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Can A Tablet Do The Same As A Laptop

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Ipad Vs Laptop Pros And Cons: Replacing A Laptop With Ipad

How to use a Windows laptop or tablet as a 2nd screen

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When consider an iPad vs Laptop and the pros and cons between the two its important to consider whether or not you want to replace your laptop with your iPad. Doing so will allow you the capabilities of a laptop when you add a wireless keyboard and mouse as an attachment.

There are a few advantages of using an iPad rather than a MacBook. These include a touch screen that is both super portable and will let you use an Apple Pencil or stylus to draw, write, and enhanced navigation of the screen. It will also provide additional apps you cant find on traditional devices, and most importantly the extreme portability and durability a tablet provides.

Having an iPad or tablet in your car as a second device to your smartphone is extremely convent and fun to use.

An iPad is more portable than a phone and more convenient than a Laptop. However a iPad is not upgradable the same way a laptop is.

However, it is more of a luxury than a necessity for many That is, until your phone battery dies and you really need another device

Lets dive more deeply into the advantages of the latest iPads over laptops:

Tablet Computers Vs Tablet Computers

Before we tackle a detailed comparison between these two popular computer types, we have to clear up a few terms.

When people use the term tablet computer, they are generally talking about a device that uses mobile hardware meant for mobile phones. These tablet computers run iOS or Android most of the time and are, essentially, giant smartphones.

However, there are also tablet computers which use PC hardware and run PC operating systems. It should be obvious that these computers can in fact replace a desktop or laptop computer, since they are internally identical. They run the same software and work in exactly the same way. As long as the minimum specifications of your applications are met, youll be fine.

A recent example of this type of tablet computer is the Microsoft Surface Pro 6. Tablets such as these have their own set of pros and cons compared to ones built from mobile hardware, but that is a discussion for another article.

From here on, when we say tablet we mean the non-PC type of tablet!

External Devices With Laptop And Tablets

Data input devices differ in appearance and capabilities: in a tablet, it is a touchscreen display, in a laptop, it is a keyboard. Alternatively, you can purchase a keyboard for the first one. But which is better a tablet with a keyboard or a laptop? What do the reviews say?

Real-life experience shows that connecting a keyboard to a tablet with a screen diagonal of 8-10 inches does not provide the same typing convenience as on a laptop. The reason is obvious small physical size. If you have small hands, if the device is bought for a child or a fragile girl, this option can still be considered. If, for an adult with thumbs, it is better not to test the nervous system.

The tablet can be used in mobile mode like a smartphone. This is useful when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. To connect to mobile Internet on a laptop, you have to buy a 3G / 4G modem.

There is also a difference in the way the battery is replenished. The tablet is charged using a standard USB or Lightning cable. The laptop charger is not so versatile, so if you are visiting with a laptop without your own charger, it is not a fact that you will borrow from someone.

You can connect a third-party mouse, keyboard, router , monitor, external hard drive, USB-flash drive, printer, TV, smart equipment to a laptop. The OTG adapter for the tablet only partially compensates for the lack of interaction. The possibilities of using a laptop in conjunction with other devices are much wider.

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How We Test The Best Tablets

Our tablets go through rigorous benchmark testing before they even land in the hands of our reviewers. Our test vary slightly based on which OS the tablet runs, but the overall performance and graphics of almost all tablet is measured by the Geekbench 5 benchmark.

We also use a fancy colorimeter to quantify display quality. The device can measure the sRGB color range a display captures and the average brightness across the panel.

Our battery test gives an accurate measure of everyday runtimes. To test the endurance of a tablet, we set the display to 150 nits then run a continuous loop consisting of web browsing and video playback until the device powers off.

What Is Better A Tablet Or Laptop

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Comparing tablets vs laptops, we can see that while there are powerful tablets available on the market, many cannot compete with the processing performance of a comparable quality laptop.

Tablets are generally suited to straightfoward cloud-orientated tasks such as streaming videos, scrolling through social media, checking emails, and browsing the web.

However, laptops offer a significant advantage in word processing, running numerous apps simultaneously, and business use. Since laptops have significantly more computing capability than tablets, making them better and faster at multitasking.

Laptops can cost from $150 up to $5,000, depending on the devices specifications. However, a good quality laptop can be obtained for less than $1,000.

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Is A Tablet Right For You

Maybe your heart’s already set on a tablet, and if so, feel free to skip this bit. If not, it’s good to know there are other options similar to the tablet that you may not have considered:

  • Ultrabook: They’re ultra-portable, affordable and designed to have excellent battery life, but with most of the speed and features you’d expect from a full-sized laptop.
  • E-readers: If you use your tablet mainly for reading books, then you may want to consider a Kindle Ereader or Kobo.
  • Convertible tablet: Also known as a two-in-one or hybrid laptop, it has the power and performance of a laptop computer, with the convenience and versatility of a touchscreen tablet via a removable or foldaway keyboard.

Tablet Vs Laptop: Which Should You Buy

12 Oct, 20218,849

Buying a mobile computing device used to be easy you got a laptop if you needed a computer on the go. However, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, distinctions between mobile devices are blurred, with tablets and laptops offering similar functionality and competing in the same market. So when it comes to tablet vs laptop, which should you choose?

Whether youre video conferencing with colleagues, checking emails, or simply working from home, either a tablet or laptop could be used in these situations. But for business users, in particular, does one type of device provide better benefits over the other?

In this article, we compare the advantages of both types of devices, assessing the key features and functionality between tablets and laptops and understanding which device is best for you.

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The Ipad: Great For Artists And Apple Fans

Unlike Microsofts Surface tablets, Apples iPads run on iOS, a mobile operating system . And while youd think that this would limit the iPads ability to replace a laptop, its actually one of the iPads greatest strengths.

iPads cant run software like a MacBook or a Windows laptop. But the Apple App Store is filled to the brim with professional software that is optimized for iOS devices. These apps range from Microsoft Word to Google Docs, to a slew of Photoshop alternatives, and even some video editing suites. Just keep in mind that these resource-heavy apps work best on the iPad Pro, but theyll work on the iPad Air or the standard iPad.

Now, is it comfortable to use these apps for full-time work? It just depends on what youre doing. The iPad doesnt have a dedicated desktop mode, so switching between apps can be a bit clunky. And while Apple does sell an official iPad keyboard, it doesnt come with a trackpad. In fact, mice dont work on the iPad at all , which can make document editing and web browsing a bit difficult.

Differences Between An Ipad And A Laptop

What is tablet mode and why would you use it?

The differences between an iPad and a laptop are depicted by their Operating System. Although the iPads are, for the first time, really closed to be called real computers, Apples iPadOS remind us of their primary use. IPads are, and will continue to be, tablets, but thats not a bad thing.

The option to do that, combined with the laptop-like environment the iPadOS 14 offers, make the iPads a great option for almost everyone.

And I say almost everyone, as there are tasks that iPads just cant handle, mainly because of high CPU and GPU demands.

For instance, a MacBook Pro will always be the winner when it comes to handling computing software, music or video editing and other complicated programs that many people use daily. Accordingly, we really cant generalise and say a laptop or iPad is better than the other, as it all depends upon you as a user and your workload.

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Demanding Software Business Use

Along with the benefits of a full keyboard, the faster processors in most laptops make them better than iPads for office work, as laptops will easily handle demanding software, advanced spreadsheets, and word processing.

For more info, see our post: Can an iPad Replace a Laptop for a College Student?

Popular Uses Of Laptops And Tablets

Laptops and tablets also differ in terms of which device works best in different usage scenarios:

  • Laptop vs. Tablet: Business use

    Different business users have different needs:

  • In the office: Along with the benefits of a full keyboard, the faster processors in most laptops make them better for typical office work . Still, a tablet can be a useful auxiliary device for some users. Advantage: Laptop.
  • On the road: For salespeople and other road warriors, a tablet is much easier to travel with . A tablet also may be less obtrusive at meetings, and easier to manage for presenting quick product demos. However, an ultralight laptop with a quiet keyboard and specs designed for this application is not much different, at the end of the day. Advantage: None.
  • Laptop vs. Tablet: Industrial and field use

    More and more industrial uses for tablets, including so-called “ruggedized” models, seem to emerge every day. Whether they’re in the hands of a waiter at a restaurant, a service technician making house calls, or a quality inspector on a factory floor. Laptops are larger and more challenging to work with in these industry settings. Advantage: Tablet.

  • Laptop vs. tablet: Casual use

    Compared to a laptop, a tablet’s superior all-around portability, long battery life, and capacity for entertainment make it an ideal choice for the casual user. Advantage: Tablet.

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    Android Tablet Pcs: Weaknesses

    The Android system is not quite as simple or intuitive as Apples iOS to use, but gradually youll get the hang of it.

    Though Googles Play Store boasts a large number of apps, it has fewer apps which are optimised for Android tablets. Unlike Apple, Goole allows tablet users to install apps from third-parties.

    Security is another area which is a potential weakness of the Google Play app store. As Android devices use a more open system where anyone can release an app without approval prior to release, this can occasionally leady to malicious app sneaking through the system. However, this open approach also acts as an incentive to developers to create more apps for the Android system.

    Frequently asked questions

    Re: What’s The Difference Between A Laptop And A Tablet

    My dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop touch screen wont react when I ...

    She can. If she goes to FB and logs in, or it resumes from a previous session the experience will be fairly similar to the app, because facebook is what they call a web app. And it knows what a ipad/tablet/phone is.But native apps tend to work even better on devices, and can then do notifications and a few other features. And are easier for people to get their heads into.

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    Android Tablets: Not Great For Work Okay At Web Browsing

    An Android tablet can make a good alternative to a laptop, provided that you dont need to do a lot of computer-based work. Android tablets are limited by their mobile OS and the Google Play store, and it can be difficult to switch between Android apps the way that you might flip between windows on a laptop. And while there are rumors of an upcoming desktop mode for Android Q, its doubtful that the interface will come to devices anytime soon.

    If you want to use an Android tablet as a laptop alternative right now, you should probably go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or Tab S5. These tablets come with an interface called DeX, which effectively turns the Android UI into something more akin to a desktop, with windows, a toolbar, desktop icons, and more. Just keep in mind that DeX just makes it easier to work on an Android tablet it doesnt come with any special apps or software.

    That being said, Android tablets are ideal for entertainment, not for work. Sure, DeX can make casual writing or browser-based work more comfortable, but it isnt a direct alternative to using a laptop.

    At the end of the day, tablets and laptops are different platforms with different strengths. But those differences arent as apparent as they used to be. If a tablet suits your needs for work or play, then it may be time to tuck away your clunky old laptop in favor of a lean, mean, touchscreen machine.

    How To Use An Ipad As A Laptop

    You can use an iPad as a laptop by simply adding a keyboard, a mouse, and optionally mirroring your iPad screen to an external monitor.

    There are a few different tablet accessories that will turn your iPad into a MacBook or laptop. Now, of course youll miss out on the increased speed and performance of a laptop, but youll still be able to do everything you can on an iPad or tablet.

    See our post on How to turn your Ipad into a computer .

    Whats more, is that youll be able to draw and write on the laptop screen itself which is some thing a standard non touchscreen laptop simply cannot do without adding a stylus, drawing pad, or digital whiteboard.

    See our post: 7 Best Laptops for Animation Students

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    The Line Between Tablets And Laptops Is Blurring

    Year by year, the world of tablets and the world of laptops are slowly converging. Microsofts Surface tablets run Windows OS, and the new iPad Pro is faster than 92% of all laptops. At the same time, modern laptops have touchscreens, and some 2-in-1 laptops promise the power of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

    With all of this in mind, its hard to know if a tablets worth buying, especially if youre considering a tablet as an alternative to a laptop.

    First things first, you should ask yourself what you use a laptop for. Do you use it for entertainment, or do you use it for work? Do you like to run software like Photoshop, or do you do everything in the browser? While some tablets are great for resource-heavy professional work, others are best suited for casual work and entertainment.

    You should also ask yourself how much money youre willing to spend. Tablets consistently have lower specs than similarly-priced laptops, and you generally have to dip your toes into the $700+ range to find a tablet that can run Photoshop, professional video software, or resource-hungry games. Of course, you could always spend less if youre just trying to watch Netflix or do browser-based work on a tablet.

    Android Tablet Pcs: Strengths

    How to use your Phone / Tablet as a Secondary Display for PC or Laptop
    • There are thousands of options to customise the device, depending on what you want.
    • There are a huge number of products available, from Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy to Kindle Fire. There are literally thousands of different Android tablets to choose from.
    • Androids Google Play marketplace has expanded greatly and now boasts a massive number of apps to choose from.
    • The Android OS which tablets run ensures that they have true multitasking: When one application is being used, others can run in the background. iPads cant do this.
    • Storage can be expanded with SSD cards in most Android tablets.
    • Android tablets are generally much cheaper than the Apple iPad.

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    Tablet Vs Laptop: Pros And Cons

    There are many advantages to taking a tablet with you instead of a laptop when youre traveling. A tablet is lighter, thinner, and obviates the need for a special bag to protect it and its peripherals. You dont need a special charger you can use the same one you use for your phone, perhaps with a specific USB cable. You also dont need peripherals or dongles, and you generally dont need to bring anything to back up your work, as most of it can be stored in the cloud.

    Tablets are more minimalist. You can take them out of your bag and wake them up quickly, tap a few icons, and perform tasks with little friction. If youre on an airplane, its a lot easier to work with a tablet than unfolding a laptop in the limited tray space available. And theres a different feeling when youre working with a touch-screen device, tapping rather than clicking. Tablets feel, to many, more personal, less like computers.

    In meetings, tablets are more discreet. You know how it looks when people are hunched over their laptops, typing notes as meetings go on but avoiding debate people look isolated, out of touch, and are not really paying a lot of attention. With a tablet, you can place it flat on a desk or table, and you will be more attentive to the people around you.

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