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Do Online Schools Provide Laptops

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Lenovo Academic Purchase Program

Do you need a laptop or a tablet (or iPad) for grad school? | Grad School Tips

Lenovos student deals offer students and faculty members discounts on laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Through this site, you can search a database of colleges that participate in the Lenovo Academic Purchase Program. Lenovo recommends that student laptops have more than 2Ghz of processing power. Strong processors help computers run multiple programs at once and still operate at a reasonable speed. They also recommend that students use Windows 10, and the most recent iOS on Apple productsmost students choose to run Windows on their MacBooks because of its compatibility around campus.

Lenovo itself recommends that students on a budget purchase the Lenovo Thinkpad which can be purchased online for just over $700 brand new.


How Can I Get A Free Laptop For College

We all can appreciate that laptops, iPads, and other technology doesnt come cheap. But, for a college student, even finding spare change can be quite a feat. According to the;National Association of College Stores, 81 percent of college students took at least one online course during the 2020/2021 school year. Plus, they used over half the amount of digital services as they used in previous years. Additionally, over 50 percent of students purchased laptops or other computing devices for the academic year.;

However, a quality laptop can set you back several hundred dollars. Some models might even leave you with a massive dent in your pocket, with price tags going well beyond $1,000. Unfortunately, not every student has that kind of extra money.;

Fortunately, there are a few ways you may be able to get a laptop even if you cant afford it. Notably, there are specific eligibility requirements to qualify for some of these programs. Lets take a look at a few organizations and ideas for obtaining a free college laptop.

Contact the On It Foundation

Short for Opportunities Necessary to Increase Technology, the;On It Foundation;aims to provide free computers together with computer training and internet access to low-income households.

You can get a free laptop from the On It foundation provided a student in your family is:

  • A United States resident and attends a public school.
  • Awarded free or reduced school lunch.
  • Enrolled in grades K-12.

Check Out the National Cristina Foundation

Valley City State University

With one of the most flexible laptop deals, Valley City State University provides all students a way to get a laptop. It offers full-time students an option of MacBook Air for students in arts, music, and education programs, and HP Elitebook 840 G4 for students in STEM, business and social sciences. Part-time students are allowed a range of previously issued 12.5 Lenovo ThinkPad Twist or 13.3 MacBook Pro.

The cost of the laptop is included in every students tuition fees and a damage fee in case of loss, damage, or theft. Students have the option of entirely purchasing the laptop after they graduate.

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Why Do Kids Click With Online Elementary Schools

Lights, Camera, Schoolwork
Elementary students involved in performing arts can’t take weeks or months off from school. Online elementary school allows them to stay on track as they are performing, auditioning or rehearsing.
Destination Education
When work or play takes parents across the country or off to foreign lands, online school offers a way for children to stay on track with schoolwork.
Doctor’s Orders
Health issues can keep students from attending elementary school. Online schools allow them to keep pace with their peers and ease their transition back to a local school when the time comes.
Reaching Further, Digging Deeper
Some elementary students need a greater challenge or crave more depth than their local schools can supply. Online learning can allow for more exploration of subjects that challenge, interest and engage students’ natural curiosity.
Quality Family Time
Online elementary programs are ideal for families that believe in schooling at home. Online learning encourages family involvement, and its flexible schedule meshes rigorous academics with meaningful family time and activities.
Focus Over Fear
Students who have suffered negative school experiences, including bullying, find online elementary schools to be safe havens. Online schools can offer top-notch academics along with opportunities for socialization in a supportive environment.

Minimum Computer Requirements For Use In Online High School

Pasig City plans to provide tablets to public school ...

If you are not interested in or are ineligible for the free laptop program, make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements outlined below. All free laptops from Milwaukee PC meet the minimum requirements, although certain courses may require specific software or other technical specifications. Please check the course description before enrolling.

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Online Schools Offering Laptop Programs To Students

Are you planning on attending online classes any time soon? Do you have a laptop or an iPad that will enable you to access your courses online? Havent thought that far ahead yet? No worries, weve got you covered. Our website is devoted to helping students just like you, in similar situations. We offer a comprehensive list of online colleges that offer laptops to students that enroll. Some of these colleges even offer a free, no obligation consultation to help you make sure they are a good fit for your career path. So without further ado, here is our official list of online colleges that offer a laptop program:

Positive Results For Students

Their research found that when schools provided students with laptops for use in the classroom and at home, learning improved in a number of subjects, including science, math, and English. Students received more feedback on their writing, edited and revised their papers more often, drew on a wider range of resources to write, and published or shared their work with others more often, Zheng concludes in the study.

Many educators who have been using laptops in the classroom have already discovered the advantages of this versatile tool. Paul Mulder, Allendale Public Schools technology director, uses laptops in the Allendale school district to facilitate a flipped classroom model in which students watch teacher lectures at home on their computers and then discuss what theyve learned with their teachers and peers during class time. We see teachers able to personalize instruction more, he told Michigan Radio. We see them able to give students options to go deeper and improve their learning.

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How Can I Get A Free Laptop From Donations

  • Look reuse technology or revive non-profit near you, then call to see if they renew portable computers and how to get on the list.
  • Search for donation offers near you, or ask a notebook donation. Respond to nearby laptop donations to get a free computer. If you ask a donation, someone seeking to recycle a work notebook can view your request and respond. Negotiate the transaction from there.
  • Apply for a laptop through the computer recycling center . Young people, seniors, teachers, nonprofits and others may request a free computer. Call for additional info, or write a letter requesting the specific information you want and why you or your team would benefit from receiving a free computer.
  • Find out if your town has e-waste recycling equipment and, if so, what about equipment brought there. You may have the ability to find a working laptop or notebook parts whenever someone recycles your old machine.
  • Look for contests, giveaways, raffles, and other giveaways that have laptop prizes. Enter for a chance to win a given computer.

St Johns University Free Laptops

How I Use My Laptop For College // Favorite Websites and Programs | Reese Regan

Students of St. Johns University Has Choice of laptops 3; Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad L380, Lenovo ThinkPad L380 Yoga. St. Johns University, in Queens, NY, is a large private Catholic college. St. Johns offers you a choice of three notebooks. Students are able to keep their laptops if they have at least a bachelors degree. This university provides 26 online applications. The top popular themes are psychology, medical assistants, and biology. Students rent study overseas and passionate teachers.

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St Johns University Choice Of 3 Laptops Apple Macbook Pro Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Lenovo Thinkpad L380 Yoga

St. Johns University in Queens, NY is a large private, Catholic university. St. Johns offers you the choice of three laptops. Students may keep the laptop if they graduate with at least a Bachelors Degree. This college offers 26 online programs. Popular majors include Psychology, Physician Assistant, and Biology. St. Johns was recently ranked the #31 school for online graduate education programs and #35 for online graduate business programs by US News. Students praise the study abroad programs and passionate professors. Click on the button below to request more information from St. Johns about their loaner laptopprogram.

Who Are Eligible To Get Free Laptops

Let say the section of telecommunication lately has been actively supplying government telephone and online services in a subsidized rate and nearly to no fee. The national governments rewards program is employed in assisting with low carb earners to pay necessary living expenses such as food and health care.

On the lookout for free authorities net and a notebook? Getting your very own free authorities net and notebook provides you the chance to find work on the internet. Additionally, obtaining a notebook will help you take free internet school courses and also get in contact with networks and groups which may change your life. Sometimes, you may even interact on the internet and have a look at the information, community events, job fairs, as well as watch tv. Each one these activities are able to help you to save on your electrical bill in the long term. Regardless of what the motive is that you require a notebook, getting one at no cost is quite possible today more than ever .

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Contact Your Local Goodwill

If you are going through a tough time financially perhaps youre unemployed or have been the victim of a hurricane? then get in touch with your local Goodwill.

Its another non-profit organization that may be able to provide you with a free or very low cost laptop.

Goodwill has been known to give vouchers to people who are struggling financially, such as those living on a low income.

People can use these vouchers to purchase items. Of course, your local Goodwill may not have any laptops available, but it may be able to help you in finding one in your area.

  • Get assistance here:

Free Laptop Given Away Is It Legit Way To Get A Free Laptop Or Computer

Online classes for high school students expose digital ...

Yes Of course as we have shared lot many organizations and ways above which given away free laptops to Students and low income college students. Not only online organization, but also the nearby organizations and churches are helping students with free stuffs. The Only Thing is to be consider that all these free laptop given away programs has their own eligibility criterias, method of application and application verification process, which you are applying for a free laptop given away programs make sure that you follow and read their guidelines Properly.

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Use United Way Worldwide

Non-profit organization United Way Worldwide provides assistance on a huge range of topics through its 2-1-1 program.

It connects you to the resources you need locally.

The 2-1-1 service is totally free to use and its confidential as well.

You can use the service to get help finding a free or low cost laptop in your area.

  • Get assistance here:

The University Of North Carolina At Pembroke

UNCP has an Honors Scholar Laptop Initiative, which looks to provide laptops to high achieving students at a lower cost. All students return the laptops at the end of every academic year and covers for any associated repair or replacement costs.

The school issues out the laptops on a first-come basis hence the need to make applications. It also has a summer laptop rentals programs students can benefit from.

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Southern New Hampshire University

Not necessarily free laptops, Southern New Hampshire University provides considerable discounts on Dell and Apple products. The accepted students also get free tech repair and support, free software, and warranties on top of the discounted laptops, desktops, and tablets. The ease and improved internet connection within the campus had led to more than 80,000 students picking up online education in this institution as compared to only 4000 on-site students.

Final Thoughts About Free Laptops For College

How to download anything on your computer without Admin permissions! (Can be used on school laptop!)

There are plenty of learning institutions, nonprofit organizations, websites, and other platforms that claim to give away free college laptops. Its essential, however, to appreciate that in most cases, the word free is overused.;

At best, free laptop offers are almost always a marketing scheme. At worst, they could be a way for scammers to target you online.;

While some colleges have free laptop programs, be sure to understand who is responsible for their maintenance and what happens if your laptop gets damaged or is lost. The fine print often says youre in charge of taking care of your devices. In rare cases, some colleges are generous enough to include laptop replacement plans.

While a few schools;sort of;live up to their advertised free laptops deal, we consider this myth busted.;

We hope this post has encouraged you to be aware of the fine print when looking for those elusive unicorns that actually do give genuinely free laptops to college students! Unfortunately, we have not found one that does yet, but perhaps more top-ranking colleges will step up to make free laptops for college students a reality in the future.

But the news is not all disappointing. We have found some great;free online colleges;that are for real. Explore these;tuition-free online college degree;programs that you may be eligible to participate in and save big!

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Contact The On It Foundation

This is another organization that may be able to assist you.

If you need a free laptop computer for your child, then its definitely worth contacting the On It Foundation.

You may be eligible for a laptop if theres a student in your family who is:

  • Enrolled in grades K-12.
  • Receives a free or reduced school lunch,
  • Attends a public school and resides in the United States.

So if youve been wondering how to get a free laptop for school, then contact the On It Foundation.

  • Get assistance here:

Not All Laptop Programs Are Effective

One issue here is that not all programs are successful. In our study, although most programs were successful, there were some stark failures as well.

These tended to be in school districts that treated computers like magical devices that would solve educational problems merely through their distribution, without sufficient planning on how they could best be deployed to improve learning.

Some of these schools, after observing no progress with laptops, decided to phase them out. For example, Liverpool Central School District, a public school district in a suburban community near Syracuse, New York, from fall 2007.

A school district in Philadelphia had to abandon its program after being sued over its use of laptop webcams to capture pictures of students at home. The district claimed it was an effort to track down missing laptops.

For schools and classrooms that are already poorly organized, merely having access to a computer connected to the internet will not improve learning. However, for classrooms that focus on improving students writing, analysis, research, problem solving and critical thinking, those same internet-connected computers could be invaluable tools.

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Online Colleges With Free Laptops

Education has changed quite a bit over the years. With new-age computing and digital tools, traditional on-campus education has steadily transitioned into online education and distance education. Both teachers and students have gradually embraced technology in education and have come to live with this change rather comfortably. The COVID-19 pandemic has of course given the use of technology in online college education, a shot in the arm. Today, college students require only an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, to learn and pursue their online education.

On that note, it is worth pointing out that some colleges that have a laptop program give out laptops to their online students for free, while some others offer them at discounted prices. This guide covers everything there is to know about free laptops, how to pick the right one, and a walk-through of online colleges with free laptops or tablets.

Where To Get Discounted Laptops For College

Online Learning Is Simpler Than You Think! 5 Sites to Get ...

If you are not able to get a free laptop for college, it is possible and relatively easy to get a cheap or deeply discounted laptop through the following other resources:

Connect All

You can get a laptop for as low as $144 from;Connect All;if you satisfy specific low-income requirements.;

Computer Technology-Assistance Corps

The;CTAC;program has provided more than 3,500 computers to faith-based organizations, libraries, low-income families, nonprofits, and schools. As a result, you can obtain a college laptop at an;incredibly discounted price, starting at just $125.

Dell Refurbished

Notably, this program only deals with;refurbished Dell laptops. Nevertheless, its an excellent opportunity to land a cheap laptop from a trusted brand, especially if youre on a limited income.;

eBay and Amazon

Several reputable sellers on eBay offer discounted prices for new, refurbished, and used laptops. You can also find refurbished computers on Amazon for a fraction of what a new one costs.

Whats more, the;;program allows you to exchange Kindle e-book readers, old books, DVDs, and other items for a gift card. You can use the gift card to reduce the cost of a laptop purchase on Amazon even further.

Notebooks for Students

The;NFS;is a program available for students attending primary school, high school, and college. You can also get a computer if youre home-schooled. They offer heavily discounted laptops from a range of brands, plus they have excellent tech support.

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