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Can You Buy Replacement Keys For Laptops

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How To Repair A Laptop Key

How To Fix – HP Laptop Key Replacement / Repair for Small Normal Sized Letter Function F Arrow Keys

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This wikiHow teaches you how to attempt to fix an unresponsive keyboard key. If cleaning the key’s slot and re-seating the key doesn’t fix your key’s problems, you may need to replace the key altogether.

Keyboard Replacement Keys The Pocket

Not all keyboard replacement keys are created equal. Each of them is unique in design and conforms to the specifications of different laptop models. Thats why, one of the first things that you should check for with these replacement keys is their compatibility with the specifications of your laptop. The good-quality keyboard replacement keys also always come with certification of their authenticity, and a statement of their compatibility. Its always wise to check this out if you want to get your moneys worth.

Once youve gotten yourself keyboard replacement keys that are compatible with your laptop, the rest is pretty simple. To get down to business, you have to first carefully remove the old damaged keyboard and then fix the new keyboard. No fuss, no mess.

Is It Better To Purchase Single Keys Or Replace An Entire Keyboard

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While we do what we can to protect our laptops, there are times when the keyboards get damaged no matter what precautions we take. Is it better to only replace the keys you need or the entire keyboard? Todays SuperUser Q& A post has some helpful advice regarding a readers keyboard woes.

Todays Question & Answer session comes to us courtesy of SuperUsera subdivision of Stack Exchange, a community-driven grouping of Q& A web sites.

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Laptop Replacement Keys Installs The Right Type Of Hardware

If you own a laptop computer, one of the most important parts of your machine is its keyboard and if it gets malfunctioned, then replacing laptop replacement keys becomes very important. Laptops are designed to perform a wide range of functions and these function keys can become damaged, misplaced or cut off due to mis-use, mishandling or even accidental pulling from its side. At this point, you need to look out for laptop key parts that can help you get back to work as soon as possible. There are several ways you can source the replacement parts you require such as:

In case you need laptop replacement keys for a regular basis, then it would be better to get them from a key repair kits. Key repair kits come in various shapes, sizes and forms which mean you can actually find a pair or a set that will fit your machine perfectly. They also come with different brands, so it is always best to choose a product that has a proven track record when it comes to quality. In addition to that, they are not really expensive as compared to laptop keyboards and other parts for that matter. If you are not sure whether a particular brand fits your machine or not, you can do some research over the Internet to know more about the qualities and the features of different brands of key repair kits.

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Who Do I Contact To Get Replacement Keys For My Laptop

HP Pavilion 17

Can anyone please tell me where I can get replacement keys for my laptop? I need to replace the S and the D keys ASAP!

Thank you

Replacement key “tops” are not available from Dell, only a complete replacement keyboard.

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Contact Local Repair Shop

Local computer repair shops often replace and fix keyboards on laptops. They may have spare broken keyboards that they’d be willing to let you have or use for spare keys. Additionally, many keyboards and other spare parts are sold on eBay and other auction sites, check these pages for replacements.

If this is a laptop key, keycap, or key component, make sure you’re getting a key or keyboard that is compatible with your model of laptop. There are many different laptop keyboards and they are not all compatible.

Keyboard Replacement Keys Price List

  • Laptrix Keyboard No Frame Compatible with 5755 5755G 5830 5830G 5830T 5830TG V3-551 V3-531 V3-571 V3-771 V3-772 E1-522 E1-530 E1-532 E1-570 E1-771 E5-511 ES1-512, Gateway NV55S NV57H Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 643
  • WISTAR 25010823 25-010793 MP-10A33US-686 V-117020AS1-US Keyboard Replacement with Frame for IBM LenovoIdeapad G570 Z560 Z560A Z560G G575 G780 G770 Z565 Series Laptop/Notebook Black US Layout Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 693
  • WISTAR Laptop Keyboard Compatible for HP Pavilion G6-1000 G4-1000 CQ43 CQ58 431 435 430 630 630S CQ57 G4 G6 G4-1022Tu Lq377Pa Series Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 648
  • WISTAR DELL Inspiron 3442 3441 3443 3446 5447 14 3000 PK1313P4A00 Laptop Keyboard Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 647
  • WISTAR P/N T6G1-US 25214785 25214725 25214798 NSK-BQ0SN PK130TH2A19 PK130TH2A00 PK1314K2A00 9Z.NB4SN.001 13Q13US-686 G50-70m Keyboard for Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement with Frame for Lenovo LdeaPad Flex 2 15 B50 B50-30 B50-45 B50-70 B50-80 B51-80 G50 G50-30 G50-45 G50-70 G50-80 G50-75 Z50 US Layout Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 642
  • WISTAR for Lenovo Ideapad G50-30 G50-45 G50-80 G50-70 G50-75 B50-30 G50-70m Z50-70 Z50-75 Z70-80 with BACKLITE Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 1549
  • DELL Laptop Keyboard for Inspiron 15 3000 5000 3541 3542 3543 3551 3558 5542 5545 5547 5558 5559 PN: JYP58 US INTL Laptop Keyboard Replacement KeyRs. 1149
  • Rs. 645
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    Quick Repair Of A Damaged Keyboard Keys

    Damaged keys make work more difficult, and lost keys can completely prevent the proper use of our home or company equipment. Thanks to, you do not need to replace the entire keyboard to resolve the issue. You can replace individual laptop keys or replace a missing key using our replacement set. Replacing keys for keyboard and hinges is simple and can be done at home. By repairing the keys yourself, you will save time and money.

    If you are not sure how to install the keys or individual elements received from us, click on the link to the installation video which can be found next to the selected keyboard. It will demonstrate step by step how to repair the damaged components, making it much easier to replace the elements of your keyboard keys .

    All of our free installation videos are available on our website in the information section at the bottom of the page “Installation videos” and on our channel.

    Using A Security Key To Protect Your Online Accounts

    How to replace keys on a laptop

    Security keys work with hundreds of online account services, including Googles Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. The setup process for each will vary slightly, but in each case, youll need to research how to set up two-factor authentication and follow the provided instructions. Once youve successfully registered your security key as a second-factor device for your login, here is how logins work:

  • Enter your username and password, as always. This part stays the same, but its still important to remember the best practices of passwords: never use the same password on more than one account use a random string of letters, numbers, and characters as your password whenever possible and change all of your passwords regularly.

  • Insert your security key into an open USB port. Any open port on your computer will do.

  • Tap the security key to confirm your access request. Each security key has a physical sensor thats waiting for you to tap it in order to get access. By tapping your security key, youre essentially saying, Yes, I confirm this is me.

  • Thats it! With a security key, youve got an added layer of security people with your password wont be able to get in and the only extra step is a single tap.

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    Preparing To Repair Or Replace A Key

  • 1Gather your repair equipment. In order to attempt to repair a key on your laptop’s keyboard, you’ll need the following items:
  • Prying item – Something plastic, such as a credit card or a spudger, is best you can use a butter knife or a flathead screwdriver in a pinch.
  • Q-tip – Used to clean grit and dust from the area surrounding the key.
  • Toothpick – Used to clean grooves around the key.
  • Tweezers – Used to pull away pieces of the key carriage. Not necessary for all computers, but helpful.
  • A container – Used to store the pieces of the key while you make the repairs. You can use a bowl, a plastic bag, or any similar such item here.
  • 2Know the anatomy of a key. Most keyboard keys are comprised of three parts: the key cap , the key carriage , and the key pad .
  • Most MacBook keys don’t have the rubber key pad.
  • Many computers’ key carriages are comprised of two or more pieces of plastic that nest together.
  • 3Find a clean workspace. It’s best to find a flat, clean, indoor area, such as a kitchen table or a counter, on which to perform your repairs.
  • 4Turn off and unplug your computer. Make sure that your computer is off and not plugged into a power source when your go to remove a key.
  • You may want to remove the computer’s battery as well, if possible.
  • How To Find Your Laptop Key

    1. Find the Model #

    The model number can usually be found on the bottom of your laptop, LCD monitor or touch pad

    2. Use relevant keywords

    If you have an IBM T42, enter T42 as your search term. If no results have come up for your full Model Number IE: DV4-2145dx, try inputting the short version “DV4”.

    3. Search results

    If the search results is not an exact match, but very similar, feel free to browse the similar keyboard type. If the keyboard and hinges look the same, it should work just fine.

    4. Search for hinges

    If you still cannot find your model, we still may be able to fix your laptop keyboard. If you still have your original keycap, but need the hinges and/or rubber cup, you can view our HINGES ONLY Section. In this section we sell the Hinges and Rubber cups only.

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    Welcome To Quikfix Laptop Keyboard Keys

    Does your laptop have missing or worn out keys? You dont have to change the entire keyboard! Yes, you can easily replace your missing keys with our genuine OEM replacement kits without sending your laptop away for costly repairs or voiding your warranty! All of our products include free document and video tutorials to help you easily install your new replacement keys!

    As one of the largest global suppliers of replacement laptop keyboard keys, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service and products available on the market at a fraction of the competitors price! Looking for a specific model? Use our search tool to quickly and easily find what youre looking for!

    We currently support thousands of popular models such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, Razer, MSI and more!

    You can buy with confidence, as weve helped to repair over 150,000 keyboards and counting!

    If you are unable to locate a specific product, feel free to Contact Us and we will work with you to find the correct parts!

    Our warehouse consists of an extensive inventory of over 3,000,000 individual keys that cover 50,000+ laptop models! Were always adding new products to keep up with todays rapidly changing keyboard technology to assure our customers always have access to the parts they need!

    Chad R.

    Justin N.

    Great stuff got the key I need to fix it only complain is shipping should not cost more than the key itself but whatev it worked so all good

    About Us

    If You Need A Keyboard Or Palmrest For Your Laptop

    How to fix a faulty or disabled touchpad on your Windows ...

    We also sell whole keyboards and palmrests for laptops, both new and used at very low prices. Our keyboard are available in many language layouts: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Scandinavian, Greek, Portuguese, Czech, Hebrew, Arabic, and many more. Write a message which laptop model you have and what language layout you need, we will reply as soon as possible.

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    A Broken Or Lost Laptop Key Is Often The Result Of Mechanical Damage Such As: Rough Cleaning Of The Keyboard Accidental Damage When Playing Games A Manufacturing Defect Or Can Also Be Caused By Children Or Pets we are selling laptop keyboards, keys for keyboard for replacement of your faulty keyboard keys, retainer clips, trackpoints , cleaning products for laptops , and sets of tools for replacing keyboards and keys. Our product range includes keyboard keys for various laptops, netbooks, notebooks, palmtops, tablets, desktop computers, as well as wired and wireless keyboards . If your keyboard has damaged or missing keys,retainer clips/ hooks, or mechanical switches , then you can find the solution to your problem among our range of products.

    What Our Clients Say

    Proud to say with your help of the video and written instruction, I have my new keyboard working well! Not your average native techie here, but retired lady of 66. Thanks for your help in making me courageous enough to attempt the change. – Pam


    I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know I received the replacement keyboard today. Fits perfect! Great experience doing business with your Company. – Martin

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    Laptop Keys Are Easy To Replace

    Did you know that single keys can be replaced? Just because your keyboard has a broken or missing key does not mean that you have to replace the entire keyboard. In fact, it is cheaper and faster to replace just the keys that are damaged. Many laptop repair professionals charge over $100 just because you have a damaged key. We provide a solution for under $5. is a laptop keys replacement company. Our main offerings include: Apple replacement keys, Compaq laptop keys, Dell keys, Gateway keyboard keys, Toshiba keys replacements and many more!

    We supply replacement laptop keys and laptop buttons. All orders are shipped within 24 hours and most the same day. Full laptop key replacement kit will include the following items: the key cap , rubber spring cup, plastic retainer clip, and a free video installation guide.

    We offer free video illustrated guides to show you step by step how to replace your damaged or missing laptop keyboard key button. Simply click on the “Installation Guides” link at the bottom of the page and select your make, series and model to see the installation video that is right for you.

    1) We offer a great selection of laptop replacement keys at a very reasonable price. In fact, our prices are lower than any of our competitors’ replacement laptop keys.

    2) Our products are always top notch and original replacement laptop keys from the manufacturer, not cheap imitations or blank key caps.

    Buy Keyboard Replacement Keys Online And Enjoy A Convenient Shopping Experience

    How to replace a Laptop Keyboard! Do it like a pro!

    Not all of us have the luxury to go out shopping. Even if we do, wed rather spend it at home than deal with endless traffic and unnecessary interaction with strangers. But certain things like replacing the keys on ones laptop requires attention. Whats one to do then? The answer is simple, buy laptop replacement keys online.

    Thanks to online shopping, you can now check out replacement keys for your laptop from leading brands such as Exilient, PLS, Rega IT, and Vikreta, compare their prices in India, check for their compatibility and their specifications, and even read reviews about them. Product filters that categorise these keys under neat sections based on their type, price, and compatibility make your shopping experience smooth and quick. If you want to enjoy more perks, what you can do is download the mobile apps of these shopping sites. Thanks to these shopping portals, you can fulfil all your shopping needs even when youre travelling or when youre out and about your work.

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    Find Macbook Replacement Keys By Family

    We stock replacement keys for Apple MacBook Pros manufactured between 2009 and 2021. Over the years, Apple has gone through many iterations of their keyboards from using a scissor switch mechanism, to butterfly mechanisms and then eventually back to scissor switch mechanisms again.

    Buying Guide For Best Security Keys

    Web security can be a scary thing. As we move more and more of our personal information into the cloud for convenience, it becomes increasingly important to make sure that our data is secure.

    Unfortunately, a password is no longer enough. Sophisticated attacks and unexpected data breaches are so commonplace now that if you want to stay safe, youll need to take additional measures. Thankfully, the web security industry has created a new standard that anyone can use to protect their online accounts from unwanted intrusions: two-factor authentication .

    Two-factor authentication creates another safeguard beyond your password. In a 2FA transaction, after entering your username and password, youre prompted to confirm the access request through a different medium. For example, many banks use SMS-based 2FA, and text you a numeric code to enter to access your account after youve entered your password. In other cases, users can use smartphone apps as a second-factor device, so they can confirm logins with a single tap.

    The most secure form of two-factor authentication is with a separate physical device, and the gadgets dedicated to the task are known as security keys.

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