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Best Laptops For Teens

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Acer Predator Helios 300 Laptop For Sims 4

Best Laptops for Teens in 2022


WHY WE LIKE IT: High-quality design with a bevy of outstanding features, including a best-in-class Intel Core i7-9750H processor, 16GB of DDR4 ram, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card.


  • 3ms response time could be better, but not a dealbreaker
  • Battery life maxes out at 6 hours

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is so powerful that youd swear you are using the best desktop computer to play Sims 4, and not a portable laptop. This computer features the ultra-powerful Intel Core i7-9750H processor, a 144Hz refresh rate, and the renowned NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, which boasts 6GB of its own ram. Speaking of ram, this laptop is filled to the brim with 16GB of DDR4 ram.

Though the refresh rate here is particularly friendly to modern games, at 144Hz, the response time is just 3ms, which is slightly lower than some computers but still speedy enough for a smooth Sims 4 experience. Additionally, the battery life maxes out at around six hours, which will fluctuate depending on how hard you are pushing the processor. Still, Acer is one of the best gaming laptop brands out there and worth checking out.

Why Do Teenagers Require Laptops With Powerful Processing Conglomerates

A majority of teenagers are often associated with several part-time and full-time professional endeavors. Be it freelancing or creating 2D and 3D designs, a laptop with beefed-up processing specs can help cover their professional requirements while allowing them to enjoy leisure activities like chatting and streaming with comparable ease.

What To Know Before You Start Shopping

How much Gigabyte or RAM do I need? What about durability or warranties? Here are some of the basics to look for when shopping:

RAM allows your computer to store and access data quickly in the short term. Weve all experienced a computer running slowly, higher RAM means a higher speed and performance. It differs from storage that stays on the computers storage drive. 4GB of RAM is standard for most budget laptops, which could be fine for your childs use.

But if your kid is going to be using their laptop for gaming, experts recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM, with 16GB being ideal.

Storage: Even with the cloud, your child is likely going to want/need to save files on their computer. 32GB is the minimum recommended storage. Note that storage comes in different types like eMMC and SSD , with SSD being the superior storage type.

Size: If buying online, take note of the screen size and consider how portable you want their laptop to be. Our picks below range in size from 11.6-inch to 15.6-inch screen sizes, so remember that the larger the size, the heavier it will be.

Warranty: Kids often arent exactly gentle when it comes to their things. Drops and spills are part of childhood, and most warranties dont cover physical damage. So depending on your laptop investment, you may want to look at an extended warrantyor encourage your kids to use extra care when using the laptop.

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Top 7 Best Laptops For Teens In 2022

Laptops have become essential for teenagers. It helps them with schoolwork, basic gaming, web browsing, and chatting.

There are many things to consider when choosing a laptop for your teenager. You will not want to buy a high-tech laptop with blazing specifications. Instead, look for a laptop that will serve your teens needs.

Using a laptop for school work can be beneficial for teenagers in various ways, ranging from improving their writing skills to learning how to use a computer. Using a laptop allows them to type faster, edit faster, and utilize integrated tools like grammar checkers and thesauruses.

Additionally, laptop use enables teenagers to check their papers for plagiarism, and regular use of a laptop helps them improve their computer skills, preparing them for their future careers.

Another advantage of a laptop is the ability to study anywhere. With more public places offering free Wi-Fi access, teenagers can study anytime and anywhere. Laptops also provide them with more resources for learning, including online courses, online journals, and learning apps.

This access to information helps students improve their performance in class. The use of a laptop allows teenagers to work with a group of people at any time. They also allow students to work collaboratively on projects, fostering stronger communication skills.

Despite the benefits of a laptop for teenage students, some parents are concerned about the safety of their children.

Amazing Ways Teenagers Can Use To Maximize Their Laptop Performance

6 Best Laptops for Teens 2016
  • Remove thumb drives, DVDs, or CDs from your laptop, before you take it out with a backpack. Plus, you should always shut down your system before taking it outdont hibernate it or leave it on standby mode.
  • Extreme temperature swings can affect your laptop. Hence, dont bring your laptop indoors from a snowy day, without turning it on to warm up.
  • Dont touch your laptop screen with pens or pointersas it causes damage.
  • Dont place your laptop close to appliances that produce a strong magnetic field like large speakers, high-tech refrigerators, or TV.
  • Keep your laptop lid closed when youre not using it.
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    Best For Little Kids: Lenovo Flex 3

    Courtesy of Amazon

    • Limited storage

    • 10 hours of battery life

    An amazing machine for younger kids or adults with limited processing needs, this laptop is portable, affordable, speedy, and works well. It’s also simple to use. Power this laptop on and its ready to go. The touchscreen makes it extra easy for young learners, especially if theyre tracing letters on the screen or more adept at touching rather than typing or clicking a mouse.

    While it doesn’t support high-tech computing needs, it is perfect for younger kids who don’t need extra frills and features.

    Operating System: Chrome OS | Screen Size: 11.6 inches | Touchscreen: Yes | Storage: 128GB

    Asus Vivobook K570zd Laptop For Sims 4


    WHY WE LIKE IT: Features an extra-large lithium battery that can run nearly ten hours even when playing graphically intensive games, with a reliable and powerful AMD Quad-core Ryzen 5 2500U processor.


    • 256GB of storage
    • On the pricier side, given the specs

    The Asus Vivobook K570ZD is great for lengthy Sims 4 sessions while out and about, thanks to the inclusion of a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that allows for nearly ten hours of use per charge and a quick-charger that can reach 60 percent of a maximum charge in around 45 minutes. The specs here are decent, with a powerful AMD Ryzen quad-core 2500U processor, and the multitude of ports on offer makes it easy to create a myriad of connections.

    Though it is nice that the storage that comes with this laptop is solid-state, the drive is on the smaller side, offering up 256GB of storage. Additionally, the specs here are great for Sims 4 but may not shine for processor-intensive modern games, though this is still a pricier-than-average laptop. If youre looking for something with a more powerful processor, check out our best laptop for League of Legends buying guide.

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    Chromebook Netbook 13 Inch Laptop Macbook Or Tablet / Ipad

    What’s the best laptop for your teen going back to school? I’ve done the research, so you don’t have to!

    When you’re deciding to get a teenager a laptop, there are bascially four types of laptops you might end up getting, though there is some overlap in my categories here:

    • The classic easy to carry around and good enough for email, wikipedia and typing laptop is the netbook. Netbooks are characterized by 9, 10 or 11 inch screens and low end hardware.
    • The alternative to the netbook is the Chromebook: the Google laptop that does everything different: everything goes online.
    • Personally I prefer a 13 inch laptop: not quite a netbook, and the hardware is just a tad bit better too. You can find a 13 inch laptop with a full featured Windows 7 operating system.
    • If you or your teen is an Apple fan, they’ll love getting a Macbook. They start at 11 inch.
    • If you’re considering buying your teen a netbook, they may be better off with an iPad or a Windows Tablet .

    More details below.

    Remember that your teen still has a growing body: don’t weigh them down with a laptop that is heavier than necessary. Do get them a good backpack to go with their laptop.

    Dell Xps 13 Convertible Laptop

    Top 5 Best Laptops for Kids & Teenagers 2021

    This laptop is perfect for anyone who wants to do a lot of work on their computer while they are traveling or moving around. It has an excellent battery life and delivers high performance. The laptop is also lightweight and compact, so you can easily move it from place to place. This model comes with two USB-C ports, two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, a microSD card reader, and a fingerprint sensor that works with Windows Hello 8. HP Pavilion Gaming DesktopThis desktop is ideal for anyone who wants to watch videos, play games, or do other tasks on their computer while they are away from home. The monitor has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels and it supports AMD FreeSync.

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    What Is The Best Laptop

    Our top laptop choice for most people is the updated Apple MacBook Air M2. It offers a great combination of everything we look for when we’re testing: reliable everyday performance, long battery life and a design that works for a broad range of users. The latest MacBook Air starts at $1,199, which is why we still recommend the 2020 MacBook Air M1 as a lower-cost alternative to the newest Air model, as it’s still an all-around excellent laptop. For those looking for a more value-oriented option, Acer’s Swift 3 is our current recommendation. Well-configured older versions are available for under $550, while new models start under $800, and fully loaded with an OLED display it’s right around $1,200.

    At CNET, our laptop experts have collective decades of experience testing and reviewing laptops, covering everything from performance to price to battery life. This hand-curated list covers the best laptops across various sizes, styles and costs, including laptop computers running on Windows, MacOS and Chrome.

    If you want more laptop brands and options for a particular category, we also have specialized lists you can look at, including the best gaming laptops, best 15-inch laptops, best two-in-ones and best Chromebooks, as well as the best laptops for college students, designers and the best MacBook Pro alternatives. If you need to stay as low as possible on the price of a new laptop computer, check out our best budget laptop and best budget gaming laptop picks.

    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Laptops For Teenagers

    A laptop is a great tool for your teenager. It can help them with homework, play games, and keep up with friends on social media. Browse the top-ranked list of laptops for teenagers below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    View more, carry less: See more of your screen on the 14 inch micro-edge bezel display. A thin and light design makes it easy to take this PC anywhere. Dependable performance: Tackle your busiest days with the performance of an AMD processor. Save more of what you love with plenty of storage for all your photos, videos and documents. Stay connected: Long-lasting battery life and HP Fast Charge technology lets you work, watch, and stay connected all day. Integrated precision touchpad with multi-touch support speeds up navigation and productivity.See all customer reviews

    Product Description

    View more, carry less: See more of your screen on the 14 inch micro-edge bezel display. A thin and light design makes it easy to take this PC anywhere. Dependable performance: Tackle your busiest days with the performance of an AMD processor. Save more of what you love with plenty of storage for all your photos, videos and documents. Stay connected: Long-lasting battery life and HP Fast Charge technology lets you work, watch, and stay connected all day. Integrated precision touchpad with multi-touch support speeds up navigation and productivity.

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    Personal Information To Know

    Many job applications may require personal information that you might not already know. If not required by the application, this information will be requested upon employment:

    • Social security number
    • Where to find your drivers license number
    • Bank information if opting for direct deposit
    • Proof of citizenship/right to work

    Note: The U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Servicesprovides a list of documents that can be used to verify citizenship. Ask your parents where you can find these documents if you dont already know.

    Your future employer will likely help you through the legal mumbo-jumbo, but it is on you to be aware of the conventions of job hunting.

    Jobs for teens are in abundance, but only for those who have the manners necessary to get them.

    To get the no-brainers of the interview out of the way, be on time , silence/turn off your phone, and be nice.

    You have to show that you want the job, and also that the employer wants you.

    When your turn to ask questions during the interview comes around, ask! Even if you dont actually have any questions, this shows interest in the job.

    You can ask what your schedule would be like, about the work-place environment, what the interviewer likes most about the company, anything. Always have at least one question prepared.

    After the interview, it is important to send a thank-you note. This may seem cheesy or unnecessary, but it keeps you in the mind of the employer and shows courtesy.

    What Kind Of Battery Life Can I Expect From A Budget Laptop

    Best laptop for teens [2017

    Battery life all depends on how you’re using your laptop. If you’re doing very light workloads like web browsing or word processing, you’ll get the maximum run time out of your new laptop. For example: the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 has a maximum battery life of 7.5 hours. So if you’re just catching up on news headlines or your kids are doing homework, you’ll get fairly close to that number. But if you’re streaming music, movies, or shows, you’ll get a bit less, and your laptop will die fairly quickly if you’re trying to edit photos and videos.

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    Overall Best Laptop For Teens Dell Xps 13

    • Intel Core i7 8550U Processor.
    • Infinity Edge touch display with a 13.3-inch 4K Ultra HD resolution.

    The Dell XPS 13 has a slim curved frame and a stunning display. It comes with an Intel HD Graphics 620, Intel Core i7 processor, 128 GB/1TB storage options, 4 GB/16 GB RAM, and a 13-inch display.

    This laptop is a powerhouse, especially given its low price. It is undoubtedly one of the best laptops for teenagers available today. Despite its delicate appearance, it is made of a single aluminum block, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity. The woven glass and carbon fiber combination provide excellent toughness while remaining lightweight.

    In terms of battery life, the Dell XPS unquestionably ranks among the best in the market. While it isnt perfect for intense gaming, it excels in almost every area, and we recommend it to teens who only need a laptop for daily streaming and online study.


    • Battery life of up to 10 hours

    This laptop is a convertible Windows laptop that can function as a tablet, laptop, or presentation in Tent-Mode. It also works well in stand mode. The Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is among the most powerful convertible laptops currently available. The machine is reasonably priced in comparison to its competitors.


    • 128GB SSD with 8GB RAM.
    • Intel Iris Graphics 6100 graphics processor.


    What To Consider When Buying A Laptop For Your Teen

    If you are looking for a laptop for your teens, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you will want to make sure that the laptop is compatible with their current internet and gaming habits. Second, you will want to choose one that has enough storage and RAM for their needs. Third, you will want to find a laptop that is durable and easy to use. Finally, be aware of the types of warranties that are available.

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    Whether Its For Online Learning And Homework Or Video Streaming And Games At The Weekend These Are The Best Laptops For Kids

    Ensuring your child has one of the best laptops for kids has become increasingly important over the past couple of years.

    What were once luxury items are now essential educational tools that can double up as multimedia devices capable of entertaining children of all ages.

    Demand for kid-friendly laptops designed for home learning surged to an all-time high during the various national lockdowns and it remains prudent to invest in the best laptop for kids your budget allows for.

    Letting your child use your device to do their homework isnt practical for most people, so in the long run, the smart choice is to buy them their own machine. Selecting the best laptop for kids can be a tricky task, however, as youll want to weigh up the price against features, usability and durability.

    Fortunately, were here to help. Below, youll find a buying guide detailing the key things to consider when buying a laptop for your child, followed by a list of bitesize reviews of what we deem the best laptops for kids, all of which have been tested extensively by our experts.

    Best Windows Laptop For Kids

    Top 5 Best Laptops For Teens 2022
    Acer Acer Aspire 5
    Wi-Fi 6, USB-C port, three USB-A ports, HDMI, Ethernet port
    Battery Life 8.5 hours

    For those in search of a versatile Windows laptop that’s more affordable than the competition without sacrificing build quality the Acer Aspire 5 is worth your consideration. It provides a good design, up-to-date hardware specs, and reliable performance, given its price. Buyers have the option of spending a bit more for a more powerful variant that features a better processor, increased memory, and a convenient fingerprint sensor, but we think you can’t go wrong with either model.

    The Acer Aspire 5 delivers outstanding battery life that’s plenty reliable enough to make it through the school day plus, it has an aluminum cover and a backlit keyboard. Since the laptop runs Windows 10, it features a wider app ecosystem compared to similarly priced Chromebooks.

    Parents love that this model is particularly easy to set up and easy to use, but note that if your kids are hard on chargers, this model might not be the best fit, or you should consider buying extra chargers.

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