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Can Best Buy Fix My Laptop

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Best Buy Laptop Warranty In 2022

We Brought Our “Dead” PC to Best Buy for a Diagnosis

Best Buy offers a manufacturers warranty of up to one year on new, clearance, and open-box laptops as of 2022. The warranty period starts from the day of purchase, generally indicated on your receipt. In addition, with the laptop warranty, a customer can receive repair and maintenance services if the laptop has any maintenance defects.

If you want more information on the products covered by the Best Buy laptop warranty, how to make warranty claims on your laptop, the duration of the warranty, and more, keep reading!

If Your Laptop Cannot Be Taken Apart

What if you have a Surface Book 3, MacBook, or any other laptop that you cannot take apart or even remove the battery? This situation drastically reduces your options, so you must take it to a repair center ASAP.

Between the time that liquid spilled on your laptop keyboard and the time that you take it to the store, heres what you can do: Hold your machine upside down and use a towel to wipe dry any visible wetness. Then, lay it down on a dry surface, and give your laptop as much ventilation as possible it may not help much, but its better than nothing while you wait for a water damage repair appointment.

Some people recommend putting your laptop in a big bag of rice, but that famous piece of advice has many substantial problems. First, a hygroscopic material like rice isnt nearly as useful when dealing with liquids that have sugars, alcohols, or other substances besides water. Second, rice doesnt efficiently absorb moisture trapped deep in your laptop, where problems happen. Third, rice can come with debris that can get inside your laptop and create even more issues.

Who May Not Need Geek Squad

If your technical needs are small, you have an IT team, or you are a small business with a tech-savvy employee or employees, then Geek Squad may not be your best answer. In the few cases when you cannot solve an issue on your own, you may find a local computer repair shop quicker and more cost-effective. Also, check out our list of top Geek Squad alternatives below.

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Can Best Buy Stores Repair Dell Laptops With A Dell Warranty With No Charge Help

I have a DELL INSPIRON N5040 and im having problems with my hard drive

Can someone please verify if it would be possible to repair a laptop at a best

buy store with a dell warranty at no charge. THANK YOU

Hi dell computer owner ,

Welcome to Dell Community.

I understand that you want to fix your laptop as soon as possible. Lets diagnose what is the issue with your laptop and then possible steps to fix that.

Warranty guidelines would not affect until and unless the hardware does not replaced/damaged but would not know about the charges through best buy. My recommendation is to let us work on this issue and if needed we will talk about having service done on this computer.

To run the diagnostics:-

1. Shut down the computer and start pressing F12 multiple times as soon as you turn it on.

2. Choose Option Diagnostics and hit enter. It will take 8-12 minutes and will come up with errors if anything wrong with hardware.

3. Kindly update us with the results / error codes for the diagnostics that we run which will help us further.


Dell |Social Media Outreach| Global Social Media Community

Thanks and Regards,

Spilled Water On Your Laptop Heres How To Fix It


If youve just spilled a liquid on your best laptop, time is of the essence. You absolutely must turn your computer off immediately and unplug it. If you have a removable battery, remove it immediately. Press that Power button until your machine shuts down. Do that now! Every second is vital in this situation.

OK, are you back with us? Heres a more in-depth guide for how to handle this emergency.

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If A Best Buy Technician Is A Paid Fbi Informant Are His Computer Searches Legal

At a giant Best Buy repair shop in Brooks, Ky., Geek Squad technicians work on computers owned by people across the country, delving into them to retrieve lost data. Over several years, a handful of those workers have notified the FBI when they see signs of child pornography, earning payments from the agency.

The existence of the small cadre of informants within one of the countrys most popular computer repair services was revealed in the case of a California doctor who is facing federal charges after his hard drive was flagged by a technician. The doctors lawyers found that the FBI had cultivated eight confidential human sources in the Geek Squad over a four-year period, according to a judges order in the case, with all of them receiving some payment.

The case raises issues about privacy and the government use of informants. If a customer turns over their computer for repair, do they forfeit their expectation of privacy, and their Fourth Amendment protection from unreasonable searches? And if an informant is paid, does it compromise their credibility or effectively convert them into an agent of the government?

Their relationship is so cozy, said defense attorney James D. Riddet, and so extensive that it turns searches by Best Buy into government searches. If theyre going to set up that network between Best Buy supervisors and FBI agents, you run the risk that Best Buy is a branch of the FBI.

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Can Best Buy Fix My Laptop

Most folks with a computer or smartphone will have set foot in a Best Buy at least once. While the computing retail behemoth may not offer the vast range of retail options youll find through Amazon, that bright blue sign cheerfully beckons anyone in urgent need of a late-night lightning cable or a weekend phone case replacement.

But can they fix your broken laptop?

In this article, well explain why the ubiquitous cheerful bright blue tech branding of Best Buy may not add up to the best repair experience.

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Confessions Of A Former Geek Squad Geek

Consumerist reader K. recently ended his 4.5 year tenure as a Geek Squad member at Best Buy. And while he says that he considers his time there to be generally a positive experience, K. did feel that there is some backstage info the public might want to know.

K. writes:1. A high percentage of Geek Squad employees lack basic troubleshooting skills such as correctly identifying malfunctioning components. This stems from inadequate and outdated training materials, such as the Best Buy Learning Lounge.

2. People are hired or promoted from other departments to Geek Squad simply to sell services. Specifically, individuals who have no experience working on computers are given the appearance of being a technician.

3. Selling services and warranties are pushed more than actually completing repairs. I remember one instance where my GM said that selling a new computer with services was more important than completing a customers unit that they had already paid for.

4. Employees are taught situational tactics to extract as much money as possible from a potential customer. If an individual had a small software issue that could simply be resolved, then we were taught to charge $200.

7. There is no chance for advancement within the Geek Squad department. The only position an employee could move up to is the Manager.

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on Consumerist.

Best Overall: Dell Xps 13 9310

Can Best Buy GeekSquad fix Macbook Air liquid damage?

Dell’s XPS 13 keeps on getting better, and its latest 9310 refresh is no exception. It’s one of the best-looking Ultrabooks on the market thanks to almost no wasted space on the aluminum chassis. The comfortable keyboard stretches from edge to edge, the touchpad makes great use of space below the keys, and the screen seems to take up the entire lid. The display has a taller 16:10 aspect ratio that eliminates the chin, and bezel is otherwise minimal.

Best Buy has a couple of XPS 13 9310 models available. The cheaper option includes a 13.4-inch touch display with 1920×1200 resolution, Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor , 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe solid-state drive . This is an Intel Evo certified laptop, meaning it can guarantee snappy performance on battery life. It also means the battery will last through a full eight-hour workday.

If you’d like to take things to the next resolution, there’s also an option with UHD+ touch display and 16GB of RAM with otherwise similar specs. The XPS 13 9310 is a great multipurpose laptop for anyone who doesn’t need a convertible or discrete GPU.

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Can You Do Better Than Geek Squad Prices

Each user can have multiple devices. If your small business doesnt have IT support on staff, you can use Geek Squad for help with software installation, computer setup and repair, and other tech support issues. Do you just need remote support for a technical issue, and not a physical examination of your computer?

Should I Repair My Laptop Or Buy A New One

If your computer is three to four years old, thats a better time to start looking at an upgrade, since you can buy one to three more years of time. At that age, you can probably get away with a repair that costs 50 percent of a new machine. Pricier than that, and again, you should think about a new computer.

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Why Calls For ‘right

While most Canadians can get their vehicle fixed wherever they want these days, auto-repair shop owner Emily Chung worries that independent shops like the one she owns in Markham, Ont., might be left behind because manufacturers of new cars linked wirelessly to manufacturers limit access to data that helps technicians diagnose and fix a problem.”If we don’t have access to the information, then it makes it more difficult for us to be able to solve their problem,” said Chung. “This is something that really needs to be addressed.” Canadian politicians can expect to hear similar arguments in the months ahead as the discussion about “right-to-repair” legislation appears set to gather steam in Ottawa. Right-to-repair issues aren’t new, but they’ve gained prominence as more of the products people buy from smartphones to dishwashers to farm equipment become increasingly sophisticated and integrated with computers. It’s something lawmakers around the world are grappling with as they weigh consumers’ expectations and manufacturers’ warnings of the impact on their businesses, as well as people’s safety and privacy. Read more

In recent years, has investigated the right-to-repair with electronic devices and home appliances.

Are There Any Remote Services For Geek Squad

Broken Mac screens, fixed by Apple Certified Mac Technicians

Geek Squad Remote Services. Not every problem requires the physical presence of a Geek Squad agent. Many times, with your permission, they can access your computer remotely to accomplish tasks or walk you through the physical actions of setups while handling the software side. This is usually the faster and cheaper route. Remote services include:

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What Remote Software Does Geek Squad Use

LogMeIn RescueGeek Squad Agents now use LogMeIn Rescue to remotely locate, diagnose and repair any customer PC that is connected to the Internet. LogMeIn expands the range of services we offer and reinforces our commitment to quality customer service, said Scott Anderson, system strategy director for Geek Squad.

Geek Squad Staff Snoop Through Customers’ Computers

by Elizabeth Harper on May 24, 2017in , , , ::

Best Buy’s Geek Squad is one of the largest computer repair businesses in the country, but are they snooping through your private files? The answer may be yes.

When you hand your computer over to Geek Squad, you sign away at least some of your rights to privacy. You’re required to sign a contract saying Best Buy will report illegal material to the FBI, and the FBI has trained Geek Squad employees on how to search through your files and even paid them as much as $500 when they’ve found something. That’s a pretty good incentive to dig through your data.

This issue is the subject of the court case USA vs. Mark Rettenmaier in which a Geek Squad employee found child pornography in the unallocated space on Rettenmaier’s computer. But “unallocated space” is reserved for files that are no longer accessible through normal means they’re files that have been deleted but remain hidden on your hard drive. And you can’t access them without specialized software. Because the image was hiding in this unallocated space, there’s no way to know for certain if Rettenmaier intentionally downloaded the photo or even knew it was there. It may have been downloaded automatically if he visited a fraudulent website or picked up a computer virus, and then deleted just as quietly when his browser cleaned out old files or his antivirus removed traces of a virus.

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Then Theres The Simple Issue Of Motivation

All this points to one overriding question: Why does Best Buy offer a repair service to begin with?

Or to put it another way, Best Buy is a sprawling tech retail outlet. Why have they gone to the expense of offering a nationwide repair service? Of course, its to make money! No business will last long if it doesnt have a strong motivation to maximize the moolah.

But a big part of the big box store computer repair profit model is about getting you to buy their merch. Its unfair to say that their techs will always steer you to bigger and better products, but itd also be naive to imagine theyre not going to strongly encourage you to acquire new, flashy stuff from their shelves.

Weve always felt at Nerds On Call that an important part of our job is to avoid encouraging this mindset. Everyone has a budget, and our job is to help customers find repair solutions that fits comfortably within that budget.

And heres the heart of the difference between Best Buy and the kind of repair service we offer. We can take that approach because we make money by offering a repair and support service first and foremost.

Were not a retailer. Were a service. And that means we have the luxury of being able to work with our customers to find the best possible repair without leaning on them to land an upsell.

How Do I Claim My Best Buy Laptop Warranty

Tech Tips: How to speed up a slow computer.

To file a warranty claim on your laptop, you must do so over the phone by calling Best Buy at 1-888-237-8289.

Once you reach Best Buys customer support, you simply explain your request and inquire for warranty information and further instructions.

Regarding the Geek Squad Protection plan, you can visit your local Best Buy store or schedule an in-store appointment by calling Best Buy customer support at 1-800-433-5778.

You can also chat online with a live Geek Squad Agent to initiate a remote diagnostic if something goes wrong with your computer.

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Best Laptops Available At Best Buy 2022

Buying a new laptop can be a tough process, especially when it comes to weeding out the not-so-great devices that are displayed alongside truly stellar hardware. If you’re shopping for a new device and can appreciate the extra protection options, support, and convenience of buying from Best Buy, you have the option of many of the best Windows laptops for sale. We’ve rounded up the best of the best available from the retail giant including our top pick, the Dell XPS 13 9310.

What Would An End To Blind Bidding For Real Estate Look Like

Critics of the blind bidding process for real estate are pushing for what they say are viable alternatives that could create a better system for both sellers and buyers. In provinces across Canada, bidding without knowing the size of competing bids is the default practice when a home attracts multiple offers. In this scenario, buyers compete to offer the highest purchase price on a home without knowing the dollar amount of the other bids.”I think there are serious issues with the way we are conducting things right now,” said Murtaza Haider, a professor of data science and real estate management at Ryerson University. Haider says an end to the practice could have some impact on volatility in housing prices, but more importantly, “greater efficiency and transparency would bring more trust to the industry, and that should be a priority for the real estate sector.” Read more

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The Framework Laptop Is Now In Stock

Finally, a high-performance, thin and light notebook designed to last.

Framework Laptop

A thin, lightweight, high-performance 13.5 notebook that can be upgraded, customized, and repaired in ways that no other notebook can. Proof that designing products to last doesnt require sacrificing performance, quality, or style.

Framework Laptop DIY Edition

The only high-end notebook available as a kit of modules that you can customize and assemble yourself. Bring your own memory, storage, WiFi, and OS if youd like, or choose from the wide range of options we have available.

How Should I Fix My Laptop’s Keyboard If Two Keys Broke Off

5 Reasons Best Buy Isnât the Best Choice for Computer ...

I own a HP 620 laptop and was wondering if it would be possible to get individual keyboard keys, because my Enter key and a key to lower the volume have come off.

I’ve searched online for some stores that could, but I generally end up with this info:

  • I can’t obtain the exact keys.
  • If I want, I can send it to get repaired, but they will change the entire keyboard.
  • The second would fix my problem, but I have a hard time accepting to fix an entire keyboard, when just two of the keys don’t work. Especially if I can still use the keys, even though the keys aren’t present, I can still press where it used to be and it works.

    So, is there a way to obtain and place the individual keys or should I just search for a service that could fix it for a fee?

    Thank you in advance.


    That sounds like an amazing deal, I should check my local stores some more.


    As I said to Ferdinan, I should check my local stores a bit more.


    Thanks for the site! If I can’t find it at any store that’s closeby, I’ll definitely check that out 🙂


    That idea is amazing, sadly it won’t work for me, since only the Backspace and Shift keys have the same size as my Enter key.

    Once again, thanks to you all for your answers, this has been great help! 🙂

    Here are the keyboard stickers sold on Amazon:

    They are very cheap.

    The problem lies like this:

    As you said, this is not your problem..

    If nothing of this works for you, then, replace all your keyboard!

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