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Can I Cast From My Phone To My Laptop

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Cast Screen To Pc From Your Android

How To CAST Android Mobile Phone Screen to PC Laptop

The best way to mirror your Android screen to a PC is to use the in-built casting method. Most modern-day Android devices come with inbuilt casting and so do Windows PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher. Use the guide below to use the cast feature to mirror your Android display to your PC.


  • A Windows PC running Windows 8.1 or higher.
  • An Android device with in-built casting.


Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on Connected devices.

Now tap on Connection Preferences.

Tap and select Cast.

Now tap the 3-dot menu icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Check the box for Enable Wireless display.

Now go to your PC and click on the Notification Center icon in the bottom right corner.

Now go back to your Android device and swipe down from the top to access the notification shade. Tap on the quick settings icon for Cast.

Your Android device will now start looking for nearby devices, once your PC shows up in this list, tap on it.

Your device screen will now be projected to your PC and it should now show up on your monitor.

Note: Make sure you exit the Settings app to see your phone screen on your PC. Sensitive apps like Settings and other banking apps are hidden while your Android device is projecting to another display.

Project Your Phone Screen To A Windows 10 Pc

If you want to protect your phone screen to your PC, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings and head to the System category
  • Find the Projecting to this PC page and select where your PC is allowed to receive content
  • Check under Windows PCs and phones can project to this PC and select your security settings.
  • Open the Connect app on your PC or select Connect from the Action Center.
  • Cast to your PC using the operating system’s built-in tools.
  • Wireless screen sharing is an increasingly popular way to consume media from a smartphone. Using protocols like Miracast, you can beam video from your mobile device to your TV. If you own a Windows 10 PC, you can project your screen to it too, letting you mirror your phone onto your desktop monitor.

    Since the release of the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 has come with everything you need to stream your screen to your PC. You can both send and receive Miracast content within the operating system. To get started configuring your PC as a Miracast receiver, open the Settings app and click through to the “System” category.

    All the relevant settings are listed on the “Projecting to this PC” page. Here you can choose where your PC is allowed to receive content and whether a PIN should be used for sharing.

    How Do I Cast With A Usb Cable

    To cast Android to your laptop, first, you need to enable USB debugging on your phone. Connect your phone to your laptop using the USB cable and then tap OK when prompted to enable USB debugging. Once the connection is made, choose START NOW to cast your mobile screen to your computer. If the connection is successful, you should see a screen on your laptop as if it were a projector.

    You can also use a web browser to cast your Android screen to your laptop or TV. If you dont have a web browser on your laptop, download Mobizen to cast your Android screen to a computer or television. Note that you must have a Chromecast in order to mirror your Android screen to an external display. Once you have it installed, you can then cast your Android screen to your PC or TV.

    Next, youll need to install a software to enable screen mirroring. LetsView is a great tool for this. It allows you to mirror your mobile screen to your laptop without sacrificing quality. All you need is two devices connected to the same WiFi. Then, just select your preferred screen mirroring program and cast your Android screen to your laptop. Once its ready, you can use your phone to watch movies and play mobile games.

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    Control An Android Phone From A Pc With Vysor

    Vysor works in a similar way to AirDroid Cast. It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. It comes in free and paid versions. The free version is good enough to give you a taste of what’s on offer, but it’s limitedâit includes ads and you can only use a wired connection.

    But what makes Vysor great is that there’s almost no setup or configuration process. You must enable USB Debugging, but that’s all. Just install Vysor on your computer and connect your phone. Everything happens automatically.

    An app is pushed to your Android device along the way. If you ever want to uninstall this, you can do so by going to Settings > Apps & notifications on your Android device.

    What Is Screen Mirroring

    How can I cast my phone screen to my TV 06.webp

    Screen mirroring, often known as screen sharing, is the process of reflecting the screen of a mobile device, laptop, iPad, or desktop onto a television.

    In reality, whichever gadget you have, you may mirror its screen onto a larger one.

    Mirroring requires the use of two primary devices/gadgets, the sender, which is usually the mobile phone, and the receiver, which is the destined site you want your screen to appear over.

    Solid examples of the sending protocols are Apple AirPlay and Chromecast. In addition, third-party applications are available as well.

    As previously stated, the receiver is the destination site where you want your display to be reflected. Similarly, it employs hardware tools such as Apple TV and Chromecast and third-party applications such as Reflector.

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    S For Your Mobile Phone

    Step 1: Go to the Settings menu on your phone and select the About phone option.

    Step 2: Scroll and find the Build number, and tap on it six to eight times. After that, if you have set Pin or Passcode, enter it in the empty field. On the screen will appear the message You are now a developer.

    Tap on Build Number

    Step 3: You need to go back to Settings and scroll through the list to find a new item Developer options.

    Step 4: Open Developer options and enable USB debugging.

    Cast Contents Of Iphone And Android To Computer With Mirrorgo

    Sometimes the smaller Android or iPhone screen isnât enough to accurately manage the app or files available on the device. Under such circumstances, the best solution is to cast phone to PC using a mirroring application.

    Wondershare MirrorGo is the safest option to perform such an activity, no matter the phoneâs platform is Android or iOS. The app offers you to display your phoneâs games, videos, and similar files to the much larger computer screen, where it is easy to complete the task at hand.

    Step 1: Download MirrorGo and Connect the Phone with PC

    MirrorGo is available for Windows PC. Download the application and launch it on the device. You will need to connect the Android phone with a USB cable. On the other hand, the iOS device needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC.

    Step 2: Log in with Same credentials

    To enable casting with an Android device, you need to tap on the Developer Option 7 times under the About Phone button. After that, navigate to Additional Settings, where you need to toggle-on USB Debugging.

    If you are using an iPhone, simply locate the Screen Mirroring option. After the scan, tap on MirrorGo before proceeding to Step 3.

    Step 3: Cast the Phone to Computer

    Lastly, reaccess MirrorGo from the computer, and youâll see the screen of the connected Android or iOS device.

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    How To Turn Your Pc Into A Miracast Receiver

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    To turn your PC into a Miracast receiver, just open Windows 10s Start menu and open the Connect app. If you dont see this app, you need to upgrade to the Anniversary Update.

    Update: The Connect app is no longer installed by default on modern versions of Windows 10. However, you can still install it in a few clicks through Windows 10s Settings app. Heres how to install the Connect app.

    With the app open, youll see a message that your PC is now ready for you to connect wirelessly. Thats it. You dont need to mess with any firewall or network server settings. Just open the app whenever you want to cast.

    On most PCs, youll likely see a This device might have trouble displaying your content because its hardware wasnt specifically designed for wireless projection message. The application will still work, but it would likely work better if the PCs hardware and hardware drivers were specifically designed to function for wireless projection.

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    How To Mirror Iphone Or Ipad To Windows Without Airplay

    How to cast Phone Screen to Laptop or PC | Wireless Display | Cast | Projecting to this PC

    As stated above, you can use a remote management app to remotely view your iOS display on your Windows PC without the need for Airplay. You can also use third-party apps like Apowermirror and more to mirror your display to your Windows PC. A VNC server will also be useful for you if you are looking to control your iOS device directly from your Windows PC.

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    Remotely Screen Casting Using Apowermirror Cloud Mirroring

    Sometimes, for meetings need, you may also want to cast your mobile to a laptop remotely, and ApowerMirror can help you do that as it has a Cloud Mirroring feature. This latest feature allows you to connect two devices remotely even when they are not being connected under the same Wi-Fi server. Whats good about this feature is that you can connect and mirror your mobile device to your laptop even when you are in different places. To learn how to cast mobile screen on laptop, follow the simple steps below.

    • Get the app and download it on your mobile phone and laptop. Launch it afterward.
    • On ApowerMirror on the laptop, hit Enter Cloud Mirroring and log in to an account to use it.
    • On your phone, switch to Cloud Mirroring then tap the Mirror button. Just input the PIN code that appeared on the laptop, and then the mirroring will begin.

    It is now easy to cast mobile to laptop via WiFi, USB cable, or from a different place. The above-mentioned methods are definitely worth trying. If you just want to mirror your phone screen to your computer wirelessly, LetsView will be your best choice.

    Do I Have To Mirror My Entire Screen Or Can Just Part Of My Screen Be Mirrored

    The solutions you find in this article allow you to mirror the entire screen of your Android device. Essentially, any mirroring app will do so, but only without an option to choose which portion of the screen appears on your PC. Of course, you can look for apps that allow you to cast content from your Android. This way, you do not have to show your phones screen on a computer for others to see. Instead, you can start a video, slideshow, or presentation on your Android device and cast only that content to the computer.

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    How To Mirror Phone To Laptop Windows 10

    If you are running Windows 10 on your laptop and looking for showing the contents of your phone on it, screen mirroring is the way to go. And Projecting to your PC can help. It is a biult feature on Windows 10. But you need to make sure your device supports Miracast.

    Given below are the steps that you should follow to screen mirror your phone.

    • First, turn on screen mirroring feature on your Android, like Smart View, Cast, Wireless Projection.
    • Connect Android and laptop to the same wifi network.
    • On the laptop, go to Settings, click on systems and then Projecting to this PC.
    • If it is the first time for you to use this feature, you need to download Wireless Display. Click on Optional features.

    • Now simply add a feature, enter and search for Wireless Display. Then select the feature and install it on your laptop.

    • After that, you can select options preference on the projecting to this PC menu.
    • Now search for Connect on your laptop and open it. It will establish a connection between two devices.
    • Allow this request and you can see the Android screen on your laptop.

    But if you want to control your Android device, this device is not supported. So you can turn to Phone Mirror, which also can be used on Windows 7/8/10/11.

    How To Cast From Android Phones To A Windows 11 Pc Or Laptop

    How To Screen Cast Nexus 5 to Samsung Smart TV

    You can use the built-in Cast feature to connect an Android phones to a Windows 11 PC. This feature is present on the majority of recent Android smartphones, however the names vary. Screen Mirroring, Screencast, Cast, and Miracast are the most popular names. Well show you how to use it on Samsung and Oppo phones below:

    Note: Before connecting, ensure that your Windows and Android devices are both connected to the same WiFi network.

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    How Do I Mirror My Iphone To My Laptop

    You can mirror your screen on your iPhone by opening the Control Center and tapping the Screen Mirroring button. It may be necessary to add such a button to the iPhones Settings if you do not see it. You will see your iPhone screen on your PC right away once you tap the Screen Mirroring button. Select your LonelyScreen laptop from the list and it will appear.

    How To Cast Your Android Mobile Screen To A Laptop

    Microsoft introduced a new Connect app on Windows 10th Anniversary, this app allows users to cast their Android smartphones on Windows 10 laptop or PC screen without any difficulty or third party application. To cast your Android smartphones screen on your laptop you need to follow the given below steps.

    • First head to the Setting option on the Windows PC or Laptop.
    • Then select System from the options.
    • Scroll down and select Projecting to this PC.
    • Now you can see three options.
    • Change the first option to Available Everywhere.
    • Select First Time Only in the second option.
    • Leave the last option if you dont want to put any privacy pins.
    • Do note that your laptop and your smartphone should be on the same Wi-Fi network otherwise you wont be able to cast your screen on your laptop.
    • Now, take your phone and pull down the notification bar.
    • Head to the Screen Cast and enable it.
    • You can see a pop-up search for the new device.
    • It might take some time but it will find the laptop.
    • You need to select the laptop and give permission to cast your phone.
    • Once its done you are good to go.

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    How To Mirror An Android Phone To A Mac

    Luckily, the highly convenient screen mirroring app scrcpy is available for Mac OS X devices as well. Unlike Windows computers, where you download a .zip file and unpack it, Mac does it differently. To use scrcpy, you will have to install the Homebrew app first.

  • Open Finder on your Mac.
  • Click Applications from the menu to the left. If this option is not visible, simply press Command + A on your keyboard.
  • From the Applications list, open Utilities.
  • Finally, start the Terminal app.
  • Now select the entire command line below and copy/paste it into the Terminal, then press Enter to execute it./bin/bash -c “$”
  • Allow 10 to 15 minutes for Homebrew to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, its time to install Android ADB tools. To do so, type in or copy/paste the following command below into the Terminal, then press Enter to execute.brew cask install android-platform-tools
  • Finally, it is time to install the scrcpy app. Copy the code below and paste it into the Terminal, then press Enter.brew install scrcpy
  • Now wait for the installation to complete.
  • To establish the connection between Android and Mac OS, connect your Android device using a USB cable.
  • The USB Debugging notification appears on Androids screen. Tap on Allow to continue. You can also tap Always allow from this computer to prevent the notification from appearing every time you connect.
  • In the Mac Terminal, type scrcpy without the quotes to launch the application.
  • How To Disable The Black Screen

    How to CAST your Phone Screen to a Win 10 Laptop / PC (6)

    If youd like to use phone screen without the black screen showing, follow the steps below.On your PC:

  • In the Phone Link app, open Settings.

  • In the Phone screen section, find the option to Hide my Android devices screen while its connected to my PC. Turn this toggle off. You can change this setting at anytime if youd like the black screen to show again.

    Note: This setting is not available for Surface Duo.

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    How To Use Scrcpy To Mirror Android To A Windows Pc

    By far, the best and most straightforward app to use is scrcpy. This app allows for a wired connection or a wireless one, and it is super simple to use, yet the setup is rather complex. You can download it on GitHub, one of the most popular online services for developers. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Open a web browser on your computer, then go to the scrcpy page on GitHub.
  • Scroll down to the Get the app section.
  • In the Windows subsection, click on the download link for the .zip archive. It looks something like this: Of course, the last few numbers will depend on the version that is currently available.
  • Click the link to download the .zip file.
  • Once the file downloads, it is time to extract it. Open the folder where you have downloaded the scrcpy .zip file.
  • Right-click the file, then choose Extract files
  • The Extract Compressed Folders window appears. Click on Browse to choose the destination for the extracted files. Once you choose the location, you can optionally tick the Show extracted files when completecheckbox. Click on OK to extract the files.
  • Now, you can navigate to the location where the extracted files appear.
  • Double-click the adb.exe file to install Android ADB Tools. This process is done in the background, so you will not see any feedback on the screen when the installation completes. It usually takes Windows about a second or two to complete this action.
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