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Best Laptop For Graphic Designing

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Mac Vs Pc The Eternal Debate

Best 10 Graphic Design Laptops [Best Budget]

Youve probably heard that Macs are built for free-spirited artists, and PCs are more suited for office drones. You might also note that this impression was created by an ad campaign from a company that stands to profit from this image.

The fact is, there was a time when it was true that Apple had pretty much cornered the market on graphic design computers. Digital typography was born on a Mac. Photoshop was built for Macs.

Apple was the only game in town for decades, which is why older more experienced graphic designers view it as the only real option. Its the system they learned and excelled at, and theyre not about to change.

But today, this is nothing more than an outdated bias. Most graphic design software runs equally well on Windows and OS X. Windows PCs are much more affordable, and more customizable. Plus, outside of creative industries like design and film, most companies prefer Windows it might be helpful if your operating system was compatible with your clients.

That being said, the most important factor in choosing a Mac or a PC is, what are you comfortable with? Do you like the look and feel of a Mac? Do you know all the Windows shortcuts by heart? Do you want to do anything else with your computer? What can you afford ?

In the end, dont worry about which computer seems cool. Choose the one that feels right to you.

Still, that 1984 ad is pretty sweet

Specs To Look For When Buying The Best Graphic Design Laptop For Yourself

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Has this happened to you? You set yourself a reasonable budget and explore laptops online only to find that all you will get is either a refurbished laptop or one that is fit for normal stuff not designing. You then come across really cool laptops with amazing specs and the price just burns your heart.

You know the struggle of buying a laptop, specifically for designing purpose, when you experience the process of research. Oh yes, it is not just time consuming but a hit on the head every time youre close to buying a laptop but that one review kills your purchase program. Trust me, I can relate to this because I went through the same scuffle. There were times I felt like wishing for a magical beanstalk without the monster but with the gold coins. This said, its not just about money, its about performance and whether or not a laptop meets your needs.

Before I tell you about the right specs for a laptop for graphic designers, let us take a look at the top brands that have set high standard in the industry.

Six Best Budget Laptop For Graphic Design

Now that you know the minimum specifications of a good laptop for graphic design, it’s time for us to offer you our best budget laptops for graphic design. Here we will introduce some refurbished laptops that are suitable for designers, which are more affordable than their brand-new counterparts but work just as good as new ones:

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Best Laptops For Graphic Designing And Editing

So youre looking for a notebook that can carry out your graphic designing and editing tasks? WORRY NOT! Weve researched the market for you and made a list of the best laptops that will help you to manage your heavy processing rather smoothly.

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The below list has been made with the best-in-class user experience and performance in mind. From Industry specialists Apple and Microsoft to new Industry-starters like Gigabyte, the list contains the 5 best laptops for graphic designing and editing.

  • Apple Macbook Pro 16
  • Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition
  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
  • These are some of the best notepads to consider buying for your creative businesses. Lets look at each of these laptops for a better understanding.

    But before you scroll-down, to see services you might need for the success of your creative business.

    Best Laptop For Graphic Design

    5 Best 2 in 1 Laptops for Graphic Design in 2021

    Graphic design today is serious business. It requires the right hardware to get the job done efficiently without freezes or slowing down. Because not all laptops are cut out for graphic design, it is important that you have the right information about the best laptops for graphic design to ensure that you buy a device that is capable of performing even the most complex graphic design tasks while balancing price, portability, battery life, and more.

    Because graphic design software tends to be quite demanding on a computerâs processor, it is essential that you select something that has the right processor speed, memory, screen resolution, and is the right size based on how often you travel and need to work while flying. It is also helpful to consider exactly what you are going to need from your laptop for your graphic design work. Is a touch

    screen going to help you better utilize your software better? Are you going to need extra storage for transferring large files or high resolutions for photo editing?

    Once you consider all the specific uses that you need from your device, the time then comes to look at the options available.

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    Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga

    Lenovos ThinkPad X1 Yoga is one of the best laptops for graphic design, thanks to its powerful processors and large display. The laptop has a 14-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2560×1440, and its powered by up to an Intel Core i7-8550U processor. It also has 16GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage.

    The ThinkPad X1 Yoga is a great choice for graphic designers who need a powerful and large laptop. Its got all the features you need for designing, including a large display, high-powered processor, and plenty of storage space.


    Should I Spring For A Hard Disk Drive Or An Ssd

    For those massive video editing projects, youre definitely going to need a high-capacity SSD. 256GB is the minimum amount wed recommend, but 512GB is obviously better. If you work with large files, you may want to even go for a 1TB+ SSD. Again, the right amount of storage really depends on the size and complexity of your project.

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    Asus Rog Strix Scar 15 Review: Design

    Make no mistake, this is a beautifully engineered laptop. The build quality is stupendous. It looks and feels seriously expensive. Question is, do those dual screens make ergonomic sense?

    First up, that secondary screen is obviously quite shallow. So, its not hugely useful for normal web browsing. Its not really comfortable for an email client or webmail either, you just cant see enough. On the other hand, you might load up, say Spotify and whatever collaboration tool you use for work and have that running beneath your main workflow on the primary display. To that end, Asuss software tools for managing windows both on the secondary display and when it comes to quickly shifting applications and windows between displays works really well.

    But the whole thing hangs together best when the secondary display is used for toolbars, timelines and other control panels in content creation apps like video editing. Youve then got the entire 14.5-inch OLED panel to view the content. Its also worth noting that the 120Hz refresh of the main screen helps keep latency to an absolute minimum when using a stylus for input.

    Whats more, the dual-screen engineering isnt just slick, its clever too. The bottom screen hinges up as you open the laptop, not only providing better viewing angles, but also creating an opening for airflow to keep those powerful chips cool.

    Surface Laptop Studio Review: Features

    Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2022 on Any Budget

    The obvious main feature Microsoft Laptop Surface Studio is the movable display, but it’s definitely not the only one. Having the display to work on emails and browsing as a laptop, then changing it to its ‘easel’ mode to hold the Studio in my lap and get down to some sketching, was effortless and totally intuitive. Magnetics help the Studio gently move into place, and so you feel like you’re using a bit of kit that is very specifically meant to be used in this way. You can also move the display a full 180 degrees and show someone in front of you what you’ve got on your screen, should you want to.

    Another major bonus for me is the speakers. The truth is, I often forget my headphones when travelling about, so the in-built speakers got plenty of use in my testing. With two mini subwoofers and two tweeters present, I was pleasantly surprised when both playing music and watching a movie on the Surface Laptop Studio with its rich, full-bodied sound nothing like the tinny horror that I was expecting.

    Finally, we also had the Surface Slim Pen 2 in our testing, though you will have to buy this separately. It’s comfortable and great at note taking and aforementioned bad drawing. Theres an ever-so-slightly-soft nib on the pen that gives a great feel when sketching, and also a slight vibration mechanism near the nib that gives a feel of bite on your digital canvas/notebook paper.

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    Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition

    Why is the Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition one of the Best Laptops for Graphic Designing and Editing?

    If you wish to play heavy games on your working laptop, then the Razer Blade 15 is one of the best choices for you. With a power-packed dedicated Nvidia graphic card, put your gaming headphones on and experience the true-to-life graphics on its immersive OLED display.

    The Razer Blade Studio Edition comes with better-optimized hardware than the Macbook Pro, and that too on a lower price range! The only downside to this powerhouse of a laptop is the low battery which runs for about 5-6 hours.

    • High end models cost around $2000

    Amazon Rating: 4.6/5

    Should I Use A Laptop For Graphic Designers

    Yes, you should. A laptop offers essential features that a desktop cant offer you. You can easily move around with your laptop, thereby optimizing your workflow and productivity. You can use your laptop and graphic design applications without an active power supply. You can also use a two-in-one laptop as a note or sketch pad when you need to.

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    Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14

    The MI Notebook Horizon 14 is exceptionally lightweight, slender and just 1,35 kg weigh. It is brilliantly built with super-thin bezels and offers an immersive view of the experience. Besides, the laptop is a productivity powerhouse that helps you to do multitasking like a Pro, fitted with the 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor.

    This laptop is the cheapest and budget laptop from all others with some power-packed specifications. For beginners, starting with graphic designing, this laptop will be the ideal choice under INR 60,000.


    • 10th Gen Intel Core i5/i7 processor with 1.6 GHz base speed and up to 4.2 GHz max speed, 8GB RAM, and 512GB SSD
    • Nvidia MX350 2GB graphics card, full HD IPS antiglare display, and all-metal body
    • Stereo speakers with DTS audio processing and multiple ports for extra connectivity
    • Scissor switch keyboard, multitouch trackpad with palm rejection, and ultra-light design
    • Longer battery life, enhanced colling system, and intuitive MI apps for smart connectivity

    Pros & Cons

    Impressive quality

    Surface Laptop Studio Review: Price And Power

    The Best Laptops For Graphic Design To Buy In 2021

    Microsofts Surface devices , are premium products, with accompanying premium prices. And nowhere is this more represented than in the Surface Laptop Studio’s beautiful 14.4-inch touchscreen. Backing that up in the standard model is an 11th Gen, quad core i5 CPU, but you can also go for the i7 quad core. No, there is no i9 core version, but it’s worth noting that both options are the more powerful H35 CPUs that boast 35Ws.

    Then you’ve got options of either 16GB or 32GB RAM, and up to 2TB of storage, which is all good news for digital creatives who needs speed and space. Turning to the GPUs, the i5 model comes with an Intel Iris Xe graphics card, and the i7 comes with the Nvidia GeForce RTX A2000 GPU.

    Going for the entry level specs, you’re going to be paying $1,399/£1,449 for the higher spec option, you’ll need to find $1,799/£1,899 and it goes up to $2,499/£2,879 for the maxed out specs of 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD.

    That’s all great, but these numbers and price points puts it in competition with some very good laptops out there. The Dell XPS 13, for example, has six cores at a similar price point of the entry level, while the Dell XPS 15 may cost you a bit more for the entry model, but it will offer you eight cores.

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    Msi Gf76 Katana Best Value


    • Interesting design with plenty of flair
    • Comfortable keyboard and trackpad

    If youre working with an inflexible budget, the MSI GF76 Katana is the best bang for your buck. It comes with an Intel Core i7-12700H CPU, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti GPU, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of PCle 4 SSD storage. In other words, this machine should be able to handle most design tasks with relative ease as well as everyday workloads. The GPU is a little underwhelming when running newer games, but MSI offers up to seven different configurations, so you can always chose a more powerful option. The display is also dimmer than we like, but its 17.3-inches and thats a lot of screen real estate to work on. So, if youre a beginner graphic designer looking to save some money, you should definitely consider the GF76 Katana.

    Asus Vivobook Pro 16x Oled

    The Asus VivoBook Pro 16X is known for its high-quality display, which remains a major reason why graphic designers choose this laptop. The device features a 4K OLED display which is super impressive with all the vibrant colours, thus appearing much nicer on the eyes. Furthermore, the VivoBook Pro 16X is an excellent choice in terms of processor too. The device is powered by the Ryzen 9 5900HX, making designing much smoother. The 32GB RAM makes sure you never run out of space, and the reliable graphics card ensures you can always run the tools effectively. The laptop also features an outstanding battery life which is certainly a plus point in this segment.


    Buy on Flipkart: Currently Unavailable

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    Best Choice For Mobile Professionals

    CPU: Intel core i7-11370H | GPU: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti | RAM: 32GB | Storage: 1TB SSD | Display: 14.4-inch 1600p

    The Surface Book was Microsoft’s first attempt to lure creative users away from Apple, but the new Surface Laptop Studio for Business goes all-out to focus on graphics and design work.

    Like other Surface models, the Laptop Studio has a convertible, 2-in-1 design that allows you to fold the screen flat so that you can use it either as a tablet or a conventional laptop. However, the screen also has an additional hinge that lets you tilt the screen like an easel this is perfect for use with Microsoft’s Surface pen for illustration work.

    The built quality is excellent, and the Laptop Studio feels very sturdy, despite its lightweight design and slimline profile. The 14.4-inch, touch-sensitive display is bright and sharp with 1600p resolution, and it is a delight to work with. However, Microsoft makes no mention of Adobe RGB or DCI-PE support, so you’ll probably still need an external display for high-end graphics or video work. And, to be fair, the Laptop Studio isn’t meant to act as a mobile workstation in the same league as some of its rivals, focusing on portability and ease of use rather than high-end performance.


    What Is Graphic Design

    Top 12 Best Laptops for Graphic Design 2021

    Graphic design is the art that blends images, text, and ideas to communicate with an audience and create an effect. Graphic design conveys concepts through images and design.

    It requires creative thought, an ability for art and design, time, and perseverance. It also involves learning tools and implementing design principles and theories.

    Graphic designers develop visuals to convey messages. By using visual hierarchy and page layout strategies, designers combine typography and imagery to satisfy users needs and optimize the user experience.

    The design of a poetry books cover or the layout of a website for an art museum are both examples of design.

    NB: Graphic design is a kind of artistic expression in which ideas and information are conveyed visually. It helps connect a business with the people who would buy their wares.

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    The Best Computer For Graphic Design Available Now

    Graphic designers and iMacs go together like peanut butter and chocolate, so you probably won’t be surprised to see an iMac at the top of this list. However, it may surprise you to see that this iMac is not the newest one there is in fact, it’s a couple of years old, with a newer model having been released in 2021. So what gives?

    The reason is that the 2020 version sports a discrete graphics card, as opposed to an integrated on one the 2021 release, meaning the AMD Radeon Pro 5000 graphics card is separate from the CPU. This means that the 2020 iMac’s graphics run off separate memory and power to its central processors, which means it is capable of superior graphical performance. In turn, this makes the 2020 iMac the superior choice for graphic designers who need as much graphical power as they can get, making the most of the gorgeous 5K display that is built in.

    It’s not got the super-powered M1 chip, and runs hotter and louder than the 2021 iMac . But as we said in our full review, it’s still one of the smartest buys creatives can make, with powerful functionality, easy setup and that aforementioned excellent display.

    See our in-depth iMac 2020 review for more details.

    The 24-inch 2021 iMac is one of the best graphic design computers ever made, though of course, all this computing power does come at a cost. Check out our full hands-on M1 iMac review where we examine this exceptional computer in more detail.

    Our Mac Studio review runs through all this in more detail.

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