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Can I Access My Laptop From My Phone

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How To Remotely Access Android Phone Without Knowing

How to Mirror Phone on PC to Boost Your Productivity | Your Phone App for Windows 10

There are certain situations when you may want to remotely access someone’s phone without them knowing. These could be monitor the phone of your children or partners and you would not want them to get involved in inappropriate activities online. In any case, the most foolproof way to access someone’s phone secretly is by using the monitor app.

Beam Directions From Your Computer To Your Phone

Maybe your problem isnt losing your phone but rather getting lost yourself. We all know Google Maps is great at giving directions, but you may not realize that you can beam such guidance right from your computer to your phonewithout needing any software beyond a regular ol web browser.

You can send directions to your smartphone directly from your PC via Google.

This ones simple: Type Send directions to my phone into Google while youre signed in on any desktop system. Youll get a box prompting you to type in the business name or address where youre headed. Fill in the blank and click the Send commandlike magic, your phone will open up the Maps app and be ready with directions as soon as you leave.

Download And Install Media Feature Pack For Windows 10

We already mentioned that in order to transfer files from your computer to your Android device you need to use the MTP protocol.

MTP protocol is related to Windows Media Player, and some versions of Windows 10 dont have Windows Media Player and support for related technologies such as MTP protocol.

If your version of Windows 10 doesnt recognize Android devices, download and install the Media Feature Pack for N and KN versions of Windows 10.

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Streaming Your Android Device Like A Pro

Controlling your Android device from a computer has never been more accessible. You can use dozens of apps for this, and weve covered some of the best ones in our guide. Depending on your preferences or possibilities, you can control your phone wirelessly or with a USB.

Remember to connect your devices to the same network if you opt for Wi-Fi and enable USB debugging for the cable connection. All the rest simply comes down to installing the apps on your computer and phone. Hopefully, weve given you enough resources to start controlling your Android device today.

Which app do you find the most convenient for remote controlling an Android device? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

Transfer Files Between Iphone And Your Mac

How To Connect Phone To Laptop &  Share mobile hotspot
  • Connect iPhone to your Mac.

    You can connect using USB, or if you set up Wi-Fi syncing, you can use a Wi-Fi connection.

  • In the Finder sidebar on your Mac, select your iPhone.

    Note: To use the Finder to transfer files, macOS 10.15 or later is required. With earlier versions of macOS, use iTunes to transfer files.

  • At the top of the Finder window, click Files, then do one of the following:

  • Transfer from Mac to iPhone: Drag a file or a selection of files from a Finder window onto an app name in the list.

  • Transfer from iPhone to Mac: Click the disclosure triangle beside an app name to see its files on your iPhone, then drag a file to a Finder window.

  • To delete a file from iPhone, select it below an app name, press Command-Delete, then click Delete.

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    Manage General App Settings

    To change the general app settings, go to the Connection Center, tap Settings, and then tap General.

    You can set the following general settings:

    • Show desktop previews lets you see a preview of a desktop in the Connection Center before you connect to it. This setting is enabled by default.
    • Pinch to zoom remote session lets you use pinch-to-zoom gestures. If the app you’re using through Remote Desktop supports multi-touch , disable this feature.
    • Enable Use scancode input when available if your remote app doesn’t respond properly to keyboard input sent as scancode. Input is sent as unicode when disabled.
    • Help improve Remote Desktop sends anonymous data about how you use Remote Desktop for Android to Microsoft. We use this data to improve the client. To learn more about our privacy policy and what kinds of data we collect, see the Microsoft Privacy Statement. This setting is enabled by default.

    The Most Recommended Way: Access Phone From Pc With Mirrogo

    As you can see yourself, the above ways are time-consuming and complicated too. Therefore, we are bringing Wondershare MirrorGo that is created for the users to control their phone from a PC with three simple steps. Yes! Just connect your device and PC with the same Wi-Fi and you are good to go! No extra effort and no need to be tech-savvy. How good is that! Apart from controlling the phone, you can also use MirrorGo to mirror your deviceâs screen, for example, say if you want to record a game on a PC screen, MirrorGo is there for you.


    Now, let us move ahead and know how you can access your phone from your PC using this tool. Here are the steps.

    Step 1: Launch your preferred browser over your PC and then head to the official website of MirrorGo. Download the tool, install it, and then launch it over your PC. Meanwhile, you need to get hold of your device and connect it to your PC with the help of an authentic USB cable followed by selecting the âTransfer Filesâ option over your device.

    Step 3: Once done, your device is successfully connected to your computer. You can now make use of a keyboard and mouse to control your device and access the contents over it by tapping on the âFilesâ option. Also, you can drag and drop the files that you wish to transfer from your PC to your device.

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    Turn On Usb Debugging

    Maybe the only thing you need to do is to enable USB debugging so your computer can detect your Android device. To make sure its enabled youll need to go to Settings> About phone> Developer options.

    Cant see the developer options? In that case, youll need to go to Settings> About device> Software info and tap on the Build number about seven times. Hit the back button and you should now see the developer options right about About Device.

    Once you have developer options enabled, go into that option and tap on the USB debugging box. Now, see if your computer will recognize your Android device.

    How To Remotely Control Your Android Phone From A Pc

    Access Your iPhone Remotely from Any Computer [How-To]

    Here are the best ways to control your Android phone from a computer for more convenient access.

    You’ve probably wished you could control your Android device from your PC at times. Maybe your phone is at the bottom of your bag, or you’re in class and want a subtle way to message someone. Or perhaps you need to type a lot of text or look at something on a bigger screen.

    Fortunately, it’s easy to access your Android phone from a computer. Here are the best options, from one that’s already built into Windows to a full-screen mirroring app.

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    Alternative: Wireless Travel Routers

    If none of the above internet sharing options are working, or you want another option, a travel router might be what you’re after.

    With a wireless travel router, you can share a single wired, wireless, or mobile data connection with multiple devices. As the name implies, these devices are pocketable and often affordable.

    One: Recommended Method To Access

    The first way is to access Android files from PC via USB cable without other tools is by using ApowerManager. It is a one-stop management tool that allows you to access Android from PC so that you can manage phone pictures, music, videos, apps, etc. Follow the guide below to learn how to operate.

    • Open the USB debug mode and plug the USB cable in the computer. Remember to change the USB connection mode to MTP or PTP. At this time, a prompt will pop up at the lower right corner of your computer saying Installing device driver software. Wait until the installation finishes.
    • Launch the phone manager to connect your Android to your PC. Then you can access Android files from PC.

    Did you know? ApowerManager not only can access Android from PC via USB cable but also via Wi-Fi. For Wi-Fi connection, you should install an app on your Android first. Then you can scan the QR code or enter the verification code to build a connection. Moreover, as it is a one-stop management tool, it possesses lots of management functions, like contacts, messages, screenshots, backup and restores.

    Pros: One-stop management. Fast connecting speed. Support various kinds of Android phones. A simple interface and easy operation.Cons: The trial version only available for three days.

    Method two:Method two: Access through Official Phone Driver

    • Samsung Kies
    • HTC Sync Manager

    Pro: Provide professional service to a certain kind of Android phone.Cons: Complicated to use. Slow connecting speed.

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    Teamviewer: Getting Started With Its Comprehensive Features

    From within the intuitive and easy-to-use TeamViewer interface, a wealth of different features are at your fingertips. The remote control section of the dashboard is the entryway to various device management options such as Wake-On-LAN or unattended access for which we have in depth user manuals. Known for its cross compatibility options, many users may take advantage of mobile connections, and TeamViewers step-by-step guide to accessing computers from a mobile device.

    The Meetings area of the interface offers you the chance to start and host instant meetings with colleagues or clients and is ideal for taking a look at collaborative projects together. For meetings planned in advance, TeamViewer provides a scheduling function which allows you to set up TeamViewer meetings with various participants and arrange a date and time that best suits you the time or day of scheduled meetings can be changed at any point.

    How To Access Android Phone With Broken Screen With Pc In 2022

    How to Remotely Access your Computer from your Phone

    “Are you searching for a way of how to access Phone with broken screen with PC?”

    Smartphones play an important role in our daily lives. It can help us communicate with our family, friends, and to our co-workers. Smartphones also help us to make our jobs easier as we can save a lot of important data in it.

    This data stored on our Smartphones make it more fragile. However, accidents happen every once in a while and the sad part here is that if our devices got broken by accident. Some of these accidents are like dropping your Phone causing its screen to be broken resulting for you not to access your device.

    In this kind of situation, your very first concern is the data that was stored on your device. You would be thinking if there is a possible way you can still access Android Phone with broken screen and get your important files.


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    Android File Transfers For Windows Computers

    With Windows, things are as simple as can be. Just plug your phone into any open USB port on the computer, then turn on your phone’s screen and unlock the device.

    Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen, and you should see a notification about the current USB connection. At this point, it’ll probably tell you your phone is connected only for charging.

    JR Raphael/IDG

    After you connect your phone to your computer, a notification will let you prepare it for transferring files.

    Tap the notification and select “Transfer files” or “File transfer” in the menu that appears. If media files are all you’re planning to move, you could also use the “Transfer photos” option, which’ll treat your phone like a digital camera. Once you’ve made your selection, go to your desktop and open up a File Explorer window using the method that makes the most sense for your Windows configuration:

    • Open the Start menu and click This PC or Computer

    Then look for an icon representing your phone alongside other portable devices and drives. Click or double-click that icon, and ta-da! You’re staring at your Android phone’s internal storage. You can now click around and browse folders, drag and drop files between your phone and PC, or manipulate the data in any way you want.

    JR Raphael/IDG

    Your Android phone’s storage looks like any regular hard drive when viewed from a computer.

    How To Use Apowermirror To Control Android Device

    ApowerMirror is an app that lets you control your Android device from your computer and vice versa. It enables you to share your phones screen, photos, videos, or games. Another cool feature is that you can control your Android device from your computer and also from another Android or iOS device. To use this app, your phone needs to run on Android 5.0 or above.

    Follow the steps below to use ApowerMirror to control your Android device:

  • Download the ApowerMirror app in Google Play.
  • Make sure to connect your Android device and the streaming device to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Download the ApowerMirror app on your computer and install it afterward.
  • Launch the app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the Mirror icon. This will scan all the available devices.
  • Tap on your computer name. It will begin with Apowersoft.
  • Select Start Now.
  • Your Android device screen will now appear on your computer.
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    How Do I Know I’m Using The Multiple Apps Experience

    The requirements for using multiple apps are:

    • A PC running the Windows 10 May 2020 Update or later. For best performance, we recommend having at least 8GB of RAM.

    • An Android device running Android 11.0.

    • On your Android device, you need Link to Windows version or higher, or Your Phone Companion version 1.20104.15.0 or higher.

    • Your Phone versions 1.20104.20.0 or higher.

    How To Remotely Access Your Pc From Your Phone

    How to Remotely Control Your Computer Using Any Device (access your desktop from anywhere)
  • Youll need to have Chrome installed on your PC.
  • From the Chrome browser, search for Chrome Remote Desktop in Google
  • Chrome will ask you whether you want to Add Chrome Remote Desktop
  • A pop-up will alert you the app has been added to Chrome
  • Type Chrome://apps in the browsers bar
  • This will launch the application. Now click on the Get Started button in the My Computer section. Then click the Enable Remote Connections button.

    Next, install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host, as asked. It might take a while, so be patient.

    Once its installed, click on the Enable Remote Connection button again. But this time youll have to set a code of a minimum of six digits.

    After you click OK, give the app app permission to make changes to your computer again. A message will confirm the connection has been enabled.

    Now, pick up your Android phone and open the Chrome Remote Desktop app. Again, make sure youve signed in with the same account as on your desktop. Otherwise, you wont be able to connect the two.

    Once you open the app on your Android device, you should see your computer listed there. Tap on it and enter the PIN youve set earlier. Thats it!

    Now you should be able to see your Windows desktop on your Android device. To navigate on your phone, you can do things like pinch to zoom in or out, and long-press on the top bar of a window to move it around.

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    What Is The Monitor App

    Monitor app can be used to give you remote access to all the information you need on the target phone. Once installed, it can work in a stealthy mode and start to upload the data in real time. Then you can remotely access an online control panel on your PC or any other phone without touching target phone again.

    KidsGuard Pro for Android is the best monitor app to remotely access Android phone without knowing. Equipped with dedicated monitoring features, it quickly takes over the market and gets recommendations from tech sites like AlternativeTo, NewsBeezer and more.

    Can I Control My Android Phone From A Remote Location

    Absolutely. There are quite a few popular apps that let you control your Android phone from a remote location. This is especially useful if theres an issue with your phone that only a professional can solve remotely. Some of the best apps for Android remote control include TeamViewer, Mobizen, and LogMeIn Rescue.

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    What Is Remote Pc Access Software

    Remote PC access software enables a local user to connect to a remote computer, network or system. This software allows for an accessible connection between two or more systems on separate networks. Remote access software is usually installed on a computer to be accessed through a separate device or system either via internet or network, such as a VPN.

    How To Operate Your Android Phone From Computer Pc Or Laptop

    Can I Access My Computer From My Android Phone / PC can

    This trick will enable you do basically everything on your phone without touching it or looking at it. You will Operate Android your phone from Computer, PC or Laptop with the aid of the computer mouse/touch-pad for a Laptop/PC and the Keyboad for typing in case you are to text. You can use the keyboard to type text messages say in a chat and use the mouse to click around as the phone will be displayed on your computer screen. I will attach a video of this whole procedure at the end of this article for you men who like me are visual creatures


  • Android Phone running android 2.5 and above
  • Computer/Laptop/PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Google chrome App called Vysor
  • Internet connection to Download the app above.
  • Procedure:

    • Open Google chrome browser and click on the settings icon . Once on the the settings window, click on the extensions link on the left. Scroll down and click on Get More Extensions. A new window will open up, in the search box, search for Vysor. All you have to do is click on Add to chrome.

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