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Does Dell Sell Refurbished Laptops

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Is Dell A Good Brand

Dell Computers : How to Sell a Dell Laptop

Majority of Dell laptops are budget-friendly and most of their design and hardware is very straight forward and powerful. However, not everyone likes a simple design and thats the only reason some users avoid Dell. Also according to recent lists, Dell is one of the best-selling laptop brands in 2020.

Dell Is Slashing 40% Off Every Refurbished Laptop

Whether youre fond of renewed electronics or not, sometimes its hard to deny them outright when there are so many amazing refurbished laptop deals. You can always get a better deal, and pay much less, on a refurbished system rather than buying brand new, and a lot of times theres little to no difference. Factory recertified systems look, function, and perform like new. They come in different grades and conditions, as well, so you can always find something youre comfortable with.

For the Fourth of July, Dell Refurbished is offering 40% off any item when you use coupon code DELL40USA21 at checkout. The code wont work for clearance items or bulk orders, but everything else is fair game. For example, with that code, you can get a Dell Latitude 5590 Laptop normally $860 for just over $515. Thats $340 off the full price! Its also an amazing deal.

Dell Refurbished may not offer the newest generation products, but you can save a lot of money by grabbing slightly older, yet still reasonably powerful systems. All systems are refurbished to the highest standards, and come with a 100-day limited warranty against problems or defects.

Buying refurbished also helps reduce e-waste, often created by throwing away old electronics and devices, which could still be effectively used.

Do Currys Sell Refurbished Laptops


Herein, do Currys do refurbished laptops?

There are plenty of major online and high street retailers including eBay, Amazon and Currys PC World that offer great value refurbished versions of some of the most coveted tech brands – including Apple MacBooks and Microsoft Surface laptops.

Additionally, can I pay by PayPal in Currys store? Yes, Currys does accept PayPal. You can find additional information about Currys’s PayPal support on their customer service page here.

People also ask, what is the best refurbished laptop?

Reviews of Top 10 Refurbished Laptops

  • 1 Lenovo Thinkpad T540P.
  • 2 Dell Latitude E5450 Refurbished Laptop.
  • 3 Refurbished Lenovo 440.
  • 5 Apple MacBook Air MD223LL/A.
  • 6 HP 17 Inches Business laptop.
  • 7 Acer R11 convertible laptop-best refurbished laptop for students.
  • 8 HP Chromebook.
  • Are Geo laptops any good?

    The Geo Book 3X is a stylish Windows laptop that won’t break the bank. Best suited to those that want a laptop just for web surfing and basic word processing. It’s ideal if you covet good looks but have a limited budget.

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    The Difference Between Used And Refurbished

    Regardless of its route to the laptop spa, manufacturers or third-party authorized refurbishers typically sanitize, sort and grade the units based on physical look and functionality. They disassemble each one, checking for damaged components, battery function, screen quality, power supply, loose connections, hard drive and optical drive. If a seller does not follow a process like this, the product isn’t really refurbished it’s used.

    Missing or defective components RAM, graphic cards, capacitors, ICs, hard disks are replaced and the machine undergoes a complete data wipe. The laptop is then tested, cosmetic defects repaired, and a new OS is installed before being packaged for its new home.

    That last software bit is critical, Cade said, as sometimes people buy refurbished without the OS installed and that is a no-no. Some sellers may try to install the original OS and pass it on to buyers, but that would not be a legal license. MARs have agreements with Microsoft to copy properly licensed operating systems onto refurbished units.

    After a refurbisher inspects, cleans, repairs and restores a used or returned laptop to factory settings, the unit is certified to be in good working order and returned to the retailer or manufacturer for sale at a discount.

    Is Refurbished Laptop Good As New Dell Latitude D610 Laptop + Windows XP (COA ...

    The reality is that refurbished laptops can be every bit as good as brand new models, sometimes better! New laptops only have a cursory inspection before shipping to the store. With a refurbished model, you can feel confident that your computer is gone over with a fine tooth comb and that every component is functional.

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    Tip : You Can Give A Refurbished Laptop As A Gift

    Sure it’s the thought that counts, but the gift of a previously owned piece of equipment may still conjure up “cheapskate” for some, regardless of its superlative quality and guaranteed functionality. If you are concerned that a loved one may secretly scorn a refurbished laptop, consider your recipient and what matters to them. If you or a loved one craves the very latest, cutting-edge notebook in flawless cosmetic condition and packaged to artistic perfection and associate refurbished with icky, old and used a pre-owned unit is going to be a tough sell.

    For them, the lure of a shiny new $200 Chromebook will undoubtedly be the best way to say “I love you,” but the Lynch household saw it differently: “I can only say that last year I got my wife a refurbished MacBook Air and she was thrilled.”

    Image Credit: Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

    Where Do Refurbished Laptops Come From

    Refurbished laptops come from a number of different sources, including businesses that trade in their old laptops, and consumers returning systems either because they decided they didn’t want them or because there was a serious defect.

    Failures and defects account for a certain percentage of refurbs. According to a Consumer Reports Reliability Survey of 58,000 subscribers between 2010 and 2015, new Apple laptops fail at a rate of 7 to 9 percent per year, while Windows machine-failure rates hovered around the 15 percent range.

    “Microsoft refurbishers mostly work with enterprise equipment, but even though the laptop started out as enterprise, you get it at the consumer price,” said Willie Cade, founder and CEO of PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher . “If it’s for work, shopping, email and other basic tech uses, refurbished is absolutely the way to go.”

    But that’s not the only route: According to Jim Lynch, TechSoup Global’s electronics recycling/reuse director, buying refurbished from name-brand computing companies is also a good way to go.

    “The big OEMs are quite good in this area. Since Apple, Dell and HP put their names behind their refurbished equipment, they generally make sure that the IT Asset Management companies that do the refurbishment and reconditioning do good work,” he said. Thus, either the laptop manufacturer or authorized refurbishers are the best sources for obtaining your purchase.

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    What About Buying Secondhand Non

    There are numerous issues that can crop up when buying a laptop secondhand. Besides our concerns about criminals selling on stolen laptops to unwitting customers, we should also warn you about battery life. If a laptop is a year to two years old , the maximum battery life will be much shorter than it was when brand new. Across hundreds of charges, batteries run down and if youre not getting a refurbished laptop, you may be purchasing a computer with a battery so knackered that youll never be able to stray far from a plug socket.

    If youve resorted to getting a secondhand laptop over a new or refurbished device, you might want to start by looking closer to home. Friends and family may well have a laptop going spare, which they might sell to you for a discount price. Heck, if they like you enough, maybe you could get one for free!

    The benefit of acquiring a laptop from a trusted source is that you know where its been whereas, when buying online, you really dont. But lets imagine nobody you know has a laptop to sell below is a list of tips to guide you through purchasing a secondhand, non-refurbished laptop on the internet.

    What Is Certified Refurbished Dell

    Things to Consider When Buying A Used Dell Computer

    Certified refurbished PCs are laptops and desktops that have been returned to Dell, put through the production process and then again retested to ensure they meet all original factory specifications. All the certified refurbished systems may have some observable cosmetic blemishes, but they will not affect performance.

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    Find A Refurbished Dell Laptop That’s Like New On Ebay

    A laptop provides the convenience of working whenever and wherever. While some models can be pricey, you can find a Dell refurbished laptop i5 that works like new. It utilizes an Intel Core i5 processor for optimal performance.

    What makes a Dell laptop refurbished?

    There are usually two reasons that a laptop can qualify as a Dell refurbished laptop i5. If a laptop was leased and the lease has ended, it now qualifies as refurbished. It can also qualify if it was returned by a customer to the retailer he or she purchased it from. These laptops may have slight defects, which are notated in the description. However, a refurbished laptop is often good as new. Plus, they always boast major savings compared to a laptop with a new label.

    What is a laptop’s operating system?

    There are a variety of operating systems available in a Dell laptop, depending on the one you decide to purchase. The laptop’s operating system supports its major functions, including its programs and applications. The optional operating systems included with a Dell laptop include but are not limited to those listed here:

    • Chrome OS

    Tip : Know The Difference Between Refurbished And Certified

    Online marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist do not check the condition of laptops offered for sale on their sites they just connect buyers and sellers and both are on their own. While online trade-in services like Gadget Salvation, and others offer varying degrees of certification, their standards vary and are not always transparent.

    Cesar Navarro, Gadget Salvations operations manager, says its items go through the company’s certification process, which includes hardware testing, cosmetic inspection and a software check, to make sure the gadgets are fully functional, reset to factory defaults with genuine operating systems and free of malware.

    “We do not refurbish gadgets. We do not replace any components or parts,” Navarro said. “Electronics that do not meet our certification standards are wiped clean of stored data and re-sold in bulk to various refurbishing companies. Gadgets that cannot be salvaged are sent to local recycling facilities.”

    Some outlets are even more vague. At Gazelle, which sells pre-owned MacBooks, “light refurbishment” involves a 30-point functional and cosmetic inspection ensuring that the devices are in good cosmetic condition and working order and reset to factory settings.

    Microsoft maintains an extensive network of authorized refurbishers for individuals and businesses to link you up with a refurbished laptop.

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    What Is The Best Dell Laptop To Buy

    The best premium Dell laptop is probably the used XPS 13. I say this because its the perfect laptop for most business professionals: its thin yet powerful, and you can find a good deal on a refurbished XPS that will perform just like a MacBook Air but for almost half the price. For this reason, a used Dell XPS is also a great laptop for students and parents on a budget.

    Why Say Yes To Refurbished Laptops Newest Dell Latitude E5470 FHD (1920 x 1080 ...

    Buying a refurbished Dell laptop from us means that youre getting yourself a machine that is ex-corporate or ex-government and as such is business-grade which are generally built to a higher standard than regular consumer machines.

    So whether you want a laptop that can handle demanding applications or a simple everyday use home laptop, our refurbished Dell laptops can offer the best bang for your buck. Plus, refurbished laptops are a greener way to go!

    To make sure you have peace of mind and confidence when purchasing from us. We provide a no-fuss warranty with every product we sell. Our laptops are second hand but when it comes to quality and customer support, we are second to none.

    Dont let a great deal slip through your fingers choose from our excellent stock of refurbished Dell laptops today!

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    How Big Is The Dell Xps 13 Laptop

    Masterfully designed. Designed with precision engineered details, from stunning materials to minimal footprint, the XPS 13 is a 13-inch laptop in the size of an 11-inch, thanks largely in part to the stunning 4-sided InfinityEdge display, which enables us to bring a 6.8% larger 16:10 display in a 2% smaller size.

    What To Look For When Buying A Refurbished Computer

    • Features: First, figure out what you really need out of your device for features and specs.
    • Cost: Calculate your budget, keeping in mind the various tech options available to suit your needs.
    • Certification: Look for computers that are certified refurbished, not just used or pre-owned, to ensure they have been through a comprehensive repair and testing process.
    • Manufacturer/Reseller Reputation: Make sure you buy a refurbished computer from a company known for its dependability and quality, whether its a computer manufacturer or a third-party reseller.
    • Warranty: Carefully review warranty information to ensure the seller fully stands by its product. Remember that you can only get our manufacturer warranty by purchasing directly through Dell Outlet.
    • Service Plan: Many refurbished computers come with no-cost support and repair services for a limited amount of time. Make sure you know what service plan youre getting – and youre comfortable with it. Are optional services available like accidental damage protection that would be important to you?
    • Return Policy: Knowing you can return a refurbished computer within a certain time frame can provide peace of mind. Dell Outlet offers a 30-day return policy on all products purchased from us.

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    Why Are There So Many Refurbished Dell Computers

    Refurbished computers are computer systems that can no longer be sold as new. Often, this is because someone returned the computer either due to a human error or a simple lack of use. Computers may even be considered refurbished because they were defective, had small cosmetic issues, or came from a canceled order.

    How Long Can A Refurbished Dell Laptop Last

    Save Money: Buy a Used or Refurbished Laptop Computer or PC (DELL)

    It all depends how old the used Dell laptop is, how powerful the processor is, and how much RAM the computer has. If you want a used Dell laptop to last you for at least a couple years, get one that isnt more than 5 years old and has 8GB of RAM or more. Also, make sure you get a version that has at least an Intel Core i5 processor . Also, keep in mind that these chips are upgraded annually, so a laptop with an i5 from 2019 will be much more capable than a laptop with an i5 chip from 2014, for example.

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    Who Has The Best Deal On A Dell Laptop

    We believe we have the best deals on Dell laptops because of our prices, 1-year warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee. Our Dell laptop deals are better than anything you can get from an independent retailer while being cheaper than most deals you see from larger stores and websites. A refurbished Dell laptop is a safer investment than a used Dell laptop.

    Our Comprehensive Guide To Buying Refurbished Laptops In The Uk

    Refurbished laptops are the way to go if you’re looking to pick up a portable PC on the cheap.

    They may not be as glamorous as brand new devices, but refurbished laptops operate exactly as they did when they left the factory and typically cost a fraction of the price.

    The only real differences between refurbished laptops and their factory-fresh counterparts are potential cosmetic blemishes and the length of the warranty. If there isn’t a warranty on the refurbished laptop you’re considering buying, wed advise you to look elsewhere.

    With a whole host of online retailers offering cut-priced renewed devices, it can be hard to know where to begin your search for a refurbished laptop. That’s where we come in.

    We’ve put together a list of the most trustworthy outlets for buying refurbished laptops in the UK so you can save money while safe in the knowledge that your purchase is backed up by a solid guarantee. Additionally, we’ve highlighted a couple of attractive refurbished laptop deals that we deem worthy of your attention.

    If you decide a refurbished laptop isn’t for you but are considering buying one secondhand, we’ve got you covered, too. Our secondhand laptop buying guide provides some handy pointers to keep in mind when making a purchase online or in person.

    For those that aren’t sold on either a refurbished or secondhand laptop but want to save a few quid on a new device, our best laptop deals page is regularly updated with the best laptop bargains around.

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    Lower Cost But Worse Battery Life And Performance

    Buying a refurbished laptop can save you several hundred dollars depending on the make and model and where you shop. However, you’re unlikely to find the latest-generation laptops available as refurbs, unless the model in question has been on the market for six months or more.

    Perhaps, because it doesn’t refresh its laptops that often, Apple sells refurbished units of its 12-inch MacBooks, which launched in April 2016. A new 12-inch MacBook 1.1GHz Dual-core Intel Core m3 costs $1,299 new. A refurbished model sells for $1,099 on Apple’s website, covered by a one-year limited warranty. At Amazon, the same unit sells for $899.99 with a 90-day warranty.

    However, if you’re looking for a refurbished Dell XPS 13, you may have to settle for an older model. When we first checked, Dell Outlet was selling an XPS 13 from two generations ago, which was equipped with a Core i5-5200U CPU, 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM, for $739 with a one- year warranty. A brand-new XPS 13 with the current-gen Core i5-7200U CPU and similar specs goes for $999, over $250 more. A few days later, the stock had changed and some newer units were available.

    Also, keep in mind that laptop batteries lose their ability to hold a full charge over time. So, if the refurbed model you buy was in active use for a year or two, it could have much shorter battery life than a brand-new unit.

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