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Can I Send Text Messages From My Laptop

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Sending Texts Through An Online Platform

How to send free text messages from your PC

Online platforms like ours are used by businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations to send texts to individuals and large groups.

We can text-enable toll-free numbers and 10-digit landlines for your business in just a few minutes.;

This solution allows SMS to be utilized for customer support, recruiting, sales and more. Business SMS messaging also helps scale processes and simplify internal communications.;We even have a few folks who use our platform for personal texting while abroad!

Not only can you send and receive messages, but you can create drip campaigns, track and collect data, and even segment your audience.

How To Send Free Text Message Online

1- Go to

Open a standard web browser such as Chrome from your PC or smartphone. As long as you have internet, you should be able to use all text messaging features of SENDaTEXT.

2- Enter Phone Number

You will see a dialpad on the homepage. Enter the mobile number you want to send text message to. Keep in mind that we automatically fill the country code for you. You only have to enter the remaining phone numbers in the correct format.

3- Click on “Send”

If you have come so far, the next step should be really simple. Just click on “Send”. Depending on the traffic on our site, we will take 10 to 30 seconds to send your text to its final destination, ofcourse for free!

Samsung Kies To Transfer Messages To Pc

Samsung Kies is an official app which is developed by Samsung. It is suitable for Samsung users only. So if you are a Samsung user, you can follow the steps below.

Here are the steps on Android SMS Transfer to PC with Samsung Kies:

Step 1. Download Samsung Kies

Step 2. Connect Android Device to PC

Connect your Android device to the PC with a USB cable. Then grant the app when prompting on your Android phone.

Step 3. Back Up Messages to PC

Choose the “Back up/Restore” tab on the upper. And then click the “Messages” option on the interface. In the end, please tap on the “Backup” icon on the top right. Samsung Kies will begin to back up the messages to the PC.


You can’t view or select your text messages on the computer with Samsung Kies, so it may be not convenient enough.

Want to find your disappeared text messages on your Android phone? Check it out.

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Why You Should Use Mysms

We could tell you that mysms is available in 180 countries, has reached more than 1 million users and has synchronized 1 billion messages. But what really counts is what our users think of us:

Does what i need it to do! Really hate using my phone to send detailed messages for work… App makes it really easy to send them from my laptop.AWESOME APP! It is on 3 devices of mine… I hate texting on my phone and love it when I am working to only use my laptop!!Excellent!! Works perfectly! Synched up with my phone, tablet, and computer . Perfect.

How To Use Android Messages For Web

How to send free text messages from your PC

Starting this week, desktop support is rolling out for Android Messages. You’ll be able to send text messages from your PC, synched to your Android phone.;

In order to start using Android Messages you need to visit;and scan the QR code using the companion app on your phone . Do this by launching the Android Messages app, tapping the More options button and selecting ‘Android Messages for Web’.

Unfortunately that latter piece of the puzzle is not quite in place just yet, though expect it imminently. In the meantime,;you likely already have some options you can use for sending a message from your computer.

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Androids Messages For Web

Google allows you to use Android messages from a dedicated website on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. All you have to do is head to and sync your phone with a QR code. Then, you can start texting from the browser. With this online tool, you can send everything from emojis to GIFs via text from your computer. Just remember: if you want to skip the QR step in the future, keep your phone paired with your computer by clicking Remember this computer when that window opens up.

Similarly to Messages for Mac, texting from Android through the web is best used by current Android users. It helps you answer your messages through the device thats most convenient for you at the moment.

Google offers fast, simple instructions for Messages for web here.

How To Send Texts Via The Your Phone App For Windows 10

This solution is primarily for those who use a Windows 10 PC and an Android phone. It relies on Microsofts built-in Your Phone app, introduced in the April 2018 Update, and its Your Phone Companion app for Android. This combination allows users to send and receive texts in Windows 10, receive Android notifications in the Action Center, and access pictures stored on the phone. The Your Phone app also supports iPhones, but its limited to forwarding webpages from Microsoft Edge for iOS. iPhone support does not include text messaging, notifications, and photo access.

This method requires the following:

  • Android 7.0 Nougat or newer.

Step 1: Click the Start button to locate and launch the Your Phone app. Alternatively, type your into the taskbars search field, and select the resulting app.

Step 2: The app opens on your screen. Select Android>Continue.

Step 3: Switch to your Android phone and install the Your Phone Companion Link to Windows app from Google Play.

On certain Samsung phones, tap on Link to Windows instead and sign in to a Microsoft Account. The Windows 10 PC should appear if the link is successful.

Step 4: After you have installed the app, go back to your Windows PC and its Your Phone app, and then tick the box next to the phrase;Yes, I Finished Installing Your Phone Companion.;Click on the button labeled Open QR Code.

Step 7: The mobile app will do one final check to make sure the pairing worked. Tap Done to finish the pairing process.

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How To Send Texts Via Android Messages

This method works great for Android phone users, and it doesnt matter what kind of computer you use you just need a browser and the Android Messages app. Android Messages lets Android smartphone owners text straight from a web interface, no matter what device theyre using. It works on desktops, laptops, or even Apple devices. You do have to set Android Messages as the default app on your phone, so make sure to do so before getting started.

How To Send Text Messages From Your Mac Using Imessage

How to send text messages from your computer

If youâre a consumer with an iPhone or an iOS device, youâve got access to Appleâs iMessage platform.

iMessage comes installed natively on all iPhones. But itâs also available on other iOS devices including the MacBook, MacBook Air, and iMac.

Note: Youâll need to set up SMS/MMS forwarding before you can start sending messages on your Mac.

But once you do, you can follow these steps:

How to Send SMS and MMS Messages Using iMessage

  • Log in to your iCloud using your Apple ID
  • Select an Apple device to connect to
  • Your device will automatically sync all messages
  • After syncing, you can send messages
  • Keep in mind, all iMessages appear blue when theyâre sent to other iOS devices. If you send a message to someone who doesnât have an iPhone, the message will appear green.

    Green messages are regular SMS text messages that travel over the carrier networks. Blue iMessages travel exclusively on Appleâs own messaging network. These arenât the same type of messages because theyâre traveling over different networks.

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    Using Web Version Of Apps Like Whatsapp Telegram

    You can also send messages using WhatsApp web and web versions of apps like Telegram, Android Messages, and their desktop apps. Signal also offers Windows, macOS, and Linux software; hence you can download Signal on your notebook as well. Pairing your phone with web or their desktop versions, you can send and receive messages from your laptop or PC.

    There is another method that is exclusive to iOS and macOS only and works like a charm. Using iMessage, you can send and receive messages from your Mac and iOS seamlessly. Here is how:

    How To Set Up The Your Phone Companion App

    The next set of steps needs to be done on your smartphone. These will set up the Your Phone Companion app and grant it the permissions it needs to run correctly.

  • Open the text message with the link to the Your Phone Companion app.
  • Install the Your Phone Companion app.
  • Open the Your Phone Companion app.
  • Within the app, select Get started.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account within the Your Phone Companion app.

  • Select Continue to start the process of giving the app its needed permissions.
  • Select Allow on the four permissions it needs .
  • Select Continue.
  • Select Allow to stop optimizing battery usage. This allows the app to run in the background unrestricted.
  • Some phones will also show a notification in the notification tray to allow Your Phone to work. If this pops up, select Allow.

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    Send & Get Text Messages

    For Voice for Google Workspace accounts managed by your work or school, text messaging is available only in the US.

    You can send text messages using your Google Voice number for free to U.S. and Canadian numbers . Texts sent using Voice will use Wi-Fi, or mobile data from your phone’s service plan if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. If you’re outside the U.S. and are not using Wi-Fi, your mobile phone company might charge you extra roaming fees to send a text.;

    Use Voice Messaging For : 1 Conversations Only

    How Can I Send Text Messages From My Mac Computer?

    Due to carrier limitations and to protect against spam, Google Voice messaging is intended only for 1:1, personal conversations. It is not intended for bulk messaging, which can result in messages being flagged as spam and blocked.;If you have blocked messages, refer to the “Why can’t I send text messages?” section below.;;

    If you’re a teacher and need to send bulk announcements or notifications,

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    Text Through Wireless Carrier

    All major wireless carriers including Verizon, At&T, and T-Mobile allow you to send texts from your laptop to a recipients cell phone provided you have an account with them.

    For example, if you have Verizon, simply sign into your My Verizon Account and follow the step-by-step instructions. Check with your provider to see if they offer this feature and be sure to note if you are restricted to their network.

    Foxtext Is The Best Texting App Period

    Instant Delivery

    Our best in class SMS communication infrastructure enables us to deliver most text messages to mobile phones in a matter of seconds. You can see the status of the SMS right after it has been sent. No more waiting to see text messages.

    Reliable Delivery

    Our app simply works. You no longer have to use shady websites that are looking for your personal information to send free texts. With FoxText, your personal information stays with you. We do not require any sign up at all.

    Zero cost

    FoxText is completely free. We do not require any form of payment. We also do not want you to give us any personal information. In short: we are truly completely free.


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    Drag Media Into The Android Messages Conversation

    Sending a photo from Android Messages on the web is dead simple. You can either use the attachments icon to the right of emoji and stickers or just drag and drop media into the conversation window to send an MMS.

    Update October 5th, 5:05PM ET: This article was originally published on June 19th, 2018, and has been updated to include minor changes made to menus.

    How To Send And Receive Text Messages On Pc Without Cell Phone

    How to Send/Receive Text Messages from Computer

    Technology has arrived at this level when you dont even need to grab your phone for texting and you can manage it through your PC or Mac book. A few applications, for iPhones and Android gadgets, will give your PC a chance to send and get messages that appear as if they originated from your phone. Here are the different ways among which you can pick the best alternative and set it up.

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    Read Android Messages And Text Using A Windows 10 Computer

    If your computer is running Windows 10, you may wish to use Microsoft’s “Your Phone”. This method is similar to Method 2, in that you can view your Android messages on your computer, and send messages from your computer. If you wish to save your text message conversations to your PC for safekeeping, check out Method 1 instead.

    What you’ll need:

    • The Your Phone desktop app installed on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. This should already be installed on your PC if you have the Windows 10 October 2018 Update or later.
    • The Your Phone Companion mobile app installed on your Android device. You can install this from the Google Play Store.
    • A Microsoft account.
    • Your PC and Android device need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

    How to View Android messages using Microsoft’s “Your Phone” app

  • Ensure that both your PC and Android device are nearby and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Type “Your Phone” into the Windows taskbar and select “Your Phone” to open the app.
  • Select Android, then hit Continue.
  • Sign into your Microsoft Account when prompted. This must be the same Microsoft account that you use on your Android device.
  • Launch the Your Phone Companion app on your Android device, and follow the on-screen prompts to sign in.
  • Back to your PC – select “I have the Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone”, then click “Pair with QR code”.
  • Complete the setup by following the prompts to allow the required permissions!
  • How To Text Message From Your Computer Using Your Phone

    Microsoft’s Your Phone app allows you to sync text messages, phone calls, notifications, and more through your PC. Syncing text messages lets you keep your smartphone in your pocket and use your PC’s keyboard to send text messages. To make this work, you’ll need an Android phone. If you’re running certain Samsung Galaxy phones, you can also sync RCS messages. All other Android phones can sync, send, and receive standard SMS messages.

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    How To Transfer Text Messages To Computer Via Sms Backup+

    SMS Backup+ can back up your SMS, MMS and call history in Gmail and Google Calendar. And you can restore the backup messages back to your Android phone easily. However, you need to set the IMAP first, so it is a bit complicated.

    Here’s how to back up text messages from Android to PC:

    Step 1. Download SMS Backup+

    Firstly, download SMS Backup+ on the Android device from the Google Play.

    Step 2. Set the IMAP

    Next, sign in your Gmail account and go to the “Settings” on the Gmail page. Hit the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” to choose the “Enable IMAP” option.

    Step 3. Export Text Messages from Android to PC

    Tap on the “Connect” so as to connect your Gmail. Choose your account and tap on “ALLOW” to grant the permission. Click the “Backup” option on the pop-up page. The transfer will start.

    – The process will last for several minutes or half an hour . But you can browse the SMS on your Gmail and needn’t have to wait until it is over.

    Further reading:When you have a new phone, how to transfer data from Android to Android?

    How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer Via 3rd

    How to Send/Receive Text Messages from Computer

    If you don’t want to choose the official apps, third-party apps are another choice. You can via these apps to solve how to transfer text messages to computer. There are two apps that will be introduced which are helpful for many people. If needed, you can download one of them to try.

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    You Need To Use Android Messages For Web To Text Through Your Laptop Here’s How

    Google’s answer to iMessages for typing texts on your laptop will save you time.

    You can send and receive texts on your computer too.

    Nothing is more irritating than swapping back and forth between your computer and phone while trying to work and text someone. It’s hard to stay in a good workflow and, depending on what else you need your phone for, your battery suffers. For years, Android phone users had no choice but to use other messaging apps if they wanted to chat with friends from their desktops. But if you didn’t know, you can use Android Messages on your desktop browser to type.; calls this Messages for Web.

    It’s important to note that your phone has to have service and your computer needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If your phone is off, your computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi or you’re using airplane mode, you won’t be able to use Messages for Web.;

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    Messages is the default texting app for Pixel phones, but there’s also a dedicated app anyone can download from the Google Play store to use instead of the default texting app on non-Google Android phones. It’s easy to use and there’s no penalty from your carrier to switch apps.;

    As with Apple’s iMessage, Messages for Web lets you carry on conversations from your computer screen. Note that you might have to re-pair your phone with your desktop from time to time.

    Make sure your phone’s Messages app is up to date before getting started. Let’s do this!

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