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A Good Affordable Gaming Laptop

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Asus Vivobook Ultra 15 Intel Core I3

BEST $700 Budget Gaming Laptop 2021

The ASUS VivoBook Ultra 15 is a sleek and stylish, 15.6 inches FHD Anti-glare display laptop. It runs on Windows 10 Home and is backed by 8 GB DDR4 3200 RAM and 256GB internal storage space allowing you to store all the important stuff. The laptop comes with an 11th Gen Intel Core i3- 1115G4 processor for a smooth performance. Moreover, the laptop has an Integrated Intel Iris Xe graphic processor, which is great for playing games like DOTA 2, Far Cry 5, World of Tanks, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and BioShock Infinite.

Furthermore, the ASUS Intelligence Performance Technology is an ultra-efficient power-saving solution that ensures all-day battery life and a cooler laptop. Lastly, with the backlit Chiclet keyboard, you can keep working even in dimly lit rooms or aboard red-eye flights.

  • Price: 55,990

What Features To Look For In A Gaming Notebook For Under $700

Selecting a gaming device for under 700 dollars means that you must be very precise with the selection. Therefore, choose a device that features a powerful GPU, one mentioned above, with at least 4GB of VRAM support. You must pick a laptop with a higher screen refresh rate, 1080p panel, 8GB RAM, and a decent battery that can last at least 5 hours.

Display Details Part One: Size And Resolution

You should keep four specs in mind when looking at a given gaming laptop’s display panel: the screen size, the native resolution, the refresh rate, and the panel type.

As we noted earlier, 15.6 inches is the general screen-size rule for most under-$1,000 gaming laptops. This size is a good compromise in ways that extend beyond cost. Sometimes, gaming on the biggest laptop screen possibleâand with a few exotic exceptions, that’s the 17-inch classâis the way to go. But if you’ve ever tried carrying one of these machines, or shopped for a laptop bag that can fit both it and its gigantic power adapter, you may have second thoughts. Many of these notebooks weigh six pounds or more, and the lightest ones tend to be far from the cheapest.

A 15-inch gamer still won’t be an ideal daily traveler, but most are a lot more manageable than their larger kin. Also, today’s 15-inch gaming rigs are better suited for use in true mobile fashionâthat is, off an AC power plugâthan those of past years. We’ve seen a few hit six or more hours of battery life, albeit in everyday productivity use or playing back video gaming will trim that number considerably.

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Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

Fully equipped with an Intel i5 chip, NVIDIA GTX 1650 for graphics, this gaming laptop delivers powerful gaming for under $1000.

The Nitro 5 allows for smoother gaming in greater detail. Plus, the Acer Nitro 5 Canada has a tiny 7.18mm bezel making the 15.6 inch screen look huge.

For the price, the Nitro 5 gets applauded for its bright screen, with good off-angle viewing and decent color performance.

Best Budget Pc For 1440p Gaming

Best Cheap Gaming Laptops in 2020

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 | GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 | RAM: 16GB DDR4 | Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD | Weight: 33.2 pounds | Size: 8.3″ x 17.9″ x 16.4″

Nvidia’s RTX 3060 is a great partner for 1440p gaming, but it’s unfortunately difficult to get your hands on directly from retailers. But, if you’re looking for an entire computer that can give you that 1440p gaming greatness, then the SkyTech Shadow 3.0 is an excellent option.

This PC comes pretty well kitted out, boasting an AMD Ryzen 5 3600 paired with 16GB of DDR4 memory clocked at 3,000MHz. That’s definitely enough horsepower to keep your system running smooth. Factor in the RTX 3060, and you’ll be gaming with the best of them. The CPU might not hit 300fps at 1080p and the GPU might not fare much better at 4K, but they’ll strike a great balance in 1440p that can net you quality visuals and smooth frames for a great gaming experience.

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The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Right Now

TheDell G3 15 is currently our top overall pick for best cheap gaming laptop 2021. Looking for solid endurance? The G3 15’s got you covered lasting over 6 hours on our battery test. The latest refresh of the system, this new laptop offers powerful performance on the gaming front. And best of all, it comes with Alienware Command Center, so you can customize several features of the laptop.

Speaking of Dell, check our our review of the recently refreshed Dell G5 15 SE. Although the all AMD gaming laptop is currently $1,199, we’re expecting a price drop in the near future. We’re excited about this system as it delivered stellar overall performance and battery life as well as solid gaming performance.

The HP Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0046nr is a great combination of style, power and endurance. Plus, it comes in well below $1,000. We were particular impressed with its agile SSD and it stays cool why gaming and lasts almost 6 hours on a charge.

The MSI Alpha 15 and Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i are our honorable mentions. The first features both an AMD processor and graphics card, it marks the chipmaker’s return to gaming laptops. While the other is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. Both are great entries, but doesn’t hold up to the systems on this list.

See our picks for best cheap gaming laptops of 2021 below.

What Gpu Should I Look For In A Gaming Laptop

Since youre searching for a gaming laptop under $1000 in Canada, youre limited with how picky you can be. All of the gaming laptops in this round-up come with the newest NVidia GeForce 16x series graphics cards, except for the HP Pavilion that comes with the older/last generation 10x series GPU.

Even that older chip, however, will give you enough power to play all the newest demanding games at low-to-medium settings.

Since other parts of the laptop can be upgraded later , the processor and the GPU are most important when first looking at buying a gaming laptop, because whatever you buy is what youre stuck with.

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Large Screen Low Price

Specs: Display: 17.3 inches | CPU: Intel Core i5-10300H | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 512GB | Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti | Weight: 5.7lbs | Battery Life: 6 hours

Though most laptop screens run 15.6 inches or smaller, a subset of users prefers a larger display. On this list, the HP Pavilion offers a slightly bigger screen at 16.1 inches, but for gamers who desire even more screen real estate, the Asus TUF Gaming F17 could be your choice. It provides a 17.3-inch display, which translates roughly to 20% more screen area than a 15.6-inch display possesses .

Given the larger display, it’s no surprise that the Asus is the heaviest laptop listed here, though it still manages to weigh under 6 lbs. Specs are otherwise similar to the lower-end systems here — though you do get twice as much storage — but you’re paying more for the larger display.


Display Details Part Two: Refresh Rate And Panel Type

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop

Like the native resolution, you should take note of the panel’s refresh rate, even if, these days, it may be the sameâthat is, 60Hzâacross some older budget models.

If the refresh rate is being called out as a feature on a given laptop, that means it’s likely higher than the norm. Most laptop screens, including those in most non-gaming-oriented budget models, stick to 60Hz, which means they redraw the onscreen image 60 times per second and thus can display up to 60 frames per second of in-game performance. Some notebook screens these days, though, can display at 75Hz, 120Hz, or more. These high refresh rates can be beneficial for some extremely fast-paced games, particularly titles played competitively online, including stalwarts such as CS:GO, DOTA 2, and Overwatch, and the more recent trio of Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Still, unless you’re attempting to become a professional gamer or get ranked globally in a particular popular title, a 60Hz screen will suffice. Nearly all gamers are still “stuck” with 60Hz displays, after all, if they haven’t bought a new PC in the last few years. Still, high-refresh panels are becoming the norm even in budget gaming machines, and the lack of one now indicates an older model you probably want to avoid.

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Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 11th Gen Intel Core I3 14

The Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 is a 4 star rated, 14 inches FHD IPS panel gaming laptop. Backed by an 8GB RAM DDR4-3200 and 256 GB SSD storage space, this laptop ensures you secure all your stuff without any inconvenience. It runs on Windows 10 home and comes with 11th Generation Intel Core i3 for smooth and faster performance. Moreover, it has an Intel Integrated graphic processor and offers 1920X1080 pixel resolution for impressive video quality.

Furthermore, the dual 2x 2W user-facing speakers with Dolby audio take your gaming experience to another level. It is an ideal pick for all the streamers and gamers out there. Lastly, the laptop features Alexa voice control allowing you to get information, listen to music by giving voice commands.

  • Price: 54,990

Finger-print reader

The Best Cheap Laptop Ofof 2021

HPs Envy x360 13, currently available for $860 is the best budget laptop you can buy under $800. With a high-quality and sturdy convertible build, it looks like a device that should cost twice its price. It has plenty of other great features as well, including a really excellent keyboard and a bright, colorful screen. Its also exceptional on the inside. Thanks to its AMD Ryzen processor, the system delivers all-day battery life and very smooth performance it can even handle some light gaming.

We have some minor complaints about the Envy, of course. The screen is 16:9, which is a cramped aspect ratio for multitasking. Our test unit had a somewhat limited port selection and came with some bloatware preinstalled. But none of these are deal-breakers at the Envys price point. Overall, budget shoppers will want for very little with this machine.

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Recommended High Settings Requirements

The gaming laptops that are able to support the graphics complex games are a little expensive and I would recommend checking our best gaming laptops 2022 compiled list to find your high-end flagship that supports the high-end games. Luckily, all the gaming laptops that are mentioned on the list come with lightning fast hardware components that crush all games like a boss.

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops Of 2021

The Best Cheap Gaming Laptops for 2019

The Dell G15 is the company’s latest budget-orientated machine for 2021 – replacing the excellent G3 and G5 ranges with a single consolidated, highly customizable, option. New features include your choice of the latest RTX graphics cards, 11th gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, and a new chassis that’s actually reminiscent of the super-premium Alienware laptops from Dell – albeit with muted shades of grey and fewer bells and whistles. Options also exist for AMD-based components, and, depending on whether there are seasonal sales over at the Dell site, incredibly compelling discounts all year round. In short, you can’t go wrong with one of these machines if you’re strictly on a budget.

The MSI G563 Thin is one of the cheap gaming laptops to beat, alongside the Nitro 5 and Legion 5. It generally sits comfortably in the lower price brackets alongside its aft mentioned competitors but somehow manages to pack everything into an attractive, part metal chassis – a rarity at this price point. Specs are around the ballpark you’d expect with an entry-level machine – starting at a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. With a design that’s essentially been unchanged for 2021, these machines have a fairly chunky bezel now and the processor options are a little older too. That said, don’t discount them – they’re still great value and come packed with the latest RTX 3000 cards on the higher specs.

Read our full review: Acer Nitro 5

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What Is The Role Of The Refresh Rate In Gaming Laptops

For enthusiastic gamers, a screen with higher refresh rate updates and loads images faster. This results in a lag-free experience and allows the device to keep up with the more rapid in-game player movements. A 60Hz refresh rate is more than enough but you can always look for 120Hz for high-end games.

Hp 15 Thin & Light 11th Gen Core I5 Laptop

The HP 15 is a thin and light laptop with a screen size of 15.6 inches. It runs on Windows 10 Home and is backed by 8 GB RAM and 512 GB internal storage space. The laptop comes with an 11th Gen Core i5 processor for a faster working experience. Moreover, it has Intel Integrated graphics with which you can run some of your favourite games but not at the highest settings.

Furthermore, the Alexa voice control feature of this laptop impresses us the most. You can get information about anything, play songs and new things by giving voice commands.

  • Price: 58,490

8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage

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Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3i Design

The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3is Onyx Black chassis is unassuming. I wouldnt have guessed it was a gaming laptop at first glance due to the lack of any symbols or icons apart from a simple Lenovo logo in the top left corner. Whats unique about the design is that instead of featuring a simple square shape, the corners curve slightly inwards, and the lid ever so gently curves downward, like the hood of a car.

Unfortunately, the interior isnt as discreet due to the light blue keyboard font mixed with the light blue backlighting. The power button is centered just above the keyboard, and theres a blue IdeaPad Gaming logo on the hinge. While the bottom and top bezel are a little thicker than Id like, the side bezels are pleasantly narrow. Surprisingly, the webcam is not only above the screen, it also features a privacy shutter.

At 4.8 pounds and 14.13 x 9.83 x 0.98 inches, the IdeaPad Gaming 3i is relatively slim for a 15-inch laptop. The HP Gaming Pavilion 15-dk0046nr , Acer Nitro 5 and Dell G5 15 SE are all heavier than the IdeaPad.

Dell G3 15 Price And Configuration Options

This is the BEST Budget Gaming Laptop & It’s in Stock!

The G3 15 that I tested is currently priced at $799 and is outfitted with an Intel Core i5-9300H processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU with 4GB of VRAM, 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and a 1TB 5,400-rpm HDD. In terms of sheer value, the Dell G3 15 is one of the best cheap gaming laptops around.

If you step down to the base model, which is also $799 right now , you’ll drop to a GTX 1050 GPU and lose the SSD. If you’re looking to max out the performance, you can get the $1,175 model and it’ll be outfitted with a Core i7-9750H CPU, a GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q GPU, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD.

If the G3 15 isn’t really your speed, consider looking at our roundup of the overall best gaming laptops as well as our gaming laptop buying guide.

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Identifying The Best Gaming Laptops

Now that you know fantastic and cheap gaming laptops exist, what makes the best budget gaming laptop? Well, given that each budget laptop in the market today has its strengths and weaknesses, the answer to that is entirely subjective. It all comes down to the kind of games you fancy, and the level of performance you expect that laptop to shell out.

However, if your primary focus is to get a quality gaming laptop on a budget, the first thing you should prioritize is the graphics card. It is the thin line between high-quality enjoyable gaming and below-average laptop gaming experiences. Note, when it comes to the GPU, you typically have two options. You can either opt for an integrated GPU or a dedicated one. An integrated, as the name suggests, is built in the same chip as the processor and uses the systems memory. A dedicated or discrete GPU, on the other hand, features its independent source of memory.

Top 11 Budget Gaming Laptops In 2020

A budget gaming laptop is the best choice for avid gamers who are tight on budget. The trend of gaming is rising exponentially and enthusiastic gamers are constantly demanding more interesting games and better gadget features every day.

Gaming companies and gadget manufacturers have upped the ante and seized this opportunity to create better stuff regularly to satisfy their customers growing demands.

A decent budget-friendly gaming laptop needs to have adequate power to play games comfortably and the right size to carry around with ease.

Even though the desktop remains the ultimate gaming equipment for many computer gamers, sometimes you need something which is more portable especially if you are constantly on the move.

When you plan to buy an affordable gaming laptop you should not just look at the specifications. You need to look at the entire laptop as a package, including the built-in keyboard, battery capacity, hard disk and the display quality.

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