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Can Best Buy Buy My Laptop

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Best Buy Home And Appliance Recycling

Watch this BEFORE buying a new Laptop… | The Tech Chap

Best Buy accepts a wide range of home products and appliances for recycling. As a general rule, Best Buy will accept home products that contain electronics but are not dangerous or require expertise. For instance, Best Buy accepts the following:

  • cables and connectors
  • popcorn makers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, slow cookers
  • sewing machines
  • And much more. As always, be sure to check with your local Best Buy.

When it comes to large home appliances Best Buy offers Haul-Away recycling for $20 when a replacement product from Best Buy is delivered to your home for the following items:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Ranges, stoves, range hoods, cooktops, and wall ovens
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Best Buy then sends those appliances to their third-party, licensed recycling partners. Other appliances, however, are not accepted.

Ram: What Is It And How Much Do You Need

RAM is where the laptop stores information its currently using. The general rule of thumb is that there is no such thing as too much RAM. The more RAM you have on tap, the more windows you can have open and the snappier your performance will be. That being said, RAM costs money, so you need to find a balance.

With 64-bit Windows 10, the minimum supported RAM is 2GB, but I wouldnt suggest a laptop running Windows or macOS that has less than 8GB installed. Otherwise, it may run now, but a few OS upgrades in or too many apps open at once, and its likely to start bogging down. Any laptops I buy have a minimum of 8GB of RAM installed, and if available I choose 16GB. A power user or a gaming laptop would benefit from having at least 16GB of RAM on tap. If you dont need the extra RAM today, chances are you will before long.

With Chromebooks. 4GB of RAM is the current standard, but 8GB will let you have many tabs open without a performance hit, and a few premium Chromebooks offer a 16GB option. For most users 8GB will provide a great experience for the lifetime of the Chromebook, but for a budget-friendly option 4GB should be fine.

Dont forget, many laptops ship with the RAM soldered to the motherboard, which means you dont have the option of upgrading later on. So plan for what you might need in a few years.

How To Recycle Your Old Tech

Now that the holiday season is over, you might find yourself with tech gadgets you wont be using anymore. But dont throw anything out just yet.

Did you know that there are ways to get more out of that old tech and help the environment, too?

About 50 million tonsof e-waste is thrown away each year, but Best Buy makes it easy to give your tech a second life. In fact, weve helped our customers recycle more than2 billion pounds of electronicsand appliances since 2009.

And who knows, maybe the laptop, video games or tablet you dont need anymore can take on a new form and become fiber-optic cables or even an airplane. But thats only possible if you recycle it.

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Best Buy Recycling Fee

As noted above, while most of the Best Buy Recycling program is free, there are some items that require a fee. Where possible, those items have also been noted above, but keep in mind that each state may have different guidelines, so be sure to check for information specific to your area, too.

Some TVs, for instance, have a recycling fee, as do some monitors. In general, though, it is always wise to check the guidelines for your specific area first.

Computing Accessories For Your Office

Just bought my first laptop, and I can

Now that you have the right hardware and software its time to discuss computer accessories. To personalize your machine and make sure it runs at peak efficiency you are going to want to consider a variety of extras like monitor stands, surge protectors, portable hard drives, laptop bags, and of course a keyboard and mouse. Our selection of computer accessories lets you personalize and create a custom set-up that fits you like a glove. The best part is most of these are fairly affordable so you can swap between items as your mood or style changes.

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Why Does My Computer Take So Long To Boot

The exhilarating feeling of starting up your brand new computer has faded. Month by month, your computers performance has gotten steadily worse. Instead of booting up the moment you press the power button, you now have time to go get a cup of coffee before your machine is usable. You look to the sky with forlorn dismay on your face and cry why does my computer take so long to boot up? Calm yourself and take a seat while I walk you through some of the many possible reasons.


There are a few different hardware elements that could be the cause of your poor boot-up performance, but the two primary ones are memory and storage.

  • Memory

A bad stick of RAM rarely fails completely at first. Your computer will try to work around the malfunctioning segment on the chip and limp along at a reduced speed. This is why running a hardware diagnostic is an important first step. If it turns out that you have a bad RAM stick, theres a chance you can easily replace it yourself. Laptops are difficult if not impossible for the average home user to replace the RAM, while the standard PC tower is a simple swap. Even if your RAM is working fine, adding some more is always a good idea.

  • Storage

A malfunctioning hard drive can also slow your performance. The hardware test will reveal if there are bad sectors on the disk, and if there are, its time to get your data backed up and replace the drive. Once again, this is much more difficult to do in a laptop than a desktop.


Shop Best Buy Outlet To Get Refurbished Or Previously Owned Items Up To 60% Off In Store Or Online

This is hands-down the best way to score a discount at Best Buy. Open-box items and Best Buy Outlet items are guaranteed to work properly, are covered under warranty, and can be returned or exchanged.

I found this 43-inch Insignia LED 4K TV for $276 just because the box was previously opened.

There are 14 physical Best Buy outlet locations, but you can score the best selection online or in store. Many items are in-store pickup only, so check before you purchase.

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They Operate Like A Nationwide Chain

Best Buy is a major retailer, and theyve built a repair service that is designed to be efficient across the whole nation. Instead of kitting out every Best Buy with a complete repair facility, Best Buy sets up a logistics repair chain whereby small repair jobs can be handled on-site while bigger problems are shipped off to a central repair facility.

This is logical and efficient from a business logistics standpoint, but its frequently not an ideal approach for customers. Most significantly, you may be buying into a much longer repair turnaround time than youd get through a local biz. Heres an example.

Lets say you go into your store with a difficult-to-diagnose and intermittent problem. Lets imagine its something infuriating, like your laptops monitor randomly flickering and occasional grinding mechanical noises. If you take this kind of problem to your local Best Buy, theres a very good chance your assigned tech either:

  • Wont be able to identify the problem in the relatively small amount of time allocated for the repair.
  • Will realize theyre dealing with a demanding problem beyond their skill-set and/or their available equipment.

Also, while Geek Squad has some mobile support capability, for all the reasons stated above, the chances are that any serious problem will result in your tech being taken offsite. A local to-your-door repair company will be better equipped to offer a comprehensive mobile service.

Cpu: Cores And Clock Speed

Tech Tips: How to speed up a slow computer.

Think of the CPU as the brains of the operation. The more demanding the tasks a laptop needs to perform, the more brain power it needs. When we talk about CPUs, several terms are worth knowing. Clock speed tells you how many cycles per second a CPU can perform. All other things being equal, a CPU at a higher clock speed will be faster than a lower one. Cores are processing units that can perform instructions. The more cores a CPU has, the better because this means it can perform multiple instructions simultaneously.

There are also families of CPUs that provide varying degrees of power, and within those families, different generations. Intel is currently releasing 11th generation Core mobile processors, with features like integrated Wi-Fi 6, onboard 4K video support, and improved overall performance. Laptops that meet Intels Evo standard combine 11th gen Core CPUs, 4K HDR video, and all-day battery life. AMD is rolling out its Ryzen 5000 series of mobile processors with Zen 3 processor cores, 4K support and Wi-Fi 6 support.

And then theres Apples M1 chip, with a huge boost in performance, integrated graphics capabilities, and laptops with battery life up to 20 hours. You can read more details about the M1 here. The latest processors from each of these companies also incorporate various degrees of AI integration.

Needless to say, all of this can be more than a little confusing. What should you be looking for in a laptop CPU?

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Do Currys Buy Old Laptops

Why trade-in? Trade-in your old Laptop Online and receive cash straight in to your bank account to buy something you really want. Alternatively, Trade-in your old device in store today and get a gift card instantly. Well wipe your old device to government standards so you dont need to worry about your data.

It Doesnt Hurt To Ask

Are you spending a nice chunk of change buying a curved screen, 65-inch 4K TV? See if Best Buy will knock down the price if you add on a wall mount, sound bar, TV stand or Blu-ray DVD player. Its called bundling, and its known to happen.

If you need a printer and computer, ask if you can get a 20% discount if you purchase both items, says Fobes. You may not get what you want, but you should get at least 8%-to-10% savings.

Speaking of which, the Best Buy employees I’ve talked to over the years say store managers are often open to negotiating prices, especially on big-ticket items they know youre going to hunt down elsewhere .

Oh, and very often, your salesperson guiding you on your tour of TV Land will point out certain brands. Its not necessarily because they are the best its because the prices on those brands are negotiable. Listen carefully.

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Video Games And Gadgets

The Best Buy electronics recycling program will not accept non-electronic gaming accessories , but will accept portable gaming systems and screens, video game consoles, controllers and keyboards, and related cables and connectors. As always, however, be sure to check state-specific guidelines, and the restrictions limiting the program to residents and three items per household per day remain in place.

Saving Stacks Without Stacking: My Experience Buying A Best Buy Open Box Laptop

5 Best Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptops to Buy in the UK Under £2000

Last week, I wrote a post titled, A day in the life of a serial stacker. The gist of the post is that Ive been looking to buy a new laptop . Really, that post was to show the ways I had been thinking about stacking for big savings. Over the weekend, I bought a new laptop saving stacks of cash with no discount or rewardsstacking at all and I arguably got a much better deal. Heres what I bought and why I changed my mind.

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So Which Card Did I Use

In the end, I went with the Bank of America Premium Rewards card. Since we have Platinum Honors, the card earns 2.625% back everywhere, which would help mitigate a chunk of the sales tax . I dont know for sure that Bank of America will extend purchase protection and extended warranty on an item that was purchased open box, but I hoped that those benefits would apply. Part of my rationale in using the Bank of America card was that I had recently had occasion to test out purchase protections from Amex and Chase. I hope I dont need those protections on this purchase, but figured Id use Bank of America to have a comparison point if I do need to file any sort of claim.

Unfortunately, we did not have a personal Amex Platinum card in my household prior to 11/1/20. If we did, Id have certainly used that card given the awesome Amex Offer for older consumer Platinum cardholders.

Car Systems And Accessories

The Best Buy electronics recycling accepts CB radios and scanners, audio decks, GPS systems , radar detectors, speakers and amps, wiring harnesses and install kits, and security systems. Sub boxes, however, are not accepted. The usual restrictions apply, of course, and as always, you should check specific guidelines in your area.

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Why Best Buy May Not Be The Best Choice

So, if those are some of the questionable assumptions behind why people frequently choose Best Buy s Geek Squad, what are the consequences? In other words, all branding aside, how good are they at fixing stuff? We think there are three issues to consider before entrusting your technology to a big brand repair service.

Shop The Best Buy Outlet Stores Over 50% Off Section For Gadgets Accessories Remotes And Cords

The TRUTH about Best Buys Open Box Laptops!

The Over 50% off section has a pretty decent selection of cords, gadgets, remotes, and headphones for bargain hunters. You can search for these items when you shop online, too!

I found a Samsung Galaxy 4G phone marked down to $67.99 . Its also an easy place to find gifts like $3.99 earbuds.

Since you can use gift cards in the outlet, its a good way to put that Best Buy Trade-In gift card to use as well!

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Shop The Ebay Store And Online Outlet


Yeah, we didnt know about the Best Buy store on eBay, either. Actually, its a fragmenting and expansion of Best Buys own online store. The retailer is simply hoping to catch more eyes, and clicks, by landing its web store on another site. Will you get better deals there? It depends on what Best Buys data-mining team decides.

Tread carefully, though. We spot-checked a 32-inch Insignia LED HDTV that was on sale on Best Buy’s eBay site for $113.99. Deal, right? Yet, what appeared to be the exact same set was selling for $109.99 on

As far as the online Best Buy Outlet store, serious deals abound on open-box items, clearance items and, if you have the stomach for it, refurbished and pre-owned items. Hundreds of products sell for 50% off or more. Pay careful attention to warranties on Outlet purchases. New items on clearance are covered by manufacturer warranties, but warranty coverage will vary for open-box and refurbished items. Many pre-owned products include a limited warranty through Best Buy.

What You Need To Know About Upgradability

Desktop PCs can be upgraded right down to the CPU. Laptops are largely sealed units and at most are limited to adding more RAM or storage, or replacing the battery.

When considering an Ultrabook, MacBook or Convertible laptop, its important to know that many of these super-slim notebook PCs achieve some of their space savings through use of soldered RAM and SSDs, and batteries that are specially designed to fill any available space within the body. I always suggest people plan ahead: choose the model with the maximum amount of RAM and the largest capacity SSD possible, because in two years, you may not have the option of upgrading these components.

The non user-replaceable battery means not being able to swap out batteries during extended use away from a power outlet, and having the battery professionally replaced once it wears out. For most people this isnt an issuebattery life on these machines is usually all day and the battery is often good for several thousand recharge cycles before it needs replacing.

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Best Buy Sale Prices Matched On Amazon

The following are all great deals, just keep in mind that the prices are also matching on Amazon.


Slowly but surely, the stationary bike market is still adjusting to the massive disruption from Peloton. And that means more established players like NordicTrack now have solid competitors, often at much lower prices. This is one of our favorite Peloton alternatives, and its currently sold at Best Buy for $ 800 less than its usual selling price.

David Carnoy / CNET

Yes, Apples flagship headphones are incredibly expensive, as they cost more than a PS5. But alongside Sony and Bose, theyre arguably some of the best full-size noise-canceling headphones on the market. And this week at Best Buy, other Adore, they are down again to their lowest price to date: $ 449. Thats $ 100 less than what you would pay if you walked into an Apple Store this week.

César Salza / CNET

Yes, Best Buy sells Fire tablets made by its friend, Amazon. This is the latest 2020 version of the 8-inch model, offering USB-C charging and 32GB of storage to get you started. Amazon, of course, is also selling this model for the same price. But no matter which provider you choose, youre getting one of the best tablet deals and a better experience than Amazons smaller, less powerful 7-inch model. Lastly, this price is only $ 5 above the all-time low for this product.

Read our Amazon Fire HD 8 review.

Stephen Shankland / CNET

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