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Are 2 In 1 Laptops Durable

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The Most Durable Laptop Made By Asus: Zenbook Pro 15 Oled

Atlas 2-in-1 Laptop Durability Video – Bak USA

This laptop seamlessly blends raw power with practicality, a hallmark of the ASUS brand. With a 1-terabyte SSD and with 16GB RAM, the laptops specs are powerful enough to run anything you would require for work or play. The metal case is sturdy enough to withstand military-grade testing for durability and reliability, which the ZenBook Pro 15 passed with flying colors.

The screen boasts a million-to-one contrast ratio for super clear visuals. The display has an exceptionally wide color range to produce rich and intense graphics. Paired with the computers powerful Intel processor and NVIDIA graphics card, the laptop can effortlessly compete with desktop computers for graphics performance.

On the keyboard is a touchpad, part mousepad, and part touchscreen. The touchpad comes with a suite of apps that are designed for touchscreen use in particularly, helping your workflow with features like handwriting recognition, a toggleable number pad, and the ability to sync with your phone for calls through the laptop.

The Most Durable Laptop Made By Hp: Zbook Fury G7 Mobile Workstation

This is a tough laptop designed to take on intense jobs. As an illustrative example, HP stuffed 10 terabytes of storage into this computer. It is billed as an ideal workstation for data scientists, product designers, and engineers.

A set of cooling fans along with a liquid cooling system make sure the ZBOOK Fury G7 never overheats, letting you work at full capacity confident that this hardy laptop can keep running smoothly. The exterior has been tested with over 1000 cleaning products to ensure you can clean it without damaging any of the components. After a light spill, it is a breeze to tidy up.

The laptop is loaded with 128GB of RAM and has tool-free access to its interior. That makes it simple to swap out new parts and upgrade the computer without having to disassemble the entire casing. The 15 model weighs under 5.5 pounds, and the 17 model weighs under 7 pounds, making this an ideal laptop for easy transport.

Lap Tough: The 8 Best Rugged Laptops

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Laptops are built to be mobile. Theyre not meant for the same, indolent and cushy life of a desktop. No, theyre meant for far more. Theyre meant to take on the world, to serve as the valuable companion to the men and women who risk it, out in the wild. Whether that means traveling to the highest mountains in the service of mountaineers, acting as their digital sherpa, or alongside soldiers to help configure and synchronize orders, or to enter the helmet-on zone with engineers, construction workers and architects to help hammer out the details of the build rugged laptops are essential tools for the modern day working person.

As a result, companies have built out some tank-like iterations of the best laptops, battening down the hatches and emboldening those cases, to become impenetrable and indispensable utilities for explorers, soldiers, and industrious people of all kinds. The eight rugged laptops that made our list are tough as nails. They will endure for years, and most offer a toughness that is slim and not unnecessarily bulky. Check them out, and never fear again when taking your tech out on a mission.

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Best Value: Hp Probook X360 116 G1 Ee Notebook

The HP ProBook x360 is built for students. It’s affordable, durable, and can convert into a tablet. It passes the MIL-STD 810G1 protection test, which means that it has been tested to withstand shocks , vibration, and humidity. It also has Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and co-molded industrial rubber to help protect it. It also has a spill-resistant keyboard. Despite its price and ruggedness, it looks like a regular laptop.

The Intel Celeron N335- Dual-Core processor isn’t very powerful, but will be able to handle many day-to-day tasks. The 64GB of storage will be enough for some files, but you may have to rely on the cloud to free up space.

This is a solid laptop that balances being durable enough to handle everyday life while not looking like a briefcase.

A Rigid And Compact Body

Get Rugged 2

The XPS 13 2-in-1’s compact size doesn’t leave it feeling flimsy. At just under the three-pound limit that typically defines the ultraportable laptop category, it feels solid, though not bulky. It’s also quite well engineered. You can open the lid with one hand, instead of needing both pry open stiff hinges. Whether you’re tapping on the touch screen or on the very comfortable touchpad, the laptop responds instantly. The screen bounces very little, and the touchpad doesn’t suffer from the sluggishness or cheap-feeling clicks that are common on many Windows laptops.

With an 85% screen-to-body ratio, the XPS 13 2-in-1 is also enviably modern-looking. The borders around the display are vanishingly small, unlike those of the Apple MacBook Pro, which has a lower screen-to-body ratio that results in additional space around the keyboard and display.

The convertible’s screen is gorgeous. On our review unit, it offers a native resolution of 1,920 by 1,200 pixels, which is a bit higher than full HD because of the panel’s 16:10 aspect ratio. Picture quality seems better than most other full HD screens I’ve used, with more vivid colors and a sky-high rated contrast ratio of 1,800:1. Brightness is rated at 500 nits, outshining the 300 to 400 nits of many competing laptops, and that makes for easy viewing in brightly lit rooms .

Dell also thoughtfully includes a microSD card reader on the left edge for easy storage expansion or transferring footage from a camera.

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Lenovo Chromebook C330 Cheap 2

Lenovo Chromebook C330 CHECK PRICE

Heres the thing you get what you pay for. Convertible laptops with Windows 10 at this price range wont have nearly the speed or power of a regular laptop.

With only 4 GB of onboard memory and an integrated graphics card, this isnt a powerhouse machine by any stretch of the imagination.

If you dont need a high end machine though, this is the perfect low budget option. You simply wont find a fully functional Windows 10 computer with a touch screen anywhere else at this price.

Managing expectations will be key to getting the most out of this Lenovo Chromebook C330 unit. With these specs, youll primarily be web browsing, sending emails, and typing documents.

Anything past that will strain the device beyond its capabilities. Keep in mind you will also need to buy a microSD card for extra storage.

The standard Windows 10 updates will eat a 32GB storage capacity for breakfast. If you intend to save any documents or images on this laptop, you will absolutely need extra storage space. Thankfully this 2-in-1 laptop runs on Chrome OS.

Theres one big advantage to this model over others though you get a decent HD screen with a 1366 x 768 resolution, which isnt often found in budget laptops.

Keep in mind that theres an alternative to this unit if you find running Windows 10 with 4 GB of RAM is too slow for your needs.

Recommended configuration for Lenovo Chromebook C330

Kano Pc Is A Diy Repairable 2

The world is undergoing a rather drastic change, for better or worse, and often for worse. Beyond just the economy and society, education is being forced to examine its processes and systems, focusing on the essentials that could be done at home and with computers. That, in turn, has also forced many schools and families to invest in computers even for the wee ones, computers that often get thrown out for even the simplest hardware problem. Just in the nick of time, Kano and Microsoft have come out with the Kano PC, designed to be fun, educational, usable, and last the test of time and accidents at home or in school.

As with the Raspberry Pi Foundation itself and startups like pi-top, Kanos goals has always been to make computing more approachable and interesting for kids by letting them assemble their own. But while the likes of pi-top have put the Raspberry Pi as the center and foundation of their efforts, Kano has opened its doors to Intels Celeron N4000 for the Kano PC, allowing it to support running full Windows 10.

The Kano PC, however, still stays true to the spirit of assembling your own computer, a computer that comes in the form of a 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrid. Despite that DIY nature, the device is designed to be modular, allowing owners like parents and schools to swap out broken parts. Its also rugged and Kano claims that the 11.6-inch touch screen can withstand a steel ball dropping from a height of six feet.

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Best For First Responders And Shop


  • Not technically indestructible, but not far from it
  • A variety of expansion modules and vehicle docks available
  • Great battery life
  • Screen is squinty-small for its high resolution
  • Balky touchpad


  • One of the thinnest and lightest semi-rugged notebooks
  • Low price
  • Not as tough as most rivals or Enduro N7 sibling
  • Muted onscreen colors

What Are The Best Sizes And Styles For 2

Latitude 3310 2-in-1 Laptop (2020) Product Overview

Now that hybrid devices are penetrating the market and dominating in sales, were seeing an explosion in the number of options available.

Your first decision should be whether to go with a detachable keyboard model or a unit with a 360 degree rotating hinge.

If you want the lightest laptop possible and only use the keyboard sparingly, a detachable unit is the way to go. For users who frequently switch back and forth between tablet mode and laptop mode, make absolutely certain you get the 360 degree flip version.

The best overall size for a hybrid device is a much more subjective choice, and you dont have any lack of options. From 10 17 inches, convertible laptops are available in a huge range of sizes.

For most users, sticking somewhere in the middle will be the best way to try out a hybrid notebook. 10 inch models frequently have overly small keyboard designs, while 15 to 17 inch screens may be too big to use the device effectively in tablet mode.

Because of their slim designs and smaller screen sizes, there will be a lot of overlap between 2-in-1 devices and ultrabooks. You may want to take a look at what lightweight laptops are up for grabs as well.

Finally, dont forget you can often choose between Windows 10 or the Chrome OS with hybrid machines. While you may be more familiar with Windows as an operating system, Chrome is worth checking out if you use web-based applications more than executable files.

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You Need Ports You Need A Laptop

Unless you’re prepared to live the dongle lifestyle, if its ports you’ll need on your portable PC, you’ll still be better with a laptop. By virtue of its design, there’s just more room for more ports, even if they’re all USB-C as may soon become the case.

On a lot of 2-in-1s you’ll get a USB port, but not a lot else, be it USB-A or USB-C. And that’ll mean dongles and docks to hook things up to it, even just an external display.

Those are some points to consider when deciding between the two, it ultimately comes down to what you intend to do with the device. If you’ve got any other tips to share on helping folks choose, be sure to drop them into the comments below.

Microsoft Surface Pro The Best Windows Tablet

While the two above are convertibles and primarily excelled as laptops, this here is a more compact and portable option that feels a lot better in tablet mode, while also being a competitive notebook on a flat desk.

The Surface Pro is a stand-alone tablet with an adjustable kickstand on the back. Its a premium product with a sturdy magnesium shell and a 12.3-inch 3:2 high-resolution touchscreen on the front face, weighing roughly 1.7 lbs . The design makes it an awesome tablet both in the hand or for watching movies and presentations, sitting straight thanks to its kickstand.

This is also a competent performer and runs a full version of Windows, so any of the software you can run on larger notebooks. Microsoft offers this in a few different configurations, all based on Intel Core U hardware, and its important to know that the i3 and i5 variants are fanless and perfectly quiet, while the i7 uses a fan to keep cool. RAM and storage are non-upgradeable, so make sure to choose the right configuration from the get-go.

This aspect, as well as its high-pricing, might ruin the Surface Pro for some of you. The base model starts at $750, but thats for an i3 configuration with only 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is slow for this day and age and Id avoid. Jumping to a mid-level i5/ 8 GB/ 256 GB configuration will set you back $1100 at MSRP prices, and the keyboard dock or the pen are not included, so youll have to pay an additional $250 for those. Thats expensive.

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New Microsoft Surface Go


The new Microsoft Surface Go is one of the smallest 2-in-1 laptops on the market. Its basically like a mini-tablet but with Windows. The screen size is only 10 inches!


  • Windows 10
  • 128 GB

The specs arent that great but theyre enough to run most Windows apps. If youre looking for something really small and light, this one is worth a look.

One of the coolest features is the keyboard is detachable, so you can use it in laptop or tablet mode, whenever you want. You can also remove the keyboard and use it as a tablet, or buy a custom keyboard. Very cool.

The main thing I dont like is the size, the screen is a bit too small for me. I prefer screens that are at least 15.6 inches.

Ordinary Notebooks Are 98

Panasonic Toughpad FZ


Keyboard cover is a pricey extra.Unresponsive touchpad.

PROSFully rugged without being a hulkBright, full HD touch displayDual, hot-swappable batteriesSecure port covers and garaged stylusQuiet operationAccidental damage included in three-year warranty


PROSShrugs off abuse that would smash most laptopsBrilliant 1080p touch screenPeppy 11th Gen Core i7 CPU

CONSSlightly awkward keyboard, and balky touchpadWeak audio

PROSUp to three storage drivesExcellent connectivity, including optional WWANThree-year warranty

No built-in biometrics or Thunderbolt 3 portAudible cooling fan

PROSShrugs off abuse that would shatter ordinary 2-in-1sPlenty of portsSuper-bright touch screen for outdoor visibilityFirst-class webcam

Lackluster battery life with standard cells in test unitOptional long-life cells add bulkTiny touchpad, designed for gloved use, can balk at bare fingers

PROSComponents are easy to swap out Bright 1,000-nit touch screen with 1080p webcamComfortable keyboardReasonably compact for a rugged laptopBuilt-in stylus

PROSNot technically indestructible, but not far from itA variety of expansion modules and vehicle docks availableGreat battery life

Screen is squinty-small for its high resolutionBalky touchpad

PROSOne of the thinnest and lightest semi-rugged notebooksLow price

Not as tough as most rivals or Enduro N7 siblingMuted onscreen colors

PROSTakes a licking and keeps on computing.Bright, colorful display.

PROSAble to survive a six-foot fall.Magnesium alloy case.

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Whats The Difference Between A Laptop Tablet And 2

A laptop is typically a bit heavier, has a powerful processor, and, as long as its not a Chromebook, which is a whole other situation, can run intense programs like Photoshop. Sure, a laptop can complete your day-to-day tasks, but it really shines in the heavy-duty applications department. All laptops include a keyboard, of course, and there are a lot of lightweight options.

Tablets are more lightweight than laptops, in both the literal and figurative sense. Unless your job is drawing, a tablet isnt typically a primary office work device. But theyre uber-portable, convenient, and feature a touchscreen interface that you can use to take hand-written notes or to draw with a stylus. Many come with a detachable keyboard, portfolio cover accessories, and a stylus. Some of these may be sold separately or as a bundle.

Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged

With an 8th gen Intel Quad-Core processor, 14 anti-glare screen, 2TB of super-fast storage, and AMD Radeon graphics card, this Dell Latitude 5420 Rugged Laptop is powerful and robust. It is thinner and lighter than previous models, weighing in at only 4.9 lbs.

This rugged notebook features an automotive-grade magnesium alloy chassis for the very best in impact protection. If anything does happen to the laptop, you have protection in the form of Pro Support Plus, a 3-year warranty service, and 24/7 access to certified Dell technicians.

The dual swappable batteries keep you going for longer. By swapping the batteries out, you can have continuous power, a real benefit when you are away from the office, commuting, or exploring the great outdoors. The QuadCool temperature management regulates the internal temperature of the laptop when you are in hotter climates, and stops overheating when the electronics are being pushed to their limit.

The 14 display is crisp and bright, offering less glare in direct sunlight, letting you work outdoors without any distractions. The screen is also pen, glove, and touch-capable. And, with Dell Data Protection, you have advanced encryption, authentication, and leading-edge malware protection.

This durable and rugged laptop is bursting with security features, both inside and out. A perfect laptop for the great outdoors.

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Expansion Ports And Slots

While 2-in-1s are more easily expandable than tablets, they still dont offer quite as many ports as youll find on a standard notebook. This could be a problem when it comes to connecting to peripherals like a larger screen during a presentation or a printer when connecting via Wi-Fi is out of the question.

Detachable Tablets: Two Devices In One

Atlas 2-in-1 Laptop: Purpose-Built for Education – Bak USA

A detachable-tablet 2-in-1 is essentially a slate with a keyboard case or a keyboard dock. The dock option is a bit more stable than the keyboard case, but the general idea is the same: You can remove the keyboard portion of the tablet and leave it behind when you desire maximum portability. Microsoft’s various Surface detachables are the vanguard models of this kind.

Windows 10 slate tablets tend to weigh less than 2 pounds on their own, and adding the keyboard case or dock can double the system’s total weight. A tablet with a well-designed keyboard dock attached is functionally indistinguishable from a clamshell laptop, and some detachable docks contain extra battery cells that can greatly extend the amount of time you’re able to work off-plug. Simpler keyboard cases usually lack niceties such as extra battery cells or USB ports, and most will be noticeably physically flexible. But if a keyboard is just an occasional need for you, chances are you won’t mind that much.

The benefit of the keyboard case is that it is thinner and lighter overall than the usual lower half of a laptop or convertible. Detachable-hybrid tablets, however, tend to be top-heavy, because all of the system’s components and batteries, and hence their weight, are necessarily localized in the screen. You’ll want to examine your usage patterns to determine whether holding the PC in your hands and interacting with the touch screen is really right for you.

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