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Can I Update My Laptop To Windows 10

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How to UPGRADE Windows 7 to Windows 10 for FREE!!!

Yes, but only if you follow some strictly defined procedures.

First, you must boot from installation media and choose the Custom option in Setup.

Second, you must install Windows 10 on a separate disk partition or physical drive if you choose the same partition that contains an existing Windows version, you will lose access to that Windows installation.

Windows 10 will add itself to the boot menu if you install it in a separate volume on a system that already has a previous version of Windows installed.

How To Reset Start Menu In Windows 10

The quickest way is to press the Windows key to open the Windows search bar, type Reset and select the Reset this PC option. You can also access it by pressing Windows key + X and selecting Settings from the context menu. From there, choose Update & Security from the new window, then Recovery from the left navigation bar.

The Fast Way: Download Windows 11

Microsoft offers a variety of tools for . These will skip the slow, careful upgrade process and let you skip the line and install Windows 11 right noweven if your PC doesnt officially support Windows 11.

To get started, visit Microsofts page. We recommend you download and run the Windows 11 Update Assistant. It will update your current PC to Windows 11 for you.

Warning: By installing Windows 11 immediately, youre skipping Microsofts slow-and-steady rollout process. You may encounter bugs with Windows 11 on your hardware. If thats a deal-breaker for you, we encourage you to wait a few months before youre offered the upgrade.

If you encounter a problem, note that you can downgrade back to Windows 10 within the first ten days after upgrading.

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Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool

Another option is to use Microsofts Media Creation Tool, which is a program that lets you create installation media for the new OS. At the , click the button under the Create Windows 11 Installation Media section.

Run the MediaCreationToolW11.exe file, then accept the license terms and confirm the language and edition of Windows that you want. You can then choose to copy the installation files to a USB drive or generate an ISO file and burn it to a disk.

If you went the USB drive route,the tool then downloads the necessary Windows 11 installation files and copies them to the USB drive. Then open the drive and double-click the setup.exe file to kick off the upgrade.

If you wish to upgrade from an ISO file, choose a location for the file and change the name to something more specific. The installation files are then saved to your PC as an ISO file. Open File Explorer, then double-click the ISO file to open it and double-click the setup.exe file.

Repair Corrupted System Files

How to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

The issue Windows 10 wont update may be caused by the corrupted system files. So in order to solve this problem, you can run System File Checker to check and repair the corrupted system files.

And now, we will show you the detailed steps.

Step 1: Type Command Prompt in the search box of Windows 10 and right-click it to choose the Run as administrator.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt windows, type the command sfc /scannow and hit Enter to continue.

After that, the scanning process will begin and please do not close the command line window until you see the message verification 100% completed. When the process is finished, you can reboot your computer and check whether the issue computer wont update Windows 10 is solved.

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However, if none of above methods works, you may need to reinstall Windows 10.

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Support And Update Cycle

Windows 11 broke from the semi-annual update cadence of Windows 10 in favor of a single annual update. Thats just like MacOS. Microsoft is committed to supporting Windows 10 through 2025, and it recently announced that Windows 10 will only get once-a-year updates as well. The next update is scheduled for release in November 2022.

If you really want the latest and greatest version of Windows, then Windows 11 is where you want to be. You might also want to update to Windows 11 if you want the most secure version of Windows. Microsoft has talked a lot about how Windows 11 is secure due to TPM 2.0 requirements, as well as Secure Boot.

If youve made up your mind and want to learn more, check out our full, in-depth Windows 11 review.

Editors’ Recommendations

Online Services And Functionality

Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edge, a new default web browser. It initially featured a new standards-compliant rendering engine derived from Trident, and also includes annotation tools and integration with other Microsoft platforms present within Windows 10. Internet Explorer 11 is maintained on Windows 10 for compatibility purposes, but is deprecated in favor of Edge and will no longer be actively developed. In January 2020, the initial version of Edge was succeeded by a new iteration derived from the Chromium project and the Blink layout engine and the old Edge based on EdgeHTML is now called Microsoft Edge Legacy. The legacy version of Edge is currently being replaced by the new Chromium-based Edge via Windows Update, though this version can also be downloaded manually. Every Windows 10 version from 20H2, which was released on October 20, 2020, will come with the new version of the browser preinstalled. The Windows 10 October 2020 update added a price comparison tool to the Edge browser.

Universal calling and messaging apps for Windows 10 are built in as of the November 2015 update: Messaging, Skype Video, and Phone. These offer built-in alternatives to the Skype download and sync with Windows 10 Mobile.

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Workaround Method To Run The Upgrade Installer

When you are ready, you have to run the installer application. Follow these steps to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10:

1. To upgrade the system, a window will open up on the screen. Choose an option of Upgrade this PC now and then, on Next. The tool will download the installation files.

2. When the files will be downloaded and unpacked, it will be asking you to accept terms and license. Hit on Accept and the tool will do the last update check

3. The installer will automatically select the option to keep all the personal files and installed applications safely in a place. If you want to alter it, hit on the option Change what to keep

4. If you have selected Change What to keep, a screen will open that lets you make a choice between different options, which include:

  • Keep Personal Files and Apps: It will retain all files, folders, and installed applications. It will be the same as the default option given by the tool
  • Keep Personal Files Only: Here, only files will be backed up and all the applications will be removed
  • Nothing: All the personal files, installed applications, and Windows settings will be removed. Instead of selecting this option, users have to perform a clean install.

5. Select the desired alternative and hit on Next button to continue to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10. You will return to the main screen. Then, on the Install button

You Can Still Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

How to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 | Dell Support

If you are using Windows 7, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free. All you need is a valid Windows 7 key, and you can install a properly licensed, activated version of Windows 10.

We encourage you to take advantage of this before Microsoft ends support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Upgrading to Windows 10 means your PC will continue getting security updates. Without upgrading, only businesses that pay for pricey support contracts can keep getting updates.

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How To Download Windows 11 Iso To Install Windows 11 For Free

Are you interested in a free, fast and simple method to get Windows 11 free upgrade from Windows 10? EaseUS Win11builder can help achieve the goal. It saves your time by directly offering the downloadable ISO image for you so you can start with one click. Follow the below guide to download and install Windows 10 without any hassle.

Step 1. The Win11 builder is integrated with the EaseUS OS2Go software. Click the download button and launch the program after installation.

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You have two options on the download page: Run the installer directly from the site or and restart the patient computer with a USB key created with that plugged in. The upgrade process thankfully retains your programs and data files, but you can choose to only retain data or to keep nothing. I recommend upgrading using the USB method, which works in more cases.

If the installation process asks you to enter a license key that you don’t have, you can head to the store site linked above and purchase a license. A Windows 10 Home license costs $139 Pro costs $199.99. You’ll only need the latter if you need to run virtual machines, BitLocker encryption, and to connect to a corporate network domain. The Windows 10 Pro for Workstations option is only of interest to those running special corporate hardware and not typical consumer desktops or laptops.

Shopping around for lower-cost license keys may save you a little bit of money. I found Windows 10 license keys for $10 less at major online retailers. You’ll also see OEM versions, but those don’t include support from Microsoft .

Once you’re up and running with a contemporary operating system, you can read up on how to use in on A few of our help articles include How to Set Up a VPN in Windows 10, How to Sync Your Phone With Windows 10, and How to Take Screenshots in Windows.

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Check Windows Update Utility Manually

Windows Update is a Microsoft service for the Windows operating system, which automates downloading and installing software updates over the Internet. The service delivers software updates for Windows, as well as the various Microsoft antivirus products, including Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials.

If Windows 10 wont update, you can try to check whether the Windows Update Utility is working. Then we will introduce how to check Windows Update Utility.

Step 1: Launch Settings app from the Windows 10 Start Menu or press Windows Key + I key together and click Update & Security.

Step 2: You will see the following popup window. If there’s something wrong and Windows knows what it is then you can find details here. Thus you need to click Fix issues and Windows Update utility will help to finish updating automatically.

Step 3: You can also click the Advanced options to know more information. It is recommended to choose Automatic.

After all steps have been finished, you can try to restart our computers and check whether the problem Windows wont download updates is solved.

Devices Running Windows 10 And 11 Can Take Up To Eight Hours To Fully Download And Apply Software Updates According To A New Report From Microsoft

Windows 10 In

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said some devices need up to eight hours of time connected to the internet to update the story has been revised based on updated information from Microsoft.

Windows devices that arent connected to the internet for up to six hours at a time are “very unlikely” to successfully update fully and properly, a recent Microsoft investigation revealed.

Microsoft program manager David Guyer wrote in a recent blog post that devices need a minimum of two continuous connected hours, and six total connected hours to install quality and feature updates.

This allows for a successful download and background installations that are able to restart or resume once a device is active and connected, Guyer wrote.

Nearly a week after the blog was first posted, Guyer answered some pointed questions in a comment thread, explaining that the majority of updates from start to finish can take less than an hour.

“The six ‘total connected hours’ I cited in this post are based on studies that include devices that are infrequently used, often only online for a few minutes across multiple hours, have intermittent connectivity, and are often running on battery power,” Guyer wrote. “Some parts of the update process can restart where they left off, like the downloads. Others need to restart from the beginning if the device shuts down. So these are both taken into account in the criteria.


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Back Up Before Upgrading

Before you get started, we recommend you back up your files. The upgrade process shouldnt erase your files unless you choose to erase them, but its always a good idea to have a current backupespecially when youre performing a major operating system upgrade.

We also encourage you to find your Windows 7 key, just in case you need it. This key may be printed on a sticker on your PCs case or on your laptop. If you installed Windows 7 or Windows 8 yourself, youll want to find the license key you purchased.

If your PC doesnt have a sticker, you can always use a tool like NirSofts ProduKey to find the license key currently in use on your PC.

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How To Get Windows 10

The official way to get Windows 10 is from Microsoft’s online store. Before paying on that site, however, you could try going straight to the and try upgrading without buying a new license.

As is the case with any OS installation, it’s a great idea to back up your data before taking the plunge. You can either choose one of our favorite third-party backup software options, an online backup solution, or Windows’ built-in backup capabilities .

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Perform A Clean Install For Windows Vista Upgrade

As mentioned above, you can only upgrade to Windows 10 from Vista by doing a clean install.

Create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive

Before you do, please prepare a USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage so that you can use it to create a bootable USB drive. The USB drive will be erased during the bootable drive creation process, thus, make sure no important data is saved in it.

Since Windows Vista is too old, many tools cannot be used on Vista, for example, Media Creation Tool. Once you open this tool, you will receive the error MediaCreationTool.exe is not a valid Win32 application. To create the bootable drive successfully, you have to use this tool on another computer running Windows 7/8.1/10.


If you still want to create the Windows 10 bootable drive in Vista, please download a Windows 10 iso from the website and use a free iso burning tool like UNetbootin to burn the iso file to your USB flash drive. Just choose the iso file and your USB drive to start burning.

Clean Install

Now, it is time to install Windows 10 on your machine that is running Vista. Follow the guide below

1. Restart your computer and then press a specific key to enter BIOS.


2. In BIOS, go to configure the PC to boot from the bootable USB flash drive.

3. Configure the language, time and currency format and keyboard.

4. In the new window, click Install now.

Tip: Tip:

Can My Computer Run Windows 10

How to update your Windows 10 PC to the latest Windows 10 version

To get a definitive answer if your current computer can handle Windows 10, you need to run the Get Windows 10 app. You know, that annoying icon that just started showing up a few weeks ago. Click the Windows flag icon you see on the system tray.

If you dont see the Get Windows 10 app icon, read our article: How to Make the Windows 10 Upgrade Icon Show Up.

By the way, if you want to remove the GWX icon after youve reserved your copy, or are just annoyed by it, it can be deleted.

When it launches, click the hamburger menu in the upper-left corner.

That gives you more options to learn more about the upgrade, and it also will scan your computer and let you know if it can run Windows 10 and what is or isnt compatible.

Click the Check your PC link below Getting the upgrade to start the scan.

After youve run the utility, you will see a new message Your PC is ready.

In the example below, everything on my main computer is ready for the upgrade.

But if there is an issue with one of your components or software apps, that will be listed, and you can look into it further.

If you have other questions or concerns about the upgrade, check out our article: Your Windows 10 Questions Answered.

Are you ready for the Windows 10 upgrade? Leave a comment below and let us know, or for a more in-depth conversation about it, check out the Windows 10 Forums.

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Why Wont My Computer Perform A System Restore

If Windows is not working properly due to hardware driver errors or faulty applications or startup scripts, Windows System Restore may not work properly when running the operating system in normal mode. Therefore, you may need to start the computer in Safe Mode and then attempt to run Windows System Restore.

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