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Dell Laptop Customer Service

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Regional Offices Offices Of Dell In India

Customer Service Number Call | Dell Phone Number
Plot No. 42, Hitec City Layout, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana- 500081, India.
Chennai Dell India Pvt Ltd.Olympia Tech Park, Altius Block, 2nd Floor, 1- SIDCO Industrial Estate, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600032, India.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Recycling

Dell Technologies plays its role in saving the environment. For every product a customer buys, Dell recycles or reuses an equivalent product. Their packaging is made from recyclable material and most of the components used in their products are also recyclable. To see their social impact plan for 2030 and its goals, you can visit Dell Corporate.

A 20+ Year Customer Will No Longer Buy Dell

Been a Dell customer for over 20 years. But no more. The main reason I bought Dells- although more expensive- was the ability to use their Pro support. Up until last year it was great. Very knowledgeable tech people. But based on recent experiences they have outsourced support and, while very friendly, they are no better than any other company’s support. Since my sole reason for buying Dell is no longer there, I will go with less expensive alternatives

Date of experience:September 12, 2022

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Malfunctioning Of Laptop Back Up Supply

I have purchased one Dell Laptop during February, 2011 which bears Expres Service Code 13173564376 and Service Tag No. 61V77BS. Within the short span of about one and half a year, the same started malfunctioning and the backup supply provided therein, is no more functioning. The Laptop was purchased from the N. F. Railway Emplpoyees co-Operative Soc iety Ltd. located at Rest Camp, Pandu, Guwahati-781 012, Assam.While purchasing, an authorised service personel, namely Sri A. Banerjee and his mobile number was written in my warranty card but, despite several efforts he could not be contacted compelling me to lodge the complaint to customer care No. 1800 425 0088 on 01.8.2012.Obviously, a question arises, as to why the N. F. Railway Emplpoyees co-Operative Soc iety Ltd. do not maintain a liaison with local Authorised service agencies for attending the costly equipments for which I have been paying EMSs @Rs.2377×24 months and a customer be misguided at the very time of purchasing and why the matter cannot be referred to an appropriate Consumer Redressal Fiorum at National forum.Gauri Sankar Nath,General Manager’s office, N. F. Railway, Maligaon.e-mail : gaurisankar_nath rediffmail comMobile : 88226 93517.

Subject : Conflict over the Service of Dell Aero

Sir, I will be highly grateful if you look into this matter andsolve my problem.





Dell Parts Changed During Service

Dell Latitude E5480 IPS Laptop: Core i7

Hello there, i have a dell laptop inspiron n4010 and it was bought in india. i had taken it to the service centre to resolve some issues and they did their work. sadly they replaced some of the original dell parts with other parts. eg- the synaptics touchpad was replaced with alps pointing device and hence the drivers dont work for it. same goes to the network card. i need to get the drivers for the newly installed parts since the old drivers wont work but i need to know the parts that were replaced and the dell website only gives drivers for the conventional laptops in the market.. the service tag is there any way you can help me or is there anybody you might know that would have the sufficient information as to the solution.yours truly nishil chauhan








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Their Latest Our Greatest

Dynamic doesnt begin to describe this duo. Together, Windows 11 and Dell PCs create a best-in-class experience.A fresh perspectiveAn inspiring new look and feel makes for a calmer experience. Balance your lifeRefocus your workflow with snap assistant. Or Switch between desktops for greater organization of open windows.Lifes better togetherLearn More

Do Not Go To Dell Service Center Chennai

There is completely nonsense happened there. I have gone to dell service center with some problem. They took one week time and said cured the problem. After going to home, it was not worked properly. and again i have gone to dell center. they gave teperaury solution. Again coming to home, I have got the same problem continuously. They ar continuously wasting my time and man power. They are testing anything and they agreed to change the mother board, but actually it was not changed.

So, Please do not go dell service center., even you are having warranty service. It is not like Lenova service center.

I dont what the …… they are doing there.

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Best Way To Contact Dell

While 1800-425-4002 is Dell best helpline number, there are 2 more ways to get in touch their support. The second best method to reach their support team, according to other Dell customers, is by emailing your complaint at . The next best option for customers looking for help is via customer service provided at their regional offices/ service centers. You can find a list of their offices/ service centers below.

The Store Is Fine But Bad Shipping And Zero Customer Support

Dell Laptop Customer Care Toll Free Helpline Number Service & Support || Srlaptopcare ||

The store is fine, but the only shipping option is FedEx, which is garbage. 2 of 4 laptops ordered in the past 3 years have had shipping issues. Dell completely washes their hands of the situation and FedEx is no help. The first one was delivered to the wrong address. It was signature required, but signed Covid by the driver and left unattended at the wrong address. I was personally waiting in the lobby at the correct address at the time FedEx claims it was delivered and signed for. Dell would do nothing unless I filed a police report that it was stolen, which was not true. Now we have one just missing in shipping for 6 days. Dell has not interacted with FedEx at all and FedEx does nothing since Dell is the shipper. Total lack of customer service. Dell won’t engage, won’t cancel order and ship a new one…just does nothing. We are denying credit card charge to resolve and buying Lenovo. Dell makes great machines, but only ships via a garbage shipper , and Dell completely checks out on customer service. I’m done with Dell.

Date of experience:September 08, 2022

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Dell Best Customer Care Phone Number

Based on feedback received from other customers, we conclude that 1800-425-4002 is the best Dell customer care number. The reason why most customers call Dell customer service is because they need service for their Dell product, installation service, product replacement, product warranty issues, and other customer service issues.

Dell Laptop Service Center In Bangalore Laptop Service Center

The design of Dell laptop is done superbly which has made them be the top sellers in the markets. Laptops are intended to carry easily across the world through anyway. In the case of any exchange of parts or correcting the parts, a strong need for the service center is required. During such period you need to move into a dell service center in Bangalore.


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Dell Tech Support By Other Service Providers

There are many other Dell tech support providers involved in online help service for Dell products. These professionals are highly skilled with world-class infrastructures and other facilities to provide a great customer service as per the needs and availability of the customers looking for help for Dell products problems. Customers can get Dell support in Canada very easily offered by these specialists at any time by Contacting them on a toll-free number.

Dell Customer Service Is Beyond Inept

Dell Precision 5510 15.6"  FHD Laptop: Core i7

Dell customer service is beyond inept. You’ll receive a different answer with totally different information entirely dependent upon who you speak with. Dell’s products are hit or miss, but relying on Dell’s customer service are foolish as from one Dell Customer Service Rep to another the level of their knowledge varies significantly, and when a Dell Customer Service Rep doesn’t know something they seemingly make up an answer and provide that instead of determining what’s factual or consulting someone who knows.

Date of experience:September 13, 2022

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About Order Dispatch Problem

Hi,I have purchased dell Inspiron laptop on 2nd June 2022. After 10 days of order placement I didn’t received any order confirmation or dispatch status till now.I call customer support number but they do not anything about it. I don’t when will I receive the laptop. There is no email id on which I can sent my complain so what to do in this situation. In these days online orders get priority and we can expect delivery within one week. but in this case even I dont know anything about the order status whether I will get it or not. Very bad service by Dell. Don’t go to buy this.

Plz Do Not Buy Dell Mobile

Dear Sir, I am suffering for Dell Service, I have purchased a Dell XCD35 through Flipkart online, on 11-19-2012. I am very much satisfied with the product, But now Extremely disappointed for not getting the service support. Two months back my hand set automatically switch off after that I can’t switch on the unit, its showing only Dell symbol while switching on instead off booting. I can find out the Dell authorized service centre Name and address in South kerala from Dell website . I have given my Hand set to Dell service center by 13th September 2012 . After that continuously calling, direct enquiry in that service centre but not responds. Even though they are the authorized dell service centre they are unnecessarily blaming some third party for not giving the service support to them. Ultimately as an end user I am Suffering last 1.5 Months for not getting the warranty service for my dell Xcd35. I am urgently in need of the product, Please help me Sir……


1-800-425-4026 or 080-2506-8026during the month of April 2012 ,

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Conatct Dell Support Canada Phone Number

We are a tech support service provider with extensive range of experience in dealing various issues affecting Dell products. We provide 24-hour customer support with technologically edge online help to solve every level of critical issue with best solution. Contact to our toll-free number for quick and effective help for issues affecting your Dell computer support phone number or other devices with complete satisfaction and care.

  • Help to reinstate and reinstall Windows on Dell desktop and laptops
  • Fix all software bugs on Dell desktop and laptops
  • Troubleshoot Dell computers rebooting issues
  • Remove Blue screen/Black screen error from Dell computers
  • Dell computers and laptops Speed up and optimization
  • Peripherals configuration on Dell computers
  • Software installation/uninstallation on Dell computers
  • Adding antivirus and virus/ popup/adware removal from Dell computers
  • Add Router and fix internet connection issues on Dell computers
  • Data recovery/Data Loss from Dell computers
  • Windows on Dell computers crashing/rebooting
  • Want to install Windows on Dell computers
  • Dell computers are having infections/Virus
  • Dell computers are not starting
  • Dell computers are freezing
  • Dell computers are unable to add printer
  • Cant download and install any software on Dell computers
  • Dell computers are having blue screen/black screen error
  • Dell computers do not connect to internet
  • Run time error on Dell computers

Dell Customer Service Sucks And Products

Welcome to Dell Support (Official Dell Tech Support)

I purchased a brand new dell xps 8940 last year. I am a small business owner and have been making payments for the last year. I still owe on the computer and it just stopped working. I’ve always bought a dell for almost 20 years. Now just days after the warranty the computer just stopped. Doesn’t even turn on. Just stopped. This is a catastrophic hardware failure that I am surprised dell does not stand behind it’s products. Talking to the tech manager was no better. Insinuating time and again that if it’s one day past warranty that dell will not do anything. That is a horrible business practice. I know that I am one user and for me to say that I will NEVER buy a dell again means nothing. After this experience I will never buy another dell, with it dying right after the warranty, to the manager that treated me like I was nobody and it doesn’t matter what happened to the cpu, it’s my fault for not purchasing the extended warranty. So I am still making payments on an anchor. I will tell all my customers, all my followers and everyone I run into. DO NOT buy a dell. They do not stand behind what they sell.

Date of experience:September 13, 2022

My worst experience ever if you need to deal with customer service the best thing to do before call them take their item and ENJOY the moment to THROW it trought the balcony.YOU CAN NOT IMAGINE HOW MANY HOURS OF STRESS AND ANGER YOU SAFE TO YOUR PRESUIOUS LIFE

Date of experience:September 12, 2022

Date of experience:September 12, 2022

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Dell Laptop Helpline Number

Here, Dell Laptop Helpline Number | Dell Laptop Customer Service Phone Number | 1-888-551-2881\nDell produces multiple electronic goods like computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. The Dell Laptop Helpline Number, providing a helpline number through which you can discuss the laptop issues you have and simultaneously get the step-by-step solutions. Here, the specialist technicians helps in removing technical glitches in just one step. Having the problem in laptop or driver related issue all can be solved under one roof through a call on a Toll Free Number i.e. 1-888-551-2881.\n\nCommon laptop issues:\nInstalling Software Related Issues for Dell Laptops\nData / Information Backup and Restore issues\nSystem Configuration & Settings issues\nIssues of Slow Speed and Performance of laptop\nError in WI-FI Connection and Networking\nUpadation of Operating System Issues\nSamsung laptop Driver related Issues\nSecurity & Scanning Issues\n\nWith other services also:\nhp laptop helpline number\nhp laptop troubleshooting steps\nhp laptop customer service phone number\nDiscuss the problems you have in your laptop and get the step-by-step solutions, such that you can get back to your work simultaneously.


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Dell Laptop Service Center In Delhi

Laptops are the exclusively device that is used globally for different purpose. The high usage of internet made the requirement of laptops more and more. Dell laptops are the most efficient and best that are used by more than 60% of users.


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Dell Customer Service Contacts

Dell is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Round Rock, Texas, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services.

1 Dell Way

Customer Service: 624-9897Toll Free: 795-5597

It has been reported that the corporate phone number may not be working, however, the company continues to list this number for its professional contacts to executives.

Dell 20 And Downsizing

Refurbished Used Dell Latitude E6400 Laptop / 14.1"  / C2D 2.4GHz / 2GB ...

Dell announced a change campaign called “Dell 2.0,” reducing the number of employees and diversifying the company’s products. While chairman of the board after relinquishing his CEO position, Michael Dell still had significant input in the company during Rollins’ years as CEO. With the return of Michael Dell as CEO, the company saw changes in operations, the exodus of many senior vice-presidents and new personnel brought in from outside the company. Michael Dell announced a number of initiatives and plans to improve the company’s financial performance. These include elimination of 2006 bonuses for employees with some discretionary awards, reduction in the number of managers reporting directly to Michael Dell from 20 to 12, and reduction of “bureaucracy“. Jim Schneider retired as CFO and was replaced by Donald Carty, as the company came under an SEC probe for its accounting practices.

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Awful Avoid If At All Possible

Awful!Ordered 2 XPS13 at £3,000. First one arrived slightly damaged, packaging intact but the bottom of the XPS had a dozen or more pinprick sized stab marks. 40 minutes of chat with a support agent – demanding photos of the damage – via their system which only allows 1 photo at a time and less than 5Mb. Then they email wanting photos of all 4 sides of the box. Last time I checked, a box had 6 sides.I just do not have time to spend my time fixing their problems, so I have rejected the goods, as I can under the distance selling regulations, told them to collect, cancelled the outstanding order and put the card transaction on dispute.It should not be this hard to buy a laptop – may the good lord help those who have a problem with anything from Dell!!Matebook I think..

Date of experience:September 15, 2022

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