all were seen to be giving a higher reading. Some even surpassed the chargers that were made to give 19.5V.

In our opinion, if the charger in question matches the rest of the specs with the laptop, there should be no problem in using it. For newer devices, the aspect of the warranty could be a bit of an issue. But generally, since the 0.5V difference is something that could already exist in your 19V charger, youll be fine using a 19.5V one with your laptop.

Should I Use A 195v Charger For A 19v Device

There are two types of situations in which you could be asking yourself this question.

The first situation is that you are looking to buy a new power brick, and youre seeing that the 19.5V charger is available at a much lesser price as compared to the 19V one.

If you are in this type of situation, then you should not opt for the 19.5V charger just because of the difference in the price. Even if it costs you more to get the right one viz. 19V, you should still stick to giving your machine the right voltage. In other words, if a charger with the right voltage is available, you shouldnt go around looking for something else to try.

The other situation is that you are looking to buy a new charger, and you are not finding one with the exact voltage as is required by your laptop. In this situation, you dont have an option, and you probably need to get some juice back in your device quickly. Here, the situation is different. As a last resort, you can use a 19.5V charger on a 19V laptop.

Which Kind Of Charger Do I Need

  • AC adapter chargers are designed to plug into a wall outlet. Household electricity is alternating current, but laptop batteries have to be recharged using direct current. This is why all laptop AC adapters have a rectifier built in to convert the electricity over to direct current.
  • DC chargers plug straight into a DC power source. Often they are designed to plug into the dashboard power outlet of a vehicle. This can be even easier with some modern vehicles with their own USB outlets, as you can charge your laptop with DC current using a USB cable.
  • Some devices are designed to work with both AC and DC power supplies. Typically these consist of a cable for DC charging, plus an optional rectifier that it can plug into. This is convenient as it allows you to recharge your device from a lot of different sources.

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Reading An Ac/dc Adapter Label

If the manufacturer was smart enough to include the DC output on the label, you are in luck. Look at the brick part of the adapter for the word OUTPUT. Here, youll see the volts followed by the direct current symbol and then the current.

The DC symbol looks like this:

To check the polarity, look for a + or sign next to the voltage. Or, look for a diagram showing the polarity. It will usually consist of three circles, with a plus or minus on either side and a solid circle or C in the middle. If the + sign is on the right, then the adapter has positive polarity:

If there is a sign on the right, then it has negative polarity:

Next, you want to look at your device for the DC input. Youll usually see at least the voltage near the DC plug receptacle. But you also want to make sure the current matches, too.

You might find both the voltage and the current elsewhere on the device, on the bottom or inside a battery compartment cover, or in the manual. Again, look for the polarity by either noting a + or symbol or the polarity diagram.

Remember: the input of the device should be the same as the output of the adapter. This includes polarity. If the device has a DC input of +12V / 5.4A, get an adapter with a DC output of +12V / 5.4A. If you have a universal adapter, make sure it has the proper current rating and choose the correct voltage and polarity.

Can I Use A 195v Laptop Charger For A 19v Laptop

Laptop Charger Suited for HP 19.5V 3.33A(blue pin)

Last Updated on July 17, 2022 by Patrick Johnson

While you can, it is not recommended. However, according to sources online, using a 19.5V charger on a 19V device is not an issue since chargers dont give out precisely the amount they indicate. There is a difference of a few voltages, hence the 0.5V difference is negligible.

Faulty and broken chargers are common. As time goes by, anything can happen to render your laptop charger unfit to be used. But, when that happens, you shouldnt just start charging your device with any other adapter. You should get one that has the proper voltage and wattage for your machine.

In this post, we are looking at whether or not its safe to charge a 19V laptop using a 19.5V charger.

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V 462a 90w Ac Adapter/charger For Select Dell Laptops

Item Code: IF244-019-1

This product is not available in your country.

A-Stock used parts are in excellent condition

B-Stock parts have minor cosmetic wear

C-Stock parts have major cosmetic wear but are fully functional

$15.99 Not for sale

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Product Details



Replace a damaged or malfunctioning AC power adapter for your Dell Laptop. Includes adapter module with cord and DC plug and extension cord with AC wall plug.

Compatible Part Numbers:

Y808G, 2H098, 310-2862, 310-3399, 310-4002, 310-6325, 310-6557, 310-7441, 310-7501, 310-7698, 310-7699, 310-7712, 310-7743, 310-7744, 310-7860, 310-8363, 312-0596, 312-0597, 320-1389, 330-1825, 330-1826, 330-1827, 330-1828, 330-4113, 7W104, 9T215, C120H, C2894, CF820, D094H, DF266, DF349, DF398, FF313, NF599, PA-10, PA-1900-02D2, PA-3E, PP02X, U7809, UC473, XD733, Y807G, 492-BCBK, YY20N


Can Anyone Use 19 V Charger On 195 V Laptop Continuously

The voltage difference between 19.5V and 19V is relatively minimal. Its generally okay to use as long as the chargers current is equal to or greater than the laptops. Even when in use and charging at the same time, laptops rarely consume the full power from the charger.

Also, can I charge my laptop with a higher wattage charger? The simple answer is that you can use a higher-wattage laptop charger, but there are some restrictions. A laptop chargers wattage rating is a maximum rating, indicating that the charger can provide power up to the output wattage rating and, of course, everything in between.

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W 195v 231a Laptop Ac Adapter Charger For Hp Stream 11 13 14 Hp Elitebook Folio 1040 G1 G2 G3 Hp Pavilion X360 15 Touchsmart Series Power Cord

  • Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz Output: DC 19.5V-2.31A 45W
  • Connector Size:4.5 * 3.0 mm
  • Security protectionï¼CE-/FCC-/RoHS-Certified for safety,overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, temperature and short circuit protection. Core security components, multiple protection and saferã
  • Package: 1x AC Power Adapter & 1x AC Power Cable
  • Buy with Confidence: 24 x 7 E-mail Support, 12 Months Warranty, 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Dell Laptop Charger 195v 462a

65W Dell Laptop Adapter (19.5V ~ 3.34A, 7.4 x 5.0mm Round DC Jack)

Dell Genuine Original PA-12 65 Watt AC adapter specially designed to meet the power needs of your Dell notebook computer.- The universal 100 240 power input means you can use the AC adapter around the world with the appropriate plug adapter for whatever country you are traveling to for business or pleasure.

  • Electric Current
  • This is a Genuine Original Dell Authentic Dell Part OEM Dell Adapter.



Dell Genuine Original PA-12 65 Watt AC adapter specially designed to meet the power needs of your Dell notebook computer.- The universal 100 240 power input means you can use the AC adapter around the world with the appropriate plug adapter for whatever country you are traveling to for business or pleasure.

  • Electric Current
  • This is a Genuine Original Dell Authentic Dell Part OEM Dell Adapter.

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Genuine Hp 45w Blue Tip Laptop Ac Adapter Power Supply Charger 195v

  • Genuine HP 45W blue tip laptop AC Adapter Power Supply charger 19.5V

Genuine HP 45W blue tip laptop AC Adapter Power Supply charger 19.5V

We have a qty of 1000 units ready to ship.

$15.00 each or discount for bulk orders.

Fits the following models.

HP 45w AC Adapter, blue tip.

Item is Off-lease , tested working fine.

Original Genuine HP 45W for HP ChromeBook et, It has a small BLUE tip with center pin.

Specifications: Input: 100-240V Output: 19.5V2.31A, 45W -DC Connector size: 4.5mm × 3.0mm -Power Cord: 3-prong, US plug

Part #: 740015-0, 741727-0, 740015-0, HSTNN-LA, HSTNN-DA, HSTNN-LA35 PA-1450-32, 719309-0, 721092-0, etc. compatible #s

Work for Chromebook,

For HP Stream 11 K2L95UA#ABA 11-d020nr 11-d010nr 11-D010WM 11-D011WM

For HP Stream 13 K2L96UA#ABA 13-c010nr

For HP Stream 14 J9V55UA#ABA 14-z010nr 14-z040wm

For HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 F2R68UT, F2R70UT, F2R72UT

For HP Split 13 x2 13-g100, 13-g110dx, 13-g118ca, 13-m000, 13-m010dx, 13-m100, 13-m110ca, 13-m110dx, 13t-g100, 13t-m000, 13t-m1000

For HP Spectre Ultrabook x2 PC 13-3000, 13t-3000, 13t-h200, 13-3010dx, 13-3018ca, 13-h210dx, 13-h211nr

For HP Pavilion x2 11-h, 13-p Series 11-h000, 11-h110nr, 11t-h100, 11-h010ca, 11-h010nr, 11-h013dx, 11t-h000, 13-p110nr, 13-p120nr, 13-p111nr, 13-p113cl, 13-p117cl, 13-p120ca, 13z-p100

For HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n Series 15-n210us, 15-n220us, 15-n230us, 15-n240us, 15-n260us, 15-n280us, 15z-n200

Pictures are from a few samples, not actual shipment.

Fudging It: What Happens If You Use The Wrong Adapter

Ideally, youll have the same voltage, current, and polarity on your adapter and device.

But what if you accidentally use the wrong adapter? In some cases, the plug wont fit. But there are many instances where an incompatible power adapter will plug into your device. Heres what you can expect in each scenario:

You would expect to see all of the above based on a simple understanding of polarity, voltage, and current. What these outlooks dont take into account is the various protections and versatility of adapters and devices. Manufacturers may also build a bit of a cushion into their ratings. For example, your laptop may be rated for an 8A draw, but in reality, it only draws around 5A. Conversely, an adapter may be rated at 5A, but can withstand currents up to 8A. Also, some adapters and devices will have voltage and current switching or detecting features that will adjust the output/draw depending on whats needed. And, as mentioned above, many devices will automatically shut down before it causes damage.

That being said, I dont recommend fudging the margin under the assumption that you can do the equivalent of driving 5 MPH over the speed limit with your electronic devices. The margin is there for a reason, and the more complicated the device, the more potential for something to go wrong.

Have any cautionary tales about using the wrong AC/DC adapter? Warn us in the comments!

Feature image by Qurren GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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Finding The Right Laptop Chargers And Adapters

Like a lot of portable devices, laptop power cables are easy to lose. Because they are so useful for keeping laptop batteries topped up, it can also be very helpful to have more than one, for example one for home and one for the office. Choosing the right model makes it easy to keep your battery charged and your computer ready to use. However, picking the wrong one can damage your battery and your device, so there are a few considerations to be made.

A Very Brief Introduction To Electrical Terminology

HP 90w Original Laptop Charger  19.5V 4.62A Genuine AC Power Adapter ...

Each AC/DC power adapter is specifically designed to accept a certain AC input and convert it to a particular DC output. Likewise, each electronic device is specifically designed to accept a certain DC input. The key is to match the DC output of the adapter to the DC input of your device. Determining the outputs and inputs of your adapters and devices is the hard part.

Power adapters are a bit like canned food. Some manufacturers put a lot of information on the label. Others put just a few details. And if there is no information on the label, proceed with extreme caution.

The most important details for you and your delicate electronics are the voltage and the current. Voltage is measured in volts , and current is measured in amps . , but this doesnt usually show up on power adapters.)

To understand what these three terms mean, it helps to think of electricity as water flowing through a pipe. In this analogy, the voltage would be the water pressure. Current, as the term implies, refers to the flow rate. And resistance relates to the size of the pipe. Tweaking any of these three variables increases or decreases the amount of electrical power sent to your device. Its important because too little power means your device wont charge or operate correctly. Too much power generates excess heat, which is the bane of sensitive electronics.

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Can This 195 V/333 A/65 W Laptop Charger Power This 12 V/45 W Motor

I have two motors from the back wheels of an old Rollin’ Rambler kids powered car . Unfortunately, I didn’t get the wiring harness and controls out before it was thrown away. I’m thinking of using one of the motors to make a vibrating parts cleaner, but want a way to power it without having to use the battery. The car had a slow and fast speed, so I’m assuming it supplied maybe 6 or 8 volts to the motors for slow speed and 12 volts for fast speed. However, I don’t really know how many amps the motor pulls. I can’t find an exact one online using the numbers on the motor housing, but I think this one is similar: That description has 35-45 W. If I understand it correctly, that equates to 2.9-3.75 A.

I also have an old laptop charger that outputs 19.5 V and is rated for 3.33 A. I’m wondering if there’s any reasonable way I could use this charger and a resistor or something to power this motor at 12 V .

From what I can figure, to use this charger to power the motor at 12 V and 3.75 A , I would need a 2 Ohm resistor:

    /3.75 = 2

V Charger On 195 V Laptop

March 8, 2022 by Jim Eddy

Sometimes you may have this type of question, can someone use a 19 V charger on a 19.5 V laptop? Or you also can be a victim of this problem. In my opinion, Everything will be OK. Laptops feature internal high-precision voltage regulators that convert down from the chargers fairly roughly-regulated voltage to the exact voltages they require for various tasks, thus a half-volt difference makes a little effect. All things are discussed below for your help.

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Which Features Should I Look For

  • Different chargers supply different voltages. The safest option is to use a charger that supplies the voltage that your laptop is rated for, which should be printed somewhere on it. Depending on the device, it may be rated for a range rather than a single figure. Using a 20V supply to charge up a 10V device could seriously damage the battery, while the other way around would lead to slow charging.
  • Amperage measures how quickly electricity flows to the laptop. Again, to know what amperage to get, you will need to look at your device, which should show a minimum. Using a higher amperage DC or AC adapter will cause your device to charge faster, while one that is too weak can be damaged during use.
  • Different manufacturers develop charging cables that plug into their devices in different ways. These are often not compatible. To ensure compatibility, it is often safest to choose a new cable that matches the original. For example, if you have an HP laptop, you might want to pick an HP AC adapter. This also helps to ensure that your new DC or AC adapter supplies electricity at an appropriate voltage and amperage.

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