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Can You Upgrade A Laptop

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Whether Your Laptop Can Be Upgraded

How to Upgrade A Laptop CPU

Compared to a desktop, several parts of a laptop cannot be removed because they are soldered together. Thus, you cant upgrade everything on your laptop. Firstly, before upgrading laptop hardware, you need to know whether your laptop can be upgraded or if there are soldered components.

How to find which parts can be upgraded? You can read the manufactures manual first. If there is no manufacturers manual, then you can try a system scanner. Run it on a Windows laptop or Macbook and it will scan your machine to find out the parts that can be upgraded in your laptop.

Or you can search for the method on the Internet by inputting “How to upgrade RAM in XYZ” in Google. XYZ means the exact model of your laptop. If you see a correct guide, go ahead. If you don’t, it’s best to skip the upgrade.

Checking A Memory Finder

The best way to find out whether your laptop is upgradeable and what parts you need to upgrade it is with a configurator tool such as Crucial Memory’s Advisor Tool. To use it:

1. Navigate to .2. Select your laptop’s manufacturer .

3. Choose the correct product line .

4. Pick the specific model of your laptop .

The Advisor will then tell you what type of RAM your system takes and what type of SSDs it can handle. If your laptop can’t have its memory or storage upgraded, the advisor will tell you so. Since this particular tool is from Crucial, it recommends Crucial’s own products, but as long as you take note of the products’ specs, you can buy memory or storage from other vendors. Here’s what to look for.

If your laptop has a hard drive right now and you’re upgrading it to an SSD, it’s almost certain that you’ll need a 2.5-inch, 7mm SSD, the most common size. However, if your laptop came with an SSD and you want to replace it with a higher-capacity one, you may need an mSATA or M.2 drive, both of which are chips that slide into a slot on the motherboard. M.2 SSDs come in different lengths , so be particularly careful about checking which one you need.

In the upper left corner of the screen, the Advisor shows you just how much RAM your laptop can handle and how many DIMM slots it has. Some laptops have only a single slot, which comes filled, so you may need to completely replace your existing DIMM rather than just adding to it.

Upgrading Your Optical Drive

While you can replace your optical drive, it’s likely going to be a hassle. Firstly, you’ll have to free the drive bay from the chassis, which will be an adventure. Then you’ll need to find an optical drive that has the same dimensions as your existing one, of which you may have varying luck, depending on the size and age of your laptop. When you’re done, you’ll need to swap the fascia from your existing drive on to your new one, so that things sit flush with your chassis.

It’s honestly easier to get yourself an external USB DVD& plusm RW drive, which will run you somewhere between AU$60 and AU$80. If you want Blu-ray, you’ll be paying around AU$180.

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Can Laptop Change Ram

It is always very easy to remove and expand the memory of your laptop. This is one of the best ways to upgrade your device. For example, if your laptop has 4GB RAM, you can expand it to 8GB without any difficulty.

There are softwares you must run first on your laptop to know whether it is upgradable. You can use the Crucial System Scanner which is available for free. You can optionally use the CPU-Z. They will both show all the information about your RAM. This can also enable you to know if there are extra slots.

Asus Rog Strix Hero Iii Gaming Laptop 173

How to find out if you can upgrade your laptop
  • CPU: 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750h Processor.
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 .
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666MHz.
  • Hard Drive: 512GB PCIe SSD.
  • Price: $2258.

ASUS ROG Strix Hero laptops are well-renowned among the professional gamers and power users for its powerful performance and excellent thermal efficiency. This laptop features high quality CPU and GPU, which makes it capable of most of games. In addition, this laptop allows you to upgrade its RAM and hard drive.

  • Hard Drive: 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD.
  • Price: $1349.

HP Omen series laptops have acquired a lot of fame among the professional gamers. Its laptops are equipped with powerful hardware and they are designed to deliver the performance to accomplish anything. Similarly, this laptop allows you to upgrade its RAM and hard drive.

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Upgrade Or Replace Your Laptop

If you have been using a laptop for a few years, you know whether you should upgrade or replace it. When your find the performance is poor, storage space is not enough or RAM is low, and the cost is a fraction of the cost of a new computer, it is time to upgrade the laptop.

But if you find the laptop doesnt install a new operating system or support new software, problems always happen, and the price of the components you need to replace is approaching the cost of a new computer, buying a new PC should be considered.

Here come two questions from you: is my laptop upgradable? What should I upgrade on my laptop? See the following contents to get the answers.

Getting The Laptop Memory Specifications

  • 1Look for your laptop’s make and model number. Laptops will often have the manufacturer, make, and model number printed on the laptop itself.
  • The make and model number is often printed on the bottom of the laptop, but is sometimes also printed above the keyboard on the inside of the laptop.
  • 2Find the laptop’s manual. In a search engine, type the manufacturer, make, and model number of your laptop, and then type manual. Among the search results, you’ll find a link to the manual itself or to a page on the laptop manufacturer’s website where you can download the manual or maintenance guide.
  • You can also go directly to the manufacturer’s website to get your laptop’s manual or maintenance guide.
  • If it’s available, download the laptop’s service and maintenance guide, because it will have detailed information about the specific hardware you can use to upgrade your laptop.
  • 3Determine how much memory your Windows Vista or Windows 7 laptop is using. Click the Start menu, right-click Computer, and then click Properties. In the System section, Installed memory shows how much memory you have installed.XResearch source
  • 4Determine how much memory your Windows 8 laptop is using. On the desktop, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. In the System section, Installed memory shows how much memory you have installed.XResearch source
  • For more information, click More Info, and then click the Memory tab.
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    External Laptop Graphics Cards: An Option For Thunderbolt Laptops

    If you already have a nice laptop and don’t want to switch to a whole new one just for the graphics, there is another option that can lead to excellent GPU performance in any laptopas long as you have a compatible Thunderbolt port.


    A handful of external GPU enclosures let you attach a desktop graphics card to a laptop via the Thunderbolt 3 interface. It’s not as fast as using a desktop GPU inside a powerful desktop, but it can be an excellent way to improve your laptops’ GPU performance without buying the whole laptop. It also gives you access to a broader range of GPU options that aren’t limited by thermals or power in the same way as mobile GPUs.

    These enclosures include a power supply, which will require an external power cable to run and, in some cases, have separate cooling systems to maintain safe operating temperatures for the graphics card you install. Some have optional extras like USB hubs, RGB Lighting, and Gigabit Ethernet, built-in, but they’re far from necessary features.

    The GPU you can fit into any enclosure is limited by its physical dimensions, the capability of its built-in power supply, and your budget graphics cards are exceedingly expensive. If you’re upgrading from integrated graphics, your laptop will have much greater graphics capabilities when using an external GPU enclosure than it would without don’t expect desktop-like performance.

    Avoid Scratching The Laptop

    Upgrading My Laptop With A Core i5 9400 Desktop CPU!

    If you plan to open your laptop to install upgrades, there is a risk of scratching the chassis. Whether using a desk, workshop, or dining table, there is a risk of picking up small scratches in the case. These could be from general detritus, grit, salt, anything. Scratching can increase as you move the device around on your tabletop.

    Indeed, you could end up with a faster laptop with noticeable scratches in the lid.

    To protect your laptop, fold up a cotton sheet and place it underneath the upturned device. This will stop the lid from picking up scratches.

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    External Laptop Graphics Cards

    Another way to boost your laptops graphics capability without having to buy a new one is to use a Thunderbolt-enabled adapter. Note that this is compatible with any Thunderbolt-enabled laptop.

    A few Thunderbolt 3-enabled external GPU enclosures allow you to connect a PC graphics card to a laptop. Even if you dont have the money to buy a new laptop, you can still boost the speed of your laptops graphics card by using a desktop GPU in a powerful desktop. While mobile GPUs are constrained by thermals and power in the same way, a desktop GPU has a far greater variety of alternatives.

    With a separate cooling system for the graphics card installed, these enclosures require an additional power line to power the graphics card and may also have an external power supply. Gigabit Ethernet, USB hubs, and RGB lighting are all optional accessories that arent essential.

    Physical dimensions, built-in power supply capacity, and your wallet restrict the number of graphics cards you can accommodate in any given enclosure. Even if youre upgrading from integrated graphics to an external GPU enclosure, dont anticipate desktop-level performance from your laptop when you do so.

    A desktop graphics card and an external GPU enclosure kit may be purchased and connected to a suitable Thunderbolt 3-equipped laptop to begin taking benefit of faster graphics.

    Can You Upgrade A Laptops Graphics Card

    Sadly, there are currently no modern laptops available that have an upgradable graphics card. Though there was an experiment with an Alienware Laptop a few years ago, that idea was abandoned due to a lack of market interest.

    So, no, you cant upgrade your laptops GPU.

    But why is that?

    Let me explain

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    Backing Up Your Original Drive

    Even if you have every intention of starting fresh with a clean install of your current operating system or an upgrade to a newer operating system, we strongly recommend backing up your original drive. This step is especially important if the drive youre replacing is experiencing errors you want to capture a perfect copy of the data now so that you can recover as much of it as possible before the drive dies.

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    This backup should include both a backup of your files and a backup of the entire disk. In most instances it is sufficient to simply copy all your important files to a flash drive or removable hard drive. This way you have a simple and easy-to-access file backup.

    The second component should be backing up the entire hard drive. We highly recommend using Macrium Reflect. Not only is it a free tool but you can easily mount the whole disk image as a drive to look for files you may have forgot to include in your personal file backup. You can read about performing a disk image in our tutorial How to Create an Image of your PC before Upgrading to Windows 10 . If you later find you need to retrieve a file from that image, check out How to Mount a Macrium Reflect Backup Image to Retrieve Files.

    Your Computer’s Fans Are Getting Noisy

    Pro tip: You can easily replace (or even upgrade) a broken laptop or ...

    Often, the first issue to signal an aging computer’s impending demise is the fan running loudly even when it’s not doing intensive computing tasks. If you’re running the latest version of an application or operating system, these programs could be maxing out the hardware of your computer, causing it to run warmer than usual.

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    Can You Upgrade A Laptop

    Can a laptop be upgraded?

    Unlike a desktop, it is not easy to upgrade a laptop. Today a laptop is designed to be sealed. When you access the insides and changing whats contained with the case, there may be certain limitations. Many components are tightly packed together and you need to remove many other components if you need to replace certain parts.

    What you can upgrade in a laptop depends on the manufacturer and the model of the laptop. Usually, the common upgrades that can work are the RAM, hard drive, and battery. Adding more memory can really boost productivity and multi-tasking while upgrading to an SSD can have an enormous impact on your performance. Changing a laptop battery is helpful when it dies.

    Here we list some common laptop upgrade questions and the answers to each of these questions. Lets go to see some details.

    Can I Upgrade My Laptop

    The older your laptop, the more likely it is to have user-replaceable parts.

    Newer laptops tend to have parts that are glued or soldered in place and require special tools and professional expertise to repair or upgrade in the long run it might be better value, effort andcost to buy something new.

    Increasingly often, a laptop’s casing is one piece of metal or the parts are unreachable without damaging them, so upgrading is impossible.

    Can I upgrade it myself?

    A quick look at the underside will usually show if you can upgrade your laptop at home. Check for removable panels that could give you access to battery, RAM or storage.

    Next, search the internet for information on your specific laptop brand and model to find out what parts can be easily changed.

    Often you can find a user manual online and comments or even repair/upgrade videos by people like you who have already done something similar. These will help you find out if you need any special screwdrivers or tools .

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    Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Fhd 1080p Touchscreen Laptop

    • CPU: Intel Core i7-8565U Processor .
    • GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 620 .
    • RAM: 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB DDR4.
    • Hard Drive: 256GB SSD, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 2TB SSD + 1TB HDD.
    • Price: Start at $899.

    The Dell Inspiron 15 is ideal for home or office users. It has the ability to use a touch screen which can come in incredibly handy if you want to lie down and work on the couch. Besides, the i7-8565U processor can offer good performance now and in the next few years, although it can’t be replaced. Of course, you can also upgrade this laptop’s RAM and hard drive as your will.

    Installing The Barracuda Ssd On Your Laptop:

    How to UPGRADE Your Laptop with a SSD! #AD | The Tech Chap

    1. Unplug your laptop and remove the battery.

    2. Remove the existing hard drive. Consult the laptop product manual for any further instructions, if necessary.

    3. Remove the cradle from the drive and attach it to the new drive.

    4. Insert the new drive into the laptop then replace and tighten the screws.

    5. Replace the battery and plug the laptop back into the power source.

    Once you have completed these steps, you will be up and running with outstanding system performance.

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    Upgrading Your Laptop’s Hard Drive

  • 1Plugin the laptop with its power cord and turn it on. Backing up a hard drive can take more time than a laptop battery has charge. If you plug it in, you won’t need to worry about how much battery life you have.
  • 2Backup your laptop’s hard drive. Before installing your new hard drive, copy the contents of your laptop’s current hard drive to the new one. This will save some time, because you won’t have to reinstall all of your applications.
  • On Windows 8, System Image Backup is the program you can use to backup your hard drive. On Windows 7 and earlier, it’s called Backup and Restore.XResearch source
  • On Mac OS X 10.5 or newer, you can use Time Machine to back up your hard drive. You can also use the Disk Utility to back up your hard drive to CD or DVD.
  • If you want to start fresh with your new hard drive, don’t backup to the new hard drive. Install your operating system, and then install and copy over any files that you need.
  • 3Connect the new hard drive to your laptop’s USB port. You will need a SATA-to-USB adapter to connect the two hard drives. You can also put the new hard drive into an external hard drive case which will have a USB connection.
  • 4Install the cloning software on the old hard drive. Some hard drive manufacturers include their own cloning software, which may already be on your computer. You can also use a third-party application.
  • Clonezilla is a multi-platform, free, open source disk cloning utility.XResearch source
  • Can I Upgrade My Laptop Processor From I3 To I5

    Similar to upgrading from an i5 to an i7, your laptop has to have an upgradeable socket for you to switch from i3 to i5. Moreover, you need to find an i5 processor with the same mounting setup as your previous i3 processor.

    Its also important that both CPUs consume a similar amount of power. If youve ticked yes on all these boxes, then with a bit of time and effort, youll definitely be able to upgrade your i3 to an i5.

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