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Can You Use A Tablet As A Laptop

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Connect To Wireless Printer Or All

How to use a Windows laptop or tablet as a 2nd screen

Depending on your tablet and printer, you can print wirelessly to your chosen printer via AirPrint, WiFi Direct, Android Default Print Service, Printers own app/plugin or cloud printing service. All you need is a compatible wireless printer that supports mobile printing. Wireless printers from Brother, Canon and HP comes with mobile printing support. Some even support direct printing from cloud based apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and OneNote.

Consider What You Will Do With The Device

Getting studies done is a priority, but thats not the only thing you will do with your device. You have to think about your preferences and how you will be using the device.

Are you someone who will be streaming a lot of movies? Do you read for long periods? If so, tablets are a better choice. Tablets offer a more extended battery life and are very lightweight. It is more convenient to watch movies and to read books with a tablet.

On the other hand, are you going to build multimedia projects? Do you rely on doing a lot of hardcore multitasking? For that, laptops are by far the best option. In terms of productivity and heavy use, laptops conduct tasks that tablets cant.

You Should Opt For A Tablet If:

  • You perform in fieldwork or industrial sector If youre conducting fieldwork, you might prefer to use a tablet because its smaller, more maneuverable, and wont get in your way as much as a laptop. In addition, if you have a tablet that can also function as a cell phone, it will be much more beneficial when working outside of the office.
  • You require a note-taking device -If youre a student looking for a simple, lightweight gadget to take notes on particularly one that you can quickly throw into your backpack or purse on your way to school a tablet might be an excellent option for you. If you need to take notes on math equations or drawings, the touch screen interface can be helpful.

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Size: Tablets Are More Portable

Most tablets weigh under two pounds. Even the smallest laptops, like the Apple MacBook Air 11, weighs more and has a profile larger than most tablets. The main reason for the larger profile is that the keyboard and trackpad take up additional space. Laptops that include more powerful components require additional cooling, which adds to the size. Because of their smaller size and weight, a tablet is much easier to carry around than a laptop, especially for travel.

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Use Your Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet As A Digitizer For Your Pc

Jack Wallen explains how to install the SPenDigitizer application and begin using your Samsung Galaxy Note tablet as a digitizer for your PC.

Every once in a while I come across a little gem for tabletsthat really makes my day. Yesterday was once such moment. I do a lot of graphicdesign and other tasks that require finer use of a cursor than what a mouse candeliver. This could be creating images or even signing documents. When I dothat, the mouse simply doesn’t cut it. Yes there are Bamboo tablets that aremade for this very purpose. But when you already have a Galaxy Note tablet, whypurchase the extra hardware? Unless you need the finer detail of pressuresensitivity, making use of that Galaxy Note is a quick way to get a largedigitizer connected to your PC.

I should preface this by saying this software is in early development – butit works great. It’s also not something you’ll find in the Google Play Store.In fact, this was a weekend project for a developer as a proof of concept – theend result being something that is quite usable. But because it is in earlydevelopment, there aren’t any settings to deal with or incredible feature list.This is a simple piece of software that does one thing and does it well. In theimmortal words of Captain Jean Luc Picard, let’s make it so.

Connect An External Storage Device

With the right adapter or cable, you can connect an external USB storage be it flash or hard drive to your tablet. We know that this is pretty standard for Windows tablet but iPadOS and Android devices are capable of the same. And, with the file manager app much like windows file explorer, you can move files to and from the connector drive. For apple, look for either USB-C or lightning based storage For Android tablets look for USB On-The-Go certification. You will also need either a micro-USB or USB-C to USB-A adapter as most flash drive and external hard drive will need a full USB port. The same port can also be used to connect a mouse or keyboard.

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Is An Ipad Better Than A Kindle

An iPad has a 10-inch display whereas a Kindle only has a six-inch display, so the text on an iPad is easy to read without you having to zoom in for more detail. More importantly, an iPad is much easier to control than a Kindle, so it wins all-round. Kindle uses e-ink technology for its touch screen technology which gives a noticeable delay to things displayed on it.

Get Dedicated Hardware Professional Microphone Midi Keyboard Audio Instrument Input And More

Use Your Tablet As A Second Windows 10 Monitor (Twomon SE)

Last but not least, specialist applications and hardware. This is reserved for power users and creators with the need to use dedicated and professional grade hardware such as microphone, cameras, MIDI keyboard, digital sound mixers, loopers, audio instrument junction box and more. There are plenty of audio equipment that you can connect to the tablet to work with pro apps like Logic Pro to make studio quality music.

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Consider Your Major Before Choosing

Your major is the most important aspect when considering a laptop vs. tablet for college. If you are majoring in software engineering or design, you need a computer. Tablets arent feasible for opening untraditional files, executing a large codebase, or running heavy design software. Besides, most colleges teaching these subjects wont allow using a tablet for conducting classwork.

For language or humanitarian majors, tablets are a better option. Students in these disciplines read books, and we mean a lot of books. The majors need digital books. They will save the student money, and they are good for the environment. Tablets are also enjoyable for reading long-form text, and it is much easier to walk around campus with a tablet rather than carry a bunch of books.

For other majors, it will depend on the colleges teaching method. It is best to talk to your academic advisor or professor in charge to know any specific requirements. They may require you to use collaborative software or other apps needed for attending the classes, so you need to make sure your device supports these apps.

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How We Picked And Tested

We considered a wide range of basic criteria when deciding which of these tablets to recommend:

  • Battery life: If a Windows tablet can last at least six hours during our vigorous battery test, it should be able to survive for a full workday or a cross-country flight before you need to plug it in. We cant run our typical battery-life test on iPads because it doesnt work in iPadOS, but after multiple days of using all of them, we can confidently say that theyll last through a workday with plenty of time to spare.
  • Stylus support: Pro tablets should have built-in support for some kind of active stylus or pen, including multiple levels of pressure sensitivity and the ability to detect the angle at which youre holding the pen. A stylus or pen is sometimes included in the box, but most of the time you need to pay around $100 to get a good one from the same company that made your tabletwe recommend doing this rather than buying a third-party stylus because it guarantees that the stylus and tablet were made to work together.
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    Popular Uses Of Laptops And Tablets

    Laptops and tablets also differ in terms of which device works best in different usage scenarios:

    • Laptop vs. Tablet: Business use

      Different business users have different needs:

    • In the office: Along with the benefits of a full keyboard, the faster processors in most laptops make them better for typical office work . Still, a tablet can be a useful auxiliary device for some users. Advantage: Laptop.
    • On the road: For salespeople and other road warriors, a tablet is much easier to travel with . A tablet also may be less obtrusive at meetings, and easier to manage for presenting quick product demos. However, an ultralight laptop with a quiet keyboard and specs designed for this application is not much different, at the end of the day. Advantage: None.
  • Laptop vs. Tablet: Industrial and field use

    More and more industrial uses for tablets, including so-called “ruggedized” models, seem to emerge every day. Whether they’re in the hands of a waiter at a restaurant, a service technician making house calls, or a quality inspector on a factory floor. Laptops are larger and more challenging to work with in these industry settings. Advantage: Tablet.

  • Laptop vs. tablet: Casual use

    Compared to a laptop, a tablet’s superior all-around portability, long battery life, and capacity for entertainment make it an ideal choice for the casual user. Advantage: Tablet.

  • Laptop Vs Tablet: Which Device Is Right For You

    Considering a new computer, but can’t decide if a tablet or laptop is the better choice? Learn the pros and cons of each and see how 2-in-1 laptops compare.

    Are you considering a new computer, but can’t decide if a tablet or laptop is the better choice? Learn the pros and cons of eachand also find out how 2-in-1 laptops compare.

    Your old computer has given up the ghost and gone to that big PC graveyard in the sky. Now it is time for some tough decisions. Technology changes rapidly, and there are so many more options for computer use compared to just a few years ago.

    If you enjoy sitting on the couch, outside or at a coffee shop as you work or play on the computer, there are two main transportable options that you are probably considering: laptops and tablets. But which one is the right choice for you?

    With more flexibility and portability than desktops, laptops feature a traditional keyboard on the bottom and screen on top. They fold closed for easy travel. Most form factors feature a traditional operating system, such as Windows or iOS, along with endless configurations of inputs, outputs, DVD drives, memory, storage space, processor speeds and more.

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    Wireless Monitor Extension Apps

    This is what most users actually want, so lets jump into going wireless first, although as we note below, there are some big limitations here you may want to keep in mind.

    Each app has in-depth instructions on going through this process, so theres no need for us to rehash that here, but there are some things to keep in mind when picking a monitor extension app.

    First up, be on the lookout for apps that allow you to both extend and mirror your display. These two options come in handy in different situations.

    For instance, programmers may want to see their code on the main panel while having other resources on the secondary screen.

    In other cases, you may need multiple people to see whats on the screen, so mirroring makes more sense especially if you want to pass the tablet around a staff meeting.

    Now that you know what to look for, what apps should you try out? After extensive research, these are the tools we specifically recommend trying out for using your Android tablet as a monitor:

    What To Look For

    Screen size

    As with laptops, screen size on tablets is measured diagonally from corner to corner and usually expressed in inches. Tablets typically fall into three categories: compact , medium and large .

    • A compact tablet is especially portable, lighter and easier to carry, as well as usually being cheaper.
    • Medium and large tablets provide a bigger screen area that can be especially useful for productivity apps, games and web browsing.

    Screen resolution

    Display resolution is expressed in pixels-per-inch and the higher the resolution the sharper text and images will appear. The display resolution generally ranges from 1024 x 600 pixels up to 2560 x 1700 pixels. Higher resolution screens require faster processors to manipulate all those extra pixels and consume more power, affecting the device’s battery life.

    Storage space

    Most tablets vary in capacity from 16GB to 128GB. How much space you’ll need depends on how you intend to use the tablet. All tablets are fine for general use like checking emails, browsing the web, and streaming videos and other content over the internet, because that doesn’t require much information to be actually stored on the tablet itself.

    Unlike most of the tablets from Microsoft and Google, the storage in an Apple iPad cannot be upgraded using an expandable microSD card.

    Online access

    Hardware connections

    Tip: You can usually connect a keyboard or monitor via Bluetooth if you don’t have a USB or HDMI plug.

    Battery life

    Processing speed

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    How Do I Choose A Tablet Ipad Or Android

    So, weve talked about the strengths and weakness of each, and now it comes to making your final decision how on earth do you choose?

    Just ask yourself what you need from your tablet. Below weve put together the most important points of difference to help you decide which one to opt for.

    • The iPad gives you an operating system with intuitive interface and brilliant display.
    • iPads tend to be more stable and easier to use than other tablets.
    • The iPad is still in the lead when it comes to the number of available useful apps. Android currently has fewer apps which are optimized for tablets. However, this is increasing all the time.
    • In terms of hardware, an Android tablet is a good choice if you want a faster processor, powerful cameras and easily expandable memory.
    • If you like to have a lot of options to choose from, check out an Android tablet. With Android tablets, you get more choices in terms of size, features, and price.
    • Android tablets are great value and a good choice if you want to customise your tablet to make it look the way you want it to.
    • A big plus point for Android tablets is that they are cheaper than Apple iPads.

    What Are The Best Tablets For The Money

    Use Your iPad as a Drawing Tablet for Any PC App!

    Apple and Microsoft continue to dominate the best tablets rankings, which largely consists of Surface devices and iPads. The best tablet for the money is the iPad Air. It might not offer the same power as the iPad Pro, or the portability of the iPad mini, but its size and price are what will attract everyday consumers.

    If you need extra power or want a tablet to replace your laptop, then the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is the best option. Its speedy M1 chip can keep up with most laptops and the Retina XDR display is gorgeous when viewing HDR content. And now that it has mouse and trackpad support, the larger iPad Pro is a genuine laptop replacement. Just behind the iPad Pro is Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8. It too has a gorgeous display and fast performance. We even prefer its keyboard accessory over anything Apple sells.

    If Apple and Microsoft aren’t your cups of tea, Samsung has stepped up its game with excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, an Android tablet with a DeX desktop interface, which can be used to double as your laptop. For less, you can get the Galaxy Tab S7 FE.

    Reasons to buy
    Reasons to avoid

    Apple’s latest iPad Air is the best non-Pro iPads ever, and the tablet we recommend to most people. Instead of being an upgraded version of the entry-level iPad, the new iPad Air is essentially an iPad Pro without the fancy, niche features. It has a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with thin display bezels for a more modern design.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to buy

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