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How Can I Charge My Laptop Without A Charger

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How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger 8 Easy Tips

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger – Charge A Laptop

Hey, Are your charger is lost, or are you not somewhere, and the AC adapter is not carried with you?

In this article, we share some hacks on how to charge a laptop without a charger.

Please use the technology that we told us to charge your laptop without a charger, and it will work.

It is unfortunate to lose any equipment, such as mobile, laptops, chargers, and it doesnt feel good because we cant make any electronic devices without carrying a charger.

The original charger that came with the laptop is very high-quality and can charge the same device. For any other charging technology that I want to copy and obtain any device , charging will be risky.

You will know that you cannot charge your laptop for free without the original charger, and you will have to spend a little money to adopt another method. The best option is to buy a manufactured charger because the original charger always has good performance.

If you have a laptop that can last all day, you will be lucky because the backup battery is an essential factor.

If the battery is not good, you will not be able to use the laptop better. Before buying a computer, please remember how the battery performance is?

Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more available, and there is no other charging method, but you can charge the laptop battery by applying hacking techniques.

If you forgot to take the charger anywhere, you have to be a little creative to apply all the methods.

How To Recharge A Laptop Computer

All laptop computers come with a power cable. To recharge the laptop, connect the power cable to a mains power wall socket, and plug the other end into the power socket on the laptop.

You can continue to use your laptop while the battery is charging. You can also turn off your laptop, and the battery will keep charging as long as the laptop is plugged into the mains power.

How To Charge Your Laptop With A Power Bank

This is by far the most feasible way to charge your laptop as you may already have a power bank laying around.

First you will need to be sure that your power bank can charge laptops. These power banks are often upwards of 20000mAh and need at least 18V to charge laptops. They have the ability to charge several types of devices including laptops.

Power banks of this size can be on the expensive side with some ranging well over $50 at the time of writing. They are worth the investment, though, because they are able to charge several different types of devices on a single charge.

A power bank is always handy to have if youre traveling or if you find yourself without your laptop charger.

Most power banks have protection features that turn the power bank off when it detects high temperatures, over charges, or a short circuit. Make sure your power bank is labeled as safe for charging laptops before purchasing or using on your laptop.

Power banks are great to have if you travel a lot because they are so versatile. So its great to have one of these with you in case you forget your charger.

If you need to charge your laptop now and you cant wait for Amazon shipping, you can find power banks at your local electronics store, just be sure the power bank is capable of charging laptops before you purchase.

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Use Universal Auto/air Adapter

Some laptops can be connected to the universal chargers available in cars or airplanes. A power cord might be required depending on what universal charger your car has to offer, but some can make do with a USB cord.

Make sure that the universal charger works with your laptop prior to connecting it via a USB cord. This should go without saying but this procedure requires that the engine is running.

Can You Charge A Laptop With Hdmi

Can I charge a Lenovo laptop without an adapter? My ...

If your laptop is capable of being charged, you can charge your laptop using an HDMI connection. If you want to charge your laptop quickly and efficiently, you can use the HDMI port on the laptop. You can charge your laptop using a power source such as an LED TV or any other device with HDMI support.

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How To Charge Laptop With Usb

If your laptop comes with a built-in USB-C port, then you do not have to worry about charging your laptop. The USB-C port is looked up to as a high wattage connector. The conventional Type-A USB ports are capable of recharging a cell phone with a laptop but cannot charge the laptop.

Whereas, the Type-C connector can easily transfer enough power to the laptop to effectively recharge the battery.

However, in order to make this option applicable, youll be needing a charging cable, with a suitable plug adapter. Because there is no pint of connecting the USB cable to the laptop when the power source is incompatible!

Also, check the best laptops under 400 with long battery timing.

How To Charge Laptop With A Power Bank

In the second place, the high-amp, portable battery pack can be used to charge a laptop battery on the go. The power bank can be connected to your laptop via a data cable, and there you have the ultimate solution to get back your laptops battery to normal.

Every power brick is different, so you might get different results. Also, make sure that your battery pack is compatible with your laptop.

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Is It Safe To Charge Your Laptop Without Its Official Charger

It is safe to do it when you are sure about the compatibility of the method with the battery, otherwise, youll end up ruining the battery. Hence, the professionals recommend using the manufacturers charger. However, in emergencies, you can use one of the above-mentioned methods but make sure to take all the precautions.

If you are interested then learn more about how to care for your laptops battery.

Can You Charge A Laptop Any Other Way

Lost laptop charger? Try this but carefully

Power banks are an easy way to charge your laptop. Besides charging USB devices, USB-C power banks can be used to charge other USB devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Unless your laptop is exceptionally powerful, your power bank will be able to charge it only one or two times, depending on your power bank.

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Can I Charge My Laptop With My Phone Charger

Yes, it’s possible to charge your Lenovo laptop with your phone charger, but there are some caveats. The phone charger needs to be a USB-C charger. Newer and high-end smartphones, including Samsung, Huawei, and Google Pixel phones, usually come with one. The laptop also needs to have a USB-C port.

If either of these devices doesn’t support USB-C, you can’t recharge your laptop via your phone charger. Regular USB-A isn’t compatible.

Finish Your Connections And Test

The end is near! Take your HDMI cable and adapter and connect it to your laptop.

Check that the connection has worked and that the cable and/or adapter are sitting in the port correctly. You might need to make some adjustments here if needed to ensure the connection is secure.

If your laptop comes on, or the charging sign flashes up, you can rejoice, for it has worked! If you notice no change, we recommend removing the HDMI cord and trying again.

It might be that one of your connections wasnt perfect. Sometimes it can take a few tries to be successful, especially if you are dealing with adapters on both ends of your HDMI cable!

Check too that your TV is working and the connection there is secure. If you notice all you are getting is static, there might be an issue with the power source.

Where possible, you can try connecting your HDMI cable to a different TV to eliminate the problem. If your laptop still isnt charging, then the issue is with your HDMI port or the laptop itself, and you can perform further checks to narrow down what the problem could be.

However, if your laptop is charging, you can leave it to charge up or use it as usual! Just be sure not to remove the cable until your laptop is charged. It might take longer than it would with a laptop charger, but if you are in a pinch, using an HDMI cable will work well!

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Is There Another Way To Charge Surface

You cant charge the Surface from another computers USB port. You can charge your phone or other USB gadgetry from the USB port of any Surface. If possible, though, plug your Surface into the wall first to avoid draining its battery. In a pinch, you can charge any Surface with the charger from any other Surface model.

How To Charge A Laptop With Phone Charger Or Phone

How to Make a 12v Battery Charger: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Well, this is something exciting but still available. Youd be amazed to hear that you can charge your laptop with your mobile phone. Just connect your phone with the laptop by using a cable through USB port Type C, and there will be an option to your phone like transferring files same as power transfer. You can turn that option on, and your laptop will start charging, but it will cost your mobile battery. After getting some charged, you have to charge your phone through its charger. The laptop can also be charged with a phone charger, as described in the Ac Adapter section.

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How To Charge A Laptop With A Broken Charger Port

Use an Externally chargeable Laptop Battery to charge your laptop with a broken charger port. Once your laptop battery is consumed,remove the Laptop Battery from the backside of your laptop, and plug it into the battery charger, and then mount the charger in the electric socket board. Once your battery is fully charged, you can now put it back into your laptop and use it.

Charging Your Laptops Battery With An External Charger

Another alternative way of charging your laptop with its regular charger is by using an external battery charger. These external battery chargers are powerful devices that are designed to be stand-alone chargers that allow laptop users to charge their devices without necessarily using the laptops regular charger.

They work by detaching the laptops battery and then charging it to the stand-alone device. After the battery is completely charged, the battery can be removed from the charger, and it is ready to be reconnected to the laptop.

These external chargers also widely available plenty of electronic retail stores all around the globe. Make sure to ask for the charger which is compatible with the model of your laptop.

Another great thing about these external chargers is that it will allow you to have spare batteries for your laptops where both of them can be fully charged.

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Charge Your Laptop Using Universal Adapter

If you are using an old model laptop and its charger is not in production, what you have to do to charge your laptop. Well, in this case, a Universal adapter got you cover.

These are the AC/DC adapter that comes with different interchangeable tips, and they support a large variety of brands.

And if you are a person who usually loses things, then dont worry you can buy the adapter tips separately.

Also, some models of universal adapters can connect to the car cigarette port and charge your laptop.

The universal adapter works the same as the original adapter, but you have to be careful with it. If you set the ampere rate to high, it can cause damage to the laptop battery.

How To Charge A Laptop Battery With Usb

How to Charge Any Laptop WITHOUT Charger || Using AUX Cable

Laptop chargers are the most recommended and best source of charging laptops. Thats why they are also expensive and highly appreciated in need. But we know that laptops come with many USB ports for transferring data and charging other devices like mobile phones. Some of them are with breakneck processing speed.

But what if a laptop needed power through the USB port to charge itself? Sounds exciting and crazy. Well, yes, a laptop can indeed be charged with a USB port. It is all possible due to advancements in technology and the latest accessories embedded in the latest laptops.

There are different types of USB ports that a laptop may have. These include USB Port Type A, B, and C. USB Port Type C has two versions. One is 3.1, and the other is 3.2.

So, it is the one that is faster than the different types of ports because it has the latest technology and the features of its predecessors. The other ports like USB Port Type A and B are useful in transferring data, but these ports cannot charge your laptop.

Thats why this USB Port Type C can be used to transfer data through external devices as well as charging a laptop.

For charging a laptop with USB Port Type C, you should do the following things.

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Charge Your Laptop If You Lost The Charger

These above methods are all plausible ways of charging your laptop without its original charger. However, all these methods cost and some are simply not effective in the long run.

Its advisable that you simply buy a new charger for your laptop rather than spend exorbitant amounts of money on secondary ways to charge it that may not be safe for you or your laptop.

How To Charge A Laptop Without A Charger

Have you ever been in a situation where theres no available power source and your laptops about to die? Maybe you forgot your laptop charger at home, or worse, your charging port isnt working at all.

If you need important files from your laptop but have no way to boot it up with a charger, thankfully, there are multiple solutions that can bring your laptop to life once again!

In this article, learn about the six quick ways to charge your laptop without a charger. You might even find the perfect long-term solution to your dead battery dilemma!

Please note that you can use similar methods to charge your chromebook without a charger.

  • 2 Conclusion
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    Using A Portable Power Bank

  • 1Purchase a portable power bank. Portable power banks are essentially batteries that can charge a variety of electronics. You can buy one online, at an electronics store, or at general merchandise retailers like Walmart, Target, and more.
  • 2Ensure your power bank is compatible with your laptop. While some laptops may be able to charge using a USB-A power bank, most will require a power bank with USB-C, AC, or DC output.XResearch source
  • USB-A ports are rectangular and often have a three-pronged symbol next to them.
  • USB-C ports are small and ovular.
  • AC ports look the same as the outlets you find in the walls of buildings.
  • DC ports are small and circular with a single prong in the middle.
  • 3Turn your power bank on. Power banks will require you to push a power button so the battery does not waste power through constant output. The power button will often have small LEDs or a power symbol that lights up to indicate that the power bank is on.
  • 4Connect your power bank to your laptop. Many USB-C power banks come with USB-C cables which you can use to connect the supply to your laptop. Alternatively, you may be able to use an adapter to begin charging your computer.Advertisement
  • How Do I Manually Charge My Laptop Battery

    Can I charge a Lenovo laptop without an adapter? My ...
  • Make sure you use USB-C.
  • to charge your external battery.
  • Chargers for laptops that can be carried on a portable device
  • I was wondering if I could charge my laptop battery using a power bank.
  • Try out an AC adaptor if youre interested
  • Solar energy can be used to charge laptop batteries
  • You should buy a Super Laptop Battery
  • Make sure your battery isnt heated.
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    Charge Your Laptop With A Power Bank

    Another easy way to charge your laptop without a charger is with a portable power bank. All you have to do is connect the power bank to your laptops USB-A or USB C port.

    USB-A power chords are generally less powerful, so youll want to invest in a powerful USB-C power bank thats 8 volts or higher if youre going to use your laptop while its plugged in. Most laptops need 8 volts to 12 volts to charge, and most power banks can only offer 5 volts.

    The OmniCharge 20+ 20000mah is one of the best options for a laptop power bank. Its compatible with a wide variety of laptops, including 60W USB-C laptops and other 100W AC-compatible outlets, making it great for most laptops and tech gadgets. The OmniCharge 20+ also features DC in/out, two USB A ports, and passthrough charging that allows you to charge the power bank while simultaneously charging other devices.

    Charge your Laptop with an UPS Power Supply

    A UPS includes a battery which can power a laptop, as well as offering surge protection. We have a handy Laptop UPS Runtime Calculator which lets you determine how long you will be able to power your laptop.

    Using Your Smartphone To Charge Laptop

    This is the final resort and least recommended option to use in case of extreme emergency. Modern laptops with type-C charging ports can also act as power banks. If you have the adapter, you can use them to charge your laptops.

    However, the process wont give you much of a charge. You will only be able to use the laptop for 20-30 minutes maximum and your mobile will be drained completely. Hence, only use this option as the last most resort and if you have no other option available in emergencies.

    And we are done!

    The top three ways to charge a laptop battery without the charger are all that you need to reach out for, whenever you forget to carry your laptops charger. Moreover, if those dont work, we have also provided you with a variety of other options you can use.

    You can also check best laptops for engineering students.

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