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Gaming Laptops Worth It

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What To Look For In A Keyboard And Trackpad

Are Gaming Laptops ACTUALLY Worth Buying?

A new trend in gaming laptops is the offset trackpad, which is more conducive to gaming than a dead-center trackpad. The concept is sound, but anyone who actually cares about PC gaming will just plug in a mouse. The worst thing about that offset trackpad is when you try to use it for non-gaming purposes.

As far as keyboards go, the most important gaming feature is n-key rollover. This means the keyboard physically scans each key separately. If you wanted to, you could press 20 keys simultaneously and theyd all register, as each is independently wired. That probably sounds excessive, but keyboards that lack this feature can suffer missed keystrokes, which both ruins gameplay and hurts in everyday tasks. Anyone whos used an Adobe product that might require a left-Alt, left-Shift, left-Ctrl plus two more keys to do something may have run into the limitations of non-n-key keyboards.

Other keyboard considerations include LED backlighting and mechanical keys vs. membrane. Mechanical keys are excellentbut are available on only a handful of laptops that usually weigh a ton. We have seen a few designs with low-profile mechanical keyboards, but even we admit they can be an acquired taste.

With the massive size of todays games, make sure the SSD in your laptop is large enough.

How Much Ram Do I Need For Gaming

There are many gaming laptops that start you off with an 8GB DDR4 memory, which is the minimum these days. However, that might not be enough for a speedy performance.

If you play a lot of demanding AAA titles, at least 16GB is recommended for the smoothest experience. If you can afford to splurge, a 32GB memory will give you the smoothest, most immersive experience.

Its An Excellent All In One Device

A gaming laptop is the only, true all-in-one device that offers true mobility, working capabilities as well as gaming & media consumption.

This is unique to gaming laptops. Any other type of electronic device can do 1, maybe 2, of these functions. But never all 3 at once:

Desktop PC: can work and game, but youre stuck to one location.

Consoles: good for gaming, excellent as a media player, but also stuck in one location and you cant use it for work functions.

Normal laptops: good mobility and work potential, but most normal laptops are too weak to play games on, especially newer ones.

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Gaming Laptops: Are They Worth It

Name two things gamers love, and the first will be interchangeable with the second: great graphics and speed. Good game play runs third, simply because the recipe for what makes a good game varies greatly according to personal preference. No credible fan of gaming will give up one over the other, eitherits all or nothing for us gaming folk. We build large, elaborate desktop systems with multiple graphics cards, oodles of RAM and processors that could power a small city just for the privilege of standing over a fallen comrade in gaming and sticking out our tongue, saying, nyah nyah.

As the PC industry evolved, however, games became more portable. Lugging around a dedicated $10,000 PC for LAN parties became a drag, and we saw games shrink down to handheld portables within a decade. But as tablets and more powerful laptops took their first toddler steps into credibility, they brought along the gamers credogood looks, powerful speed. Tablet manufacturers focused on app-style games, and in keeping with the small and light aesthetic of tablets, never really pushed the boundaries of mobile graphics. Laptop manufacturers tried to offer some concessions, but the ability to recreate fantastical worlds takes graphic muscle, and most times graphic muscle costs extra, and in the case of small form factor laptop computing, graphic muscle took up chassis space, and that is real estate that is hard to come by in a laptop.

Gaming Laptop Vs Desktop

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

For most people, Desktop gaming computers are a better choice than laptops. In comparison, desktops are slightly less and provide higher performance. They are more durable depending on the type of case and users are able to upgrade or replace their components as they need to.

Here is the plus point of havingadesktop :

  • Gaming desktops are often less expensive than laptops.
  • Desktops permit users to upgrade components such as CPUs, RAM, GPUs as well as storage drives.
  • Custom-built gaming desks and having more space can affect performance.

Some negative points are here:

  • Gaming desktops are heavy and heavy to move.
  • Although many components are simple to locate, some, such as GPUs are more difficult to locate due to the limited supply.

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Gaming Laptops Allow For Dual Usage

A gaming laptop is not only used for gaming but can also serve as study or business laptops. It is ideal for students or remote workers who balance work/study and gaming.

With this laptop, you can email, write articles, or perform other assignments between games, something the consoles cannot achieve.

More Expensive Than Building A Console Or Custom Gaming Pc

Gaming laptop models are more costly compared to gaming PCs and consoles with pretty much similar specifications. This is primarily because, in laptops, the hardware has to be designed to be compact enough to fit within the chassis.

On the other hand, gaming PCs are comparatively cost-effective. On top of that, you can easily build your gaming PC by simply assembling the right set of hardware.

But one thing to note here is that even though gaming desktops are cost-effective, you still have to invest extra money in a decent display and keyboard.

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Why You Shouldnt Buy A Cheap Gaming Laptop

As we mentioned earlier, gaming laptops are generally more expensive than standard laptops. While this isnt always a bad thing, you should be careful not to overspend just to get a powerful machine.

If you buy a gaming laptop that is too powerful for your needs, youll be wasting money. You dont need a top-of-the-line laptop to play most modern games at medium or high settings.

Save the extra money and get a system that better suits your needs.

Because gaming laptops are more expensive than traditional laptops, youll want to be careful not to overspend. Be sure not to overinvest in a gaming laptop.

If you do decide to spend money on a gaming laptop, make sure you buy one that is powerful enough to meet your needs. Youll also want to make sure the laptop has enough space for the graphics card you want to use. Gaming laptops are expensive and powerful machines.

If you get a cheap gaming laptop, it wont be able to run most modern games smoothly. Youll constantly experience lagging and unresponsive controls.

Youll be frustrated and disappointed with your gaming experience. Youll be better off saving up for a more powerful gaming laptop than wasting money on a cheap one.

Best Gaming Laptops In 2020

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?

A gaming laptop that is able to run most modern games with high quality is commonly more than $1000. If you want to purchase a laptop for gaming under $1000, you can check the products introduced in this guide. If you care much about the gaming performance and have adequate budget, you might be interested in the following products.

Here are 5 best gaming laptops, and lets check them out one by one.


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More Power To Do Work Stuff

Gaming laptops are considerably more powerful than normal laptops or even weaker desktop PCs. The extra computing powers makes regular programs such as web browsers, MS Word, Excel or Photoshop run far better than on normal laptops.

Software open faster, commands are more responsive, loading times are way shorter for basically everything, you can have 100 tabs open in Chrome and not worry about it etc.

If you plan to use a gaming laptop for work and other related tasks, then the more powerful hardware is absolutely worth the money.

The extra performance is immediately noticeable in terms of productivity and mental wellbeing.

It improves productivity since you wont have to wait for the device to execute commands, and it helps mental wellbeing since you no longer have to fight your device to get productive stuff done.

Reasons Not To Buy A Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops may have outstanding features, but have you considered their limitations? Here’s a few to guide you.

Gaming laptops are powerful pieces of hardware, there’s no question about it.

However, despite the major advancement in gaming laptop tech, especially over the past few years, these specialist devices still have some major drawbacks. Depending on your situation, these could range from inconveniences to deal-breakers.

If you’re considering a gaming laptop as your next purchase, here are five disadvantages to consider.

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Is Buying A Gaming Laptop Worth It

Yes, buying a gaming laptop is worth it. Its ability to deliver high performance and withstand high heat build-up in its small portable body makes it a worthwhile investment.

However, some reasons make buying a gaming laptop an unworthy investment. Gaming laptops are expensive. Their price margins are wide from the regular laptops. They may not be efficient in getting rid of build-up heat as well. Besides, gaming laptops leave no room for upgrades.

Therefore, deciding whether a gaming laptop is worthy or not lies on your wants, needs, and budget.

What Games Can You Play On Gaming Laptop

Are Gaming Laptops Worth it? [Pros &  Cons]

This question remains same to many people that what kind of games can we play on gaming laptops. It depends entirely on how Are gaming laptops worth it because much advanced level configuration you have in your gaming laptop. if you have most expensive gaming laptop then you can play all types of game on that laptop because it has all criteria that a gaming laptop should be have.

Here are some latest games that you can play on gaming laptop :


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Which Type Of Laptop Should I Buy If I Want To Play Games And Work Using The Same Laptop

Gaming laptops are better known for the smooth accomplishment of heavy and light tasks.

Gaming laptops have all the components of a standard laptop. It has some extra elements which enable the laptop also to do graphics-intensive tasks like gaming.

So if you are planning to use the same laptop for work and playing games, buying a gaming laptop is your best bet.

How Are Gaming Laptops Worth It For Gamers

As we all know, a new game is launched in the market today, which you must have a specific configuration to play. Just as some games require a work processor, for some games you need a high level processor. Therefore, if you take a normal laptop, then you need to upgrade it again and again, which would be very expensive.

So in such a situation, if you already have a good gaming laptop, then you are saved from such a mess because a gaming laptop has such a configuration that you do not have to upgrade quickly.

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Best Gaming Laptops In 2022

The best gaming laptop isn’t just a squished desktop PC. It’s a mobile package of power that can run the best looking games out there. Gaming laptops include so many features that a normal desktop would that it’s not a bad idea to pick one up if you’re looking to play games away from your desk. Gaming laptops have come a long way and shouldn’t be overlooked.

We’re currently enjoying a battle royal between AMD and Intel for mobile CPU dominance, and that means there are some seriously powerful options out there, with AMD’s Ryzen 6000-series mobile CPUs squaring up nicely with Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake chips. We’ve also got AMD’s mobile GPUs squaring up against Nvidia’s RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti mobile GPUs.

The newest gaming laptops are getting more portable, and yet still sport all the fancy features that high-end gaming PCs do. We’re talking multicore CPUs, high-end GPUs, and speedy NVMe SSDs. You can even find heaps of RAM and super-high refresh screens under the hood. Gaming laptops with mechanical keyboards even exist, like the Asus ROG Strix Scar 15 .

While bagging a new graphics card for your desktop rig has been a pain recently ), gaming laptops mostly sidestepped chip shortage. This does mean manufacturers have turned their focus toward high-end offerings, however, meaning mid-range and budget configs are a little rarer.

What Is The Difference Between A Gaming Laptop And A Regular Laptop

Are 240Hz Gaming Laptops Worth It?

A gaming laptop and a normal laptop can look completely the same. But what separates them apart are the components.

A gaming laptops components are going to be much more powerful than a regular laptop.

Its designed to handle intense things like gaming and video editing.

Designers give a unique look to gaming laptops these days they typically look really flashy to catch the eyes of consumers.

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Are Budget Gaming Laptops Really Worth It

In the last few years, major manufacturers put a lot of effort into making gaming laptops affordable. We have seen many budget gaming laptops that cost less than a thousand bucks.

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A few years back, a budget gaming laptop wouldnt have been a good choice. Thats because they used to cut more than just money. And most of them offered mediocre performance and featured low-quality displays.

Nowadays, there are many decent low-cost laptops for gaming. While they wont provide you the feel of a Premium rig, the overall gaming experience is decent for the money.


  • 5 Consider Buying a used laptop
  • What About The Design And Build Quality

    Not too long ago, gaming laptops were not exactly what you might call elegant. Manufacturers had this idea that gamers love flashy and aggressive designs. Were not quite sure where that concept stems from, but design choices are subjective. With that said, the design for gaming laptops has changed quite a lot in the past year, and everyone seems to agree that its for the better.

    For example, big bulky vents for thermals, and angular designs are not all that common now. Instead, manufacturers are going for that muted look with some accents here and there. There are still some aggressive designs to be found here and there, but they are implemented in a better way. Take a look at the Zephyrus G15 for a better idea.

    Build quality is also much better these days. Most gaming laptops under or around the $1000 mark still use plastic. However, its not the type of plastic that has a lot of flex to it or bends easily. The Lenovo Legion and Dell G3 are great examples of this idea. Even keyboards are getting better in gaming laptops these days.

    The other major concern is portability. Fortunately, big bulky gaming laptops are just a separate market at this point. Enthusiasts who want utmost power along with some sense of portability can go that route. For everyone else, gaming laptops are easier to carry around. While theyre not thin as ultrabooks by any means, theyre still more manageable than they were a couple of years ago.

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    Is It Time For Gaming Laptops To Take Over

    Technology has come a long way in the past few years. Manufacturers have figured out ways to fit better components into smaller spaces. Weve also taken leaps ahead in terms of the battery life and build quality of portable devices.

    These advancements raise a fair question in many of our minds. Have gaming laptops finally become complete, viable replacements to their desktop counterparts? Well, lets jump into the topic and find out.

    Table of Content

    Factors To Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop

    Are Gaming Laptops Worth It

    The factors to consider when buying a gaming laptop are listed below.

    CPU. The gaming laptop you buy should have a Quad-core processing unit. It should also have a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU for the best gaming performance.

    RAM. Your gaming laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM. You can also have one with 16GB RAM for improved gaming performance.

    GPU. Gaming laptops for low settings games can work with AMD RX 5500M or GTX 1650 GPU. However, if you game on high settings games, you’ll need a laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX or Nvidia GeForce RTX.

    Battery Life. The battery life of a gaming laptop is a vital consideration when purchasing a new gaming laptop. Always go for a laptop with longer battery life.

    Screen Resolution. Your gaming laptop should have a higher screen resolution. 1920 x 1080 is ideal for most gaming laptops, although higher resolutions than this one are also better for vibrant 4K display.

    Storage. Your gaming laptop should have one 1TB HDD drive and a small SSD boot drive. It should also have 7200 RPM for the best experience.

    Size. Your gaming monitor should be between 15 inches to 17 inches. However, you should always go for the bigger screen options if the budget allows you. Though, you should keep in mind that the larger the laptop, the heavier it is.

    NVIDIA G-Sync Technology. Your gaming laptop should support NVIDIA G-Sync technology to eliminate screen stutter while gaming.

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    Laptops Are Not Upgradeable

    Unlike desktop PCs, laptops cannot be upgraded. Youre essentially stuck with the original configuration until you either resell the laptop or mothball it.

    The greatest advantage of a desktop PC is that you can swap and upprade components whenever you want .

    If the motherboard allows it, you can change a mid range CPU from 2-3 years ago, to a top of the line, newly released one.

    GPUs in particular are so easy to replace theyre practically plug-and-play.

    This can greatly extend the lifetime of a desktop PC. So if you buy a top of the line desktop PC now, and do a single replacement of the GPU or CPU, you can reasonably expect for it to play games at high quality and good frame rates for 8-10 years.

    If you just update a part a year its pretty easy to keep a desktop PC relevant. The only time it can be a pain is when new ram is rolled out, because that usually involves doing the RAM, motherboard and CPU all at once.

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