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Can You Make Your Own Laptop

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Can You Build Your Own Laptop? [Answered]

Today, customers are looking for the newest and most unique customization options to individualize their personal computer, and XOTIC PC has the answer. We offer more customization options and services than any other computer company on the market today. Everything from custom lighting and exclusive printed personalized graphics, to custom painting and airbrushing on site within our new facility.

Computer games are loaded with incredible graphics, but the ultimate gaming experience requires the right equipment. When it comes to multiplayer, simulations, or first-person shooters, theres no better way to feel like youre in the middle of the action than with a custom built computer, laptop, or notebook to call your own. XOTIC PC specializes in designing and building notebooks, laptops, and desktop computers to suit any personal sense of style. Game consoles and handheld devices dont stand a fair chance of competing with a tricked-out PC. If you are ready to design your own custom gaming computer, explore our inventory to find the perfect laptop or PC to get started.

What Do You Want To Build

Its easy to get overwhelmed with all the possible variables in a PC build. Do you want to build a PC to save money? Or do you want to reach the highest levels of performance? The common thread with each of these scenarios is the hardware the motherboard, processor , storage , and memory . The guts of the computer have the most impact on your systems performance, while the other components like the case, operating system , monitor, mouse, power supply, and keyboard have a much smaller impact on how the computer runs, though theyre still important.

How Do I Order A Custom

The process of ordering a custom laptop varies by manufacturer. Typically, you start by finding the brand and model type that’s right for you, say, a thin-and-light model or a high-powered workstation.

From there, Lenovo marks its customizable models with messages such as Build your own and buttons that say Customize. Preconfigured models are sometimes identified as Ready to ship and their ordering buttons say simply Add to Cart. Lenovo also maintains easy-to-use lists of all customizable laptops and sale-priced customizable laptops.

The configurator tool lists all the customizable parts and prices. These lists will vary based on the selected product, as not every part of every system is configurable.

Here are some of the most popular configuration categories:

  • Processor: Select a faster CPU for higher performance, or a slower one that meets your basic needs and can cut costs.
  • Operating system: Even if theres just one OS listed, sometimes you can choose between “Home” and “Pro” versions.
  • Display: Keep the standard Full HD display or move up to higher resolution Quad HD or Ultra HD screen.
  • Memory: If youre a big multi-tasker, add RAM so you can run more programs simultaneously.
  • Storage: Retain the standard magnetic hard disk drive or upgrade to a lighter, faster-booting solid-state drive .
  • Graphics: The standard graphics card often can be upgraded for better gaming performance or demanding video editing tasks.

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Install Your Preferred Operating System

You have the option to install a Linux distribution or Microsoft Windows. Linux is free and secure, but you may have difficulty finding applications that support your needs. On the other hand, Windows can run a wider range of computer programs, but costs a lot of money.

Pro-tip: Although most up-to-date operating systems will install your drivers automatically, you may need to install one or two components manually. You can use a disc to install the drivers or download the installer you need online.

Congratulations! You now know the basics of building a custom laptop. If youre stuck on a certain build process or need help choosing a laptop component, dont hesitate to go online and check the forums, subreddits and social media pages for technical support and guidance.

Check That Your Laptop Will Meet The Requirements

Create Your Own Android PC With Phoenix OS

CloudReadys system requirements are very minimal: Just 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, full BIOS access, and manufactured after 2007.

Like Chrome OS, CloudReadys system requirements are very minimal. The laptop must have 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, full BIOS access, and ideally been manufactured after 2007. You will still need to check your CPU model, though, as Neverware says that processors with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500, 600, 3600, or 3650 graphics hardware dont meet CloudReadys performance standards.

Your best-case scenario is to find your laptop on Neverwares list of certified devices, which clearly outlines support for features like a webcam or touchscreen. We lucked out that our test model, a 2013 Lenovo ThinkPad X240, had full feature support across the board.

We lucked out with our test machine, a Lenovo ThinkPad X240: All of its major features are supported.

Note: On the compatibility list, youll see desktop systems like iMacs and NUCs listed as wellso if you have a spare monitor, mouse, and keyboard, you can instead spin up a Chromebox. Systems running integrated graphics work best.

If your laptop meets the hardware requirements but isnt on the certified devices list, dont worry. You can try out CloudReady from the flash drive youll create next, which will allow you to test out how well it works without having to nuke your system.

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Xbox One S Laptop By Ben Heck

Following the tear-down of the comparatively slimline Xbox One S, YouTuber Ben Heck had the parts just laying around. His solution? To convert the Xbox One S into a portable gaming machine—an Xbox laptop, essentially.

Taking the motherboard, Blu-ray drive, PSU, and hard disk drive, the laptop features a 15-inch display, and machined aluminum base.

The project video is lengthy, but you’ll see how Heck made some interesting design choices and moved components around. Also, find out if the finished product is good enough for gaming. Of course, you can’t type on it there are no Xbox word processing apps.

As a productivity device, this is a massive fail—but as a gaming laptop, it’s the ultimate.

Is It Better To Build A Laptop Or Buy One

To answer this question, you must consider three crucial factors: time, skills, and resources.

Do you have the time to spare for doing your homework and searching for the right parts? Is there a good source of laptop parts in your area? Do you have the budget to buy the necessary laptop parts and tools needed to complete this project?

Perhaps, the most critical factor to consider is the technical skill required to put all the parts together.

Unlike its desktop counterpart , putting laptop parts together might need a bit more know-how on tools and devices. For example, do you know when to put the battery in the system safely?

If you got all of the factors ready , then creating a laptop would be a fun project.

However, if you answer one or all of these factors with no, you might want to look for a more manageable project instead. Buying a prebuild laptop might be a better option.

And dont forget about the most important factor: safety.

Although laptops almost have the same parts as desktops, there will always be a glaring difference that inexperienced users might overlook. With this in mind, you might want to get some help from someone who had created a custom laptop before.

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Can You Build A Laptop Computer

Yes, you can make a laptop for gaming and professional use. Even though building your laptop would likely cost you more than buying a new laptop, you can use it for the long term without replacing components frequently.

What Parts Are Needed to Build A Laptop: barebones laptop, processor , memory, hard drive, graphics card, and wireless card.

How To Find Wi

Can You Build Your Own Laptop

Every password you’ve entered and saved on a Mac is stored in the Keychain Access application, the password management system for MacOS. And that includes Wi-Fi network passwords.

To start, use the search feature to open the Keychain Access app and do the following:

1. Click on System under System Keychains in the sidebar.

2. Next, click on Passwords at the top of the window.

3. Find the Wi-Fi network you want the password for and double-click on it.

4. Finally, check the box next to Show password and enter your password when prompted.

The blank password field will then show the password you used to log in to that Wi-Fi network. You can then double-click in the password field to select the password and copy it to your clipboard, if needed.

Video: Quick tips to help speed up your Wi-Fi at home

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Diy Laptop With Cardboard And An Old Tablet

A truly DIY project, this homemade notebook project relies on you owning a 10-inch tablet and a keyboard. Oh, you’ll also need plenty of cardboard, decent knife, and a good supply of glue.

When cutting the card, take the time to plan out everything in advance. After all, the chances are you don’t have the exact same model of tablet and keyboard. Things will need to be adjusted, even if it’s only slightly. With a bit of care, you could replicate this project with any old tablet—the thinner, the better!

It is easy to laugh, but there is something ingenious about this project. The care that has gone into the design is clear and relying on an old tablet is inspired. Sure, you’ll need a keyboard and mouse, but for a DIY laptop, this is better than most actual notebooks.

Looking for more cardboard projects? Check our collection of .

Load Up On Memory & Storage

With two SO-DIMM sockets and one M.2 2280 socket, the Framework Laptop DIY Edition is configurable and upgradeable to an insane 64GB of memory and 8TB of storage. We offer Western Digitals latest SN850 PCIe Gen 4.0 drives, with maximum read speeds of 7,000 MB/s!

Operating System

Available in configurations with Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro, as well as no operating system, letting you bring your own. This means you can install Linux too, and were working with some of the most popular distributions to maximize compatibility.


With a 55Wh battery, the Framework Laptop gets you through a workday on a single charge. The pack is designed to provide up to 80% of its original capacity at 1000 cycles, and is easy to replace if you ever need to.³


Stereo 2W speakers with 5cc of backvolume generate loud and clear audio. The dual MEMS microphones are connected to a hardware privacy switch, giving you full control.


The Framework Laptop DIY Edition is available with Intels latest AX210 WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 modules, and can be upgraded to future standards by replacing the module.

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How To Migrate Os After Assembling Laptop

After assembling your laptop, you need to take installing OS into account. If you ever had a computer, it is easy to migrate your OS to your personalized laptop via EaseUS Partition Master.

Steps to migrate OS to HDD/SSD:

  • Run EaseUS Partition Master, select Migrate OS from the top menu.
  • Select the SSD or HDD as the destination disk and click Next.
  • Check Warning: the data and partitions on the target disk will be deleted. Make sure that you’ve backed up important data in advance. If not, do it now.
  • Then click Continue.
  • Preview the layout of your target disk. Then click Proceed to start migrating your OS to a new disk

Note: The operation of migrating OS to SSD or HDD will delete and remove existing partitions and data on your target disk when there is not enough unallocated space on the target disk. If you saved important data there, back up them to an external hard drive in advance.

How Hard Is It To Build A Pc

diy laptop kit

PC building is no more difficult than completing a Lego set or building a piece of furniture given you have compatible components. There are so many amazing guides available on online on platforms like that will take you step by step through the pc builing process. We also recommend joining a PC community like the Newegg Discord that can help you answer questions as they may come up. For informaiton on this topics, we recommend you review our PC building guide and are familiar with the step-by-step process.

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Build Your Laptop From The Scratch

And last but not least, you can create your own fully customized laptop. This option would be the most difficult to implement since you have three problems to face before getting a final working unit.

  • Creating your laptop design
  • Sourcing the materials
  • Putting the parts together

Creating your laptop design gives you the most customizability and flexibility to finally build your perfect portable system. Technically skilled people had completed their units after scavenging parts of old laptops for a free, usable machine.

Alternatively, you can buy barebone laptop kits or build your own laptop bundles from ODM manufacturers like Clevo.

ODM laptops, unlike their OEM counterpart, usually offer standardized parts in their catalog without any brandings. Hence, you can adjust the appearance and the features of your device with more flexibility.

In addition, there are cheaper alternatives like the Raspberry Pi boards, which keep improving over time.

These products make it possible for tinkerers to working on custom laptop projects firsthand without breaking the bank.

Raspberry Pi boards are designed for both portability and decent performance.

Although most people use these boards for robotics, you can make a Linux-powered laptop.

How To Find Every Single Wi

You’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network in the past, but you’ve forgotten the password. It’s not on the back of the router or written down anywhere else you remember, but you still need the password to connect to that same network on another device. So what can you do?

If you’ve ever used a password to connect to a Wi-Fi network on your computer, the password is permanently stored there — you just need to know where to find it. Whether you have a MacBook Pro running MacOS Monterrey or an HP Pavilion All-in-One with Windows 11, there’s a way to find the passwords to all of the Wi-Fi networks you’ve ever connected to. Here’s how.

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Pc Building On Your Budget

The amount of money you spend on the parts of a computer will vary. If youre building a PC to save money, youll probably want to at least match the performance of a store-bought desktop or laptop while spending less. If youre going for the best possible performance in all of your PC components, expect to pay more. Faster processors cost more than slower ones, and memory and SSDs with more GB cost more than those with fewer GB.

Since memory and storage are a large part of the cost within a new computer, building your own PC gives you a chance to save on these components by adding your own. While RAM and SSD costs rise with the amount of GB they offer, they are less expensive than buying pre-installed components that youll likely need to upgrade quickly.

Build Your Own Gaming Laptop

Why Can’t You Build Your Own Laptop?

For a less complicated gaming laptop that has a keyboard, try this DIY laptop project.

Relying on affordable components from Amazon , the secret to this project is the case. Barebones laptop cases can be purchased online, featuring just the display, keyboard, motherboard, and CPU/GPU. These can be bought as-is, or with the chosen customizations added by the retailer.

This project takes the barebones case and makes some improved component suggestions. The result is a DIY laptop project with high speed RAM, fast SSD storage, and m.2 SSD for the OS. Of course, you can make your own customizations, based on your budget.

Various online retailers ship barebones laptops. One example is, where you’ll find a nice selection of barebones notebooks for all budgets.

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Selection Criteria When Building Your Own Laptop

When youre building your own laptop, the main focus will be on what components are used inside. All computers are made up of several different components, each of which has its own benefits in terms of price and performance.

You can choose your processor, memory, storage device, graphics card, and network card. These parts are generally interchangeable between notebooks, so you can afford to be selective.

Then, there are a few non-component criteria that are not interchangeable. Screen size, design, and other elements that are embedded in the case only change model to model.

When youre building your laptop, the first thing youre going to want to do is to pick the components you want.

Then, you can choose a platform that suits these components. Lets start looking through the components one by one, so you can find the parts that best suit your needs.

Order A Custom Laptop

Almost all laptop manufacturers have website support for customizing their existing products online.

There will often be an available drop-down arrow wherein you can choose what kind of storage, RAM, CPU, or GPU to include.

You can also find products that offer 4K screens or additional features such as touchscreens in modern laptops.

Once done with customizing your laptop, the manufacturer will send the machine to you as per your specifications.

Casual users would find this customization option enough for their needs. You dont have to tinker around your devices because the customized product will be shipped at your door in complete, functioning form.

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How To Assemble A Laptop

1. Prepare the screwdrivers for the laptop.

The screws on the laptop are smaller than one on a desktop PC.

2. Wear an anti-static wrist to ground yourself.

Electrostatic discharge can damage your components. Also, you can put your hand on the metal object to dissipate static. Not wear any nylon or wool sweater.

3. Turn over the laptop shell and let the bottom faced up.

Use Screwdriver to remove the panel.

4. Install the hard drive in the bracket.

Use 4 screws to fix the hard drive.

5. Remove the panel covering the motherboard.

6. Install your CPU, memory, and cooling fan.

Without a cooling fan, your processor will get overheat.

7. Put the panels back and startup.

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