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A Good School Laptop

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Storage Solutions In Laptops: Ssds Are Tops

Back to School Laptop Guide (2019)

With the increasing prevalence of cloud storage and web applications, having plentiful local storage space is;somewhat;less vital now than it used to be, but you should still make sure that your laptop meets your needs. If you plan to install a lot of programs or want to hang on to lots of large media files, you’ll need 500GB of space or more. If you don’t foresee needing all that local storage, or are content with leaving a lot of your work online, you can get by with a laptop with less space.

Whichever way you go, remember that storage affects speed, too. If you go with a hard drive because you get more storage for less money, know that it will be noticeably slower than a snappy-feeling solid-state drive . The higher cost and lower capacity of a faster SSD is a trade-off that some students are willing to make. We;strongly;recommend SSDs for laptops that are carried around campus a lot, since the SSDs are impervious to drop damage. Plus, they are a lot faster than hard drives and give a laptop a much snappier perceived feel.

The good news is that by plugging an;external hard drive;or external SSD into one of your laptop’s USB ports, you can add more space whenever you need it. Although you probably won’t have to do this unless you’re a video junkie or an aspiring filmmaker, it’s a good option to have.

Dell Chromebook 3100 2

A hardy Chromebook ideal for young students


  • Screen is small and low res
  • Keyboard could be better

Giving an expensive laptop to a child is always a risk, as their grubby mitts and clumsy grip can cause irreparable damage in a matter of seconds. The Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1 is specifically designed to withstand such scrapes, and while it may look rather ugly as a result, its a far better alternative than having a stylish system thats been snapped in half.

As you might have guessed by its name, the Dell Chromebook 3100 2-in-1 features a 360-degree hinge and a touchscreen, allowing you to use it like a makeshift tablet. Its obviously not as portable and elegant as say Apples iPad, but its very much capable of handling school-related tasks and works out to be cheaper if a keyboard is essential.

Best College Laptops In : Best Laptops For Students

The best college laptops for students, from budget laptops to workstations

If you’re a student, you’ll want one of the best college laptops so you can ace your exams then stream TV or play games when it’s time to relax. But with so many choices at so many different prices, it can be homework in itself to find the very best laptops for students.;

When you’re buying a laptop for school, make sure it has long battery life and fast CPU performance. You can find a lot of these units on our main best laptops page, which gives you a wide selection of the top notebooks to choose from. And if you prefer to take notes by hand, buy one of the best 2-in-1 laptops.;We’ve also ranked the best gaming laptops for those who like to unwind after the coursework is wrapped up. We’re still in a process of reviewing some laptops that could find their way on this list, so be sure to check back in regularly for the latest and great laptops for students.;

Whichever laptop you get, you’ll also want to pick up a few extras, such as a comfortable mouse, a;well-appointed backpack,;and perhaps a .;Without further ado, here are the best college laptops, including some budget picks for those dreading tuition payments.;

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Best Laptop For College 2021

Find an affordable laptop for every type of student.

A laptop is a key financial;investment;and academic tool for college students. Ideally, the best laptop for college is the one that lasts for an entire career and has all the software needed to complete work well and on time, without hardware issues.

An entry-level laptop computer that will do the job can be had for $300, but you can get a college laptop with longer battery life, a faster solid-state drive and overall better performance for a few hundred more. With the current;chip shortages, you might think it’s difficult to get your hands on a decent budget-friendly laptop for school. Luckily, it’s still possible to find laptops and two-in-ones with the latest processors from Intel and AMD. The only PCs you might have to wait for are those featuring the new powerful 11th-gen Intel Core processors that promise to;increase performance;in laptops for gamers. You’ll find a few models on this list with those processors, but more are expected to be available soon.

Top 10 Laptops For Back To School

Best Laptops for High School Students in 2021

Laptops have increasingly become a must-have for students. Never more so than this year, when the possibility of remote learning means having the right technology at home is more important than ever. Portable and powerful, a laptop is simply a great tool to have whether youre in the classroom, studying in the library, or participating in a Zoom class from your room. The most difficult part of choosing a laptop is picking the right model. A lot of that comes down to personal preference and program requirements, but to help you out Ive put together a list of the top 10 laptops for back to school.;

These are all great options, and cover a range of platforms, form factors and price tags.

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Asus Rog Zephyrus G15 Gaming Laptop

Courtesy of Asus

The final laptop on the 2021 list is equally suited to high-end mobile gaming and high-demand courses, such as 3D modelling or editing 4K video.

Last year, we featured the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 in this position. This year its the G15. Despite sporting a big, 15.6-inch WQHD display, this laptop is thin and light, coming in at 0.78-inches thick and 4.19 pounds.

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 is equipped to take on the most demanding modern games, with an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS processor. A range of Nvidias hot new RTX 3000 mobile GPUs is offered, so you can enjoy real-time ray-tracing and other advanced effects. Other specs of note include a 65Hz refresh rate on the display, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 512GB or 1TB of m.2 NVMe PCIe 3.0 storage, all the ports you might need, and Wi-Fi 6. The speaker setup is impressive, with a pair of tweeters and four woofers delivering Dolby Atmos support. The integrated array microphone features AI mic noise-cancelling technology. Battery life when doing school-related tasks instead of blowing up aliens is a very respectable eight hours.

It will also crunch a data-heavy spreadsheet in no time.

The ROG Zephyrus G15 equipped with a top of the line Nvidia RTX 3080 with 8GB of DDR6 RAM retails for $2,499. No internal webcam is standard, although ASUS says all but the two entry-level versions of this laptop include a 1080p, 60fps external webcam in the box.

Attend An Online Public School

Some public school districts have online options for students who want to attend public school from home.

This education choice can be a good option for families who are considering homeschooling but arent confident in their teaching schools.

It can also be a good alternative for students who for other reasons dont fit well in traditional schools. Online public schools sometimes offer free laptops to students who choose their school.

Check with your local public school district for the online public school option availability.

Note that with both online public schools and online colleges, you are sometimes required to return the computer when youre finished with your schooling.

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Asus Chromebook Flip C214

The ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 is ideal for younger students, those who are short on space, and kids who are just plain tough on their laptops. This is an ultra-compact Chromebook with an 11.6-inch HD touchscreen display. Its not short on features, though, with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 wireless connectivity, plus both USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, and a micro SD card slot. Its Intel Celeron processor with 4GB of RAM provides snappy performance, while 64GB of eMMC storage provide plenty of space to download assignments locally. The Chromebook Flip C214 is even equipped with a 720p webcam for videoconferencing.

Best of all , this is one tough laptop. Its 360 degree hinge has been subjected to tens of thousands of open and close cycles, the laptop has been drop-tested, and the Chromebook Flip C214 meets military MIL-STD 810g durability standards

Hp Pavilion 14 Review: Pricing And Performance

Best Laptops for Students 2020

The HP Pavilion 14 review unit we were given, the 14-dv0511sa, features an Intel Core i3-1115G4 Processor, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage. While these are not the most impressive specs you can find in a laptop, they represent pretty good value for the price. And we found that in practice, the laptop could easily handle everyday tasks such as surfing the web, editing documents in Microsoft Office, and streaming video and audio.

If you wanted to do more resource-heavy tasks such as using Photoshop or editing video, then wed recommend upgrading to the version with the more powerful Core i5 processor, which obviously retails for a little bit more. That said, at time of writing multiple retailers have that variant discounted, making it a slam dunk.

It just goes to show its worth looking for the latest bargains, which youll find on this pages auto-updating price widget, and our regularly updated laptop deals post.

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Best Laptops For College Students

Whether youre off to college, or already there, a trusty laptop is an essential tool. The best laptops for college are able to balance essay writing as well as plenty of Netflix, social media and video calls back home. Youll want a laptop that can go the distance: A college computer will need more power and durability than a grade-school laptop, and might cost more as a result.

But what should you go for? Will a $300 Windows laptop do the trick? Or do you need a MacBook . And what about a Chromebook? With a year at college costing the average student at least $20,000, you’ll want to spend your money wisely.

The good news is that all of the above are viable laptop options, depending on what type of student you are. Here are the main choices when buying a laptop for college:

  • Apple MacBook Pro A powerhouse, and a great tool for design students
  • Lenovo Yoga 730 A stylish Windows 10 laptop that thinks it’s a tablet, too
  • Acer ChromeBook Spin A diminutive Chromebook that will slip into any bag
  • Asus VivoBook Flip A full-function Windows 10 laptop at a nice price
  • Apple MacBook The thinnest and lightest MacBook yet
  • ;Samsung Chromebook Plus A snappy Chromebook
  • Microsoft Surface Go A tablet that thinks it’s a laptop
  • Whether you choose a MacBook, a Chromebook or a reliable Windows 10 laptop, any of the above will prove a capable companion during your studies, and help you unwind with some Netflix or Spotify when you need a break from the books.

    First Off: Research Your College

    The first, and most important, thing to do is check with your school for specific system requirements. They may have hard-and-fast hardware recommendations.

    Some colleges and universities want their students equipped with;Windows-based laptops, to cut down on software incompatibility issues or to keep technical support concentrated on one platform. Others don’t care which operating system you use, whether it’s Windows,;macOS, or even Linux if you’re a hard-core type. Some institutions have onsite computer repair centers that service only laptops purchased from the university or an affiliated computer store on campus; using one of these facilities, the turn-around time will be much quicker than if you were to send it overnight to the original manufacturer.

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    Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbon Review: Verdict

    The Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i Carbons performance, build and screen aren’t far off what you get from much more expensive computers. Being so well rounded, this will be a good choice for everyone from business users on a budget to those who need a laptop for more casual everyday tasks.

    Students in particular though will love the fact that its so light. It means you can keep it in your bag to go between home, the library and lectures without feeling weighed down, while its durable design will give you peace of mind that it won’t get damaged.;

    You do have to make some sacrifices to keep the price this low, like the average battery life and the fact that you wont get much choice in connectivity. It also lacks a fingerprint sensor and it’s not got a touchscreen, both of which are features you could get if you spent a lot more money.;

    Despite there being a few downsides, overall this ultraportable laptop has a well-thought-out design and decent performance across the board. It may not quite match up to the premium top-dogs, yet it offers everything you really need at a much lower price.

    Computer Technology Assistance Corps

    The 5 Best Laptops Under $500 in 2016

    The Computer Technology Assistance Corps exists to create opportunities and empower people. ;They accept donations of used laptops and other devices, refurbish them and provide them to those in need.

    The computers are sold at a cost recovery basis amount.

    In order to qualify for these computers, you must meet the following guidelines:

    • Receive food stamps or welfare
    • Receive reduced or free school lunches
    • Be a low-income senior over the age of 62
    • Be handicapped or disabled

    If you fit into these parameters, you may qualify to receive a computer form CTAC. ;Laptops purchased through CTAC start at about $100 each. Desktop computers they sell start at around $68.

    Simply apply online at their website to see about potentially getting a highly discounted computer.

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    The Jump Onit Foundation

    The Jump OnIt Foundation was started by the OnIt Foundation mentioned above. If you dont qualify for a free laptop from the OnIt Foundation, you may qualify here.

    When Jump OnIt talks about highly discounted computers, theyre talking about computers as low as $99.

    The qualifications are as follows:

    • Your income needs to be less than $23,400 per year
    • Your child needs to qualify for free or reduced school lunch
    • Or, you need to receive SSI, DSHS, TANF or GA-U

    If you meet any of these qualifications, but you dont qualify for their free computer from OnIt, dont fret. You may qualify for a discounted computer from their sister agency, Jump OnIt.

    Apple Macbook Pro $1299

    Best for: Art & Design students

    This is the ultimate MacBook, with a price-point to match. The entry-level model starts at $1299, but shoots up to $2,800 for the fully kitted out version. The good news is that you probably dont need that one.

    So what does the money get you? For the very latest entry-level MacBook Pro, you’ll get an Apple M1 chip, 8GB of Ram, and of course that visually stunning Retina display. All those specs can be improved upon if you spend more, naturally.

    Theres a reason that MacBooks are so highly regarded in the design and creative industries, and the MacBook Pro is the pinnacle of this. If youre studying design or a related offshoot, a MacBook Pro is a great tool for your course.

    Not sure which MacBook model to go for? Read our full guide, Which MacBook Should I Buy?

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    Best Laptop For High School Students 2021

    Bestlaptop for high school studentsWindows Central2021

    An ideal laptop for a high school student needs to be powerful, offer great value, be rigid enough for daily use, and have a sound design that younger consumers would want to use. The Dell XPS 13 ticks all these boxes and is one of the best 13-inch laptops you can buy. In fact, it’s one the best Windows laptop options available today. The latest model comes rocking 11th Gen Intel processors and plenty of storage and RAM for schoolwork.

    The Best Budget Laptops For 2021

    Best Laptops for Students.. and anyone on a budget

    Weve reviewed hundreds of laptops, so we know what to look for in the best laptops regardless of the price. The best budget laptops you can buy do everything that laptops cost hundreds of dollars more can do and in some cases, they do it even better.

    But if your laptop budget is a bit lower, or if you want to be able to game on your laptop, weve included options for you as well. We have options for the;best laptops under $500 and laptops under $300, which is as cheap as laptops get. If youre looking for savings, you can also check out some of the best laptop deals happening now.

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    Student Software Discounts And Free Alternatives

    If your course requires you you use certain software, check whether any discounts or free offers are available.

    For example, if your university subscribes to Microsoft Office365, you should be eligible for free Office software downloads, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can find more information on the Microsoft website.

    You can also subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud for £10 a month to get Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom; perfect if your course involves photography . Alternatively you can access all Adobe Creative Cloud apps for £16 a month, which is a deal exclusive to students and teachers.

    The 3D design software firm Autodesk also offers a three-year free licence to some of its software packages if youre a student.

    If you dont want to pay for anything, there are free, open-source alternatives to popular software packages. These include GIMP or Pixlr for image editing, LibreOffice for productivity, Google Drive or Office 365 Free for web-based word processing and spreadsheets, and Blender for 3D modelling.

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