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Floor Stand For Laptop

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Best Lap Desk: The Yogibo Traybo

STAND-LAP1F Aluminum Laptop Floor Stand by VIVO

If youre looking for a stylish lap desk, then the Yogibo Traybo Lap Desk is perfect for you. It has a wooden groove to hold your phone or tablet securely in place while also providing extra surface area for writing on paper.

Trayboo is a perfect fit for your lap as well as for your couch or bed, and it allows you to work as if youre sitting at a desk without having to be in pain from being hunched over. Its a cozy lap desk thatll keep you working in comfort.


  • Can be used as a standard lap desk or as a bed tray


Best Adjustable Computer Stand: The Twelve South Hirise Adjustable Stand For Macbook Pro And Macbook Air

The Twelve South HiRise Stand is an adjustable stand best for laptops with the Apple logo its compatible with MacBooks both old and new.

The best part about this particular model is its adjustability. Using the rear piston, you can set the height up to 6 inches off the table for comfortable positioning while youre working on your laptop.

The rear support also adjusts to fit different angles for the most comfortable, ergonomic position.

With the HiRise laptop stand, you can easily switch between dual-screen and single-screen setups. Youll be able to work faster and more comfortably than ever before. And with its sleek aluminum design, HiRise will look great on any desk.


  • Adjustable to fit your needs and position
  • Compatible with both old and new MacBooks
  • Easily switch between dual and single screens


The Razer Chroma V2 Laptop Stand will improve your gaming experience. Its one of the most advanced laptop stands available in the market today.

It was designed with gamers in mind to provide the best gaming experience possible.

The Chroma V2 not only looks great but also offers a ton of features thatll make your life easier. It has an adjustable height, an ergonomic design, and a built-in fan to keep your laptop cool. Plus, its made from durable aluminum so it can withstand even the heaviest laptops.


Folding Laptop Floor Stand

The compact and user-friendly Portable Podium with fat or angled reading surface features a birch wood laminated MDF tabletop that is durable and stylish. The aluminum truss-style legs neatly fold together when not in use and expand to set up. This portable podium tabletop can be set up and dissembled without the use of tools and a carrying bag is included with the order to easily transport and store the entire podium. The durable birch fiberboard and aluminum legs make this podium easy to set up in any trade show, marketing event or speaking engagement space no matter how big or small and the tabletop allows you to read through any notes or material at any and every event you use it at.

  • Lightweight and portable countertop with flat or angled tabletop area
  • Weighs just 11 lbs

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Best Laptop Stands Of 2022

Elevate your laptop to eye level with the best laptop stands

5. Rain Design iLevel2 Laptop Stand

Read on for our detailed analysis of each laptop stand

The best laptop stands will elevate your comfort while you work.

Using a laptop or mobile workstation all day at your office desk can hurt your neck as you often have to bend down or even forward just to see the screen. This is why many users prefer to lift their laptops up off their desks using a laptop stand.

When paired with an external keyboard and mouse, a laptop stand offers improved ergonomics which translates to better overall health whether youre working from home or have already returned to the office.

Just as laptops come in a variety of sizes and form factors, so too do laptop stands. There are some that are designed to be stationary and are meant for more permanent setups at your home or office while others can be folded up and taken with you so you can work comfortably from anywhere.

If youve experienced fatigue from using a laptop for long periods of time, you owe it to yourself to upgrade your setup. While you could opt for a desktop PC and a monitor, the portability of a laptop might really appeal to you. With a laptop stand, you can improve how you work without breaking the bank and make the device you already own, much more pleasant to use.

To this end, weve picked out five of the best laptop stands on the market today that are compatible with a wide range of laptops.

Height Adjustable Laptop Floor Stand Table

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  • STEADY AND DURABLE-The stand is made of premium aluminum, with upgraded and reinforced chassis, the thickness of the table is 1.5cm/0.59inch.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE -You can adjust the height of the table according to your needs and the height adjustable range is30cm-90cm.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION -The stand can be widely used for all type of laptop, notebook, tablets, pad, projector, Camera, also can be used as portable dining table/coffee table and shelf.
  • SUITABLE PLACE -Office, meeting room, living room, bedroom, kitchen and so on.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE -Using the accompanying tools to assemble easily and you can disassemble it when you dont need it to save space.

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Best Portable Laptop Stand: Executive Office Solutions

You typically lose some stability with a portable laptop stand, but gain the ability to easily move it around and customize the height and angle of your laptop. A good example is the Executive Office Solutions Portable Aluminum Laptop Stand, which has fully adjustable legs that lock into place exactly where you want them.

You can change your setup at any time, and the stand collapses down if you want to move it between rooms or pack it away when its not being used. Non-slip rubber feet help prevent the stand from sliding around, while the trays textured surface and wide lip stop the laptop itself from moving.

This model also comes with a clip-on tray designed for an external mouse, and a pair of USB-powered fans built into the tray to draw heat away from the laptop. The only real downside is that the stand can move around a bit at maximum extension, especially when typing on heavier laptops.


Best Laptop Stand For A Home Office: Mstand 360

If you have a dedicated office space, youll want a sturdy laptop stand that you never have to move or dismantle. Rain Designs stylish mStand360 Laptop Stand raises your laptop screen to eye level and gives it plenty of support so you can easily use the built-in keyboard and trackpad.

The stand has a swivel base that can be rotated as needed, with ridges around the edge to keep your laptop firmly in place. A large circular cable hole keeps trailing cords tidy and out of the way, and you can store an external keyboard underneath the tray to keep your desk free of clutter when youre not typing.

The company also makes a matching tablet holder, so if youre planning to use your iPad as a second display, you can lift it up to eye level. You cant adjust the angle and height of the mStand360, however. This makes it more stable, but if you need a specific angle for working or just want more versatility, a different model may be more appropriate.


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Does It Meet Your Technical Requirements

Before making any decision, ensure the laptop stand fits the dimensions of your computer. Most stands are made to accommodate anything up to at least a 15 laptop, but double-check the details. Theyll also have a maximum weight rating, so make sure your laptop is well under that.

Consider how youll use your laptop when its on the stand. Some people prefer to work directly on their laptop, utilizing the built-in keyboard and trackpad. If thats the case for you, make sturdiness a top priority. The last thing you need is your laptop bouncing around every time you press a key.

If you want to use an external keyboard, sturdiness isnt so important as long as the stand can securely hold your laptop. Look for a laptop stand with a mouse pad tray if youre short on desk space or plan to use your laptop while standing up.

If youre using your laptop as a secondary display, the stand needs to be adjustable so you can line up the top of the screen with the top of your main monitor.

The Best Laptop Stands Of 2022 In Full

Rolling Computer Stand | Get your computer off the floor!

The Lamicall Laptop Stand is one of several laptop stands on this list that can be folded up and easily brought with you in a backpack. This way you can leverage the benefits of a laptop stand at the office, in a classroom or anywhere else you may find yourself working from since it weighs just 3.25lbs .

While Lamicall makes several other foldable laptop stands, this is the companys most expensive one at $55.99. The Lamicall Laptop Stand is available in either grey or silver and features high-quality aluminium alloy as well as a larger heavier base. This laptop stand can accommodate 10 to 17-inch laptops and the anti-slip rubber at its base prevents it from sliding around on your desk or table. This same rubber is used on the stand itself to prevent your laptop from moving or being scratched while a hook ensures your laptop wont tip over easily.

The Brocoon Laptop Stand is also portable but will likely be easier to carry in a backpack since it folds up to just 1.1 inches . This laptop stand is available in dark black, rose gold, silver and space gray which means it will pair quite well with Apples MacBook especially if you order a matching stand. The Brocoon Laptop Stand has a list price of $49.99 though it frequently goes on sale for around $10 cheaper.

While the base has a length of 7.8 inches and a width of 9.9 inches , the stands laptop tray is 8.8 inches long and 11.6 inches wide. The Brocoon Laptop Stand is also 10.2 inches tall when extended and weighs 3lbs .

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Best Travel Laptop Stand: The Roost

A travel laptop stand needs to be lightweight and compact, yet sturdy enough to securely hold your laptop. The Roost Laptop Stand is all of those things, and weve been happily using one for years.

It adjusts to give you between six and 12 inches of lift, while weighing less than six ounces. The stand is fully collapsible, folding up to 1.3 in diameter and just over a foot long, so its easy to fit into your bag whether youre heading to a coffee shop or the other side of the world.

The rubber feet keep the stand secure even on slippery tabletops, and the front clamps hold the laptop in place surprisingly well. Height adjustment is handled via a pair of clips: simply press them down, adjust both legs, and let the clips click back into place.

Although weve found the Roost to be fine for daily use at home as well, a travel laptop stand is really designed for when youre on the go. If youre looking for a laptop stand that wont ever leave your house, you may want to opt for one that has a bit more heft to it as above.


Best Tripod Stand For Laptop: Klvied Laptop Tripod Stand

The Klvied Laptop Tripod Stand is an adjustable height projector tray that has everything you need in one place from a phone holder and mouse tray to a non-slip mat that keeps your laptop secure while in use.

This tripod stands swing head design allows for users who are both lefties or righties, too. With its 360-rotation capability and 11-pound max load capacity, this tripod stand is perfect for speakers, musicians, DJs, performers, engineers, teachers, or students.

Its lightweight, collapsible, great for travel, and easy to transport, making it the perfect choice for any event or presentation. This tripod stand is made of high-quality materials and is built to last.


  • Plenty of room for other items, such as a phone holder or mouse pad
  • An anti-slip mat keeps your laptop secure while in use


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What Were Looking For

Height range and weight limit: Laptop tables fit in a variety of situations and use cases. Some are actually designed to hold your laptop while youre lounging or working on a couch so they tend to have shorter heights. Some have adjustable heights, and many are meant to be mobile so you can use them throughout your home. Weve listed the height of each table below and noted whether its adjustable, which will be especially important if you want to use it while standing, sitting, or a little bit of both. Its also important to pay attention to how much weight the table can hold. Most of these tables can support a laptop and a few accessories, like a phone or keyboard.

Portability: Laptop tables and desks vary greatly in size as well as portability. Some are meant to be more stationary, like a standing-desk converter or laptop stand, while others are compact and easy to carry, or have wheels that make it easier to roll them from room to room.

Price: Laptop tables can also fit into a variety of other product categories, which is why their prices can range so wildly. Some laptop tables are smaller and have minimal designs, and are therefore are less expensive, but some laptop tables are really standing-desk converters, which have more features and can hold a laptop as well as a monitor , which tends to raise the price. For this guide, a price ranking of $ denotes a price tag of $50 or less, while $$ indicates a price of $51 to $200 and $$$ indicates a price of more than $201.

Best Laptop Stand For A Couch: Able Life Swivel Tv Tray Table

Vonhaus Laptop Table Stand

A couch laptop stand lets you create a sturdy workspace from the comfort of your couch. Again, this isnt meant as a long-term or full-time solution but will do the trick if you dont have anywhere else to work from, or just want to spend some of your office hours in a comfortable chair or sofa.

The Able Life Swivel TV Tray Table is a sturdy option with height adjustment from 24 to 32 inches. Thats important, since it lets you comfortably accommodate a much wider range of people and couch types than fixed-height models.

The stand has a pair of flat, 18 wide feet designed to sit underneath the front and back legs of your sofa. Theyre also adjustable, anywhere from 25-35 inches, which easily covers the depth of most couches. Much more stable than a typical lap desk, its a far better approach for regular use.

The oversized 20×15 tabletop provides plenty of space for even large laptops, with enough room alongside for a mouse if you use one. You can even add an optional cup holder, so your all-important coffee doesnt end up on the floor. The steel frame can support up to 30 pounds of weight.

The desk section swivels through 360 degrees, so it can easily be swung out of the way when youre not using it or while getting up and down from the sofa. This also means the stand can be mounted on the left or right hand side of virtually any chair or couch.


Have you come across any other laptop stands you particularly like? Let us know about them in the comments!

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Best Foldable Laptop Stand: The C5 Foldable Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The C5 Foldable Nulaxy Laptop Stand is lightweight, portable, and has a sleek design. You can also adjust its height from 10 to 17 inches depending on where you want to work. And because it folds flat, it wont take up any room when not in use!

This laptop stand will help keep your neck and back healthy while working at home or on the go. It provides ergonomic support with an adjustable angle, so you can find the right position for you every time.

Plus, its also great for watching movies or playing games, as it provides maximum airflow underneath your computer. No more hot laptops that make your legs sweat.


  • Foldable design that makes it portable and easy to store
  • Adjustable height according to your preference


Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation Review

Smythe RichbourgReviewsUniversal standWe use affiliate links. If you buy something through the links on this page, we may earn a commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

REVIEW Mobile devices are great, in that they can be moved from place to place with little effort, and real work can be done virtually anywhere. But if you want to sit in a place where you dont have a desk for a while, but need your laptop, or a tablet or even a large book, the Levo Rolling Laptop Workstation may be what youre needing. Ive been using one for a month or so and found some interesting things Id like to share.

Note: Photos may be tapped or clicked for a larger image.

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Best Laptop Floor Stand: Viozon Floor Stand

If you dont have room for a dedicated desk, but dont want to work from your kitchen table, a laptop floor stand is the way to go. These provide maximum flexibility about where and how you work, whether thats in bed, on the sofa, or just pulling up a chair anywhere you can find a bit of space.

We considered a few wheeled models in this category due to the ease of moving them around, but they were all a little too flimsy for our liking. In the end we settled on the Viozon Floor Stand, thanks to its sturdy base and solid construction.

Available with a black or wood tray thats an inch and half thick, the Viozon is a relatively simple affair. Thats a good thing with stands like these as theres less to go wrong, especially if youre regularly moving or assembling and disassembling it.

A central aluminum pole sits overtop a pair of wide, angled feet that help ensure the stand doesnt move around while still being easy to fit under a chair, bed, or couch. Rubber pads on the bottom protect your floorboards, and also help ensure theres no chance of sliding.

You can adjust the height of the tray to sit anywhere between 30-90cm , which handles most seated or reclining positions. At nearly 21 wide, the tray has more than enough room to use a mouse with all but the largest laptops if you want to. The maximum weight rating is 17.6lbs.

The only caveat with the Viozon is that its not intended to be used as a standing desk and doesnt extend high enough for that purpose.


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