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Are Hp Laptops Good For College

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Hp Pavilion Power Runner Up

Best HP Laptops for College in 2021 – Affordable & Durable

It will not be exaggerating even an iota if it is said that this is one of the best HP laptops for college students.

You will get all the power you need from the Intel Quad Core i7 7700HQ processor operating at a speed of 2.8 GHz and up to 3.8 GHz, from the DDR4 SDRAM, from the storage combination of SSD and HDD and, of course, from the fast NVIDIA GeForce graphics card of the GTX series.

The display, the built-in webcam, the long battery life of more than 10 hours, all makes this laptop the most efficient and useful device for the college students. It is the features and elements of this computer that makes multitasking so easy for the college students.

Using this as your efficient learning tool you can make the best of the graphics card to go through the tutorials and videos and make some of the best presentations and projects for your college.

This discrete graphics, the processor and all other components of the laptop will support some of the most graphics and power intensive programs. You can run these on this laptop without any issues.

The 15.6-inch backlit display delivers the images in high resolution to make it brighter and more colorful. All the glare and the gloss will be cut down significantly by the anti-glare and IPS technology of the display.

Not even the strongest of ambient lights will affect your viewing the screen for long hours at a stretch.

Benefits Of Using Hp Laptop For College Students

The strongest reason for you to go for an HP laptop for your college studies is that they are one of the largest computer manufacturing companies in the world.

This means that their products will come with a distinct style, grace, functionality and repertoire, and there is absolutely no doubt about that.

Now, going by the statistics, HP stands second to Lenovo but only by a small margin.

However, the difference between Lenovo laptops and those made by HP is that Lenovo is a brand that is more popular for their laptops that are specially designed for the business-oriented people.

On the other hand, HP laptops are more suited for daily use by anyone. Therefore, if you are a college student and looking for the right laptop for your studies, as well as for a bit of playing, then a HP laptop is the one that you should go for.

Apart from the high and obvious performance to dollar ratio, which is the prime concern of the college students, these laptops also meet one of the major requirements of the college students â a unique style statement.

These are the laptops that every college student will be proud to own and use.

Best Laptops For College Students In India

College students today require powerful devices to get their work done with ease and minimal fuss. However, it is also essential that these laptops are compact and lightweight, so that they can be carried around easily. The best laptops for college students pack fast processors, decent RAM size, and come with a long-lasting battery life, so that students can easily work on these devices when they are in college, library, or while sitting inside a cafe. Let us now take a look at some of the best laptops for students, and their features.

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The Best Student Laptop

Many of the best cheap laptops might be good choices for high school and college students, but the Acer Swift 3s exceptionally durable build makes it an excellent choice for backpack-battering and dining hall spills. Its 14-inch screen also gives you more room for homework multitasking than some of the 13-inch machines here.

But the highlight of the Swift 3 is its Ryzen 4000 processors. We tested a model with a Ryzen 7 4700U, which did an excellent job handling our daily multitasking workload, and delivered seven-hour battery life as well.

On the outside, the Swift 3 isnt the thinnest or most beautiful laptop you can buy, but its a solid performer in most areas. It has all kinds of ports, including USB-C, USB-A, and an HDMI. The backlit keyboard has a nice click to it and has a reliable integrated fingerprint reader as well.

The Best Cheap Laptop For Surface Fans

10 Best Laptops For College Students

The $399 Surface Go 2 is a 10.5-inch tablet thats about the size of a regular iPad. Youll have to buy the keyboard cover separately, but the overall package is still quite affordable if youre buying a lower-priced model.

You can configure the Surface Go 2 with a Pentium Gold or Core m3 processor. Those arent the fanciest or most powerful processors, but the system should still be adequate for your streaming and browsing needs, especially if you only need it to do one task at a time. It can run any Windows app, its easy to carry around, and it makes a solid secondary computer.

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Hp Omen Family Of Laptops

Gamers dont stop gaming when the school year starts, and students wanting the best of all worlds will want a model that can handle work and play. Thats why the HP OMEN laptop is a popular back-to-school shopping pick, earning it a top spot as one of the best HP gaming laptops for university students.

Acer Chromebook Spin 13 2

$899.00, Amazon

Rounding out our list of the best laptops for college students is the Acer Chromebook Spin 13. This Chromebook features an 8th Gen Intel Core processing system, which allows users to have several tabs and apps open at once without major lag. An Intel UHD 620 display ensures a full HD experience that makes this laptop as useful for Netflix time as it is for coursework. You dont even have to worry about it falling off your bed the Spin 13 is made of 100 percent aluminum thats lightweight and extremely unlikely to bend or dent. If youre still not sold, consider the laptops writing feature, which can be used with the included stylus for a seamless note-taking or digital drawing experience minus the clutter of paper.

Pros: Touch screen, stylus writing feature, lightweightCons: Minimal RAM

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What University Students Use Laptop For

1. Studying

Having a laptop is beneficial for students to write notes in classes and discussing with lecturers. Usually, studying and working on assignments are done outside of classes.

Whether you need to study alone or with friends, a laptop will let you access work anytime and anywhere.

2. Entertainment

All work and no play equals to a dull student life. In their free time, students will usually seek out something to keep themselves entertained and connected to others.

With a laptop, students can watch movies, play games, surf the internet, or chat and video call their family and friends.

3. Academic Success

In this modern age, almost all academic subjects and programs will require students to work with various computer applications.

Having a laptop is not only essential for studying, but also to help you achieve great outcome with projects and keep your path to graduation bright.

Best Budget: Samsung Galaxy Book Go

Best Laptop for College Student | HP Pavillion X360

The Galaxy Book Go is Samsung’s latest Windows laptop but comes at a much more affordable price point than some of its others. For those shopping for school or that just want to get the best possible laptop for the lowest price, this is hard to ignore.

It’s an ARM-powered laptop, specifically using Qualcomm’s new 7c Gen 2 CPU for more affordable devices. The added bonus to using an ARM CPU is battery life and near instant-on, and Samsung says you can expect up to 18 hours of battery life from the Galaxy Book Go. Whatever schoolwork needs doing, the Galaxy Book Go will be able to crank it out and keep on going.

Spec-wise there are a few different options, including 4GB or 8GB of RAM and 64GB or 128GB of storage, and there are also versions with a cellular connection, too. This depends on which region you’re buying in, but both 4G and 5G are options, though the latter, in particular, will certainly boost the price.

But with a really nice-looking 1080p display, a compact, incredibly slim 14-inch form factor, good keyboard and trackpad, and even a microSD card slot, the Galaxy Book Go is a great laptop for going away to college.

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Best Laptops For College Students In 2022

By Robin Owens 5 days ago, Hardware

The best laptops for college students to buy this year.

When searching for the best laptops for college students, you may think that the most affordable model will do. However, just like a laptop for any other sphere of usage, it is supposed to meet particular requirements.

While you may be satisfied with a model under $500, investing a bit more in an extended functionality will result in a more beneficial purchase.

So Which Laptop To Buy For College

True, there are ever more choices on the market today, and slogging through them can be daunting. No worries, though: We did the work for you. Scroll or swipe down to check out the hottest laptops to grace the dorm room, college classroom, and campus quad for this school year.

For more general factors to look for when shopping, check out our overall top laptop picks, as well as our favorite budget notebooks. And for more shopping advice for school, visit our Back-to-School Tech Guide.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is best known for being fast and convertible apart from being pocket friendly. The flexibility of this laptop makes it adjustable to work from anywhere, whether on the couch, bed or kitchen counter. The versatility of this convertible, coupled with its lightweight, means it can be carried on the backpack.The laptop is easily converted to a desktop and can be connected to multiple screens. It is equipped with an instant-on feature. Thereby, one can pick up from where they left. The fast charging feature is handy for college students who are constantly on the go. For instance, charging for an hour can charge the laptop up to 80% of its capacity.


If you are interested, You can buy it from here.

Is A Chromebook From Hp Good For College Students To Use

Best HP Laptops for College Students in 2020 [55+ Models ...

If you are on a budget or are a discerning buyer, you can go for a HP 2-in-1 Chromebook. Just make sure that you consider the screen size and resolution when you buy and find out whether or not it will get too hot. If those are well taken care of, then a Chromebook can be best for taking notes, checking mails, and browsing the web.

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Best Hp Laptop For University Students

Getting a brand-new laptop is one of the essentials for students who are about to enroll in the university.

No matter what course and major you choose to pursue, HP laptops are made to go anywhere you do.

Read about the best HP laptops for university students to help you decide which one is right to buy.

Best Laptop For College

College kids are justified in spending a bit more money than other age groups. Some can expect to do some fairly demanding work. Assad Abid, an electrical engineering undergrad from Pakistan, needs to run simulation software for his assignments. Aakash Chandra, a student at New Horizon College of Engineering in India, does a lot of coding, in addition to creative work in Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and gaming. Students also noted that its worthwhile to pay for a laptop that will last for a few years after graduation. That means you wont have to worry about finding and financing your next device until youre settled into a job.

But among high-end, capable devices theres still a wide range of options. Students stressed that a college laptop should be light. Expect to bring it between classes, meals, meetings, the library, and other locations on campus. Its a boon that I can carry my laptop as well as some notebooks without feeling like Im carrying too much for six hours a day, says Haseeb Waseem, a senior at Villanova University.

The Dell XPS 13 has a variety of configurations. Students with light workloads may prefer the base model, while gamers and creatives can add a GPU.

Another universally-lauded feature: battery life. Waseem, who uses an HP Spectre, says the all-day juice gives him the flexibility to study in a bunch of different locations, and even outside.

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Hp Pavilion X360 Recommended Hp Laptops For College Students

  • Four versatile modes: easily convert from…
  • Create, connect and share: the streamlined,…
  • Benefit from dual storage configuration:…
  • Fast Processor: intel core i5-8265u,…

We highly recommend this HP Pavilion X360 as the best hp laptop for college students for a few reasons.

For starters, it is not a very expensive machine.

Since it is still well under the $1000 range, we can still consider this as a budget laptop.

If you will never use your laptop for running demanding software like Photoshop at a professional level and if you do not care much for gaming, then this is the perfect machine for you.

One of the best aspects of this laptop is the screen and the style. This is a 360 degree rotating convertible laptop.

Which means that it has a hinge mechanism that allows it to turn and become a tablet.

On top of that, the touchscreen on this laptop is not an ordinary one. It is a Full HD screen with an IPS panel. Full HD at a budget range is a much coveted feature since it allows you to have a higher pixel real estate for multitasking.

IPS panel. on the other hand, has the best color reproduction out of all the panel types. Therefore, you get a clearer and rich picture quality.

The processor it offers is a decent Core i3-8130U processor. This is a highly capable budget processor.

Other than that, it offers 1 TB of HDD and 4 GB of DDR 4 RAM.

The Best Laptop Under $500


If youre looking for an absurdly cheap Chromebook that absolutely gets the job done, you should definitely be looking at the $260 Lenovo Chromebook Duet. The Duet is a 10-inch aluminum alloy Chrome OS tablet that comes with a kickstand and keyboard cover. It looks sturdy and classy, and it can easily function as either a tablet or a PC. But youre not compromising too much on performance for this devices tiny size as long as youre not running dozens of tabs and apps, you should be fine. And we got over 11 hours of battery life in our testing, making it one of the longest-lasting Chromebooks weve seen in the past year.

The main thing to know about the Chromebook Duet is that the screen is quite small just 10.1 inches. Thats a fine size for a young student and for an adults secondary device for note-taking, Netflixing, and the like, but its not an ideal size for a primary work device unless youre fine with quite a bit of squinting.

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Why Go For Hp

According to, HP is the second best laptop manufacturing brand of 2018 lagging only by a single point behind Lenovo.

However, Lenovo is a brand that is more famous for making business-centric laptops than conventional ones.

Therefore, if you are a student and looking for the right laptop for your work and play, then HP is the way to go.

Other than the obvious performance per dollar concern that all students have, one of the leading requirement for them is style. Students at college want to have a gadget that they can be proud of.

Fortunately, HP maintains the track record of having some of the most beautiful designs of their laptops. They are neither over the top nor are they copies of other brands.

They have a distinctive elegance that draws everyone towards them.

Of course, the value that they offer is second to none. This is especially true if you are open to getting a certified refurbished laptop that HP so readily offers.

Certified refurbished laptops are previously slightly damaged machines that customers return back to the HP service centers.

There they are made as new and then sold back with a 3 month HP brands warranty. The benefit here is that the price of the notebook is slashed by a considerable percentage.

You may also be interested in learning about thebest Lenovo laptops for Students.

Huawei Matebook X Pro

The Huawei Matebook X Pro has some of the most striking features. Starting with its vivid screen display to superior graphics that are almost real life, makes the laptop beyond extraordinary. Tasks like scrolling and clicking are made a lot easier due to its touch screen.As well, the Matebook X Pro pairs perfectly well with the Huawei smartphone using Huawei Share7. By simply tapping the smartphone on the device, the phone screen appears on the Matebook X Pro. Then files can be copied from either device by dragging all without an internet connection. Finally, the laptop offers an amazing battery life of 15 hours for regular work.


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What To Look For In A Laptop As A Student

There are features in a laptop that are more important for students than anyone else. For instance, the laptops in this list are Windows 10 ready, which is by far the most common platform. As a student, dont even think of getting a Chromebook. No need to use MS word online, when you know the internet isnt readily available in a school setting.

Now, underneath is what you should ideally focus on in your next laptop

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