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Does Sprint Sell Laptops

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Merger Of Sprint Corporation And Nextel Communications

How to Sell your Laptop/Tablet/Phone on eBay! – Beginners Guide

On December 15, 2004, Sprint Corporation and Nextel Communications announced they would merge to form Sprint Nextel Corporation. The merger was transacted as a purchase of Nextel Communications by Sprint Corporation for tax reasons Sprint purchased 50.1 percent of Nextel. At the time of the merger announcement, Sprint and Nextel were the third and fifth leading providers in the U.S. mobile phone industry, respectively.

Sprint shareholders approved the merger on July 13, 2005. The merger deal was approved by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Department of Justice on August 3, 2005. Sprint Nextel was formed on August 13, 2005, when the deal was completed.

Sprint and Nextel faced opposition to the merger, mostly from regional affiliates that provided wireless services on behalf of the companies. These regional affiliates felt that the new company would hinder competition.

On September 1, 2005, Sprint Nextel combined plan offerings of its Sprint and Nextel brands to bring uniformity across the company’s offerings.

Nextel has licensed its identity to NII Holdings, Inc., of which Sprint Nextel owned 18%. NII has used the Nextel brand to set up networks in many Latin American countries. Following Sprint’s purchase of Nextel, Nextel sold all of its investment in NII Holdings.

In 2006, Sprint spun off its local telephone operations, including the former United Telephone companies and Centel, as Embarq.

Affiliate acquisitions and settlements

G Laptops Are Coming: Here Is Where You’ll Be Able To Buy Them

One US carrier is notably missing

Your next PC could support 5G and you might buy it from the same place you got your smartphone. Qualcomm announced on Tuesday that Verizon, Sprint and other major carriers will sell laptops with built-in 5G support.

Originally meant for the canceled MWC event, Qualcomm’s announcement highlighted the mobile carriers that will offer 5G PCs when the emerging network finds its footing later this year.

Along with Sprint and Verizon, mobile carriers that will stock 5G laptops include EE, Swisscom and Telefonica in Europe, and other providers in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia. AT& T in the US was notably missing from the bunch, although we’d be surprised if the carrier didn’t join its rivals in the future.

It’s no secret that the major PC vendors are adding 5G chips to their laptops. At CES 2020, Lenovo unwrapped the Yoga 5G laptop, an ultraportable device with a Snapdragon 8cx chip. Around the same time, HP revealed its second-gen Elite Dragon with 5G connectivity, and Dell’s Latitude 9510 will also feature 5G for business users who need to stay connected on the go.

Qualcomm revealed its 5G X55 chipset last year for Always Connect PCs. The 5G modem can be outfitted in ARM-based and Intel-powered laptops.

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Sprint Is No Longer Selling Windows Phones On Its Website

Sprint, the third largest wireless carrier in the US, is no longer selling any Windows Phone devices on its website. So far, the company has not yet commented on this decision.

A quick check of the Sprint website shows that not only does it not show any Windows Phone units on sale but that the selection of smartphone operating systems on its menu is only showing iOS, Android and BlackBerry models. We have contacted Sprint’s PR reps to see if they have any comments on this move but so far they have not responded to our inquiries. If and when they do, we will update this post.

While Sprint itself may not be selling any Windows Phone models, other retail outlets are offering phones from the carrier, at least for now. The Microsoft Store website is still selling the Sprint models of the Samsung ATIV S Neo and the HTC 8XT. Amazon is also selling the ATIV S Neo.

However, this action by Sprint is also not unexpected. The carrier has never been the biggest supporter of Windows Phones, at least compared to its competition at AT& T and T-Mobile. Even Verizon Wireless has shown more support for Microsoft’s OS this year than Sprint has.

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Casual PC gaming

How To Replace Your Home Internet With Sprint Mobile Hotspot

Apple iPhone Xr (Sprint) [A1984]
T-Mobile Is Phasing Out the Sprint Brand

T-Mobile and Sprint are now one. New incoming Sprint customers will be referred to T-Mobile plans and products, and Sprint stores are adorned with Now Part of T-Mobile signs. Current Sprint customers can keep their pricing and plans.

  • Sprint’s website now redirects to T-Mobile
  • Most Sprint stores have now been rebranded as T-Mobile locations
  • Sprint plans have been phased out, though current Sprint customers can stay on their current plans

For more detailed information on the brand unification, check out our T-Mobile – Sprint merger article.

In this Guide

  • Should You Replace Your Home Internet with a Sprint Hotspot?
  • Article Summary

    Sprints Unlimited Premium offers the largest 4G LTE hotspot data allotment of any major carrier cell phone plan at 100GB. While this should be more than enough to support working from home, it might not quite be able to also support streaming shows and movies or playing online games. Sprints network coverage isnt the strongest but those in metropolitan areas should be able to get good service while those in rural areas might not.

    Most of us need home internet, but dealing with internet providers, installations and commitments can be a pain. Fortunately, theres a way around all of that: using your phones hotspot allowance to power your computer, TV, and other devices. Read on to learn about replacing your home internet with a Sprint hotspot.

    How to Replace Your Home Internet with Sprint Hotspot

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    Sprint Bringing Free Internet Mobile Devices To 1m Us Students

    One million disadvantaged U.S. high school students whose families cant afford internet access for their schoolwork will be eligible to get a free smartphone, tablet, laptop or hotspot device and mobile services from Sprint for up to four years each under a new program unveiled by the carrier.

    The 1Million Project will provide about 200,000 free mobile devices and free high-speed mobile internet accounts per year for five years, ultimately reaching 1 million students, according to an Oct. 11 announcement from Sprint and the Sprint Foundation.

    The idea for the project is to help provide a means for disadvantaged high school students to gain access to the internet at home so they can complete their homework, communicate with teachers and apply for jobs, scholarships or colleges as part of their studies, according to Sprint. The lack of efficient internet access in the homes of disadvantaged students is described as the Homework Gap, because it puts low-income students at a major disadvantage to students who have such capabilities.

    To administer the project, Sprint said it will work with non-profit agencies including EveryoneOn and My Brothers Keeper Alliance to help to recruit community organizations such as schools, libraries, public housing authorities and others to prepare and distribute the devices and services to low-income students.


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    Always-connected PCs scare carriers because they tend to use huge amounts of data. One of the promises of 5G is massively more capacity, but that will only come with mid-band or high-band 5G, not the low-band “nationwide” 5G that AT& T and T-Mobile have been rolling out.

    Verizon and Sprint have high-band and mid-band 5G, respectively. But Verizon’s coverage so far has been extremely limited, and Sprint’s rollout has been slowed by its endless merger drama with T-Mobile. The carriers may be holding off until they can offer better networks to 5G PC consumers.

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    G Laptops Are Hitting Sprint And Verizon This Year: Why That Matters

    Laptops capable of connecting to emerging 5G networks are coming this year. And when they arrive, you’ll be able to get those always-connected PCs through Sprint and Verizon.

    That announcement came via Qualcomm, which has been pushing its always-connected computing platform for both LTE and 5G connectivity for a couple years now. During a presentation of 5G today , Qualcomm said that Sprint and Verizon would be among the 17 mobile operators around the world who will support the chipmaker’s 5G connected PC plans. Other carriers who will support the connected laptops include EE in Europe, as well as wireless providers in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

    Qualcomm introduced its Snapdragon 8cx chipset in 2018 to bring LTE connectivity to laptops and has since broadened its portfolio of chips to bring connectivity to a wider range of laptops. That includes 5G as part of the Project Limitless initiative with Lenovo.

    At CES 2020 last month, Lenovo showed off the Yoga 5G laptop powered by a Snapdragon 8cx 5G processing platform. That device is expected to cost $1,499 and ship this spring.

    Internet Available In Every State

    how to sell a tablet at sprint

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    Which Other 4g Laptops Are Also Worth Considering

    Microsoft just released upgraded Surface devices — such as the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Go 3 — that will include optional cellular connectivity, but those configurations aren’t expected until 2022. If you can hold off until next year, these refreshed versions will offer newer hardware than their predecessors.

    You can also rely on a 4G-equipped tablet. Apple provides cellular options for its iPads, whereas it currently does not for its MacBook laptops. Cellular services also promote Samsung’s Galaxy Tab lineup as an Android 4G tablet solution. In either case, adding a Bluetooth keyboard and a digital stylus to a tablet could be enough to avoid buying a 4G laptop if you don’t need a traditional notebook all the time.

    Finally, you can give any laptop 4G connectivity by purchasing a wireless modem that connects to your USB port. While it’s an external dongle instead of a built-in modem, it offers several advantages: a fairly-low price point, the opportunity to use a wider choice of cellular providers, and the ability to move the modem from one USB-equipped device to another. You’re relying on a third-party dongle supplier, however, so you won’t get the level of tech support you would from a PC that includes 4G as a built-in feature.

    Is This All Good Or Bad

    I’ve been following US and Canadian networks for a decade, which has been a great chance to compare a nation with four strong carriers to a very similar nation with three strong ones and a few weaker ones. Canadian networks and coverage are generally better than the experience in the USthe networks are faster and more solid. They’re also more expensive to use, which I anticipate will happen in the US once T-Mobile’s price promise expires in three years.

    One backstop we have in the US that Canada doesn’t have is our vibrant MVNO market, companies like , Ting, and US Mobile, which provide flexible, low-cost service on the major carriers’ networks. Until now, the low-cost duel between Sprint and T-Mobile has powered a lot of that market. I’ll be curious to see if that continues.

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    Sprint Launches Mifi 8000 Mobile Hotspot And 100gb Data Plan

    • Pin

    On June 16, 2019, Sprint launched the MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot device and also made a 100GB data plan available for all Sprint 4G/LTE data-only devices.

    Sprint had previously reserved this plan for their 5G device, the HTC Hub.

    Sprint customers have long lacked a full-featured flagship-level hotspot option, but now Sprint has hotspot hardware that can compete directly with the 8800L from Verizon and the MR1100 Nighthawk from AT& T.

    The MiFi 8000 actually features the same hardware design from manufacturer Inseego as Verizon’s current flagship mobile hotspot – the Jetpack 8800L, so expected performance under equivalent network conditions should be about the same.

    The main difference between the Verizon 8800L and the Sprint MiFi 8000 is support for more LTE bands in the Sprint hotspot, including Sprint’s unique LTE bands .

    All other features – including things like integrated VPN support – appear to be identical to the Verizon version.

    Along with the recently announced Sprint HTC 5G hub, which is quite impressive on paper, the MiFi 8000 finally brings Sprint on par with Verizon and AT& T in terms of mobile hotspot hardware capability – cellular plans and coverage notwithstanding.

    Fcc Fine Over Do Not Call Rule Breaches

    Samsung Galaxy S6 (Sprint) [SM

    In May 2014, the company was fined $7.5 million by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission for failing to honor consumer requests to opt-out of marketing messages delivered by phone and text messages. Sprint was ordered to implement a comprehensive two-year plan to comply with the commission’s rules including training of Sprint employees on how to comply with Do Not Call rules. American consumers have had the option of nominating not to receive telemarketing calls and texts since 2003, by placing their names on the National Do Not Call Registry.

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    Best 4g Laptop : Top Notebooks With Cellular Connectivity

    Need your PC to always be online while you’re on the go? These laptops will keep you connected wherever there’s no Wi-Fi.

    As much as we’re told we’re living in a “Wi-Fi everywhere” world, that just isn’t the case. If your job or business depends on always being connected, and you’re often on the road, then you need a laptop that brings wireless with you wherever you go. That’s where built-in cellular capabilities come in. Of course, you have a smartphone with that connectivity, which helps you catch up on emails and do some light work-related tasks. But if you need full PC power with you, then you’re in the market for a 4G-equipped laptop. Unfortunately, while almost every notebook available today has a Wi-Fi card built in, there aren’t nearly as many laptops that offer an included 4G card.

    That’s where this list can help. We’ve assembled six of the best options for laptop users who require 4G connection speeds, everything from inexpensive Chromebooks to pricey enterprise portables. In addition to built-in mobile broadband features, these notebooks place an emphasis on mobility, with lighter weights and specs that favor portability as much as performance..

    G On A Windows Device For Under $1000

    Specs: Display: 10.5 inches touchscreen | CPU: Intel Core m3-8100Y | RAM: 8GB | Storage: 128GB | Weight: 1.2bs | Battery Life: 10 hours

    A Windows-based alternative to the Chromebooks below, the Surface Go 2 is a featherweight at a little more than a pound and priced under $1,000 with the 4G option enabled. Unfortunately, it requires an optional keyboard cover in order to make it a true 2-in-1 laptop.

    On the plus side of things, our review of the device found that it offers a high-res touchscreen display and decent performance from its Core m3 processor. Battery life, on the other hand, was a bit disappointing it didn’t come close to Microsoft’s claim of 10 hours during some of our testing.


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    Intel Promises 5g Laptops With Sprint In 2019

    Get ready for the “always connected” PC — using 5G — coming from Intel and Sprint in 2019.

    Intel Corp. announced the 5G move at the Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan. Sprint Corp. now says it will sell the computers in 2019. Sprint is expected to start to offer mobile 5 services in the first half of 2019.

    Intel is expecting that its “Goldridge” multi-frequency 5G modem will start shipping in commercial devices mid-2019. 5G PCs and laptops are expected from Acer Inc. , AsusTek Computer Inc. , Dell Technologies , HP Inc. for sale, by Sprint and more.

    Intel has made no secret of its desire to be a player in the 5G era. It expects to support everything from 5G smartphones. Laptops will be easier to support with 5G life, offering more space for 5G chipsets, and better battery life.

    Offering laptops with integrated 5G should also help Sprint to forward its enterprise ambitions with the next-generation wireless technology in the near-future.

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