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Can You Get An External Graphics Card For A Laptop

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Is It Possible To Upgrade A Video Card On A Laptop

How to Setup External Graphics Card on a Laptop for CHEAP !! – eGPU Tutorial

If the video card is not removable, it cannot be updated. This applies to at least 98% of laptops. You can add more RAM or SSD to improve overall performance, but you can’t upgrade the graphics chip directly. Unfortunately, the only way to improve the graphics performance of a typical laptop is to buy a new one.

Is There A Way Around All The Hassle

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Though it sounds impossible to upgrade the already existing graphics processing units, there is a way to use a modern desktop GPU with your laptop for a boost in performance. It is called an external GPU or eGPU, it has its own PCI-E connection & power supply, and you plug it directly into your laptops USB port.

On paper, it sounds like the perfect solution, but exactly how viable are they? Well, theyre more expensive than the GPU alone, and youll never make use of the GPUs full potential. Due to the nature of an external GPU, theyre approximately 10-15% slower than the GPU itself, so the price to performance ratio is quite poor.

In the future, this type of technology could become more viable with faster and better means of transporting data. Thunderbolt 3 currently is the best way of transferring data between the laptop and the external graphics card. Perhaps one day we can eliminate the loss of performance with better data transfer technology

Its worth noting that not all external GPUs offer full compatibility, for example, if you see a Razer eGPU, its likely that it only supports a specific Razer laptop.

Mantiz Mz 03 Saturn Pro Ii Egpu

Best Value eGPU Enclosure for Laptops

Mantix MZ-03 is perfect for higher capacity graphics cards with overclocking capabilities. This one is compatible with laptops running on the operating system either Windows 10 2016 or Mac OS Catalina 10.15.3.

This eGPU features some extreme design features, with fans running only when the temperature spikes over 55 degrees C. It is also compatible with liquid cooling graphics cards users only need to replace the fan with a radiator.

With a power internal power supply of 750 watts, this EGPU is capable of handling the higher requirement of OC cards such as the latest NVIDIA RTX 3090 and this is one of the few eGPU enclosures that can!

To add on the RTX 3090 is the best external graphics cards for laptops now. It comes with the best ray tracing on any graphics card plus a lot more. Run any game at ultra-settings and extreme resolutions without breaking a sweat using the 3090 inside this Mantiz MZ-03.

For around $300, thats a lot of sheer performance available and nearly unbeatable. But we do have an even better eGPU enclosure for the best external graphics cards for laptops.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions: 17.5 inches x 12.2 inches x 10.2 inches | Weight: 10.13 pounds | Hardware Interface: PCI Express x8 | Wattage: 750 watts

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External Video Card For Laptop

How do you replace a video card on a laptop? Disassemble the laptop in a clean, dust-free area to locate and replace the graphics card. Every laptop has a slightly different process for finding and removing a graphics card, but the same basic principles apply regardless of your computer’s manufacturer.

Integrated Graphics Processing Unit

How to Setup Desktop External Graphics Card for Laptop ...

Integrated graphics processing unit , Integrated graphics, , integrated graphics processors or unified memory architecture utilize a portion of a computer’s system RAM rather than dedicated graphics memory. IGPs can be integrated onto the motherboard as part of the chipset, or on the same die with the CPU . On certain motherboards, AMD’s IGPs can use dedicated sideport memory. This is a separate fixed block of high performance memory that is dedicated for use by the GPU. In early 2007, computers with integrated graphics account for about 90% of all PC shipments. They are less costly to implement than dedicated graphics processing, but tend to be less capable. Historically, integrated processing was considered unfit to play 3D games or run graphically intensive programs but could run less intensive programs such as Adobe Flash. Examples of such IGPs would be offerings from SiS and VIA circa 2004. However, modern integrated graphics processors such as AMD Accelerated Processing Unit and Intel HD Graphics are more than capable of handling 2D graphics or low stress 3D graphics.

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Main Types Of Video Cards For A Laptop

Dedicated graphics cards, also known as GPUs, are roughly the same as video cards. Laptops can use external video cards for optimal gaming experiences, as it is challenging to upgrade a graphics card. Video cards are more compatible with desktops because of their size. Most of the time, a mobile or laptop version of that video card occurs, but its less powerful than the desktop version.

GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q Medium Range

NVIDIA and AMD also dominate the video cards market, including external options. Other companies such as Razer, Alienware, and Sonnet have created NVIDIA and AMD graphics card boxes with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility.

NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super is one of the best video cards on the market. The NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super Max-Q is a laptop version of the video card, designed to be sleek and quieter.

To summarize, there are laptop versions of video cards from desktop versions. Also, there are external video card options, also called eGPU. Your laptop must have a compatible port and have a gaming box to hold the video card, as its powered through ThunderBolt 3. The external video card options are NVIDIA and AMD, through an eGPU enclosure from other brands.

Connection Of An External Graphics Card Via A Box

This is probably the easiest way to connect an external card to a laptop PC. Like the Razer Core. The solution comes in the form of a box configured to accommodate the latest graphics cards of the moment. Once the card is installed in this docking station. The connection to the PC is made via a Thunderbolt 3 port.

The advantage of this method is that you will not have to take your computer apart. On the other hand, the price is higher than with a DIY method But you will not have to get your hands dirty!

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The Quick Answer: Just Buy A New Laptop

Im sure this isnt the answer you wanted to hear. Buying a new gaming laptop or any new laptop for that matter is expensive.

But to tell you right off the bat, graphics cards are also expensive. It makes more sense to buy a new laptop with that money. At least your purchase is an entirely new device and not just for one graphics card processor.

If you dont mind the splurge, or if you prefer to stick to your current gaming laptops, the answer to can I upgrade my laptop graphics card? is still a yes.

As long as your laptop doesnt have a specifically dedicated GPU from NVIDIA or AMD, you have to option to use an external graphics card or an external GPU. You can simply plug it into a compatible USB port and thats it.

Heres a sample for your reference:

For integrated graphics cards, you can open up your laptop and replace the graphics card on the motherboard. The question you need to answer is, is the hassle worth it? Thats entirely up to you.

But as per the experts, just buy a new one!

Gigabyte Aorus Rtx 3090 Gaming Box

How to Setup Desktop External Graphics Card for Laptop – eGPU Ultimate Guide

The AORUS RTX 3090 Gaming Box from GIGABYTE includes, as you may have guessed, a built-in GeForce RTX 3090. This is currently the top of the line offering from Nvidia and should be up to just about any gaming task you throw at it for years to come. To top things off, it’s water-cooled with a built-in radiator and fans to keep the 3090 inside running nice and cool. Via its required Thunderbolt 3 connection it also provides up to 100 watts of power delivery, an Ethernet port, dual USB ports, and two HDMI connections, and three DisplayPort connections for displays. This is a truly massive eGPU with a boatload of performance that you’ll likely be able to use for a very long time. If you demand the absolute highest end available, then here it is.

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Can You Upgrade The Graphics Card In An Msi Laptop

MSI manufactures gaming laptop that gives you the best performance in gaming. Using the latest technology in processor and graphics offers 8-10 best graphics card.

MSI usually does not offer any upgrade MSI provides only one update for GT80 & GT80s. All of the enhancements in MSI laptops for graphics will cost you high as all the systems specification, and main hardware functions made for the laptops need accordingly.

Therefore, the answer to you is yes. You can upgrade the Graphics card, but it will cost you high.

An Egpu Sounds Simple But It Can Get A Bit Complicated

Im happy to help, spectral letter-sender. An external graphics card, or eGPU, for short, can come in three different packages: an enclosure that requires you to supply your own graphics card, an enclosure that comes with a replaceable graphics card , and an enclosure that comes with a locked graphics card .

As you can imagine, there can be a pretty big cost difference between these three setups, but not always. For example, consider the Asus ROG XG Station 2: a big, beefy box to house a graphics card you supply for the low price of $780 . This Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Box costs a bit more , but it comes with a graphics card included. This Razer Core X with a Radeon RX 580? $820.

I mention these, as you can probably tell that the external GPU youre looking at comes with a built-in graphics card if its price is astronomical $1,500 on up. Below that, theres no guarantee that what youre viewing comes with a card, by default, or if its an enclosure that requires you to supply the GPU.

Whether an eGPU comes with a card or not should be obvious when youre reading through the enclosures specs and/or description wherever it is youre shopping. If youre unsure, its worth reading some reviews or even visiting the manufacturers websites to confirm that youre buying a box+GPU, not just a box . Otherwise, spending less money on a duller enclosure might allow you to maximise how much you can spend on a great graphics card to stuff in it food for thought.

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Look For Certified Thunderbolt 3 Egfx Solutions

As part of the Thunderbolt 3 certification requirement, we require eGFX device vendors to qualify and maintain compatible PC systems and GPU cards for their devices. For the best user experience always look for:

  • Thunderbolt 3 certified PC systems promoting eGFX
  • Thunderbolt 3 certified eGFX devices: docks and enclosures
  • Check back often for updates to the list below

    Picking Your Power Supply

    Whatâs The Deal With External Graphics Docks? â Techbytes

    Along with your graphics card, youll also need a power supply unit in a DIY eGPU build. There are many reputable brands of PSUs out there, including EVGA, Cooler Master, Corsair, and Seasonic.

    Alternatively, you may only need a power brick similar to what powers your laptop. Take Nvidias GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, which requires 75 watts of power, according to Nvidias specs. Nando advises that your PSU needs about 15 percent more power than what the card requires, meaning a 75-watt card will need at least a 90-watt power supply.

    Thomas Ryan/IDG

    A PC power supply.

    BPlus recommends that anyone with a graphics card requiring more than 220W should use the ATX power option with a standard PC PSU.

    Personally, I just went with a semi-modular Corsair power supply because a standard PSU is so easy to find. PCWorlds guide to picking a PC power supply can help you make smart buying decisions.

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    The 7 Best External Graphics Card For Laptop In 2021

    The perfect alternative to desktop-level performance on your laptop. Check out these external graphics cards tailor-made for eGPUs.

    The only alternative to enjoy the desktop-level performance while having a highly functional lightweight laptop is using an external GPU enclosure.

    eGPUs provide extra graphics processing power much like an external hard drive does for data storage.

    The eGPU doesnt necessarily come with an installed GPU. Instead, these are just a case with the necessary interface to directly cycle the graphics card.

    Whether or not, an eGPU is suitable for your needs, depends only upon the intended purpose. eGPUs are a great option for saving space and turning your regular laptop into a gaming and editing powerhouse.

    Razer Core X Chroma 2020

    Best eGPU Enclosure for Laptops in 2020

    Finding an eGPU powerfulenough to run the best graphics cards for laptops does limit the choices. But if you are willing to spend that bit extra for the best external GPU enclosures for laptops, look no further than the Razer Core X Chroma.

    The latest version of this eGPU is also tuned to be compatible with Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards and AMD Radeon XII GPU cards. As this device supports Thunderbolt 3, it is also easily compatible with MacBooks and other Apple laptops.

    Connectivity with just a single Thunderbolt 3 port provides control over desktop peripherals, Gigabit Ethernet, Chroma RGB lighting.

    Its 650-watt internal power supply leaves you enough room to accommodate even more powerful cards of the future.

    You can take the freedom to overclock the best external graphics cards for laptops today, like the NVIDIARTX 2080 or the AMDRX 5600 XT without crashing or overheating.

    The best part?

    Razer originally redeveloped with Core X Chroma for one very specific graphics card the NVIDIA GeForce Titan V, currently rated as the worlds most powerful graphics card.

    You know youre in the big league if you have this external GPU enclosure for your laptop!

    It is compatible with Mac devices having OS above High Sierra 10.13.4 or later and with Windows laptops running Windows 10 RS5 or later.

    And it looks brilliant while doing it with Razers excellent Chroma RGB lighting. For us, its more than worth it.

    Technical Specifications

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    How To Connect An External Graphics Card To A Laptop

    Your laptop PC no longer holds up in terms of graphics? Interested in playing the latest video games? Or maybe use video editing software, a little too greedy for your configuration in terms of graphics resources? Have you ever heard of external graphics cards? While it is tough to change the GPU of a laptop computer . This process, although still unknown in France, allows, as its name suggests, to connect a third-party graphics card. On one of the input ports of a laptop pc. In this article, we discuss a wide range of existing solutions to Connecting an external graphics card to a laptop?.

  • 2.2 How to connect an eGPU to a laptop PC
  • How To Add A Graphics Card To A Laptop

    Add A Graphics Card To Your Laptop Or Mini PC With This M.2 GPU Dock!

    There is a way to add a graphics card to a laptop, but it’s not for gaming purposes. Strange as it might sound, you can plug one in to a USB port. Doing this gives you an extra graphics output so you can drive an external monitor as well as your laptop’s built-in screen. If your laptop already has a VGA, DisplayPort or HDMI output, adding a USB graphics card means you can drive a third screen: you’re not limited to two displays.

    For example, this StarTech adapter gives your laptop an HDMI output for around £50.

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    What Is An Egpu

    An external GPU is a dedicated box that combines an open PCIe slot, a desktop-style power supply, and a full-sized graphics card that plugs into your laptop. When you do, you have gaming desktop power and connectivity without sacrificing those svelte modern laptop designs.

    This sort of thing has been attempted before, but recently there has been a rise in these products. The high data and video bandwidth in single-cable connections like USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3 has finally enabled the kind of lightning-quick connections needed to offload GPU processing to external hardware, while still relying on a laptops internal motherboard for standard computing. An extra bonus: a lot of external GPUs come with extra USB ports, Ethernet, and more, which means its easy to plug and play with a ton of extra hardware, like multiple monitors or gaming keyboards and mice.

    At the moment, the de facto standard for this high-bandwidth operation is Thunderbolt 3. With a 40 Gbps connection that can handle simultaneous video, audio, data, and an Internet connection, plus up to 100 watts of power on supported hardware, its a single cable that really can do it all. And since it uses the standardized USB-C port , its becoming more adaptable from a pure hardware perspective.

    Nvidia External Graphic Card

    The AORUS game console is an external GPU case, a relatively compact metal case with a transparent mesh that reveals the front of the graphics card. This graphics card comes with the Gigabyte version of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card and the front panel uses LED indicators to keep it cooler.

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    Akitio Node Thunderbolt3 Egpu For Windows

    Akitio is an international company and it’s is headquartered in California, USA.

    This company is not so famous, but they produce a range of external computer gadgets like hard drives, GPU cases, and And the different type of hardware too.

    The black metal of this node reminisces a fully-fledged computer case and has its pros and cons.


    • The Graphics card

    This external GPU does not come with a graphics card included, and it supports almost all graphics card with its powerful 400W PSU.

    When the context is specifically about the compatibility of GPU, the Node fully supports either AMD Radeon or Nvidia GPUs.

    With the combination of excellent power supply and a sufficient amount of space, it allows for maximum flexibility.

    With the only size as a contrary, this external GPU was designed with top-end GPUs in mind.

    • Connectivity

    The connectivity in this external GPU is quite limited, as it provides only a single Thunderbolt 3 port that is used to connect the computer.

    • Portability

    This External GPU is merely massive a far as external GPU cases go.

    It weighs around 15.2 pounds excluding the graphics card that has to be eventually installed in it.

    Akitio incorporated a convenient handle on the upper back of the case to help make the code more portable.

    This feature makes it easier to carry the node no matter how heavy it is.


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