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Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2021

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Acer Predator Triton 300 Se

BEST $700 Budget Gaming Laptop 2021

When I heard I was getting the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE, I imagined a bulky chunk of plastic. I was pleasantly surprised to find a stylish, silver color diagonally brushed over the hood of a 0.7-inch thin machine.

Acer is known for making quality laptops at affordable prices, but its gaming laptops can get a little pricey and dont offer all of the bells and whistles that other brands do. However, the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE sits in that cozy spot where the company offers its best quality components packed into a relatively affordable package.

With the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE, you get a powerful Intel Core i7-11375H CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU as well as a decent battery life and vibrant display packed into a slim 0.7-inch chassis. Its tough to beat something like the Acer Predator Triton 300 SE when it is priced at just $1,399.

Rami Tabari

See our full Acer Predator Triton 300 SE review.

Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2022

ByRich Edmondslast updated 2 June 22

We’ve looked at the best gaming laptops, but not everyone has $2,000 to drop on a new notebook. You’re going to be paying a premium for gaming laptops because of the dedicated GPU and how the notebook internals need to be designed. We’ve rounded up some of the best budget gaming laptops right here that don’t cost too much but can play your favorite PC titles.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop For 2022

A few years ago, getting your hands on a capable budget gaming laptop was not even remotely possible, you either had to splurge cash on a behemoth with poor portability or settle for a machine with mediocre gaming performance. Luckily, things have changed since then. Even the best cheap gaming laptops are now lighter and slimmer than ever they pack a punch, can offer a speedy and effortless gaming experience that used to only come with a desktop PC. And, you can even find capable models in just about every price point, ranging from flagship gaming notebooks packing the latest GPUS and able to prove buttery 4K gaming to budget ones that can still ring quality performance in 1080p.

Again, you dont always have to go for the top-of-the-line model for seamless gaming. Sure, getting one with fast refresh rates and a 3090 mobile GPU is nice. But depending on your budget and what you consider the best PC games, you can sacrifice a little power, get something within your budget, and still run your favorite titles. Some budget gaming laptops might compromise a bit on performance but offer the kind of portability thats becoming common among gaming notebooks, easily sliding into the best backpacks and allowing you to play on the go.

Recently, at CES 2022, industry players Intel, Nvidia, and AMD showcased powerful new mobile components that will add more power to the best gaming laptops in 2022 and beyond.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers: Gigabyte Aorus 15p

The Gigabyte Aorus 15Ps top panel is thin and flexes under pressure, and the low webcam placement would be embarrassingly bad on just about any video call. Its also disappointing that the keyboards backlight only shines through the main keycap legends, making it almost impossible to see the secondary functions unless you lean in and strain your eyes. And in our web-browsing battery test, the Aorus 15P lasted only 4 hours 20 minutes, which is two hours shorter than our top pick.

Gigabyte doesnt provide any live tech support, unlike Acer, which offers support via phone and live chat.

Despite the long warranty, Gigabyte doesnt provide any live tech support. We had to register an account and submit a ticket to reach tech support, and the company only commits to responding to inquiries in three to seven days. If youre not comfortable troubleshooting your own problems or having some downtime if something goes wrong, youll be better off with one of our recommendations from Acer, which offers support via phone and live chat.

How To Keep Your Laptop Cool While Gaming

7 Best Cheap Gaming Laptops of 2021

Its inevitable for a laptop to get hot after hours of gaming!

There are ways you can keep it cool instead of solely depending on the laptops built-in cooling system!

  • Keep the fans free from obstacles
  • A flat surface is preferable for the laptop to rest on
  • Elevate the laptop with an external cooling fan or laptop stand
  • Clean your laptop occasionally
  • Switch to lower in-game settings

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Best Gaming Laptop Malaysia 2021

Higher specs and faster performance costs more! Here are our recommendations according to various budgets!

  • Best Gaming Laptop Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop
  • Best Gaming Laptop Dell G15 Gaming Laptop
  • Best Gaming Laptop ASUS TUF Gaming A15
  • Best Gaming Laptop MSI GS66 Stealth 10UG-036 Gaming Laptop

Dell Gaming G3 3500 Gaming Laptop

Dells gaming line of laptops is positioned as more of a cost-effective product than their Alienware line but still manages to provide a fantastic entry-level gaming laptop for those who are looking to do some gaming. The G3 is the lower tier of the line but still manages to pack a punch with a 15.6 screen with a 2.5 GHz core i5 processor, 8 GB or Fram, and a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti. About six pounds, its a little heavier than the best laptops out there, but not overwhelmingly so. Additionally, the screen features a 120Hz refresh rate to keep your images sharp and clear.

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The Graphics Processor: Now Here’s Where To Spend

The dedicated graphics chip is the backbone of any gaming computer. In budget gaming machines, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX line dominates the market, and the latest chips at this writing are part of the company’s GeForce GTX 1600 series, or “Turing” family, which rolled out in April 2019 in mobile versions of the GeForce GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 Ti. A GeForce GTX 1650 Ti joined the family in April 2020, fitting in between those two.

However, due to some changes in Nvidia’s stack, it’s not just about GTX at this price. When Nvidia launched the GTX 1650 Ti on laptops in April 2020, it also lowered the starting price for laptops with its RTX 2060 GPU to just $999. The RTX 2060 will only be found in laptops at the very top of the “budget” price range , and even then, only in a couple of selected models. But still, it technically brings the RTX line and its signature ray-tracing capabilities to this category. This means gaming at high settings on an entry-level laptop is more attainable than ever.

Meanwhile, this spring, Nvidia rolled out the new, mainstream GeForce RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti GPUs for gaming laptops. So far, they have only barely tipped into laptops under $1,000 we’ve seen just a few RTX 3050-based machines starting at around $999.

A Gaming Laptop With A 1: 10 Screen

The BEST Budget Gaming Laptops 2021/2022

The Legion 5 Pro is the best gaming laptop Lenovo has ever made. For well under $2,000, you get exceptional performance from AMDs Ryzen 5000 processors in an attractive 16-inch chassis. It delivered respectable results on every game we tried, even at its native 2560 x 1600 resolution. And with the 165Hz display, youll be able to fully take advantage of the Legion 5 Pros power.

Performance aside, the highlight of the Legion 5 Pro is its 16:10 screen. A screen this tall is hard to find on the gaming laptop market these days, and it allows you more room for multitasking if you want to use the Legion 5 Pro as a daily driver. The keyboard is also a delight to use, with 1.5mm of travel and four-zone programmable backlighting.

The Legions main downside is its battery life. We only got about four and a half hours of continuous use in our testing. While thats not the worst weve ever gotten from a gaming laptop, its nowhere near what youll see from the G15. However, it does charge very, very fast with the included 300W power brick. Overall, though the G15 will be a better option for folks who often work on the go, the Legion is still a solid choiceand we have to give Lenovo props for the 16:10 screen.

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Gaming Laptops: What To Consider

Your first port of call should be to identify which graphics card youre going to need. New Nvidia cards are now firmly entrenched in the majority of laptops, and top of the laptop stack is the RTX 3080. Its always tempting to want the best hardware, and its worth seeking this if you want to play at top graphics settings, at 4K or at high frame-rates. However, if youre an e-sports gamer or want to play older titles then its going to be overpowered, and not worth the cash.

The RTX 3070 is a great, balanced option that will handle virtually everything, while the RTX 3060 is a capable chip for 1080p gaming at the highest quality levels. Youll also find cheaper laptops with last years Nvidia chips ideal for esports and modest 1080p games.

If youre going to be running tough games or want to do some work on your machine, youll also need a Core i7 CPU. Its always worth getting 16GB of memory if you can afford it, and you should find a laptop with an SSD unless youre on a very tight budget.

Theres a lot to think about on the outside. Youll need to consider the screen: a 1080p panel wont be as sharp as a 4K display, but itll be easier to run games at the former resolution. Similarly, its only really worth opting for a high-refresh-rate panel if you have a GPU that can run games at beyond 100fps.

Finding The Best Budget Gaming Laptop: Buyers Guide

Looking out for the best budget gaming laptop, you must ensure the capabilities and features to operate high-rated games with solid and powerful graphics. Choosing the right laptop depends on your budget, routine, and the types of games you want to play. There is a range of laptops starting from $800 to $5000, and to find the best that meets your needs, you need to investigate the following aspects.

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Gaming Laptops: Extra Information

In this guide we’ll discover the best gaming laptops for every kind of gamer. You might be looking for the best gaming laptop that you’ll also use for work stuff, or for an FPS-focused desktop rig replacement, or for an e-sports battle station. You’ll find them all here.

In T3’s best gaming laptops buying guide you’ll discover a wide range of gaming laptops that not only cover these types of gamer, but also every sort of budget, too, from bargain systems to premium powerhouses.

While the best gaming laptops come in all shapes and sizes, theres one thing they all have in common: they deliver the goods. Theres no room for filler here: the gaming systems weve included pack Max-Q versions of the very best graphics cards around today, the fastest SSDs and screens that are easily the equal of the best gaming monitors you can buy. If a gaming laptop cant run the likes of Assassins Creed Valhalla or Cyberpunk 2077 without issues, it has no place in our list.

Should you buy one of these laptops if you arent a gamer? We dont think so: while every laptop here is a great bit of kit, theyre designed specifically for gaming and theres no need to pay for so much power if the pixels youll be pushing are Netflix streams or Word documents. Its rather like buying a Ferrari to drive to the shops. For everyday laptops, check out our best laptops guide and our guide to the best budget laptops too.

Best Affordable Gaming Laptops Of 2021

Best Cheap Gaming Laptop In 2021

Gaming laptops have become more affordable over time, enabling consumers to enjoy PC gaming without breaking the bank. Manufacturers do make some trade-offs to keep these machines within a budget, but new graphics hardware has brought the industry to the point where modern games can run well on lower-cost laptops. Avid gamers and students are poised to benefit the most from budget-tier gaming machines as they’re often on the move and cannot carry their high-end rigs along.

The most powerful gaming laptops still come with a hefty price tag, however, a new gaming market with laptops priced under $1,000 is flourishing. Most of these machines have middling graphics, but certain laptops offer more firepower and it’s these same models that are suitable for the PC gaming lifestyle. Have a look at the best 15-inch options below.

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Great Gaming Laptops To Fit All Budgets

Theres no getting around the fact that a gaming laptop will cost you a little more than the average computer since it needs more power and memory to help games load quickly and run smoothly. But if you shop smart, you should be able to get what you want based on your budget. To make things a little easier, weve put together a list of the best gaming laptops of 2022including the best budget and virtual reality gaming laptopso you can quickly find the one thats right for you.

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650


Display: Full HD

Weight: 5.3 pounds

  • The fast, Full HD screen is a perfect match for this notebooks processing power.

  • The GeForce GTX 1650 is an entry-level gaming graphics card but is sufficient for most games.

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050

RAM: 16 GB

Display: Full HD

Weight: 5.7 pounds

  • Theres seven hours of battery life , perfect for a full day of schoolwork.

  • At 5.7 pounds its a smidge heavy to carry in a knapsack.

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650

RAM: 16 GB

Display: Full HD

Weight: 3.5 pounds

  • At 3.5 pounds, it effortlessly slips in your bag while on commutes, road trips or air travel.

  • Some reviewers say its a tad hard to see the backlit keys, which may be difficult if playing in darker rooms.

Display: Full HD

Weight: 4.0 pounds

  • It has plenty of ports, including HDMI out, two USB 2.0 inputs and even a Micro SD Card reader.

  • Radeon graphics results in less-than-perfect rendering of sophisticated 3D visuals.

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070

Acer Predator Helios 300

CPU: GPU: RAM: Storage: Display:

Helios 300 is the ultimate gaming tool you need to jump into and control the gaming experience. It is solid and ready to fight. It is one of the best budget gaming laptops with powerful components in the market.

Acer Helio 300 has a 15.6 inch screen with 1080 resolution, which is qualitative enough to give strong graphics in gaming without any slowdowns. It holds an exclusive IPS panel with a 144Hz refresh rate and a swift 3ms response time that helped smooth action play. Overall display in terms of color and contrast is decent. RAM speed of 2666MHz is a great spec that every gamer looks for. Equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics, advanced Intel Core i7 processor, and custom-engineered 3rd Gen AeroBlade 3D Fan Technology, which improvises graphics and aids in smoothly playing AAA-rated games.

The Helios 300 is well equipped with all the essential ports. The keyboard is simple and has a decent layout. There is a blue light on many keys, and there is an independent key for Acers PredatorSense App. The keyboard is easy to use with a firm base, and the keys are strong, giving satisfying typing exposure. Further, the touchpad holds a smooth surface and supports gestures. Further, it has an immersive sound effect during gameplay through Waves MAXXAudio technology.

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Laptops Are Still Great For The Right Price

One of the best parts of a new generation of notebooks entering the market is that last year’s models will gradually start going up for sale. In case one chooses to get a laptop with an Intel CPU, prospective buyers would only be missing out on a new Nvidia GPU since new 2021 models still come with 2020’s 10th generation chips and those aren’t even that much better than the 9th gen ones.

While the jump in last year’s Ryzen 4000 series CPU to 2021’s chipsets in much larger, the performance improvement offered by new laptops might not be necessary for everyone looking to have a movable gaming machine, especially if there’s good deal to be had somewhere else.

Those looking to mainly play competitive esports titles , not too crazy about improved ray tracing or simply happy to beat a PS4 rather than a PS5 could be well suited to a laptop that’s packing an older RTX 2060 or 2070, maybe even a GTX 1660 Ti. There’s also the chance of finding a 2020 laptop with more premium features, like say a Razer Blade with an RTX 2070 for a lower price than a newer RTX 3060 laptop.

Newer laptops surely promise better performance and prices than ever before, but 2020 models will start being available for under $1,000, the key here is to follow all the previous tips and to adapt one’s needs, desires and budget to what’s available.

The Best Laptop With Flashy Rgb

Top 5 BEST & WORST Gaming Laptops of 2021!

The GE76 Raider costs an arm and a leg, but it packs some serious power. You can configure it all the way up to Nvidias top mobile GPU and Intels top processor., and it has the cooling to keep them in line You can get it with a QHD screen as well as a 1080p 360Hz display.

Keep in mind that this laptop is really just for gaming. Its battery life is mediocre, and its chassis is quite thick and heavy, so youll want to look elsewhere if youre looking for a device that could double as a portable work driver. But if youre looking for whats essentially a desktop you could travel with, the GE76 Raider will deliver a premium experience.

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