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Custom Gaming Laptop Builder

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The 10 Best Custom Pc Builder Websites Of 2022

The ALL WHITE Custom Water Cooled RGB Gaming PC Build!

If youre in the market for a new gaming computer and youre not looking to build your own system, these seven custom PC builder websites will allow you to choose a custom PC that should meet your needs.

Ive been building my own computers for a while now. And, Ive been trying to convince others to do the same for almost just as long. There are many reasons why you should build a PC. However, there are also many reasons why I should change the oil on my car myself.

But, I dont. I dont know how to change the oil on my car and regardless of how much money it would save to change the oil myself, I just dont feel like learning how to do it. Im completely content paying someone else to do it for me.

And, some people feel the same way about building a computer. Theyd rather avoid the hassle of learning how to build a computer and theyre completely fine with paying extra to have someone build it for them. If youre one of those people, youll be happy to find that there are many custom PC building companies out there that will build you a computer that you can be happy with.

In this post, were going to go over the seven best custom PC builder websites currently out there and detail what makes them an option youll want to consider if you are looking to have a custom PC built for you.

10. Computer Upgrade King

Choose Your Gaming Pc Desktop

Small Form Factor, Mid Tower, Full Tower, and Super Tower Configurations

  • Exclusive ORIGIN PC small form factor design with toolless side panels
  • Toolless side panels, choice of aluminum mesh or tempered glass
  • Up to an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X or Intel Core i9-12900KS CPU
  • All-in-one CPU liquid cooling
  • Up to a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 GPU
  • Up to 64GB of DDR5 5200MHz RAM
  • Up to a 750 Watt power supply
  • Multiple storage options available including M.2 PCIe SSD, SSD, and HDD
Premium Style and Excellent Value

Starting at: $1,988

  • Multiple CORSAIR case options available with aluminum or tempered glass side panels
  • Up to an Intel Core i9-12900KS, or AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • All-in-one CPU liquid cooling
  • Up to a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090Ti GPU
  • Up to 64GB of DDR5 5200MHz RAM
  • Up to a 1600 watt power supply
  • Multiple storage options available including M.2 PCIe SSD, SSD, HDD, and more
The Most Advanced and Customizable Desktop

Starting at: $2,264

  • Multiple CORSAIR case options available with tempered glass side panels
  • Up to an Intel Core i9-12900KS, or AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • Up to Hydro X hardline liquid cooling for CPU
  • Up to a single NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090Ti GPU
  • Up to 64GB of DDR5 5200MHz RAM
  • Up to a 1600 Watt Power Supply
  • Multiple storage options available including M.2 PCIe SSD, SSD, HDD, and more

Visit The Experience Centre Located In West Melbourne

Come see our wide range of award winning and limited edition builds in person. Get hands on with VR and try out our insane racing sim. Want to start streaming? Check out our unique streamer ready setups and discover everything you’ll need to get started. At the Aftershock Experience Centre, we’ll guide you through everything you need for your ideal setup.

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Dont Want To Build Your Own Pc Try These Custom Pc Builders Instead

While I will always recommend that gamers build their own computers , I realize that not everyone wants to take on the challenge of building a computer. And, of course, thats completely fine. The seven custom PC builders listed above are good alternatives to building your own system.

If you do want to build your own computer you can check out our following build guides to help you find the right parts for your system:

What Is A Gaming Laptop


Before you can build a gaming laptop, it is important to understand what it is and is not. This type of laptop looks very much like a traditional laptop. The real difference is “under the hood.” Games require split-second response times and sharp visuals that regular laptops cannot match. The intense demand by the system for resources during gameplay requires an efficient cooling system with high-speed fans. The high-powered processors tend to diminish battery-life quickly when playing games, so plan on frequent charging if you choose to use your laptop on the go. The battery life is not an issue if you use your laptop wired. Gaming laptops can be pre-built or custom, which means a customer can pick out each component for their system based on what they plan on playing.

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Best Custom Pc Builder Websites In 2022

USA, Canada, UK & Europe

Building your own gaming PC always gives you the best bang for your money, and we have created custom gaming PC builds to suit all budgets and needs. as well as prebuilt gaming PCs.

However, if you lack the experience required or have little spare time?

There are a large number of companies out there dedicated to producing the best custom PC builds for you.

So who are the best custom PC builders out there?

The companies recommended below are expert custom PC builders, with many offering specialized PCs to cater to everything from gaming to machine learning.

Do you want a custom water-cooled system?

Or some new office computers for work? For all the prebuilt PC you can dream of, you have come to the right place.

Computer building companies tend to put the latest and greatest into these systems when it comes to CPUs and GPUs.

You will often see decent RAM kits and at the very least an SSD storage solution too.

How To Customize Your Dell Gaming Laptop

It’s easy to configure a custom gaming laptop or gaming station from Dell online. Start by choosing between Alienware and G Series. You will then find a wide range of pre-configured models that load various specifications into the computer – processors, hard drives, RAM, and more. You can also select the games you play from a drop-down box to see the frames per second each system can achieve.Gamers can also customize their device further with options for software, support services, and accessories. As you make your choices, you’ll see the configured price at the top of the screen, along with special offers and estimated delivery dates.

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How To Build A Gaming Pc

You dont need to spend hundreds of hours learning how to build your own gaming PC or laptop. At Lenovo, we offer you the ability to make your own custom gaming PC whether you prefer the mobility of a laptop or brawny power of a desktop. Essentially, you pick what we place in your new rig. And it all starts with understanding gaming PC parts.





RGB Lighting










RGB Lighting


Power Supply


Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Headset

How Do You Get A Customized Pre

Custom Gaming PC Build by Mac User (2021)

Outside of building your own PC, you can either buy a pre-built one that comes out of a box at a store like Best Buy, or you can customize one at an online storefront like iBuyPower. The first can be fine, but I recommend you buy custom.

All you have to do is go to iBuyPowers website and open up their PC customizer. You can select your parts from a long list and even test how your hypothetical build will run popular modern games like Elden Ring.

As long as all your parts fit together itll warn you if the graphics card you want is too big for your case, for instance you can check out. Then, an expert will gather your parts for you, build the PC, and ship it to your house. All youll need to do when it arrives is remove the weird, giant packing peanuts inside the case and plug it in.

Its all very convenient, and it also made the massive financial burden that is a brand-new PC much easier for me to swallow. I was able to purchase my iBuyPower PC using the sites built-in Affirm partnership. Affirm ran my credit and gave me a cheap rate and a 12-month payment plan. Overall, I paid an extra $189 for my $2,324 PC, but it was well worth it for the ability to upgrade my aging desktop a full year early.

If you have the cash on hand or a really good credit card you can of course buy the entire thing upfront. But if the cost of the PC is the biggest roadblock for you, getting a custom might make things easier if you go the route I did with monthly payments.

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What Kind Of Customisation Options Does Allied Offer

With customization and flexibility being one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a custom-built gaming PC, hardware options are pretty important. Allied Gaming offers a wide range of options to choose from so you should be able to find the perfect combination of hardware you want in your custom gaming rig.

Allied Gaming offers three primary models that then offer additional options based on the hardware and specs you are looking for. These models are the Allied Stinger, Allied Patriot, and Allied M.O.A.B. Each model has a different size case which allows you to choose between a compact M-ATX up to a Full-Tower. All of the cases are well designed for airflow and cooling, as well as looking incredibly unique.

You can select from either AMD or Intel CPUs, and then choose additional options based on what kind of CPU you want to incorporate into your build. Several motherboard options are provided so you can get all of the features and connections you need. Choose from a wide range of RAM speeds and capacity, even allowing you to go up to 64GB if you want an ultra-future-proofed rig, or perhaps a system that doubles as a productivity machine as well.

We recognize the importance of a graphics card in a custom build, so there is a huge selection of graphics cards to choose from including both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. While youre at it you can also choose what type of SSD you want and even how many you want to incorporate into your build.

Advantages Of Assembling A Custom Gaming Pc From Parts

If youre handy with tools, there are several benefits to building a gaming system from separately purchased components . Among the popularly accepted advantages are these:

  • You get exactly the system, components, and OS you want no compromises.
  • Unlike commercial PCs, theres no pre-installed software you probably never use.
  • If choose the right frame and other components, its easy to make upgrades later on.

Generally speaking, its far easier to assemble your own gaming desktop or gaming tower than to assemble your own laptop. Pre-built desktop/tower frames and cases are relatively easy to find, and they typically have lots of interior space to hold a variety of components you obtain from different sources. In contrast, while you can buy so-called barebones laptops comprised of little more than a laptop frame, display, and motherboard its sometimes hard to find compatible components to fit within them.

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Build Your Own Gaming Laptop

There are tons of options available online if you are looking to build gaming PC, but what if you are in the market for a gaming laptop?

There arent a ton of DIY gaming laptop options out there. You could pick up a laptop shell, then try to piece together parts from around the internet. Or you could grab a kit and build a Raspberry PI based laptop to play old emulators games.

Both options will result in a clunky, unpolished system that most likely wont even be close to what you were will need to have a consistent quality gaming experience in 2018.

The best option is using a service like the one provided here at Velocity Micro, where you can pick the size and components of your laptop. We then custom build the machine for you, just like our desktop systems.

Velocity Micro offers a wide range of fully customizable models, from a compact 14 laptop to a full 17 desktop replacement with dual GPUs and an overclockable CPU. We have a system for casual and the most demanding gamers alike.

Custom Gaming Laptops & Notebooks

Chandler Custom PC Builder

XOTIC PC offers full wrap customization options from edge to edge. Our wrapping services allow you to add unique branding or texture to your custom gaming laptop, computer, or notebook at a fraction of the cost you might pay elsewhere. Our highly trained staff disassembles and carefully removes exterior hardware before transforming your stock chassis into something truly intimidating. Graphic wraps are made from a high-gloss, scratch-resistant vinyl sheet that forms to your notebook or desktop without any bubbles. What sets our custom wraps apart? We install and form wraps to the entire surface of your computer, not just the interior edge. We also welcome custom artwork at no additional cost. Interested in texture wrap modifications? We also offer carbon fiber and alligator exterior finishes to give your gaming computer a unique look.

In addition to graphic, stealth, or textured wrapping, we also provide one-of-a-kind etching and painting services. All the custom gaming computers in our inventory allow you to select a personal laser-etch option. Our custom color options include Arctic White, Burnt Orange, Gecko Green, Gunmetal Grey, Plum Purple, Torch Red, Tuxedo Black, and so much more. Take your new computer to the next level by checking out our hydro-dipping services. Hydro-dipped graphics combine the best of paint and graphic wrapping, all sealed by water for durability and quality.

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Benefits Of Custom Gaming Pcs And Custom Gaming Laptops

When it comes to competitive gaming, your system components make a big difference. Sharp eyes and quick reflexes will carry you only so far. If your system cant support fast frame rates, youre short on CPU cache or RAM, or the keys on your keyboard dont respond quickly enough, youll be out of the game nearly as soon as you start.

Fair gaming requires a level playing field, technically speaking. Its why a custom gaming desktop or custom gaming laptop is so attractive to todays gamers. But should you assemble your own computer from parts or buy a custom-built gaming rig from a company such as Lenovo? Each method has its benefits.

Custom Build Your Own Laptop

Best of all, all the gaming laptops in our inventory are eligible for customization. We offer an array of personalization services to custom build your own laptop. Our one-of-a-kind laser etching and painting services allow you to brand your custom-built laptop to create an equally unique look. Our highly trained staff can also transform your stock chassis into something truly intimidating by adding graphic, stealth, or textured wrapping from edge to edge.

Once youve experienced virtual reality, youll never want to come back to the real world. Theres no better way to dive headfirst into an immersive world than with newer, truer levels of realism and the right performance equipment. Our selection features a wide variety of customizable gaming laptops that are primed and ready for virtual reality. We offer some of the thinnest and lightest VR backpacks on the market, but our gaming laptops with high-performance processors provide all the hardware of a fully loaded desktop in a more slim, sleek, and stylish package.

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Peripherals For Your Custom Pc Gaming Needs

You can build the highest performing PC in the world, but it would be nothing without high-quality peripherals to support it. Peripherals like a computer mouse and keyboard can greatly affect the performance you see on your system. While your system might have the capability to perform spectacularly, if you are limited by a low DPI mouse or an unresponsive keyboard then you will never get the high performance you paid for.

Making sure you have a high DPI mouse like the Allied Flashbang will ensure you are taking full advantage of the performance of your machine. If you dont know what DPI means, it stands for Dots per inch and it refers to the accuracy and movement tracking ability of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the better and more accurately it will track your movement.

Having a high-end keyboard is equally important for any gaming PC. Allied has a wide variety of RGB mechanical keyboards to choose from that all offer high quality and accurate key functions. Choosing the right keyboard is going to be dependent on what type of games you play. Most gamers want a fast-reacting mechanical keyboard because they are accurate and the keypresses provide concise feedback. However, if you also play MMOs or other games that require keymapping or macros then you may want to look at keyboards that offer that additional functionality.

Configure Your Own Custom Gaming Laptop Or Custom Gaming Desktop/tower

Ultimate RTX 3090 Custom Water Cooled Gaming PC Build Benchmarks

Manufacturers typically list PC prices based on the least expensive configuration available, so customizing or “building your own” system typically involves adding cost. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes you can swap a smaller storage drive for a bigger one, or buy a system without the normal operating system and install your own instead.

Most experts suggest starting with the lowest cost product line or series that has the basic features you like a big display, lightweight construction, or special cooling features, for example. Find the customizable models and scan the listed specifications to find the base model you prefer. Finally, click “Customize & Buy” or something similar to begin configuring your new system.

During the configuration process, youll add, remove, or change components until you’ve got the exact specs you need to play your preferred games. For example…

You can’t swap out every component in every PC, but most times, you can choose the CPU, GPU , storage drive, RAM and operating system . Some systems offer optional battery, security and wireless selections, and a few present choices for cameras, keyboards, and so on.

If you’re not sure what a specific component does, Lenovo provides helpful notations that explain things, and often lists “recommended” components for different user types and needs. To help you judge the financial impact of each option, the displayed system cost updates with each selection you make.

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