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Are Laptop Protection Plans Worth It

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Best Overall: Worth Ave Group

Is Apple Protection Plan Worth It? Should You Buy Apple ProtectionPlan?

Worth Ave. Group

Worth Ave. Group earns our top spot because it offers the widest range of coverage including accidental damage, theft, and extended warranty coverage. It also has a combination of a high customer satisfaction history and discounts through partner retailers.

  • Coverage available for educational laptops

  • Insurance partners may provide premium discount

  • Claims paid out at replacement value

  • Doesnt cover theft from unattended vehicles

  • Premiums higher compared to others on the list

Worth Ave. Group offers laptop insurance for adults, college students, and those in a K12 setting. It stood out as the best overall because it covers the widest range of perils weve seen and has a longstanding history of high customer satisfaction. The insurer only offers a standard plan for their laptop insurance coverage, but it covers a wide range of perils such as theft, vandalism, power surge caused by lighting, cracked screens, natural disasters, and spills.

Policies are available nationwide and for all laptop models, including new and used ones. You can get a quote via their online application formyoull need to indicate your state of residence, user type, coverage amount, and policy term. You can also call customer service at 1-800-620-2885 or ask questions via their live chat option before taking out a policy.

How Long Are Amazon Protection Plans Good For

Amazon Protection plans have their own length. Most protection plans are available in 2 or 4-year increments, but a few are available in 3-year increments as well. Think about how long youll keep the item. If youre the type to buy the latest and greatest products, dont waste your money on a protection plan that lasts longer than the products usefulness.

Who Is The Ideal Client For Your Company How Can They Know That Will Honor The Policy

Any consumer who has ever considered a warranty at the store should know about SquareTrade. Anyone who does their research will see SquareTrade is both dramatically less expensive and much better service than the store warranty.

We believe in transparency and make it very easy for customers to review our service for others to see. A customer can google SquareTrade Reviews and see what tens of thousands of other SquareTrade customers who have experienced our claim service have said about it.

You can read our reviews on sites like:

  • Reseller Ratings:

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What Are The Downsides

  • Theres no guarantee the issue you have will be covered, the insurance company has final say
  • Youre banking on something going wrong with the product, when it may be just fine and be useful for its intended use
  • Its only effective after the manufacturers warranty expires, which at that point, you may want a new product
  • The cost of the plan may exceed the average cost of typical repairs

How Can You Buy Microsoft Complete

Free Internet Security Software Review

Microsoft Complete is not available in every country at the moment. You will need to be in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the US.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Complete for Xbox is only available in the USA, Canada and Australia.

You can buy Microsoft Complete from Microsofts online store along with your order. Alternatively, you can also go to the physical Microsoft Store and get the plan for your device or buy it along with the device. Microsoft gives you 45 days to think about it so if for some reasons youre not ready to buy it straight away then you can buy it within 45 days of your purchase. Lastly, you can buy the device from third-party retailers and take it to the Microsoft Store and buy Microsoft Complete for your device.

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Better Ways To Warranty: Cards And Laws

Your credit card may offer all the extended warranty you need. As long as a producteven a refurbished producthas some kind of manufacturer warranty to start, most major credit cards will offer an extended warranty. The caveat being, you have to use that card to purchase the product, of course.

Even a card with no fees might offer it. You’ll find this perk on cards from American Express, Capital One, Citi, Chase, and many more, but it’s not guaranteed . It behooves you to check out the terms of service or give the card provider a call and ask the number is on the back of the card.

Keep a copy of the receipt and the original warranty when you buyyou may need them to make a claim on the credit card extended warranty if it comes up.

Your local lawsdepending on your statemay also offer protection in the form of an “implied warranty” or “statutory warranty,” meaning if you buy something, it is supposed to work, defect-free, for a certain amount of time. That time frame can vary but is typically four years. You see this a lot for cars, especially.

Don’t buy products labeled “as is” or you may not have much recourse to go after a manufacturer via your state’s implied warranty laws. Always know the retailer’s return policy as well: don’t buy it if the reseller says you can’t return it in a reasonable amount of time if it breaks.

Your best insurance: buy a product you trust from a manufacturer you trust. You should start by reading lots of reviews.

Tell Me A Little Bit About Third Party Warranties And How They Came To Exist

SquareTrade recognized consumers were paying too much for warranties and getting mediocre service. We realized there was an enormous opportunity to create a more sensible service with much greater consumer controls.

SquareTrade also saw a huge opportunity to use the internet to be more open to consumers vs. being opaque and hard to research like the status quo.

SquareTrade believes that warranties are no different from other products but they are sold by stores in a way that makes it so that consumers dont really have this knowledge. Therefore, the stores dont have to offer competitive prices, nor do they have any incentive to deliver amazing service.

So SquareTrade built its whole service around allowing consumers to research and easily rate us for others to truly understand the real service experience. This is how consumers buy everything today, so why not warranties? The status quo has made research really hard as it exposes their service as dreadfully slow and hassle filled.

We also saw the internet as critical to do price research. And finally, we saw the internet as a better way to help consumers store, manage and find their warranties vs. losing the paperwork in a shoebox.

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What Are The Benefits Of The Amazon Protection Plan

  • It may provide peace of mind knowing you may get your item repaired or a refund if they cant fix it
  • It protects your investment if youre on a limited budget and couldnt replace the item with a new version if it broke
  • You may receive a replacement product within 2 to 3 days if the item cant be fixed
  • You can transfer the plan to someone else if you gift the item to someone

Are Extended Warranties On Electronics Really Worth It Or A Total Waste Of Money

Laptop Extended Warranty Protection Plan – CPS

Jeff Rose, CFP® | September 03, 2021

Youve been waiting in long lines and youve finally made it to the cashier. You finally have the gift that youve been on the hunting for having been in every store in the area. Luckily, you spotted the deal of the decade in the newspaper and you feel really proud of your accomplishment as youre pulling out your wallet to pay.

The cashier then asks you, Do you want to purchase the extended warranty on that? Crap. Another sales pitch. Or is it?

Ive often wondered if extended sales warranties are worth it. When I was in college, I had a certain Pentax camera that I was fond of . For an extra $30 if I recall correctly I could buy an extended warranty that would allow me to bring it back directly to the store to swap it out immediately. I was sold. And you know what? It paid off. While on a hiking trip, I slipped and busted my cameras lens. Sure enough, the retailer took it back no questions asked. Score for me.

As I get older now, I start to question if the newer extended warranties are really worth it. What is also a growing trend our third-party extended warranties. In some cases, third-party warranties might be cheaper and easier to claim. Dont just take my word for it though.

I did a quick tour of their site and for a recent item that I purchased my Flip Ultra HD camera at Best Buy the extended warranty would cost $22.98 vs. $19.99 at Square Trade for a savings of 14.9%.

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Does The Amazon Protection Plan Cover Cracked Screens

Yes, the protection provided by Asurion covers cracked screens from day one of the purchase. If you go home and drop your tablet or laptop with Asurion coverage, they will cover the cost to repair the screen. You may have to be without your item for a couple of days, but it shouldnt cost you any money in shipping, labor, or repair costs.

What Does Microsoft Complete Cost

The cost of Microsoft Complete differs from region to region. In the US, Microsoft complete will cost you $149. Here in Australia, it costs AU$179 . The price for Microsoft Complete doesnt change with the specs so whether you buy the base variant or the most expensive variant, the price will be the same.

For Xbox, Microsoft Complete will cost you $49 and will differ from region to region. Again, Microsoft Complete doesnt change with the specs so you will be looking at the same cost for both Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

You will need to pay some deductibles when claiming it. They differ from region to region and you can see the full pricing on Microsofts website. In the US, you will need to pay $49 while here in Australia, you will need to pay AU$54.

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What About Smartphone Insurance

Weve seen various studies over the years suggesting that anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of smartphones fall victim to some kind of accident, from a simple scratch on the screen or body to a dunking in the toilet or a cracked display after a fall.

Surveys have shown time and again that extended warranties are not a good deal for most consumers.

The high cost, and low likelihood of encountering a problem you can actually claim for, are not the only reasons to avoid phone insurance or extended warranties.

If you do make a claim, dont expect a new version of your old phone. Insurance plans might replace your phone with a refurbished, equivalent model, Derene explained. We say keep your old phone, that way youll have it to use as backup in case your newer phone breaks or is lost or stolen.

How We Chose The Best Laptop Insurance

5 Essential Cyber Security Themes

We researched 10 companies offering laptop insurance policies and evaluated each insurer based on factors such as coverage options, price, whether it covers both new and used laptops, and number of claim submissions. First, we considered coverage options to find policies that have the widest range of protection. Then we looked at each plans pricing and whether there are any discounts for multiple policies and longer terms. We also looked at whether each plan allows unlimited claim submissions and the time it takes to process claims.

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Type Of Product Purchased

In terms of the product purchased, we look at it from two angles. They are:

  • Nature of the laptop: most laptops are built to last and depending on how you use them, the best laptop can run for three years without needing any replacement or repairs done to it. There are several laptops like Mac which are known for this sturdiness. Therefore, buying an extended warranty at the point of purchase for this laptop may not be worth it.
  • Status at the time of purchase: another thing you should consider is how the laptop was bought. Did you buy it new, used or was it refurbished. You will find that buying an extended warranty for a used or refurbished product is not practical. These products are already operating on a limited timespan and paying extra to keep them running may not be the best choice.

Are Extended Warranties Worth It For Tech

The short answer is no, an extended warranty is not worth it. The vast majority of extended warranties go unused and serve to generate revenue for the retailer. Under the vast majority of circumstances, products do not break on their own. If you do happen to break a laptop or a tablet, the cost of repair out of pocket is often less than what you would pay for the extended warranty.

Lets put it another way. There is a newsletter called Warranty Week dedicated to the warranty industry. According to a newsletter sent out in September of 2017, warranties are a $23 billion industry. Do people have that many accidents in the span of the first few years of their products life? Not likely.

You are better off saying no to an extended warranty and instead placing that money into a savings account that can be used in the event of an emergency. The only time an extended warranty is worth considering is if you are in a situation where you know the device has a high risk of damage, such as a laptop or tablet for fieldwork where heat, condensation, and other risk factors are outside the norm.

However, make sure your warranty covers the types of damage a work-focused machine might encounter. If your extended warranty doesnt offer protection for the type of damage your machine might see, skip it and invest in a sturdy case.

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Not All Accidents Are Covered

The coverage of accidental damage protection depends on the company offering it but the point of the matter is that not all accidents are covered. That means that you could end up wasting hundreds of dollars on something that wont even cover damages that were actually caused by accidents that are way beyond your control. As such, you might still end up paying for the repairs if the service center deems that the damage on your laptop isnt covered by accidental damage repair.

Do You Actually Need Protection

BestBuy Warranty explained. Don’t buy it, at least not for now

For the most part, the answer is no. The out-of-pocket cost for most repairs does not often exceed the price of the service plan you’re buying, depending on the device. I would recommend only buying protection in these scenarios, and even then, really consider your options first:

  • TVs over $2000
  • Computers and laptops over $1500
  • Home theater setups over $2000

Common repairs don’t often exceed the price of service plans. And if you are going to buy a protection plan, get it from Walmart and really take your needs, use, and financial situation into account before buying into a program that you’ll likely never use.

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What Does Hp Accidental Damage Protection Cover

The HP Accidental Damage Protection is a comprehensive plan that deals with accidental damages. Some of the damages include drops, falls, liquid spills, collisions, electrical surges, accidental breakage, broken LCD, and damaged LCD.

It covers the replacement of major parts such as the motherboard, processor, and memory. It also covers other major parts such as the LCD screen, battery, and DVD/CD-ROM. In general, the warranty only allows you to replace major parts one each per year.

The HP Accidental Damage Protection also covers HP-supplied internal components and HP hardware products.

On the other hand, the protection plan doesnt cover consumables, accessories, and user maintenance. It also doesnt cover intentional damage, fire, theft, and normal wear and tear.

This type of protection plan covers the repairs or replaces a damaged device without extra costs. It has no unnecessary downtime, which means that you dont need to wait longer to get your device fixed.

It covers your device in a high-risk environment. It also provides customer support via phone, email, and real-time chat.

The coverage period of this warranty plan starts on the day you purchase your device. So, if you want this type of warranty, its advisable to purchase it on the same day you purchase the device.

Do I Need Laptop Insurance

That depends on whether you can afford to replace or repair your laptop. These devices are expensive, and the costs to replace them can be significant. Plus, this type of insurance provides coverage in situations where your manufacturers warranty and homeowners insurance wont.

For instance, manufacturers warranties typically provide coverage for up to a year and may not include coverage for damage from power surges or accidents. Those who want coverage beyond those 12 months or for perils not included with their manufacturers warranty or home insurance policy will find it beneficial to take out a laptop insurance policy. If you travel often or use your laptop in a public location, it may be a good idea to purchase a policy that covers against theft.

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Geek Squad Review: Quality Service Or Total Ripoff

Kimberly Alt Updated: August 30, 2020

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You grab your laptop to browse the web and realize it wont boot up. Youve got it hooked to the charger, and yet nothing happens. Great, somethings broken. Now you need to find someone to fix it. Should you turn to Geek Squad for help? Lets dissect this Best Buy service and see if theyll fix your device or cause you more pain.

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