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Best Laptop With Number Pad

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4 Best Laptops without numeric pad in 2022

There are many great choices, depending on your price range. We liked the keyboard on the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo.

It has big keys that feel great under your fingers, and the num pad is touch-based, allowing you to fully customize the layout. If you are on a tight budget, but still need a laptop with a numeric keypad, consider the Acer Aspire 5.

What Is The Best Laptop With Numeric Pad

I’m sorry if I’ve confused you. My sympathies go out to you! Even yet, it is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of best laptop with numeric pad is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the best laptop with numeric pad listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Best Business Laptop: Hp Elitebook 860 G9

Even among business laptops, not every device gives you a number pad, but thankfully, they do exist. HPs EliteBook 860 G9 is a great example, packing high-end specs, a tall display, and business-oriented features in a sleek chassis.

Starting with performance, the HP EliteBook 860 G9 comes with Intels 12th-generation processors, just like many of the laptops weve looked at so far. Theyre from the 28W P series, and you can go up to a Core i7-1280P with Intel vPro support, giving you additional security and manageability features for businesses. The Core i7-1280P also has 14 cores, 20 threads, and boost speeds up to 4.8GHz, so its the most powerful model in the P series. The RAM can be configured up to 64GB of DDR5 , and you can get up to 2TB of SSD storage, or a self-encrypting drive if you need extra security.

The display on the EliteBook 860 G9 is a 16-inch panel, and its a 16:10 aspect ratio, which is actually a first for this series. Thats great news for productivity, though. The resolution is Full HD+ , and you cant really upgrade beyond that, but you do have options including a touchscreen, anti-glare coating, or perhaps most importantly, a built-in privacy screen, which makes it so that people around you cant see whats on your screen while youre working. This is a very important feature for business users.

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Asus Rog Strix G17 Gaming Laptop

ASUS has released many great models this year, and the G17 is one of their main flagships. With a powerful CPU/GPU combo, huge 17-inch screen, and a big illuminated keyboard, it quickly became a popular pick for gamers and power users.

Since this is a gaming-oriented laptop, it is not a surprise that they choose a high refresh rate IPS panel for the G17. The 17-inch 300Hz panel is perfect for fast-paced games, there is no visible tearing or ghosting.

With a response time of just 3ms, the input lag is almost non-existent. But the full HD resolution is a controversial choice, considering this is an enthusiast-level laptop. The RTX 3070 may not be as capable as the RTX 3080, but its important to consider that you will be running games in 1080P.

At 1080P, the RTX 3070 will effortlessly run all the latest AAA games in the upcoming years at maximum settings.

With 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, there is plenty of space for high-resolution textures. ROG Boost will automatically overclock your GPU, which gives you about a 10% performance increase.

Lenovo Ideapad 5 Laptop

Best Windows Laptops with Full Number Pads 2021

Next on our list of the best laptop with a numeric keypad and backlit keyboard is the Lenovo IdeaPad 5 laptop.

The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is a 15.6-inch laptop powered by a Windows 10 operating system and an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

Also, its set to offer great performance for all your productive tasks with its 12 GB RAM, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 512GB SSD storage space, and lots of other features which the laptop comes with.


The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Laptop is driven by the 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor.

This is a good processor that can handle several complex tasks like video editing, music production, mid-level gaming, etc.

Also, it has 12 GB of RAM that can handle intensive multitasking activities without lagging.

Operating System

A Windows 10 Home operating system manages the operations of the laptop.

This is one of the best-operating systems used by most modern laptops.

Screen Size

This Lenovo IdeaPad 5 is a 15.6-inch laptop with a Full HD IPS display.

The screen size of this laptop is large enough to avoid eyestrain.

Also, the IPS display will allow you to enjoy clear visuals on this laptops glossy and anti-glare screen.


Aside from this laptops numeric keypad and backlit keyboard, it has a well-spaced keyboard.

Also, it has an excellent key travel distance that will allow you to enjoy typing on the keyboard.

Furthermore, the touchpad is wide, fast, and responsive.


The Lenovo IdeaPad 5 comes with a 512GB SSD storage space.

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Best Laptop With Numeric Keypad And Backlit Keyboard

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Are you searching for the best laptop with a Numeric keypad and backlit keyboard? If yes, this review is just for you. There are several laptops with numeric keypads and backlit keyboards. Hence, it may be difficult for you to identify the best out of the many options available. For this reason, we have searched the market to find the best laptop in this category. The Asus VivoBook 15 emerged as the overall best laptop with a Numeric Keypad And Backlit Keyboard based on our research.

The ASUS VivoBook 15 rank as the overall best laptop in this review because, in addition to its stunning design, it ticks all the boxes required for a good laptop with a Numeric Keypad And Backlit Keyboard.

In addition to that, we have six other best laptops with a Numeric Keypad And Backlit Keyboard available for you to choose from in this review.

Below is the comparison table of our selected seven best laptops with a Numeric Keypad And Backlit Keyboard.

This will allow you to have an overview of all the products before looking in-depth into the features they have to offer.

Hp Elitebook 855 G8 156 In Notebook With Win 10 Pro

Another nice HP option with a numeric keypad is the EliteBook 855 G8. This model comes with the Ryzen 7 Pro 8-Core CPU processor, 16GB RAM, and 1TB SSD. This EliteBook notebook sleek and lightweight, at only 3.73 pounds, making it a great travel laptop. But it will also be able to handle just about any workload you throw at it.

If security is an issue, this laptop offers a fingerprint reader like many other models in its class, but you also get HP Wolf Security, which reduces the addressable attack surface and enables remote recovery from firmware attacks.

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Can I Buy Something Similar Cheaper Elsewhere

One of the most common questions that a lot of customers ask is, Can I buy something similar cheaper elsewhere? The short answer is no. When you are looking for a quality laptops with number pad, the most important thing to know is that cheap is not always better. You should carefully research the best laptops with number pad before buying and consult the prices on some online sales websites to make the best decision.

Being Productive On The Go With A Number Pad

ASUS NumberPad: Reinventing the Touchpad | ASUS

For number crunchers and people who need the functionality of a full number pad, using laptops with full number pads is essential. Data entry and some other forms of input are significantly faster and more comfortable with a full number pad. Each laptop in this collection has a full number pad that increases your speed and optimizes your workflow.

There’s a wide range of laptops with number pads, from thin and light laptops to the beefiest gaming setups. If you want a portable laptop with a lot of room to get your work done, the Lenovo Yoga 7i is an excellent option, with its smaller sibling on our list of best Windows laptops. It has a large screen but will feel like a much smaller laptop in your bag thanks to its lighter weight.

If you’re looking for something that’s good for gaming, the Lenovo Legion 5i is your best bet, with a crazy powerful processor and GPU on offer, along with a great QHD+ display.

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How Many Competitors Does It Have

Many different factors go into answering this question. The number of competitors can vary greatly depending on the best laptops with number pad you are dealing with and the scope of your business model. Knowing how these factors can affect your market share is important when deciding whether or not you should enter a new market.

How We Test Computers

The review process for laptops, desktops, tablets and other computer-like devices consists of two parts: performance testing under controlled conditions in the CNET Labs and extensive hands-on use by our expert reviewers. This includes evaluating a device’s aesthetics, ergonomics and features. A final review verdict is a combination of both those objective and subjective judgments.

The list of benchmarking software we use changes over time as the devices we test evolve. The most important core tests we’re currently running on every compatible computer include: Primate Labs Geekbench 5, Cinebench R23, PCMark 10 and 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra.

A more detailed description of each benchmark and how we use it can be found in our How We Test Computers page.

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Is A Numpad Useful

The way the numbers are set up on a numeric keypad is similar to how they are set up on a calculator. The layout makes entering a lot of numbers faster, easier, and more efficient, and full-size keys make typing faster and more accurate. Accountants, engineers, students, data experts, and spreadsheet experts like to use numeric keypads.

Best Thin And Light Laptop With A Number Pad: Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro

Best Windows Laptops with Full Number Pads 2021

Laptops with number pads dont often have a ton of overlap with thin-and-light laptops, but the 15-inch Galaxy Book 2 Pro that does both, and its actually one of the best laptops around. The first Galaxy Book Pro was already great, but the greatest model improves a few key areas that make this an even better choice than before.

Like the Lenovo Yoga 7i above, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is powered by Intels 12th-generation P-series processors, up to a Core i7-1260P. That means up to 12 cores and 16 threads, plus max speeds up to 4.7GHz, all in a very thin and light design. It also goes up to 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 512GB of storage, at least in the configurations you can buy right now. A model with Intel Arc 370M discrete graphics is also planned but not yet available.

The display on the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is also great. Its a 15.6-inch panel and it comes in Full HD resolution, but whats great about it is that its an AMOLED panel. That means you get true blacks, vivid colors, and very high contrast ratios. Usually, AMOLED displays are reserved for very expensive laptops, so its great to see it in this more affordable package and a more down-to-earth resolution. Some might have liked to see a slightly sharper panel at this size, but this is definitely serviceable, and being an AMOLED panel makes up for it. This years model can reach up to 500 nits of brightness in HDR mode, too.

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Factors You Should Consider Before Buying The Laptops With Number Pads

As you already know, research is essential before making any purchase. So, there are some factors you should consider before starting your research. This is important so that you can make your entire buying process as hassle-free as possible.

Remember, your time has as much value as your money. So, there are a few things you should determine which will affect your research as well.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine your course of research on the laptops with number pads:

  • Is this laptops with number pads serving the purpose of purchase? What are your expectations from the product?
  • What functions must the laptops with number pads have? Are there any specific functions that you are seeking in the product?
  • Is there a specific budget, or is the budget flexible?
  • Will the laptops with number pads require maintenance and upkeep costs?
  • Are you looking to buy the laptops with number pads online or offline? What will be the best places to purchase the product?
  • Where will you seek reliable information on the laptops with number pads?

Having multiple options from various brands can get confusing, so ask yourself these questions to narrow down your research.

Once you determine your expectations from the laptops with number pads and your price range, you decide which ones you must research. The research will help you determine the pros and cons. But before that, where will you get the reliable information to conduct your research?

What Are Todays Most Popular Best Laptop With Number Pad Models

There are many best laptop with number pad items accessible today for men and women seeking quality and reliability. Every best laptop with number pad model follows the same essential premise. But they appeal to various users.

Inevitably, certain products will only appeal to particular types of people. Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. If you’d want a list, we have one here. Check out our wide range of products that look to be appealing to people of various ages, genders, and places.

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Why It Stands Out To Us

There are so many qualities, functions and features are present in Lenovo that amaze you. It has a pivot of 360 degrees which permits the elasticity and relaxed for the buyers as they use this they work without any problem. If you want to change in this, you can portable its pivot at the degree of 180 which permits you to brace it up like a shelter.

The best part is that you can fixed it at any direction in which you feel relaxed and can do work with relaxation. it has inspiring keypad which create it strong and resilient to attire and slit. it customs has a smooth touch flexible covering which is present on its sides, as it gives you a great hold on device. It has so many ports to utilize.

Best Laptops With Numeric Keypad 2022 Windows 11 Central

Asus Zenbook UX433F unboxing – Zenbook with Numeric Pad on the TouchPad
  • Highest rating: 5
  • Lowest rating: 2
  • Descriptions: Best laptops with numeric keypad 2022 · Tall, but thin: LG Gram 17 · Sustainable and 4K: Lenovo ThinkPad T15 Gen 2 · Business first: HP EliteBook
  • More : Best laptops with numeric keypad 2022 · Tall, but thin: LG Gram 17 · Sustainable and 4K: Lenovo ThinkPad T15 Gen 2 · Business first: HP EliteBook

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Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Ux5: Best Premium Touchscreen Laptop With Backlit Keyboard

Specification: CPU: Intel Core i7-10750H, 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, GeForce RTX 2060, ScreenPad Plus, Display: 4K UHD NanoEdge Touch Display, GeForce RTX 2060, Battery: Upto 4Hrs

Why should one buy this? Do you want some supremacy? Why not test some innovation? Premium laptops come with some minor pluses and minuses, but its not the case with ASUS Zenbook pro Duo UX581, as it comes with loads of newest features, 4K matte-Finish ScreenPad make news on the highest level. The magnificent 4K OLED display, robust configuration, and touch numeric keyboard really entice users who love to experience some most incredible premium features.

Whos it for? Premium users, performance users, content creators, designers, professionals.

Why we picked ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo UX581? We find it brilliantly Different from other expensive premium laptops with a number keypad. Designers and content creators mostly look at gaming machines for their needs this is the perfect platform with its innovative 4K ScreenPad and also lures writing professionals with the virtual numeric keyboard. It isnt the Slimmest machine following the trend, so maybe troublesome for portability, and also, the pricing doesnt make it an ordinary machine for a regular audience.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Ph315

One of the more affordable high-end picks is the Helios 300. It sports the latest 11th generation Intel chip, the Core i7-11800H.

With its 8-core 16-thread layout, it offers plenty of power for gaming and core-hungry applications. Although the base clock speed is only 2,3 GHz, it will boost up to 4.6 GHz during a heavy load.

The Helios runs all the latest games thanks to the onboard RTX 3060. It is the perfect GPU choice for 1080P gaming and a great entry point into the world of ray tracing gaming. The keyboard is illuminated, which is always a welcome addition.

The panel is a bit of a downgrade compared to the G17, mostly spec-wise. The refresh rate is 144Hz, giving you a butter-smooth gaming experience without tearing and ghosting. The full HD IPS panel is comparable to the G17, with a bright screen and accurate colors.

The 15.6 screen size hits the sweet spot for most users, giving you plenty of screen size without looking too bulky.

Battery life is decent, with up to 6 hours of usage.

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