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Are Dell Inspiron Laptops Good

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Design: The Dell Inspiron 14 2

Dell Inspiron 13″ Laptops Review

The design of the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 is somewhat unique, and thats one of the key reasons that this feels so nice to use. It comes in a color called Mist Blue, and with the aluminum and plastic chassis, it feels premium. The soft blue color was something that I liked right away, as I always like colors on laptops as opposed to a generic silver or gray.

But what I really like about the design is the rounded edges on the front and rear the sides are still flat. It makes it easy to lift the lid, and again, its something thats just a bit different from the rest of the market. In a world of MacBooks and MacBook clones, it really does help to have something that just feels different.

Upon opening the lid, youll find that the lid actually moves back a bit so that it props up the laptop. This creates a gap between the surface and the bottom of the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1, providing better airflow. As you probably know, the more you can keep the inside cool, the better and more sustained performance will be.

The subtle design of the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 is similar, yet unique.

I really love the design of the Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1. I love the feel of the rounded front and back, the color, and more. It really feels good to use.

Dell Inspiron 15 3501 Laptop In Review: Quiet Office Laptop

Entry-level office laptop.LaptopTiger LakeWindows

The Dell Inspiron 15 3501 is a simple office laptop in the 15.6-inch format. Our configuration variant is available for just under 800 Euros and is one of the top models in the series. Cheaper alternatives are available starting at around 450 Euros . Competitors include devices like the Samsung Galaxy Book NP750XDA, the Honor MagicBook 15, the MSI Modern 15 A11M, and the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ALC05.

Working For Notebookcheck

Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team! English native speakers welcome!

i7-1165G7, Iris Xe G7 96EUs 2 kg
i5-1135G7, Iris Xe G7 80EUs 1.6 kg
i5-1135G7, Iris Xe G7 80EUs 1.5 kg
i7-1165G7, Iris Xe G7 96EUs 1.6 kg 1920×1080

Dell Inspiron Vs Xps Battery Life & Performance Comparison

The Dell Inspiron 1520 and XPS 15 differ in this aspect too. Depending on the configuration you purchase, Dell Inspiron 1520 features either a 6-cell or 9-cell lithium-ion battery.

Meanwhile, the XPS 15 usually comes with either a 56WHr or 86Whr battery.

Our Inspiron 1520 review unit came with the 9-cell lithium-ion battery, while the XPS 15 came with the 86Whr battery.

When I subjected the Inspiron 1520 to our battery life test, I was able to squeeze out 4 hours 50 minutes of battery runtime. We usually carry out our battery test by using the laptop being tested to surf the web with Wi-Fi under medium screen brightness.

With maximum screen brightness, the laptop ran out of juice after 2 hours 40 minutes. I also left the Inspiron idle to see how long it lasts when it is not under any workload.

After 8 hours 30 minutes, the Inspiron 1520 went off.

In the case of the XPS 15, I was impressed to see that its 86 Whr battery capacity reflects on its battery life. Lasting for as long as 9 hours 6 minutes on our battery test, the XPS 15 will last you through a sufficient amount of time out of your regular workday.

When I increased the XPS 15s workload with its screen at maximum brightness, the laptop went off after 2 hours 2 minutes. Meanwhile, it went off after 23 hours 4 minutes of being in an idle state.

As a result, the XPS 15 scores an eight in this Dell Inspiron vs XPS battery performance comparison. Meanwhile, the Inspiron 1520 scores a seven.

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Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming

The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming is a lower-priced gaming-oriented laptop using either 7th generation AMD Quad Core processors. The integrated video controller is an AMD Radeon R5 or R7 with shared system memory and its discrete video controller is an AMD Radeon RX460 with 4GB GDDR5 memory. Like the Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming series, the laptop uses DDR4 RAM which can be upgraded to 32 GB and has one M.2 slot for an SSD and one M.2 slot for a wireless card. The I/O includes one Ethernet port, one USB 3.0 port with PowerShare, two USB 3.0 data ports, one HDMI port, and one headset port. The audio controller used is a Realtek ALC3246 with Waves MaxxAudio Pro with two speakers and one subwoofer. The card reader is a 2-in-1 type supporting SD card and MultiMedia card . The webcam is capable of 1 megapixel still images and 720p HD video at 30 fps. The display used is a 15.6-inch FHD non-touch screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The Inspiron Gaming Series was replaced by Dell G Series in 2018.

Dell Mobile Connect Is A Reason To Buy A Dell

Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop in good condition

Honestly, Dell Mobile Connect deserves more shout-outs than it gets, because if youre an iPhone user, you really should be using a Dell laptop. The app lets you send and receive texts from your laptop, and it also lets you send and receive files, mirror your screen, and more. It works with both Android and iOS.

If you’ve got an iPhone, Dell Mobile Connect is the reason you should be using a Dell PC.

With Dell Mobile Connect, sharing a file is like using AirDrop, but with a Windows PC instead of a Mac. Its that fast, and if youve not experienced the pain point of transferring a 4K 60fps video you just took from an iPhone to a Windows PC, then you know that this is an amazing feature to have.

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How Much Does A Good Laptop Cost

Setting a budget is a good place to start when shopping for the best laptop for yourself. The good news is you can get a nice-looking, lightweight laptop with excellent battery life at prices under $500. If you’re shopping for a laptop around $500 or less, check out our top picks here, as well as more specific buying advice for that price range.

Higher-end components like Intel Core i-series and AMD Ryzen processors and premium design touches like thin-display bezels and aluminum or magnesium bodies have made their way to laptops priced between $500 and $1,000. You can also find touchscreens and two-in-one designs that can be used as a tablet or a laptop — and a couple other positions in between. In this price range, you’ll also find faster memory and ssd storage — and more of it — to improve performance.

Above $1,000 is where you’ll find premium laptops and two-in-ones. If you’re looking for the fastest performance, the best battery life, the slimmest, lightest designs and top-notch display quality with an adequate screen size, expect to spend at least $1,000.

Dell Vostro Is Better Or Inspiron

There are quite a few features that Dell has in its Inspiron series that it doesnt provide in its Dell Vostro series.

The weight balance and finish of the Inspiron series are better than the Vostro series which results in a higher price range.

The badgers of the Inspiron series are thin while they are quite thick in the Vostro series. It gives a better and more immersive experience.

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Dell Inspiron 14 Battery Performance: Satisfactory

The Dell Inspiron 14 ships with a 51 Whr battery that offers a good battery backup. The laptop also includes Dell’s ExpressCharge feature, which minimizes the time required to fuel the laptop. The feature claims to recharge the battery up to 80 percent in 60 minutes.

During my time with the Dell Inspiron 14, I found this claim to be quite true. I found the laptop bouncing back from power-saver mode to full charge in roughly two hours. It does come to 80 percent in about an hour, but the remaining 20 percent feels like forever to fully charge. That said, the battery backup is satisfactory, even with 80 percent fuel.

The Dell laptop comes with an Intel chipset integrated with an Intel GPU. However, it skips on another key feature – Intel Evo. I’ve used a couple of devices with Intel Evo and it further elongates the battery performance. It would have been even better if the Dell Inspiron 14 included this feature.

Dell Inspiron Vs Xps Storage Options & Performance Comparison

Inspiron 15 7000: A very good gaming laptop for not a lot of money

Like what weve been seeing in other aspects, the Dell Inspiron 1520 and the XPS 15 differ a lot in terms of their storage. Dell equips the two laptops with completely different storage specifications.

The Inspiron 1520 comes with 160 GB 5400RPM HDD storage. When you buy the laptop, you also get an additional 8-in-1 card reader for extra storage options.

Meanwhile, Dell ships the XPS 15 with a 2 TB PCIe 3 x4 SSD storage. Dell also adds an extra storage option to this laptop.

You get a 1x Full-size SD card reader for additional storage when you buy the laptop.

In terms of capacity, the XPS 15 outshines the Inspiron 1520 by a lot. With 2 TB storage space, you will be able to store more files, documents, and applications on the XPS 15 rather than the Inspirons 160 GB.

Also, you will get faster performance from the XPS 15 thanks to its SSD storage drive. Lets consider a benchmark test to fully grasp the difference in both laptops performance speeds.

On the CrystalDiskMark benchmark test, the Inspiron 1520 recorded a sequential read and write speed of 936.8 MBps and 268.3 MBps respectively. The Dell XPS 15, on the other hand, was notably faster.

It offered a sequential read speed of 1617 MBps and a sequential write speed of 2054 MBps.

I tested both laptops further using a real-world performance test. This test was a file transfer test that determines laptops storage speed by accessing how fast they transfer files.

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What Is Dell Latitude

It was introduced in 1997 and is designed and curated for home users. The price is affordable and has good battery life. However, the quality of efficiency is not compromised due to low cost. The low price is due to the reduced RAM and storage. It comes in different sizes, 13, 14, 15,16 and 17.

It has three series, the 3000 series, 5000 series, and the 7000 series. Even the models belonging to the 3000 series are of good quality and efficiency and have a strong processing power. The 3000 series is the most affordable. It comes in with the advantage of a 2 in 1 laptop. The 3000 series are very cheap, basic, and low-cost targets young users.

The 5000 series is expensive than the previous one. It has the latest processor, and it is 2 in 1. The 7000 series is the most costly due to its modern and user-friendly design. It is much lighter in weight and thinner than the other models. Unlike Latitude, it is not feasible to swap the DVD tray and swap the battery or the peripheral.

Designed For Productivity Including Working From Home

Whichever Inspiron 13 laptop you choose, you can count on it delivering the performance needed to run popular software like Microsoft Office. For extra processing power, the Inspiron 13 with an Intel Core i7 and 16GB of RAM does pack a more powerful punch. The 13.3-inch Full HD+ display has a 16:10 aspect ratio, which adds more vertical desktop space. The keyboard is backlit for use in dim lighting and it has good tactile feedback. The lift hinge design elevates the keyboard slightly when the lid is opened. This provides improved typing ergonomics and also assists in cooling.

Those who find themselves working from home or doing remote classes will appreciate the integrated 720p webcam which is supplemented with dual-array microphones and stereo speakersa fully capable video conferencing setup. Also, that webcam includes a physical shutter for privacy. I wish all laptops came with this security feature.

Dell includes a pair of USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports. These are used for charging, high-speed data access, and they can output video. The Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics can drive an external monitor at 4K if you want to plug in for additional workspace.

Also onboard are a USB Type-A 3.2 port for legacy accessories like thumb drives and external USB hard drives, and an HDMI 1.4 port. Wireless access is covered by the latest standards: Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6. For an ultra-portable, the Inspiron is well-equipped for connectivity.

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Dell Inspiron 14 5410 2

Dell tries to give the laptop a professional and classy look with platinum silver paintjob and a smooth matte finish. The well-rounded edges make it easy to hold in the tablet mode. I liked the flexibility of the hinge which makes it super easy to switch to the tablet mode and vice versa. Despite being a convertible, the laptop is slim and the weight is manageable as a laptop. However, while using it as a tablet I found it a bit heavy and uncomfortable in comparison to a conventional tablet device, like an iPad for example.

Coming to the ports and slots, you will get a micro SD reader, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A, audio jack, power jack, HDMI 1.4b, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-A, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C with Power Delivery and Video.

Ralix Windows Emergency Boot Disk

Dell Laptop

as of January 15, 2022 1:56 am


  • Emergency Boot Disk for Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 10. It has never ben so easy to repair a hard drive or recover lost files
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  • This is your one stop shop for PC Repair of any need!

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Lenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag T210 156

$ as of January 15, 2022 1:56 am


  • Sleek design: the Lenovo T210 top loader laptop carrying case offers a water-repellent fabric and clean, streamlined design that makes it perfect for college students, busy professionals, and anyone on the go
  • Comfortable fit: This computer Messenger Bag includes an integrated laptop compartment that comfortably fits most laptops up to 15.6″, a range of internal pockets for those must-have accessories, and a spacious main compartment for books and other items
  • Lightweight and convenient: small and light, this laptop bag weighs only 0.96 pounds and measures 12.21 x 2.17 x 16.15 when empty
  • Designed for everyone: use the adjustable shoulder strap to sling this computer bag over your shoulder or strap it across your body to use it as a Messenger Bag. You can also remove the shoulder strap and carry it with the convenient handles
  • Multiple color options: find the laptop bag that’s right for you with three understated colors – Charcoal Black, steel grey and celestial Blue

Dell G Series Gaming Laptop Deals

Dell’s killer line of gaming laptops come ready to tackle 1080p gaming up to 4K gaming.

Dell’s G Series line of gaming laptops come loaded with the latest tech ready to handle 1080p HD gaming and more.

Available with NVIDIA or AMD mobile GPUs, the G Series line of laptops fit a range of budgets. Packed with up to 16GB RAM, a 2TB SSD, and touch capable 4K UHD screens on select models, the G Series gaming laptops are some of the best available.

Prices start as low as $700 and go up from there, depending on the hardware you select. AMD setups will usually be a bit cheaper, but with deals on both NVIDIA and AMD versions you’ll find a solid machine on sale.

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Best Gaming: Dell Alienware M15 R6

When it comes to gaming laptops from Dell, you can look beyond the Alienware brand, which Dell owns, but you’ll be doing a disservice. Not only do they look great with a sleek design, but they rock all the latest tech from Intel and NVIDIA. Anything you play will look downright gorgeous on the Alienware m15’s 15.6-inch 1080p or QHD display, and the combination of up to an NVIDIA RTX 3080 GPU with 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, 11th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H, and up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM will be able to handle most games you throw at it.

The base configuration of the Alienware m15 comes rocking an NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti GPU. This is more than capable of handling most modern games, so long as you don’t mind turning down a few settings here and there. The 8GB of DDR4 RAM is also decent for gaming, and you still get the same Intel Core i7-11800H CPU. Even if you go with the entry model, you’ll be sure to have a good time.

The highest, most expensive configuration is still not the most powerful laptop Dell sells but does offer ample performance for your money. The design, battery life, and available ports are also great. The only drawback is configuring the m15 with all the bells and whistles, which can considerably bump the price. Still, if you want to game on your laptop, you’ll need to be prepared to part with some serious cash.

Dell Inspiron 3501 156 Fhd Display Laptop

Dell Inspiron 14 5402 – is this laptop any good?

The Dell Inspiron 3501 is a sleek and stylish laptop with a screen size of 15.6 inches and an FHD display which enables you to see every content with perfect clarity. It runs on Windows 10 and is backed by 8GB RAM. It has a 256GB SSD along with a 1TB HDD for you to store all your notes, videos, photos, games, etc. Moreover, this laptop is a very convenient choice for people who want a fast working laptop because it comes with an Intel Core 11th Gen i5 processor. When you are too tired of studying or working, you can even play games with ease as this laptop comes with an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card.

Furthermore, the battery backup of this laptop is great as it lasts for more than 6 to 7 hours. Lastly, it comes with a backlit keyboard for working conveniently even at night.

  • Price: 59,290

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