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Can I Use Snapchat On My Laptop

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How To Get Snapchat On Pc: Windows And Mac

How to run Snapchat on your computer – Tutorial (2018)


Snapchat is one of the most popular apps, be it on Android or iOS. The ability to create Snapchat Streaks and send them to different friends is something we can never get tired of, and this gives us all the more reason to stick to the photo-sharing app.

While Facebook-owned apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram have their respective web versions, the Snapchat web sadly doesnt exist. But dont worry, I have got you covered and this time I will tell you how to get Snapchat on PC, both for Windows and Mac.

Before we take a look at the steps you need to follow to use Snapchat on PC, lets first get to know Snapchat a bit:

How Do I Get Snapchat On My Computer 2020

Method 1: Download Snapchat for PC using BlueStacks

  • Go to com/download and select the green Download BlueStacks to get the installer.
  • Double-tap on the .exe file that should appear in the Downloads folder of your PC.
  • An installation window will soon appear.
  • On completion, BlueStacks will open automatically.
  • How To Use Snapchat On The Pc Without Emulator

    Snapchat doesnât offer any version for desktop computers. You only can create an account using a smartphone app for Android and iOS. However, it is now possible to use Snapchat on PC with the convenience of MirrorGo by Wondershare. The application allows you to mirror your Android or iPhone device on the big screen of your computer. It is available on all the active versions of Windows PC.


    If you have installed MirrorGo on your computer and do not know where to start, then follow the step-by-step guide below to learn the procedure.

    Step 1: Launch MirrorGo on your PC

    Double click on the appâs icon and run it. While the program loads on your PC, connect the phone using the connector cable. If you are using an iPhone, ensure that both devices are connected to the same network.

    Step 2: Enable the Developer Mode/Developer Option on Android

    Tap on your Android phone settings and press the build number 7 times to enable the Developer Mode. MirrorGo will show you how to switch on the Debugging option.

    In the case of the iPhone, only tap on the MirrorGo under the Screen Mirroring option.

    Step 3: Open Snapchat on your PC

    Now, you will be able to see the phoneâs main screen through MirrorGo on the PC. Access Snapchat and start viewing or sending snaps to your mates.

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    How To Use Snapchat On Pc Install Snapchat For Windows 10/8/7

    SnapChat is one of the leading utilized apps on smartphones nowadays. The reason is its cool features. This app will never let you bore. SnapChat is an app that allows you to share your photos, videos, and snaps with other people including your friends and family members. You can add contacts in your SnapChat, and you will be able to see the people of your contacts on SnapChat. But did you know that you can use SnapChat on PC? If you are among the people who didnt know that, read the steps below to see how to install SnapChat for Windows.

    The best feature of SnapChat is its characteristics. You can take your snaps using the camera and post it to the SnapChat. You can not only take photos and videos, but you can also add filters, you can change the image surroundings, and you can add some funny stuff in your snaps as well. Thats the only reason why SnapChat is a widely used app.

    How Do I Uninstall Bluestacks

    How to get snapchat on windows laptop!

    So the steps are:

  • Step 1: Uninstall BlueStacks from the Control Panel as we uninstall other programs.
  • Step 2: Then navigate to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and features and Select BlueStacks and click uninstall and follow the on-screen options to uninstall BlueStacks.
  • Step 4: Delete BlueStacksSetup folder from there.
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    How Can I Get Snapchat On My Pc Bluestacks

    Open My Apps tab on BlueStack and click on Install APK. Search for Snapchat APK and click on it to install. Once the installation is finished, you will be able to find Snapchat in My Apps tab of Bluestacks home screen. Click on Snapchat and you are ready to use it.

    Websites And Softwares That Can Help You Use Snapchat On Your Computer Or Browser Are These Sites Trustworthy Or Not

    Can you log in to Snapchat on a computer? Yes, you can. But when you want to access Snapchat from your browser or computer, you must need an emulator or any other software or the Snapchat online website. Here is a list of those apps and sites that can help you access Snapchat on your computer and browser. Have a look!

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    Snapchat Pc App Features

    Multiple features are integrated into Snapchat making it one of the most popular applications around. These are as follows:

    • Different photo filters are available, which allow the user to click the snap with more graphics.
    • According to the event going on, some of the filters have been integrated, and users can have access to all of them even in a Snapchat pc app.
    • This application allows users to create short videos as well. A short video feature is there, which can also be shared over Snapchat easily.
    • The chats on Snapchat disappear immediately after the user has read it until and unless there are no settings has been done.
    • If you have set it up to disappear after reading them no longer, you will be able to have access to the message sent to you.
    • Endless features are there for making their interface more exciting on the Snapchat pc app.
    • It is compatible with Android and IOS, both the portals. Thankfully there is no need for a user to feel like they need to switch to iOS or Android for using it.
    • It allows people to connect with people globally. It doesnt matter whether you know the person personally or not, but with your Snapchat id.
    • This Snapchat PC application allows you to track the location of an individual as well.
    • You can easily get an idea about the last location where an individual has used the account.

    So what are you waiting for? Get Snapchat immediately on your device and start making friends there.

    All The Best Features Of Snapchat Can Also Be Enjoyed On Desktop

    Working snapchat on PC 2021

    ByChristopher Minasians, Contributor| 31 Jan 2020

    It might play second fiddle to Instagram and more recently TikTok in the popularity stakes, but Snapchat is still a hugely popular platform in its own right.

    Recent estimates suggest more than 200 million people still use the service every day, be it messaging friends, posting to their stories or catching up on all the celebrity gossip.

    The beauty of Snapchat is the limitation on how long pictures can be viewed for, while it was the pioneer of stories that disappeared after 24 hours.

    The mobile app has over 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone, but what about if you want access on desktop? Now, software called Bluestacks means this is possible on Windows PCs. Here’s how it’s done

    If you’re on Mac, see the guide on our sister website Macworld.

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    Do Snapchat Pictures Really Disappear 2018

    The beauty of Snapchat, a popular photo-sharing app, is that photos disappear moments after picture messages are sent. They can never be resurfaced by the sender, and the recipient cant view the image for more than a few seconds before it self-destructs. But apparently Snapchat doesnt actually delete the photos.

    How To Run Snapchat On A Laptop

    For the smooth usage of Snapchat on a laptop, you need to download the emulator Bluestacks. When it is done, this will allow you access through which you can download the app and enjoy it while using a laptop or PC.

    • First, you will go into the setting of your laptop and allow the access of third-party from the security log.
    • Then, go to the browser and search for the Bluestacks file to download it.
    • When you have found it, click the download button.
    • Once it is done, you will have to install it on your laptop. This might take a few minutes since installing a setup take time.
    • When the installation is done, you can run it.
    • Now again go to the play store through the browser and search for Snapchat.
    • When you have found it, then download it.
    • It will appear on the home screen.
    • Log in the details, and you are all set.
    • Start sharing your pictures and put amazing filters on them.

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    How To Use Snapchat Online Can You Login To Snapchat Without The App

    When you want to log into Snapchat online, go to the website of Snapchat at first. Then enter the email id that you provided to your Snapchat account. Enter password. Now you are logged in to Snapchat online.

    Now let me answer the question that is left unanswered to date, can you log into Snapchat without an app? look down your answer is right here!

    You can log into Snapchat by using Manymo. You dont need to download it. Dont worry it wont harm your computer anyhow. No improper file will infect your computer as a consequence.

    • You will get a Snapchat apk file on the web. You can download it for free. Numerous sites host the data. A few third-party application stores such as Vidmate and 9apps let you download the apk file.
    • Manymo lets the users create a trial account for free. I suggest you get the free version until and unless you understand the usage of Manymo correctly.
    • Now Manymo is your go-to for uploading the Snapchat apk file. It barely takes a long time. This app has the fantastic feature of being uploaded automatically.
    • This procedure is workable for all kinds of resolutions. So, enjoy effortless snap-chatting from now on!

    Enjoy Snapchat On Pc With Some Restrictions

    Best ways to download and use snapchat on pc In 2021 ...

    So those are the few ways you can install Snapchat on PC. We have included a working method, but keep in mind, it comes with a major issue, and if you dont have the expertise to deal with such an application, then you are better off not installing it. Having said that, you can give a try to other Android emulators that I have mentioned above. Anyway, that is all from us. If you are facing any issues then do comment down below and let us know. We will definitely try to help you out.

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    How To Download And Play Snapchat App On Pc

    • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

    • Look for Snapchat app in the search bar at the top right corner

    • Complete Google sign-in to install Snapchat app

    The first step to be able to use Snapchat on PC is to download the free Bluestacks Android Emulator, which is easy to do by clicking the links at the top and bottom of this page. Once you choose your operating system, the install wizard takes control and does most of the work for you. After installation of the the free Bluestacks PC app is complete, click the search icon to quickly search the Google Play store for any app, including Snapchat. Click install and you are ready to start chatting!

    Create your account and you can instantly see the benefits of using Snapchat on your PC and Mac versus your little smartphone. The crisp and clear text is easy to read, and the pictures are clearer and easier to view. Organize your contacts quickly using your mouse instead of your touch screen. Take and send better pictures using your computers camera.

    How To Use Snapchat From Pc Using Bluestacks

    Android simulation market is taken over by Bluestacks because millions of Bloggers, Professional people, and individuals promoted it. Of course, Bluestacks requires a high-end machine to run multiple apps and services smoothly. Since we are focusing on installing Snapchat only, so it doesnt consume a lot of resources.

    • I am going to download and install Bluestacks along with you.
    • The traditional installation process does not require additional instruction, so go ahead and install it. The installation size might exceed above 1 GB, so make sure to create enough space in C: or you can change the installation location.
    • I recommend the readers to download Snapchat on APKPURE because you need to login to Google account.
    • The advanced simulators provide drag & drop feature, and you can install an application using it.
    • In case, if you want to sign-in to Google account, and then click on App Center located the bottom of the main screen.
    • Type Snapchat in the search bar, and then hit enter to proceed.
    • A small window will show up on the screen asking the administrator to add credentials and login to the play store.
    • Now, the simulator engine will automatically redirect to the download option and then click to install it.
    • After successful installation, you can access the services without restrictions.

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    How To Use Snapchat On Your Pc In 2021

    BlueStacks is a free android emulator that allows you to use Snapchat efficiently with all the features of the app in on your desktop computer. The purpose of BlueStacks is to enable all third party android based apps to be used, even simultaneously. It is one of the only and best applications for users who want to run their mobile apps on the big screen and without any lag.

    Here are the steps needed to download and install Snapchat on your PC:

  • Download BlueStacks from their official website at
  • Once downloaded, complete the installation process and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • After installation, go through the initial android operating system set-up.
  • During the set-up process, you will be prompted to link your Google account. You can safely sync BlueStacks with the Google account that you normally use on your phone, but feel free to make a new one if you wish.
  • Once the set-up has finished, the next step is to download the Snapchat APK file, in order to download Snapchat on your computer. Thankfully Snapchat being an official app, you can find it straight through BlueStacks by opening up the Google PlayStore.
  • Once downloaded, go to the My Apps tab and click on Install APK.
  • Look for the Snapchat APK and install it.
  • Once installed, you can find Snapchat on the My Apps tab within BlueStacks.
  • How Do I Install Snapchat On Windows 10

    How to get Snapchat on PC and Laptop (Updated 2021)

    Steps to download and install Snapchat

  • Open your Bluestacks application and browse to its Play Store, that is your Google Play Store. At the Play Store, search for Snapchat on the Play Store.
  • Go to the Bluestacks icon My Apps.
  • Return to Bluestacks icon My App and confirm that the Snapchat icon is available.
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    How To Use Snapchat On Windows Pc Or Laptop: How To Install Bluestacks On Windows

    Getting Bluestacks to work on your computer is very simple, just and run the installer and you’ll now have the emulator installed.

    Go through the setup process and link the Bluestacks application to your Google account which you will need when setting up any Android device. You might have to be patient while it goes through the setup procedures,, but the Play Store should show up on the home screen.

    Then, just navigate like normal and download Snapchat. The slightly unorthodox layout might take a bit of getting used to, but all the regular functionality should be there.

    How To Install Snapchat For Pc

    There are 3 methods to install Snapchat on your PC Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac.

    Method 1: Install Snapchat on PC using BlueStacks

    • First of all, You need to on your PC from the given link below.
    • Double click on the file you downloaded to install BlueStacks Android Emulator on your PC .
    • It will launch a setup wizard. Just follow on-screen instructions and installation will be done in a few minutes.
    • Once it is installed. Click on the BlueStacks icon on your desktop to launch the Emulator.
    • Open Google Play Store and Type Snapchat in the search bar.
    • Find the Snapchat app from appeared search results and Click on Install.
    • It will take a few seconds to install Snapchat on your PC .
    • After successfully installed click on Snapchat from the BlueStacks home screen to start using it.

    Method 2: Install Snapchat on PC using LDPlayer

    • Install LDPlayer Emulator on your PC.
    • Open the Google Play Store and sign in.
    • Tap on search and type Snapchat.
    • After the result click on install. It will take some minutes to install.
    • Now you are ready to use Snapchat on your PC.

    Method 3: Install Snapchat on PC using NoxPlayer

    • First of all, You need to on your PC from the given link below.
    • Install NoxPlayer Android Emulator on your PC .
    • Open NoxPlayer Android Emulator.
    • Open Google Play Store and Type Snapchat in the search bar.
    • Find the Snapchat app from appeared search results and Click on Install.
    • After installed click on Snapchat from the home screen to start using it.

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    S To Download And Install Snapchat On Pc

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Complete the Google login to access the Play Store, or do it later.
  • Search for Snapchat in the search bar in the upper right corner and install it.
  • Complete the Google login to install Snapchat.
  • Click on the Snapchat icon on the Bluestacks home screen to start the app.
    • Title: BlueStacks App Player 5.0
    • File name: BlueStacksInstaller_5.0.220.1003_native.exe
    • File size: 1.1MB
    • Requeriments: Windows 7, Windows 8, de Windows 10, Windows 11 or macOS
    • Languages: Multiple languages

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