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Are Refurbished Laptops Good To Buy

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Myths About Refurbished Laptops

Top 5 Places To Buy Used and Refurbished Apple Computers

There are always things people say about refurbished laptops. Are refurbished laptops worth it? Will they cause you to problems to troubleshoot later?

Allow us to bust some of these myths for you.

Myth: refurbished laptops are slow and have poor performance. As we stated above, refurbished laptops could have had minor issues like light scratches or canceled orders. These issues dont affect the performance of the laptop.

Even if a laptop got reconditioned because it didnt pass the quality test, they fix that. We repeat: manufacturers will not release a substandard laptop as refurbished. Even some refurbishing companies can remake them to become as or more reliable.

Myth: refurbished computers wont last as long as new ones. You might pay less for refurbished laptops, but that doesnt mean you get one with the lower quality too. The real secret to making them last is taking good care of them and updating/upgrading them when you can.

Myth: refurbished laptops have a higher chance to break than new systems. Although very few might, most wont. This is because refurbished computers go through more tests than brand new ones.

This means they got returned, fixed, and resold. These computers have gone through more than new ones and got proven to be tougher. In essence, they are machines built very well and theyre still going.

Where To Find Refurbished Computers And Laptops


Here youll find official recertified Acer products including desktops, laptops and even monitors; the recertified items being those which have either been returned or previously opened . ;The site is easy to search by category and shows you exactly how much youre saving. Recertified products come with a 90 day limited warranty and 30 day returns policy.

While not a computer manufacturer, Amazon can be a good place to get refurbished computer good due to its excellent returns policy. According to their website, Amazon Renewed refurbished items are repaired and handled by qualified manufacturers or specialized third parties. Apart from being covered by Amazons usual returns policy, you are guaranteed a minimum of 90 days limited warranty on all purchases of recertified goods, and the particular item being sold may have a longer warranty period as well.


Apple offer a 1 year warranty on their refurbished products, and free shipping and returns as well. Certified refurbished products from Apple are pre-owned items which have been refurbished and tested by the manufacturer. Savings of 15% and up are not uncommon and you can even opt to extend the warranty on items purchased.



Like Amazon, Newegg isnt a manufacturer but their refurbished products do come from authorized repair facilities and are backed by Neweggs return policy. You should expect that some of their refurbished goods may have light cosmetic blemishes or signs of wear.

Check The Year The Used Laptop Was Released

The year that the refurbished laptop was originally released can be a crucial bit of information. This is for a handful of reasons, starting with cost. You should be paying less for a laptop that is 5 years old, than the same computer that is only 2 years old. Additionally, the year is important because it will address which generation processor the computer has. For example, the Core i5 processor on a MacBook from 2014 does not compare to the Core i5 processor on a 2018 MacBook. Similarly, a 2017 Dell XPS 13 is not going to have the same capabilities as a 2020 Dell XPS 13, even if both models have the same amount of RAM and look almost identical!

From the warranty to the battery to the discount, its important to ask the necessary questions when buying a refurbished laptop. Provide yourself with the confidence that every buyer hopes for with just a little research, and just make sure you check key details before you purchase any used or refurbished laptop.

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What Condition Is It In

There are no rules on how to grade a refurbished product, outside of the fact that the seller can’t say it’s brand new. They can, however, say it’s “like new.”

That might mean it was never used, but could also mean that the product was refurbished to that state after the product had a hard life. Maybe things like scratched/cracked screens got replaced, for example. It’s worth knowing exactly what “like new” means.

After “like new,” the options are all “used” in some form, from “gently” on down, and you’ll find variations on those listings from site to site, vendor to vendor.

The Difference Between Refurbished And Recertified

Things to Consider before Buying Refurbished Laptops ...

People often turn their nose up immediately upon hearing the word refurbished or recertified because they associate these labels with faults or prior use. While its true that the equipment may have been used previously, most will go through a vigorous refurbishment process which means youll end up with a near-new item.

Sometimes there may be a distinction between refurbished and recertified, but usually the terms are used interchangeably. Recertified does imply that the computer has undergone testing and quality checks again before being sold, but this is true of most refurbished items as well. Since the wording used by each different manufacturer will vary, its wise to research to find out exactly what youre getting and make sure they include warranty periods.

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How Much Do Refurbished Laptops Cost

How much you pay for a refurbished laptop depends entirely on the spec and age of that laptop.

For example, you can get an old dual-core Dell or IBM laptop with a 14-inch screen and Windows for around $80.

If you take that a step up and start looking at Intel i3-based laptops with Windows 7, youll wind up paying around $120 $150.

But and this is the cool bit you can easily get yourself an Intel i5-based laptop for around $250.

And thats more than enough processing power for the average home office worker or student.

Top 5 With Refurbished Dell All

As the title suggests, our top 5 current best-selling refurbished desktops and affordable laptops come from Dell and HP. Lenovo will make it into the top 5 with its laptops and desktops time to time.

The refurbs on this list all offer solutions for different needs, such as the refurbished HP and Dell desktops that can offer versatility and power in the most demanding of business environments. Then there is the light and compact HP EliteBook 840 G3 laptop, which is refurbished and can easily keep up with the most productive of organizations, both in and outside of the office.

Besides the unique solutions that all of these factory refurbished machines individually offer, when you buy any refurbished computer from 2NDGEAR you are going to receive a computer that matches or even exceeds the performance of a comparative brand new model.

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Don’t Be Seduced By The ‘discount’

The £100 ‘discount’ on this refurbished Geo Book 3X is not what it seems. The last time we checked the price of the Geo Book 3X before it went off general sale, it was priced at £199 brand new.;

Here, the retailer has compared the price of the refurbed model to that of the £300+ RRP , claiming a £100 discount. ;In fact, this laptop is £10 more expensive than when we last checked the ‘new’ price. And that’s for a refurbished model in imperfect ‘A2’ condition.;

It can be hard to find the original price of laptops that went off sale a long time ago, but in our experience these cheaper models are frequently a false economy when bought refurbished you’d be better off buying a new, cheap model .

Does My Credit Card Offer Protection

Refurbished Vs New Electronics: What to Buy and What To Avoid

Probably. Many credit cards extend warranty coveragethat is, assuming there was a warranty of some sort already on the product. That includes refurbs…in most cases. Research from Wallethub in 2017 showed that 66% of all cards would cover reburbs with a pre-existing warranty, while 47.2% would extend a separately purchased warranty.

Extended warranties are a perk on many cards, but not all. Obviously, you need to use that card to make the purchase. You can find it on cards from Citi, Chase, Capital One, American Express, and quite a few others. Even several no-fee cards offer the benefit.

Before you buy the refurb product, especially something high-end like a smartphone or laptop, make sure the card will have your back by giving them a call. Then, when you make a purchase, be sure to keep the receipt and a copy of the original/refurb warranty. You may need repair estimates to fix a device as well as to file a claim.

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How To Buy A Second

Deals on new laptops are common all year round, but these discounts can pale in comparison to how much you can save by shopping in the used and refurbished laptop marketplace.

We take a look at your options, and the potential pitfalls, to help you decide if its really worth the extra to buy brand new rather than a pre-owned laptop.

Want to narrow down your laptop selection first? Browse our pick of thebest laptops.

What Does Refurbished Laptop Mean

A refurbished laptop is a laptop that has been returned to the retailer, company or seller by a customer.

The returned laptop then goes through a series of tests or repairs to check, replace and fix damages respectively, if there are any. Once this has been done, it is then put back on the market as refurbished.

There might be several reasons why a customer will return their brand-new laptop.

The most common reason is laptop defects. It can be serious backlight bleeding, battery swelling or screen broken during transports.

Refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad

Another common reason might be something they dont like about the laptop. It can be that the build quality is poor, the keyboard sucks or coil whine. Something that makes you not want to use the laptop.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Laptop? You Know 3 of Them

Other times, the laptop works perfectly well and you might have used it for a while. Or you might have not even turned it on. But, because you saw a better deal on another laptop or you read bad reviews about it. You decide to return your laptop.

For those who havent turned on the laptop. It is still brand new. But, the company cant treat it as brand-new anymore. And so label it refurbished. So refurbished laptops can also be brand new.

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What Does Refurbished Mean

Firstly, what does refurbished laptop actually mean? Its essentially an unused laptop thats been taken out of its packaging, or one thats been sent to the manufacturer for a repair and then sold on for a discount.;

This means a refurbished laptop should theoretically be in an almost-new condition, but thats not always the case in practice.;

What To Consider When Buying A Refurbished Laptop

Used laptops

If your old laptop is slowing down, this is one of the signs you need computer repair. If its because your laptop is very old, you may as well buy a newer model. When buying a refurbished laptop, there are a few things you need to consider.

Most, if not all, consumers look at cost first. This is an understandable priority. You need to first consider the budget you have before you buy a laptop or other item.

Determine your computer needs now and in the future. This will help you decide the model that you can make use of most. It will also prevent any wishes to overspend.

Another thing to look at in refurbished laptops is the laptop body and battery. Look for scratches and make sure to check the screen hinges. Authorized refurbishers should fix issues with the laptop body before they sell it.

Make sure you also check the battery of the refurbished laptop. Many companies replace old batteries with new ones when they refurbish laptops. There are some who sell the laptop with the old battery so make sure to check.

Allow us to list down the few cons when buying refurbished laptops. One of these is that you wont always find the latest generation technology as refurbished products. Most owners will still enjoy them before they trade them in for a newer version.

The one other con is that you may find a lack of customization in refurbished computers. Granted, laptops are more difficult to customize than PCs. In a lot of cases, what you find is what you get.

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Differences Between Used And Refurbished Laptops

A lot of times people confuse used laptops with refurbished or vice versa. But, there is a major difference between them.

A used laptop is what it is. Someone has used the laptop and is now looking to sell it for various reasons. The laptop might have either have defects or not.

But, there will signs that it is used. There might be a few scratches here or there on the body. A used laptop might also be in almost new condition might not have defects.

Refurbished laptops, on the other hand, are either new or used laptops that have been returned to the company or retailer by a customer or business.

The returned laptops then undergo a series of tests and repairs. Once completed, the laptop becomes refurbished.

Moreover, refurbished laptops are covered by warranty i.e. 1 year at most. They also work and look brand new. Used laptops do not have a warranty. So if something goes wrong, you will be in a serious pinch.

Plus, used laptops havent undergone any standardized test or repairs. And so you have to trust the seller based on his words.

So, to put it simply, used laptops havent been returned and undergone tests and repairs. But, refurbished laptops are returned laptops that have undergone test and repairs by the manufacturer.

Who Performed The Refurb

Not all restorations are alike. It could be performed by the original manufacturer, but it’s possible a third party did the work and is reselling it.

In general, sticking with the original company is the smart move. They’ll have the right packaging and parts to make the product as close to new as possible. Look for “factory-certified” or similar nomenclature.

That said, you can get real savings from a third-party refurbish. Despite the fact that it’s an arena described by some as, at best, the Wild West, and there’s no real way to determine product quality until you’re already out the money. Buyer beware.

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Acer R11 Convertible Laptop

This is an 11.6 inch 2-in-1 Chromebook with a multi-touch screen. The maximum resolution, Acer R11 offers is 1366×768 pixels powered by Intel HD integrated graphics. The other hardware specifications include Intel Celeron quad-core 1.6 GHz processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and 32GB SSD. Apart from having standard connectivity ports and HD webcam, the best part about Acer R11 is its battery backup which is up to 10 hours. This is a certified refurbished Chromebook that is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, packed in a generic box. This refurbished convertible laptop comes with a minimum ninety days warranty.

Difference Between Refurbished Certified And Used

Is It Worth Buying Refurbished Laptop !

A high-quality refurbished laptop can be as good as a new one. Refurbished laptops undergo a series of reconditioning and testing to ensure you end up with a machine thats free of hardware and software issues. As such refurbished laptops can give you an average service life of three to five years.

Used laptops are sold by consumers after theyve decided that perhaps the model they purchased doesnt quite suit their needs. These laptops dont go through the same process as refurbished laptops.

As a result, there could potentially be issues with components and software. Refurbished laptops purchased from online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist are the ones youll have to watch for.

Also worth noting is the differences between refurbished and certified. Online marketplaces dont always check the condition of their laptops. And online trade-in services arent always transparent they offer varying degrees of certification.

;laptops are tested by qualified manufacturers or third-party refurbishers. They come with a minimum 90-day limited warranty. You can research a laptop by the criteria listed above to ensure youre getting the best model on the site.

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Refurbished Computer Purchasing Checklist

If youre interested in buying a refurbished computer, weve ;put together a checklist of things to confirm to lessen your risk before going ahead with your purchase:

  • Read the fine print about the sellers refurbished computers make sure you are happy with the previous history of items that are resold as refurbished goods
  • Read the fine print about the sellers refurbishment process it should include testing as a minimum.
  • Check the sellers warranty period; is it as good as that of a new machine? Make sure there are no exclusions.
  • Check the sellers return policy; are you able to return the item for a full refund if you are not satisfied with it?
  • Check if cosmetic damage/blemishes are expected on refurbished goods; and how they are covered by the returns policy if they arent to your satisfaction
  • Compare the specifications/hardware of the refurbished product with the equivalent new product to make sure they match.
  • Compare the price of the refurbished unit to the equivalent new unit.
  • Best Refurbished Gaming Laptop

    For anyone looking for a gaming laptop, you can get a great refurb and save yourself some money.

    Our suggestion for the best refurbished gaming laptop is the Asus TUF FX505DT. This is a powerful laptop with a great graphics card.


    The TUF FX505DT has a 15.6 inch display with an excellent resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The laptop itself weighs 4.85 pounds, so it is a little on the heavy side, but unless you are carrying it around a lot, it might not make too much of a difference for you.

    The screen has a thin bezel around it so you will get as much screen as possible without increasing the size of the laptop itself.

    The TUF FX505DT comes with one USB 2.0 port, but it does not come with the faster USB 3.0 port. The amount of ports that you really need depends on your situation and what you are doing with the laptop.


    The TUF FX505DT comes with an 8 GB RAM to help keep things moving. The CPU is an AMD CPU with a speed of 3.7 GHz.

    That means that the laptop should be able to take on most types of computer games that you might be playing with. It has a 256 GB SSD, which might not work if you have a ton of heavy duty games for computers, so look at what the system requirements are for your favourite game.

    It comes with an 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless communication standard, so it should work with any wireless standard that you might have and do it with efficiency.

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