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A Lenovo Laptop

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Fix 7 Disable Fast Start

How to get your webcam working on your Lenovo laptop.

Windows 10 is equipped with an incredible feature called Fast start-up that makes your system boot up faster. However, it’s a tricky method that can also mess up the start-up process. So, if it’s enabled on your laptop, this could be the reason why your Lenovo laptop black screen issue occurred. The steps below will help you to disable it to avoid such incidents.

Step 1: Tap on Windows + R at the same time to open the ‘Run’ dialogue box.

Step 2: Type-in ‘powercfg.cpl’ and click on ‘Enter.’ It will open the ‘Power Option’ tab.

Step 3: Now, click on ‘Choose what the power buttons do’ on the left side of the screen.

Step 4: Select ‘Change settings that are currently unavailable.’

Step 5: Now, un-check the box ‘Turn on fast start-up.’

Step 6: Click on ‘Save Changes’ and close Windows.

Cara Memilih Laptop Lenovo Terbaik

  • Ingat kisaran budget yang kamu miliki

Hal ini memang merupakan hal yang paling penting untuk kamu catat sebelum membeli laptop Lenovo. Kamu harus memiliki kisaran harga tersendiri untuk membeli sebuah laptop Lenovo. Biasanya ini bergantung terhadap kebutuhan yang kamu perlukan. Jika hanya untuk komputasi ringan dan menulis, relatif harganya murah. Sedangkan jika perlu yang mengolah grafis tinggi harganya akan lebih mahal.

  • Perhatikan prosesor dan RAM-nya

Kamu pun perlu memperhatikan juga soal jeroannya. Prosesor jenis apa yang digunakan oleh komputer, seperti Intel Core, i3, i5, i7, dan juga ada AMD. Intel I7 dan AMD digadang-gadang masih menjadi prosesor terbaik hingga saat ini. Nah, selain prosesor, kamu pun harus memperhatikan soal kapasitas RAM yang dimilikinya untuk ruang penyimpanan dan untuk menunjang kekuatan prosesor. Usahakan pilih RAM yang besar agar proses komputasi menjadi lebih cepat.

  • Bodi dan model yang digunakan pun perlu disesuaikan

Untuk yang terakhir lebih mengarah kepada kebutuhan dari laptop itu sendiri, apakah kamu membutuhkan laptop biasa atau laptop yang dirancang secara khusus untuk gaming. Jika kamu ingin menggunakan laptopmu sebagai tablet, laptop 2-in-1 bisa menjadi pilihan yang tepat. Ada juga yang tipis dan lebar agar tak memberatkan saat dibawa-bawa.

For Home School And More

You’ll find that our slim and lightweight IdeaPad laptops are a perfect fit for travel. Theyre small enough to slip into your backpack, with a durable build quality that can handle airport security checks.

Many of our traditional laptops start under $1000, and can be outfitted with a wide range of features to suit your needs. These lap tops are ideal for everyday use, whether you’re drafting documents, posting on social media, or playing video games.

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Harga Notebook Lenovo Terbaru

Di Bhinneka, Anda bisa menemukan beragam jenis dan model Notebook LENOVO terbaru. Tinggal sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan dan keinginan. Anda bisa mengurutkan Notebook LENOVO berdasarkan harga atau abjad. Selain itu, Anda juga bisa cari Notebook LENOVO yang sesuai bujet dengan memasukan rentang harga di kolom pencarian harga. Dapatkan Notebook LENOVO dengan harga murah dan bersaing di Bhinneka.

Lenovo Thinkbook 14 G2 Itl

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430 3254
  • Layar: 14″ FHD IPS 250nits Anti-glare, 45% NTSC
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-1115G4 / Intel Core i5-1135G7 / Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce MX450 2GB GDDR6 / Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • RAM: 8GB Soldered DDR4-3200

Laptop canggih tidak hanya harus gahar, melainkan juga punya bodi yang tahan banting. Terlebih jika Anda memang berkutat dengan lingkungan yang cukup ekstrim seperti vlogger dengan niche petualangan, arkeologi, atau yang semacamnya.

Nah, Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ITL ini dirancang dengan sertifikasi MIL-STD-810H. Tandanya, ia telah berhasil melalui serangkaian tes ketahanan, seperti terhadap guncangan, suhu ekstrim, kejatuhan, dan sebagainya.

Untuk yang varian Intel Core i3, laptop ini tersedia dalam varian RAM 8 GB dengan dukungan kartu VGA diskrit berupa NVIDIA GeForce MX450. Sementara untuk varian yang hadirkan Intel Core i7 dan i5 generasi ke-11, tentunya sudah membawakan kartu VGA onboard Intel Iris Xe Graphics yang kinerjanya setara VGA diskrit entry-level.

Meski variannya beragam, yang pasti kesemuanya sama-sama mendukung RAM maksimal hingga 40 GB dan mengantongi port canggih Thunderbolt 4 supaya bisa dihubungkan dengan beberapa monitor eksternal sekaligus ataupun dihubungkan dengan eGPU.

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Rekomendasi Seri Laptop Lenovo Terbaik

  • Lenovo Legion 7-16ACHg6
  • Lenovo ThinkBook 14 G2 ARE
  • Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i
  • Lenovo Slim D330 Flex N4020
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 SDID
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 40ID
  • Lenovo Legion Y740si
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 14ARE05
  • Lenovo Yoga Slim 7
  • Lenovo IdeaPad 330 14AST


Legion 7 bisa dibilang produk Lenovo terbaik yang ada di pasaran saat ini. Spek yang dimilikinya sungguh mempesona. Perusahaan asal Cina ini menggunakan chipset AMD Ryzen 7 5800H sebagai otaknya. Dilengkapi dengan RAM 32 GB untuk performa multitasking yang kencang.

Tidak sampai di sana, Lenovo turuh menyematkan penyimpanan internal berupa SSD sebesar 1TB! Dijamin dirimu akan puas akan kelegaan ini dan proses booting yang makin cepat. Storage ini juga bisa diperbesar karena ada satu slot NVME SSD satu lagi. Secara total, pengguna dapat menikmati internal storage sampai kapasitas 2TB.

Soal grafis, LEnovo memercayakannya kepada NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 6GB DDR6. Meski banyak yang menyayangkan karena ada RTX 3070 dan 3080, tetapi performa yang ditawarkan sudah sanggup untuk pengolahan grafis mumpuni. Main game resolusi tinggi bisa, menyunting video dan gambar tinggi juga sanggup.

Layarnya seluas 16 inci dengan resolusi 2650×1600 WQXGA. Panel IPS yang digunakan super cerah hingga 500 nits dan sudah ada sistem anti glare dan refresh rate 165 Hz. Keyboardnya nyaman untuk mengetik maupun bermain game. Ada lampu RGB Backlit agar nyaman digunakan di tempat redup.

Gaming Laptops Optimized For Apex Legends

Feel the exhilaration of being crowned champion in Apex Legends. And let a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop help guide you to the top. Legion gaming laptops power higher frames per second than your competitors meaning less missed shots for you, and more retreats for them. Dont believe us? Legion laptops have been tested and proven to run Apex Legends and your other favorite games up to 140 FPS and beyond. So, dont let your hardware be the reason you fall just short of victory. Find your Legion with our new FPS tool.

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Key Features Of The Lenovo Screenshot Taker

  • Record any video/audio and take screenshot on Windows and Mac.
  • Draw on the screenshot with intelligent screen capture tools, like highlight, text box, arrow, changeable cursor, step tools and more.
  • Export the recorded video, audio and screenshot with different output format and quality.
  • Use hotkeys to record or take screenshot immediately by using your keyboard.
  • Take screenshots on HP, Toshiba, and other computer easily.
  • Easy, simple and user-friendly interface.

For Work And Businesses

How To Fix Repair Lenovo Laptop That Wont Turn, No Power, Freezes or Turns Off During Startup

For the powerhouse of our laptop lines, check out the legendary Lenovo ThinkPad. This includes the ThinkPad P Series — the most robust, high-performance workstations we’ve ever created. Theyre outfitted with stellar graphics, terabytes of storage, and a potent amount of memory. Certified by independent software vendors , these laptops are recognized worldwide as an industry workhorse. For professionals that need to work fast and effectively, but affordability is a must, the ThinkBook is designed with ThinkPad-like features at a price point perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses.

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Founding And Early History

Liu Chuanzhi, along with a group of ten experienced engineers, officially founded Lenovo in Beijing on November 1, 1984, with 200,000 yuan. The Chinese government approved Lenovo’s incorporation on the same day. Jia Xufu , one of the founders of Lenovo, indicated that the first meeting in preparation for starting the company was held on October 17 the same year. Eleven people, the entirety of the initial staff, attended. Each of the founders was a member of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences . The 200,000 yuan used as start-up capital was approved by Zeng Maochao . The name for the company agreed upon at this meeting was the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Technology Research Institute New Technology Development Company.

The organizational structure of the company was established in 1985 after the Chinese New Year. It included a technology, engineering, administrative, and office departments. The group first attempted to import televisions but failed. It rebuilt itself as a company doing quality checks on computers. It also tried and failed to market a digital watch. In 1990, Lenovo started to manufacture and market computers using its own brand name.

Some of the company’s early successes included the KT8920 mainframe computer. It also developed a circuit board that allowed IBM-compatible personal computers to process Chinese characters.

Fix 3 Disconnect The Non

As seen in many cases, sometimes the peripheral devices such as external hard drives and printers affect the smooth functioning of the laptops. From device incompatibility to corrupt hardware devices, it could be a result of anything. If your external device has a virus and you connect that device to your laptop unknowingly, that too can jeopardize your laptop functioning.

If that’s the case, you might need to remove the non-essential peripheral devices and see if your Lenovo laptop black screen issue is solved.

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Hardware Errors Like Disk Error Or Graphical Card Error

As seen in many cases, one of the common causes of your Lenovo laptop’s black screen is related to hardware glitches in different components. Over time internal cables in your laptop wear out, and a damaged internal cable might cause the problem. Moreover, overheating your laptop might a graphic card crash, which would have corrupted your video display.

How To Download Apps On A Lenovo Laptop

Lenovo 14"  ThinkPad E14 Gen 2 Laptop 20TA004QUS B& H

Installing Apps or programs is as simple as touching the Play Store on the Home screen. To install, tap INSTALL on the App interface. You can accept the application by tapping ACCEPT in step 3. To access the settings, tap the Settings icon. To access Apps, tap them. You can manage apps by tapping Manage apps in step 3. The fourth step is to select the app that will be deleted. To uninstall, tap Uninstall in step 5.

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Lihat Fitur Tambahan Lainnya Yang Terpasang Pada Laptop

touch screenstylus penwebcamfingerprint

Jika pekerjaan Anda berhubungan dengan grafis, fitur touch screen dan stylus pen akan memudahkan pekerjaan Anda. Kemudian, apabila Anda sering melakukan pertemuan virtual, periksa juga kualitas dari webcam pada laptop. Jangan lupa juga untuk memeriksa sistem keamanan pada laptop. Dengan begitu, data Anda tetap aman dan Anda bebas dari ancaman spy cam.

Th Anniversary Retro Thinkpad

Lenovo released the 25th anniversary Retro ThinkPad 25 in October 2017. The model is based on the T470, the difference being it having the 7-Row “Classic” keyboard with the layout found on the 20 Series, and the logo received a splash of colour reminiscent of the IBM era. The last ThinkPad models with the 7-row keyboard were introduced in 2011.

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Take A Screenshot On A Lenovo Laptop Windows 7/8/10 Using Keyboard Shortcut

1. Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop of Full Screen/Active Window

Hold and press “Fn” and “PrtScn” or “Fn”, “Ctrl” and “PrtScn” keys to screenshot Lenovo laptop. If you want to capture the active window, you can press “Fn”, “Alt” and “PrtScn” instead.

Consequently, your Lenovo will take a full screen capture, and then save it to the clipboard automatically.

Thus, you need to open Paint and other similar photo editor programs to paste the screenshot from the clipboard. Later, apply photo effects or just save the screenshot as an individual file.

This way is the common way to take screenshots on all computers, like Toshiba, HP, Asus, etc.

To screenshot Lenovo laptop Windows 10, you can replace “PrtScn” with “Spacebar”.

2. Take a Full Screen Lenovo Screenshot

It is also supported to screenshot Lenovo laptop and save it as a file on your hard drive directly.

Just press “Fn”, “Windows” and “PrtScn” keys on your keyboard. Later, you can see a flash. To find your Lenovo screenshot, you can head to the “Pictures” directly.

Best Lenovo Laptops In 2021

Lenovo laptop camera not working – Fixed

The best Lenovo laptops, from ThinkPad to Legion

Included in this guide:

ThinkPad X1 Carbon
ThinkPad X1 Yoga
ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4
ThinkBook Plus G2 ITG

The best Lenovo laptops consistently rank near the top of our overall best laptops rankings. From the excellent ThinkPad business laptops to the sleek Yoga notebook and affordable Ideapad laptops, Lenovo offers something for all types of laptop users.

We recently reviewed the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, the first PC with a flexible, foldable display. It didn’t make this list but it’s worth checking out anyway. If you’re looking for something more traditional, the ThinkPad X1 Nano is a 13-inch competitor to the XPS 13.

Still not sure which Lenovo business laptop to buy? Check out our best Lenovo ThinkPad guide that compares the top models. And to maximize productivity at work, make sure you buy the right ThinkPad accessories. If you’re a business user and aren’t sold on buying a ThinkPad, check out the best Dell Latitude and Precision laptops.

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Fix 1 Reset The Display Or Screen Mode

Most of the time, the black screen is only a minor glitch that your laptop witnesses. It happens when the Windows operating system loses its connection to the screen display. The following instructions will help you reset the display mode whenever this kind of issue occurs.

Step: Tap on Windows + Control + Shift + B keys simultaneously.

This will reset the connections, and the Windows OS may regain the display. Once done, check if it works, and you could see the normal display on your Lenovo laptop. If the above method doesn’t solve your problem, move to the next option.

Lihat Spesifikasi Yang Memengaruhi Kinerja Laptop

Penting untuk mengetahui spesifikasi laptop yang Anda pilih. Makin tinggi spesifikasi laptop, makin mahal juga harganya. Jika Anda dapat memilih jenis laptop yang tepat, pengeluaran Anda pun jadi lebih efisien.

Prosesor, pengaruhi kinerja laptop secara keseluruhan

Prosesor menjadi salah satu faktor yang memengaruhi performa laptop. Bisa dibilang, prosesor merupakan otak dari laptop yang memproses komputasi data di dalamnya. Saat ini, Lenovo menggunakan dua jenis prosesor, yakni Intel dan AMD.

  • Prosesor Intel

Prosesor Intel yang digunakan oleh Lenovo adalah Intel Celeron dan Intel Core. Intel Celeron dirancang untuk kebutuhan komputasi dasar sehingga Anda tidak bisa multitasking atau menjalankan aplikasi berat. Keunggulannya, laptop dengan Intel Celeron biasanya memiliki konsumsi daya yang rendah. Laptop dengan prosesor Intel Celeron juga memiliki harga lebih terjangkau.

Sementara itu, prosesor Intel Core dirancang untuk menjalankan aplikasi berat. Prosesor ini memiliki ciri khas dengan penamaan Intel Core i yang diikuti dengan angka. Makin besar angkanya, performa prosesornya makin baik. Angka yang lebih tinggi tersebut menunjukkan cache, speed clock, dan fitur lainnya yang makin canggih.

  • Prosesor AMD

RAM, membantu laptop agar tidak lag saat bekerja

Penyimpanan internal, tidak khawatir untuk menyimpan banyak file penting

  • Hard disk drive
  • Solid-state drive

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Fix 9 Perform A System Restore

If your Lenovo black screen issue is a recent development, it might have happened because of some new installations or upgrades. These types of system glitches do occur when the new programs are not compatible with your operating system. In such a scenario, a system restore would be an efficient way to solve the issue. Follow the steps ahead to know how to do so.

Step 1: Press the ‘Windows key and write ‘System Restore.’

Step 2: Click on ‘Create a restore point,’ once it opens.

Step 3: A window will open up. Click-on System Protection -> System Restore.

Step 4: Read the instructions and tap on ‘Next.’

Step 5: Now, check the box ‘Show more restore points,’ select the restore point that you want your system to, and click ‘Next.’

Step 6: Click on ‘Next’ for the coming instructions to complete the system restore process.

Now, restart your computer to see if the issue has been resolved.

Are Lenovo Laptops Good

Lenovo Unveils ThinkPad Ultrabook, ARM

Are Lenovo laptops good? Is Lenovo a good laptop? Many people may ask this question. Actually, purchasing Lenovo laptops has both pros and cons. The pros and cons are as follows:


  • Innovation: Lenovo is consistently cited by experts as pushing the needle when it comes to innovation. For example, the screen-based keypad available in many models, which can transfer from a traditional keyboard to illustration pad to e-reader at the touch of a button increasing the power and storage capacity beyond traditional laptops, without sacrificing power.
  • Affordable Price: Lenovo offers items that are very affordable. Usually, you can buy a Lenovo laptop for much less than other brands, especially if you are looking for a basic version or refurbished model to cover everyday needs.
  • Long Battery Life: Lenovo laptops offer long battery life. Most Lenovo laptops can run consistently for half a day before needing a recharge. If you are using the laptop for casual applications that use less power, many of Lenovos newest products can last up to 15 hours before needing to recharge.
  • Versatility: Lenovo offers multiple options, including innovative 2-in-1 laptops for business, powerful laptops for gaming and digital creation, budget laptops for cost performance, and ultraportable laptops for travel. No matter what you want to use your laptop for, Lenovo has a great solution.


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Laptops For Gaming And School

Not everyone relaxes in the same way. For some its a good book and a comfy couch. For others, and many students, its a glory-seeking late-night gaming session with friends. If this is how you find relief between exhausting classroom hours and lengthy study sessions, then a Lenovo Legion or IdeaPad gaming laptop might be the perfect choice.

Lenovo Legion premium gaming laptops contain all the hardware youll need to run the latest competitive PC games at ultra-high FPS levels. And IdeaPad light gaming laptops offer an ideal balance of understated style and sneaky-good gaming performance. But no matter which you choose, your new gaming laptop will have more than enough juice to carry you from your first lecture, all the way to graduation.

Plus, students and teachers can save even more on the latest tech at Lenovo. Get an extra 5% off many of our top laptops, computers, and accessories when you easily verify with

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