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Hard Shell Cases For Laptops

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Hard Shell Laptop Cases

REVIEW: Hard Shell Protective Laptop Case | Nacuwa

It Could Block Ventilation

Laptops, just like any computer, generate a lot of heat. As the fans spin to cool the components, they push out the hot air through slits on the sides and underneath. The laptop can overheat if the case blocks any ventilation slots. The case might have a universal design, so check where the slits on your laptop are and that they match up with the case.

Hard Shell Laptop Case

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Whats The Best Laptop Hard

A laptop isnt just a convenience. For many, its their primary way of doing business, staying in contact with friends and family, and watching streaming content. Its a portable lifeline to the outside world.

That makes it a valuable asset that must be protected against damage. If you dont want to carry it around in a bulky laptop backpack, there are other options for keeping it safe.

A laptop sleeve is a good choice, but it only prevents damage when the gadget is inside. A better alternative is a hard-shell case, such as the B Belk Hard-Shell Case for MacBook Air 13-Inch.

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    The Protection You Require

    Hard-shell cases use one of two systems. Consider the protection level you require, depending on how you handle your laptop and where you use it most.

    • Most common: These hard-shell cases comprise two solid plastic parts that clip onto the laptops lid and underside. There is a less protective version of this case, where a plastic frame clips onto the corners, exposing a portion of the surface.
    • More rugged: These resemble a laptop sleeve. However, when the zipper is fully opened, the laptop opens with it. Its often held in place through elastic straps and provides great protection against drops and bumps.

    Best Protection: Thule Gauntlet Sleeve For 16 Macbook Pro 15 Macbook Pro Pcs/laptops And Chromebooks Up To 14

    • Extremely tough and protective case

    • Fits a wide range of laptops up to 16 inches

    • Attractive design

    • Lacks additional storage for accessories

    Thules Gauntlet laptop cases are the time-tested titans of laptop protection, and the 16-inch Thule Gauntlet Sleeve is no exception. Though its marketed squarely at 15- to 16-inch MacBook Pro owners, the Gauntlet is suitable for a wide range of laptops up to 16 inches in size.

    While there are no extra compartments and external dividers, this attractive but pricey case is by far the most durable case out there. The enhanced durability comes from its heavy-duty polyurethane clamshell design with reinforced corner and edge protection, a rigid exterior, and a padded interior.

    Capacity: 15 to 16-inches | Durability: Rigid exterior, padded interior, and corner protection | Waterproof: No | Pockets: None

    “I’ve been using the same Thule Gauntlet case for the better part of a decade, and it’s saved several generations of laptops from an untimely end.” Andy Zahn, Tech Writer

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    Best Overall: Nacuwa 360 Laptop Sleeve


    • Carrying handle and large side pocket

    • Easy access to devices

    • Won’t fit thicker laptops

    The Nacuwa 360 laptop sleeve has everything you need in a laptop case and is a well-balanced product perfect for most people. It comes in light or dark gray color schemes and offers a decent level of protection with internal egg-crate-style padding. The case can keep your devices cushioned from the everyday bumps and jostles incurred during a typical day of travel. Extra reinforcement added to the corners provides a strategic layer of protection.

    The outside shell is soft and attractive with a strong carrying handle, and the case even provides some degree of water resistance. An outer pocket has room to store chargers, external hard drives, or other accessories. While the brand name might not be familiar, the level of protection and overall quality at this remarkable price point elevate the Nacuwa to our top pick.

    Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets | Durability: 360-degree and drop protection | Waterproof: Water-resistant | Pockets: One external

    Which Laptop Case Is Best

    iPearl mCover Hard Shell Laptop Case Review

    More people are working from home or remotely than ever. Since you cant carry your desktop computer with you, the chances are excellent that you get your job done on a laptop. But just as with mobile devices, you need to ensure that it doesnt get damaged.

    There are several laptop backpacks that can easily accommodate 23-inch devices and accessories, but they tend to be heavy and cumbersome. A more elegant, lightweight solution is to protect your laptop with a sleek case. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from, so finding the best laptop case for you can be a challenge.

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    Buying Guide For Laptop Hard Shell Cases

    Laptop hard shell cases are made to keep your computer safe from bumps and scratches. They are typically made of hard plastic or metal and come in a wide range of colors and designs. Some cases even have a built-in handle for easy transportation. Hard shell cases are excellent for protecting your laptop while traveling or storing it in a backpack or suitcase. They are also reasonably priced and easily accessible.If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection for your laptop, a hard shell case is a great option. Amazon has amazing deals on an extensive range of the best laptop hard shell cases .

    Benefits of Laptop Hard Shell Cases

    Protects Laptop from Damage

    Laptop hard shell cases are important in keeping your laptop safe from potential damage. These cases provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, dents, and other forms of wear and tear.

    Keeps Laptop Clean

    Laptop hard shell cases are beneficial for keeping your laptop clean because they protect the computer from dirt, dust, and other debris. You can help keep it clean and free of debris that could potentially damage the device by encasing the laptop in a hard shell case.

    Easy to Use

    Hard shell cases for laptops are easy to use. These cases are designed to snap on and off from your laptop making it easy to apply and remove when needed.

    Portable and Convenient

    Factors to Consider before Buying Laptop Hard Shell Cases


    Best Hard Laptop Case For Water Resistance

    The Pelican 1495 Case looks like an immense choice if you’re wanting to keep your laptop extra secure in more of a briefcase-style arrangement.

    It’s crush-proof, dustproof and made of incredibly sturdy plastics, so should certainly keep your laptop safe from any damage. A foam lining also ensures a snug fit for your device when it’s inside the case.

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    For extra protection and security, the Pelican 1495 Case also features a 3-dial combination lock, as well as an automatic pressure equalization valve to ensure it’s also watertight.

    If you are carrying this case, there’s a padded shoulder strap for ease of use, as well as another carry handle if you don’t want to use the larger strap, making this quite the versatile case.

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    Best Hard Laptop Case For Shock Absorption

    If you’re after more of an affordable hard laptop case that should offer good protection, then the Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case looks like a great option.

    What you’ll find is that its hard polycarbonate shell should be shockproof and ensure your laptop is kept nice and safe inside at all times. In addition, it’s also water-resistant and dust-proof, so your device should also be able to withstand any of the elements when placed inside the case.

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    The Nacuwa Protective Laptop Case also features a convenient pouch for any accessories you wish to carry with you, be it a notepad, your laptop’s power brick or any additional peripherals, which isn’t half handy.

    It’s a great case for smaller laptops, fitting those with a screen size of 13″ or so, and Nacuwa says it works with everything from modern MacBooks to Chromebooks and high-end ultrabooks like the Dell XPS 13, which is useful.

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    Other Ways To Keep Your Laptop Safe

    • Get a sleeve instead. While a hardshell case stays affixed to your MacBook, a sleeve is simply a soft carrying case. It offers protection for your MacBook while it’s not in use, and it allows you to skip the risks that come with a shell.
    • Avoid open cups. I once fried my mother’s MacBook by knocking over a nearby glass of milk. To this day, I only let covered liquids near mine.
    • If you use a keyboard cover, remove it before closing your laptop. A lot of cases come with a silicone keyboard cover that matches the color of the case. It looks cute, and it keeps crumbs and grease out of your keyboard. But remember to take it off the keyboard before shutting the lid, lest you harm the display.

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    Best Design: Kalidi Laptop Sleeve


    • Only meant for MacBook Air

    • No extra pockets for accessories

    If you’re interested in a high-end design for your laptop sleeve, this Kalidi sleeve is budget-friendly and it’ll turn heads.

    The polyurethane faux leather is remarkably high quality, and the bag’s opening is a fold-over that works a lot like a classic pocketbook. Perhaps the best part is that it comes in eight colors, ranging from metallic tan leather to soft seafoam green to a dark, jewel-tone purple. Whatever your style, there’s probably a color on offer from Kalidi to match.

    The case fits laptops as large as 14 inches, such as the MacBook Air. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to figure out if your Windows or ChromeOS device might fit.

    Capacity: 13-inch laptops and tablets | Durability: Velvet interior | Waterproof: No | Pockets: None

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    Best Hard Laptop Case For Most People

    The Thule Gauntlet Sleeve looks like a marvellous all-rounder if you’re after a hard laptop case.

    It’s rather durable, being comprised of some heavy-duty polyurethane, and features reinforced corner and edge protection to ensure every corner of your device is protected.

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    In addition, you’ll find the Thule Gauntlet Sleeve features quite the rigid exterior that should prevent accidental damage and protect from any drops and scrapes, and a padded interior ensures your laptop should fit nice and snugly and also be protected from the inside.

    As for compatibility, this laptop case is specifically marketed for 15-16-inch MacBook Pro users, although if you own a laptop with this screen size, you should be able to pop it in with no issues at all.

    Best Hard Laptop Case 202: Our Top Picks

    The laptop sleeve and hard shell case you need!

    Keep your laptop safe and sound with these amazing hard laptop cases.

    If keeping your laptop safe is extremely important to you, then you’ll want to invest in one of the best hard laptop case available on the market.

    Whether you’re using one of the best laptops for illustrators, a beastly gaming laptop, or simply one of the best budget laptops, ensuring your laptop is protected is very important.

    Protecting your laptop can be done in a multitude of ways, be it with a hard case, a screen protector, or one of the best laptop backpacks for travel.

    Hard cases, just like the best rugged tablet cases, are designed for durability and to make sure your device is as protected from any potential damage as possible.

    Fundamentally, a good hard laptop case will be one that’s durable, with plenty of padding on the inside, as well as a reinforced outer shell to ensure your laptop withstands any accidental drops or scrapes with little to show for it.

    You’ll also want to make sure you get a case that fits your device well. For instance, a laptop sleeve that’s designed for a 15″ laptop may not fit a 13″ laptop too well as it may move around too much, so getting one that first to size is useful.

    So with that being said, lets get into it here are some top picks for the best hard laptop case available today.

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