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Can I Trade In My Laptop For A New One

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Repair And Resell Computers

Is the new M1 Macbook Pro the best trading laptop?

Many times, computers that no longer function are in need of a simple and inexpensive replacement part or a good cleaning.

A few years ago, when our personal computer started to get really slow, we simply brought it to the junk yard and bought a new one.

When our new one started to get really dragged down, however, we brought it to a computer repair shop. They spent a couple of hours cleaning it up and it ran good as new.

The repair shop had a store full of other computers that people no longer wanted. They repaired or cleaned up those computers and had them for sale on their store shelves for a discounted price.

If you know a bit about computers you can do the same thing. Find old computers or electronic devices.

Clean them out, replace any non-working parts and resell them online through a site such as Craigslist, or another alternative, or advertise your available stock to family and friends.

Refurbished PCs and laptops are good sellers as they sell for a fraction of what they did at retail.

We got a refurbished laptop computer a few years back that retailed originally for $1000, and we bought it for just $450. We still own that laptop today and its still running well.

If you know how to repair and refurbish used computers this could be a great source of side hustle income for you.

Combine Used Computer Parts to Make New Computers

Building a new computer is easier than you think with a little research and can be a great way to make cash from discarded PCs or laptops.

How Much Money Can I Get Back

The estimated trade-in value is determined by a company Apple has partnered with called Phobio. All models have to be from 2009 or newer and in good condition to be considered.

Here’s a quick break down of all the devices that apply to the program and the maximum amount of money you could receive for said device.

  • Macbook, Macbook Pro, and iMac can fetch up to a maximum of $1000
  • iPad and iPad Pro can get earn you a maximum of $250
  • An iPhone can only fetch up to $290
  • An Apple Watch can net you a return of $175

Trade In And Get Apple Gift Card Credit Even Without A Purchase

Not ready for a new device? You can still trade in a current one. Well put the value on a gift card you can use to shop for Apple products and services.

Select your device to get a trade-in estimate without a purchase.1

It goes on to help the planet.

You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If its in good shape, well help it go to a new owner, diverting electronic waste from landfills. If not, well send it to our recycling partner, so we can save more precious materials and take less from the earth.

And if its an iPhone, it could even go to Daisy, our disassembly robot that can efficiently recover the resources inside.*

What happens to my device once I trade it in or recycle it?

When we receive your device, our partners will thoroughly inspect it. If the device is in good working condition, it can be refurbished so it can go on to a new owner. If its not in working order, it will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way through one of our partners.

How long does the entire process take?

The entire trade-in process takes about two to three weeks. But the faster you send in your device, the sooner your trade-in will be inspected and processed.

How do I follow the status of my tradein?

Will I receive the quoted value?

  • Tap Settings.
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    Should I Choose Credit Toward A Purchase Or An Apple Store Gift Card

    It depends on where and when you make a purchase.

    If youre ready to buy a new product at an Apple Store, you can bring your old device with you. If its eligible for trade-in, well apply an instant credit at the time of purchase.

    If youre ready to buy a new Apple product online or the Apple Store app), you can trade in an old device and get credit toward your purchase.

    If youre not ready to make a purchase, you can trade in your old device online for an Apple Gift Card via email that you can apply to any future Apple purchase.

    And no matter how you use Apple Trade In, if your device has no trade-in value, you can always recycle it responsibly for free.

    Does Your Device Qualify

    HP Huge 17.3

    To receive your credit for trading in your old device, you must be able to tick off all of the following…

    • Your device powers up and functions normally
    • Your device display is in good condition
    • Your device does not have any engraving/personalisation
    • Your device enclosure is in good condition
    • Your device has no obvious signs of liquid contact
    • Your device keys, buttons or trackpad are in good working condition
    • You have the device power adapter

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    Can I Cancel A Trade

    If you havent dropped off or shipped your device, you can cancel your trade-in by simply keeping your device.

    If youve already sent us your device, the trade-in cant be cancelled. If you receive a revised trade-in value after the inspection of your device which is lower than your originally quoted value, you can then choose to reject it.

    Find Out The Invoice Of Your Computer

    A computer with official invoice would be sold at a much higher price since it proves the ownership and purchase information of the computer. So youâd better find out the invoice of your computer if you want to sell it. If you just want to donate your old computer, then the invoice is not that important.

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    Backup All Important Or Needed Data To Another Device

    If your laptop or PC saves important or useful files, please make a backup in advance unless you are not going to sell or donate the hard disk. Well, how can we backup data quickly?

    If there are not so many files to backup , you can copy and paste them to another storage device, which is so easy. However, if there are dozens of GB or more files to be backed up, you’d better clone the partition or disk, which could save you much time. As for disk cloning software, MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition is recommended.

    Step 1. Download and install the free drive clone software MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition by clicking the following button.


    Step 2. To copy a partition, please select the partition and choose Copy Partition from the left action panel. However, if you want to clone the whole hard disk to another disk, please select the disk and choose Copy Disk feature.

    Step 3. Then, follow instructions to complete remaining operations. Don’t forget to apply the pending operations at last.

    However, if Windows is unbootable, please use MiniTool Partition Wizard Boot Disc instead.

    Actually, apart from data saved on hard disk, there is still another kind of data you should back up: website passwords saved by browser if you can’t remember them or do not note them down.

    Here, we take Google Chrome for example. To mange, view, remove or export Google Chrome saved passwords, you may check out this post.

    What If My Device Is Broken Fake Or Counterfeit

    SELL YOUR GAMING PC FAST! | Tips for selling your new/used PC

    Youll be able to trade in your device as long as its not counterfeit or broken beyond repair. When you get an online quote, we list the kind of failures that we will accept on your trade-in product. If youre still not sure, simply bring your device into any Currys store.Theres been an increase in counterfeit devices in the UK market. They might look like originals, but they are illegally produced, and can be dangerous to use. We wont be able to accept these items for trade-in.

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    How To Trade In Your Old Mac With Apple Giveback

    If you’re looking to get the new iMac Pro you know you’re going to be spending a fair chunk of money. Dropping such a large sum all at once on a new machine can be daunting, but if you have an older Mac in good condition that you wouldn’t mind parting ways with, you may be able to save some money.

    Apple offers a trade-in program known as Apple GiveBack for customers looking to save a little money on their next purchase. With the launch of the iMac Pro, you could get as much as $1,000 for your old iMac or MacBook Pro right now! Here’s now the whole thing works.

    What Happens To Any Data Left On My Device

    Keeping your data and sensitive information secure is our top priority. When we receive a device for trade-in, we wipe the data stored on it this is done to Infosec Standard 5 .If you trade-in an iOS device, we delete the encryption key so that any stored data cant be deciphered.If your device cant be wiped, the data storage components will be destroyed, and the waste materials recycled.

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    It Goes On To Help The Planet

    You may be done with your device, but chances are it still has more to give. If its in good shape, well help it go to a new owner, diverting electronic waste from landfills. If not, well send it to our recycling partner, so we can save more precious materials and take less from the earth.

    And if its an iPhone, it could even go to Daisy, our disassembly robot that can efficiently recover the resources inside.

    How To Recycle Computers For Cash

    Laptop(compaq 610) For give away For New Year

    If you drop your old PC off at the local junk yard, you wont get any money for it and they may even charge you to dispose of it.

    Instead of paying someone else to take your old computer or other electronic device, consider one of these ways to make money by recycling your old PC or other old computers you can get through other avenues such as the ones listed below.

    Want a quick and convenient way to sell your old electronics, check out which is a reputable site with a 4.5/5 Trustpilot score.

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    How To Sell Or Trade In Your Old Mac And Save On A New One

    Whether youre planning to buy one of the new Macs unveiled at Apples Unleashed event or have your eyes on an M1 Mac, your current Mac doesnt need to end up in a closet. So what do you do with it? If you arent planning to give it to a lucky friend or family member, you can trade or sell it to help pay for that new Mac. Heres how to get every last bit of value out of your old Mac.

    Apple has a support document that has good instructions on what you should do before you sell, give away, or trade in your Mac. But we have some experience in that department that can help you get the most out of your trade-in or sale.


    Sell your phone, iPad, MacBook & more with Decluttr!

    Get an instant valuation, ship your items for FREE and Decluttr will pay you the day after your items arrive. Decluttr pays up to 33% more than carriers and will lock in your valuation for 28 days, giving you time to upgrade!

    Trade In Your Macbook Air Or Pro At Apple Trade In

    As youre likely already aware, one compelling option for offloading your MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro is to simply send it to Apple directly through their Trade In program. With Apple Trade In, youll get credit in the form of an Apple Store gift card to put toward any future Apple purchase iPad, iPhone, whatever you want. You can get started on Apples website by choosing MacBook and entering your serial number .

    Apple Trade In isnt the most generous trade-in option when it comes to trading in your MacBook Pro, but it is very easy and dealing with Apple comes with a peace of mind you wont find elsewhere you can be absolutely sure that the price youre quoted for your old MacBook is going to be yours unless you send in something other what you said you would.

    Trade In also isnt limited to just taking old MacBooks. Apple will take your iPhone or smartphone from a variety of OEMs, MacBook, iPad, and even iMac. Theyll also recycle anything that they wont buy. Head over to Apple Trade In to get started.

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    Can You Trade In Chromebooks

    Get an upfront price quote for your used or broken Chromebooks. Retire your IT assets with the BuyBackWorld Chromebook laptop recycling program. Find out how much your old Chromebook is worth. You can easily get an upfront cash trade-in value for your Samsung, Google, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Dell or Acer Chromebook.

    Where Can You Sell Your Pc Or Parts

    How I Set Up My Trading Computer

    Before you start, its important to figure out a few things to see if the whole process is worth the effort. You might be selling entire computers, laptops or tablets that may require considerable shipping costs, or CPUs, SSDs, Processors, and RAM that are easier to send.

    Unsure of what youre selling? Weve got a guide here on how to find your computer specs that may help you its super easy to follow.

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    Easily Transfer Your Data

    When you get your new device, follow a few simple steps to safely transfer over your data and wipe the information from your current one.Footnote2 And with iOS 15, youll have temporary access to all the iCloud storage you need to back up and transfer all your apps and data to your new device. Heres how to prep your:

    How Do I Make A Trade

    You can fill out all the necessary information at,#mn_p and it only takes a couple of minutes.

  • Go to the Apple Giveback webpage.
  • Click on the device you want to trade-in. If you’re trading in a Mac you’ll click computer.
  • Click the manufacturer of your trade-in device. In this case, Apple.
  • Enter the Serial Number of the device you want to trade in. You can find the serial number of your Mac by choosing About This Mac from the Apple menu.

  • Click Verify.
  • Click Yes when it asks you to confirm the device you want to trade-in.

  • Click Yes or No for the questions about the condition of your device. There will be a few questions in a row, make sure you read the questions carefully.
  • Click Trade it in for a gift card.

  • Enter your shipping information.
  • Click Finish Up.

  • Phobio will now send you a prepaid shipping label and supplies in the mail, so you can pack up your old device and mail it back. After the company has received your old device and verified it is in the condition you claimed it was, the Apple Store gift card will be sent back to you.

    You also have the option of taking your device directly into an Apple Store â but it appears this is only available in certain markets at the moment so your mileage may vary.

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    How Do I Pack My Device For Trade

    Follow the instructions included in your trade-in kit. It explains how to prepare, pack, and ship your device.

    Keep in mind that the estimated trade-in value is valid for 14 days, and we encourage you to send the device to us within this time frame to ensure that you get this value. Recycled devices should be sent back as soon as possible, at a time thats convenient for you.

    Why Dont You Offer Trade

    Steveâs Retro Computer bLog: Original Compaq Portable

    We offer online Trade-in for Laptops and we also offer Online trade-in for your mobile phone at our sister brand, Carphone Warehouse. You can get a provisional trade-in valuation online for all other categories but youll need to bring your device into store so we can verify it and exchange it for a gift card

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    Working Condition Of Trade

    1.The old device must be qualify in order to proceed for trade-in.

    2.The old device must power on & charging.

    3.Physical Buttons must be functional.

    4.External Ports must be functional.

    5.The screen must working properly

    6. Deep dent , heavy scratches, Cracks, Bend on the body & gaps between the screen and body are classified as Grade B

    7.Device must met the evaluation criteria prior for trade-in.

    8.If one of the above not working, will be automatically classified as grade B.

    1.Laptop trade-in allow you to trade your old Laptop for a Brand New Laptop on discounted price.

    2.The traded in device must be in working condition as describe on working conditions above. Devices will be tested in Jarir Bookstore. If trade-in device does not meet the given conditions, customer will not be able to complete trade-in transaction at Grade A.

    3.Device not meeting the evaluation criteria or the device brand not in the list will be evaluated as Grade B.

    4.Only selected Laptop are allowed to trade-in.

    5.Once the old device was successfully tested inside Jarir Bookstore, the customer will be able to complete the trade-in transaction & get the new Laptop at discount price.

    6.Each customer is allowed to trade-in ONE device during the promotion.

    7.The device that the customer will trade-in does not have to be purchased from Jarir Bookstore.

    8.Once the device is traded-in & transaction is complete, NO RETURN is allowed for traded old device.

    9.The Trade-in device can not be redeemed for cash.

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