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Does Best Buy Give Money For Old Laptops

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Best Buy Recycling Fee

Does Best Buy give you cash for trade in?

As noted above, while most of the Best Buy Recycling program is free, there are some items that require a fee. Where possible, those items have also been noted above, but keep in mind that each state may have different guidelines, so be sure to check for information specific to your area, too.

Some TVs, for instance, have a recycling fee, as do some monitors. In general, though, it is always wise to check the guidelines for your specific area first.

Best Buy Home And Appliance Recycling

Best Buy accepts a wide range of home products and appliances for recycling. As a general rule, Best Buy will accept home products that contain electronics but are not dangerous or require expertise. For instance, Best Buy accepts the following:

  • cables and connectors
  • popcorn makers, pressure cookers, rice cookers, slow cookers
  • sewing machines
  • And much more. As always, be sure to check with your local Best Buy.

When it comes to large home appliances Best Buy offers Haul-Away recycling for $20 when a replacement product from Best Buy is delivered to your home for the following items:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Ranges, stoves, range hoods, cooktops, and wall ovens
  • Refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Best Buy then sends those appliances to their third-party, licensed recycling partners. Other appliances, however, are not accepted.

Does Best Buy Give You Cash For Trade

Simply go to, see if your item is eligible for trade-in, and then get an estimate for what your item may be worth. Well cover the costs for you to ship it to us and then, if we accept your item for trade-in, well send you an electronic Best Buy gift card for the value of your item.

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Car Systems And Accessories

The Best Buy electronics recycling accepts CB radios and scanners, audio decks, GPS systems , radar detectors, speakers and amps, wiring harnesses and install kits, and security systems. Sub boxes, however, are not accepted. The usual restrictions apply, of course, and as always, you should check specific guidelines in your area.

Best Places To Sell Your Old Laptop Online And Make Some Extra Cash

Plan selling my computer but cannot get serious buyer ...
  • Date

Whether you work from home, live as a digital nomad, or simply use your laptop for enjoyment, having a slow and overloaded device is frustrating.

According to HP, most mid-range laptops only last for three years or slightly longer if you try to maintain them. Even high-end laptops dont last forever. Hardware deteriorates, software becomes outdated, and you inevitably have to replace your laptop every few years.

Chances are, you probably have an old laptop collecting dust somewhere in your home. Used laptops are easy to hold onto. After all, its hard to throw something away that originally cost hundreds of dollars.

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Can I Recycle My Old Laptop At Best Buy

We make it easy to recycle all kinds of used tech from cameras and cellphones to robot vacuums and speakers. Regardless of where you bought it, how old it is or who made it, you can bring your tech to any Best Buy store to have it recycled. You can also make the most out of your old tech with our trade-in program.

Sell Individual Parts From Computers

Many people look to save money on computers by building their own computers with a variety of different parts they can purchase. If you collect unwanted computers from a variety of sources, youll soon have a large inventory of computer parts.

You can then list those parts for individual sale on sites like EBay, where tech savvy consumers are searching for hardware and other internal parts they can use to repair their existing computers or build new ones to keep or sell to others.

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Open Box Products Offer Great Chance To Negotiate

Every time I walk into a Best Buy I find several floor model HDTVs that are marked down for a quick sale. But they dont always sell quickly.

So whenever you see a floor model for sale, consider it an opportunity to negotiate an even lower price. As a general rule of thumb start at 25% and be prepared to meet in the middle.

Shop Best Buy Outlet To Get Refurbished Or Previously Owned Items Up To 60% Off In Store Or Online

Top 5: Best Budget Laptops 2021

This is hands-down the best way to score a discount at Best Buy. Open-box items and Best Buy Outlet items are guaranteed to work properly, are covered under warranty, and can be returned or exchanged.

I found this 43-inch Insignia LED 4K TV for $276 just because the box was previously opened.

There are 14 physical Best Buy outlet locations, but you can score the best selection online or in store. Many items are in-store pickup only, so check before you purchase.

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Which Devices Does Best Buy Accept For Trade

As you might have guessed, the skys the limit when it comes to trading in with a retail giant like Best Buy. If it takes batteries or plugs in, chances are that Best Buy will buy it. Specifically, Best Buy Trade-In accepts:

Cell phones
Smart speakers and other streaming devices

Does Best Buy Accept Cracked Phones and Tablets?

Although smartphones and tablets with damaged screens were originally only accepted for recycling, Best Buy has since updated its policy to give store credit for these devices. However, screen damage does decrease the trade-in values of these devices considerably .

Can You Return An Opened Computer To Best Buy

Yes, you can return an opened computer to Best Buy as long as you make a return request within the return and exchange window of 15 days.

The Best Buy return and exchange policy permits you to open the computer and inspect its functionality. If you are not fully satisfied with the computer, you can request repair, replacement, or return.

Ensure that you present all packaging items, including proof of purchase and valid photo ID, when requesting for exchange or return.

It is important to include the original packaging and accessories when returning the computer.

If any of these is missing, the store will process the return request and deduct an amount for what is missing.

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What To Do With An Old Laptop: 10 Clever Ideas

So youve upgraded to a brand-new laptop at lastor perhaps youre finally clearing out clutterand now youve got an old laptop to deal with. What to do with it?

That depends on your circumstances, the age of your laptop, and the amount of time and space you have. But chances are, your old hardware can rise to the challenge of a second lease on life, even if its not with you. You can give it a new, single purpose donate it to a worthy cause sell it or responsibly lay it to rest. To help you decide on your laptops next act, weve gathered up our top suggestions, with specific project ideas to try if you keep it.

Save Hundreds When You Buy A Refurbished Laptop Instead Of A Brand

15 Fabulous Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girls!

Yes, having a brand-new laptop is sexy. But so is buying a Microsoft Surface 13.5 Touch-Screen Laptop for $699.99 , which I was able to do when I bought it refurbished from Best Buy. Thats $300 staying in my pocket. Thats sexy.

Plus, with many renewed and refurbished laptops, you cant even tell the difference between one that has been used and/or rebuilt and a fresh-out-the-box one. Best Buy offers a minimum 90-day warranty on most products, so youll have ample time to test out your discount buy.

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Crack The Best Buy Price Tag Code

Learn how to read Best Buy price tags to determine what kind of deal youre getting. In particular, the cents column tells you some pretty cool things. Heres what you need to know:

  • Prices ending in a .99 Could be a full price or a sale price. Sale items ending in .99 are typically not that big of a savings. Try to avoid the .99 if you can.
  • Prices ending in a .92 This is a 1-time price drop at or below Best Buys cost. Typically a screaming deal.
  • Prices ending in a .96 Anything ending in a .96 is an adjusted price designed to beat the price of a competitor.
  • Look for Code C If you see a price tag with a small C in the lower right-hand corner, it means the item is clearance and no longer stocked.

I have it on good authority that managers are able to give discounts on these products, so be sure to negotiate an even better price.

Do Currys Buy Old Laptops

Why trade-in? Trade-in your old Laptop Online and receive cash straight in to your bank account to buy something you really want. Alternatively, Trade-in your old device in store today and get a gift card instantly. Well wipe your old device to government standards so you dont need to worry about your data.

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Overview Of Best Buy Recycling Program

As one of the largest electronic retailers, it only makes sense that Best Buy would have a great recycling program as well as a buyback program. Lets learn a bit more about how Best Buy can help you dispose of your electronic items in a sustainable way!

Well look more closely at the Best Buy recycling program, including how the Best Buy electronics recycling programs works, what items are eligible, and how you can best take advantage to responsibly dispose of your household electronics. Well also look at what items may include fees, as well as which items you may be able to sell as part of the Best Buy buyback program.

Taking Back Old Computers And Electronics At Best Buy Costco And Staples

A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021)

ByF. Tadesse | Submitted On December 29, 2009

Costco trade in program

In their effort to become leaders in recycling electronics, Costco has teamed up with Gazelle is a leader in the on line electronics reuse and recycling business. What you do is, fill out an online form at the Gazelle website about the electronic equipment you are recycling. Gazelle will give you a quote on your item and if you agree then you can print out an on line free shipping label. They will even send packaging material for shipping your old electronics. As long as the value of your gadget is at least one dollar shipping is free. If they determine your electronics has no resale value, they will recycle it responsibly for free. At this time they recycle laptops, cell phones, LCD monitors, MP3 players, digital cameras, and gaming systems. They don’t recycle faxes, printers and TVs at this time. The recycling service is only available for members only.

Best Buys

For large electronics such as T.Vs larger than 32 inches and refrigerators they have a hauling service. All Best Buys stores have a recycling kiosk by the entrance door where you can drop of ink cartridges, smart phones, CDs, DVDS, batteries, cell phones, and Best Buys gift cards. You can bring in up to 2 items per day per household.

For T.Vs larger than 32 inches they have a free haul away service if you buy replacement equipment. You can get large T.V’s and refrigerators hauled away for a fee if you didn’t make a purchase.

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What Is Best Buys Return Policy On Laptops

Best Buys return policy on laptops requires that a return request be made at least 15 days from the day of purchase.

Once you decide to make a return request, you must ensure that all data on the laptop has been erased and the laptop is no longer linked to any device or cloud account.

In addition to this, Best Buy requires that you package the laptop with all original accessories and packaging otherwise, they will deduct an amount for what is missing in case of a refund.

Best Buy reserves the right to process your return request if the laptop appears dented, scratched, damaged, or missing major components.

Also, Best Buy may fail to process your return request if there is no proof of purchase.

Preparing To Sell Electronics

Before you put an item on the market, you need to answer this question: does it work? While working devices are obviously going to earn more cash, broken electronics may still have value. Either way, youll want to verify the functionality of your device in order to find the best place to get rid of it.

Now, first of all, be sure to back up the information stored on the device. For instance, transfer files from your laptop to an external hard drive or cloud storage before you sell it. Then, youll have this data to transfer onto your new device once you sell your laptop or phone.

Finally, determine exactly how much you can get for your device before you put it up for sale. Depending on its condition, the pricing may vary. For obvious reasons, a non-functioning device will likely fetch less than near-mint products.

Websites such as Sage BlueBook and can give you a real-world idea of what you can get for your devices.

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How To Recycle Computers For Cash

If you drop your old PC off at the local junk yard, you wont get any money for it and they may even charge you to dispose of it.

Instead of paying someone else to take your old computer or other electronic device, consider one of these ways to make money by recycling your old PC or other old computers you can get through other avenues such as the ones listed below.

Want a quick and convenient way to sell your old electronics, check out which is a reputable site with a 4.5/5 Trustpilot score.

How To Recycle Your Old Tech

$100 off a MacBook Air, Canon DSLR with two lenses for ...

Now that the holiday season is over, you might find yourself with tech gadgets you wont be using anymore. But dont throw anything out just yet.

Did you know that there are ways to get more out of that old tech and help the environment, too?

About 50 million tonsof e-waste is thrown away each year, but Best Buy makes it easy to give your tech a second life. In fact, weve helped our customers recycle more than2 billion pounds of electronicsand appliances since 2009.

And who knows, maybe the laptop, video games or tablet you dont need anymore can take on a new form and become fiber-optic cables or even an airplane. But thats only possible if you recycle it.

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Gather Your Old Electronics Now Because Best Buy Trade

Before you replace your old stuff with new, check to see if its worth a Best Buy e-gift card.

With Best Buys Trade-In program, I got $120 for my old iPad. Not too shabby for something thats been collecting dust for almost a year!

Take in your old phones, smartwatches, video games, or tablets, or send them through the mail Best Buy will cover the cost of shipping and give you an e-gift card as payment.

Listen To The Salesperson

When trying to negotiate, theyll often steer you towards the brands that they can lower the price on.

Whether it be a higher margin, excess inventory, or clearance items they want to clear out, listen to them and theyll often give you hints about the HDTVs or computers where they can help you on price.

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What To Do Before You Sell

To get a good price, youll need to locate everything you want to sell with it such as manuals, charging cables, a laptop bag or other accessories.

You also should make a list of any damage to the machine or problems youve noticed with the laptop. And dont forget to back up and erase all the personal data from your laptop before you pass it off to someone else.

Once everything is stored, follow the system settings to reset your laptop to factory settings and list your laptop for sale with one of these top companies. Be sure to include multiple photos to help your machine sell faster.

Can You Return A Laptop To Best Buy

How to make money recycling computers.

Fortunately, you can return a laptop at Best Buy after purchasing it. The Best Buy exchange and return policy allows you to return laptops purchased at or any Best Buy store.

Best Buy allows you to return laptops, gaming PCs, and notebook computers of brands such as:

  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Microsoft, etc.,

The return process requires that you make a return request within the return and exchange window of 15 days.

In case you need faster processing for your return, ensure you take along the packing slip or receipt, the credit card used to make the purchase , as well as a valid photo ID.

A return request that lacks proof of purchase may warrant using an email address, and the request can either be denied or limited upon assessment by Best Buy employees.

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Cell Phones Radios And Other Small Electronics

The same three-item-per-household rule applies, as does the restriction limiting the program only to residents, but otherwise, Best Buy will accept nearly any small electronic device, including cell phones, landline phones, hands-free or wireless headsets, calculators, phone chargers, two-way radios, wireless broadband, shredders, and even voice recorders. The only restrictions are that it actually has to be an electronic device , and they wont accept safes .

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