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How Can I Check My Internet Speed On My Laptop

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How Do I Test My Internet Speed

How to check internet speed in PC (Laptop/Desktop)

Testing the speed of your internet connection is easy. Just click on the button below to take our speed test.

This test will give you your download and upload speeds , which you can compare to your providers advertised speeds.

But theres more to internet speed than just testing it. Well walk you through all the ins and outs of measuring your internet speed and what it means for you.

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How To Check Network Adapter Speed Using Powershell

To check the Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection speed on Windows 10 with PowerShell, use these steps:

  • Open Start.
  • Search for PowerShell and click the top result to open the console.
  • Type the following command to determine the connection speed for all the Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters and press Enter:

    Get-NetAdapter | select interfaceDescription, name, status, linkSpeed

  • Check the Wi-Fi or Ethernet network card connection speed.
  • After you complete the steps, the PowerShell output will display the connection speeds in a user-friendly format .

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    Something You Need To Know

    Running the test more than once will give a more accurate picture of your testing speed.

    The Speed Test checks throughput between your computer and our network to the Internet. This test does not check data rate . Only a trained technician using special equipment can test the data rate. Throughput is not necessarily an indication of data rate.

    High speed broadband Internet access has been widely offered by broadband Internet Service Providers around the world. However, the current speed checking software is not fully optimized for it, especially on the upstream traffic.

    This test will also check Latency which is the times in milliseconds for a small piece of data to be sent from your computer to the Internet and back. High latency represents a delay of data transmission

    Packet Loss occurs when one or more packet of data transmitted from your computer to our network but failed. Lots of dropped packets can result in highly noticeable performance issues or jitter with video streaming, VoIP, online game and video conferencing.

    The test will be run the best with latest version of Firefox browser. You may experience lower performance level with Windows Vista.

    Heres How To Check Internet Speed On Pc At Home

    How do I check my internet speed on my computer

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to test your internet speed at home is via the Ookla Speedtest. The test measures the time it takes for data to transfer between your pc and a remote server via your local ISP connection.

    To accurately check the speed of your ISP connection, you can create an account on creating an account allows you to change settings, like picking a server for testing, as well as make it permanent so you dont have to save it every time you visit the browser.

    Users can also view your entire test history to see how your internet connection changes over time. This can be handy if you go through an upgrade or downgrade in service and you can track the changes reflected in real-time. However, do note that you can use Speedtest even without an account.

    The browser determines your location and pairs you to a local Speedtest server. Just click the “Go” button, and the whole process takes less than a minute to complete. You will be able to see your connection’s upload and download speeds and you also get the option to share the information via social media.

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    Maybe Its The Internet Connection

    You might notice your computer is slow when online. Web pages might take forever to load, or you might be waiting for hours to access YouTube videos.

    Its quite hard to diagnose the symptoms of slow Internet because most people assume it is their computer that is slow understandably. The easiest way to test if it is your connection is to do a speed test on the computer considered slow and a speed test on a computer that is running ok.

    Again solutions to a slow internet connection have written about in past articles try our article

    If the lag just happens on only one website, it could be that sites problem. If not, internet slowness could be due to the poor connection. So how to know if the problem is due to a connection issue? Of course, check your internet speed. A site such as gives you a comprehensive analysis of your connection . By which, you are able to compare it against the connection speed youre paying for. If the speed test results show much lower, you should call your service provider to update your plan for better speed performance.

    Speed Test Online: How to deal with slow Internet

    I Seem To Get Different Results Each Time I Run The Myspeedmeter Test Why Does Throughput Vary On The Internet

    The actual speed achieved will depend on several factors. The throughput of your High Speed Internet service is affected by a number of factors, including the distance between your computer and the broadband service platform , the network distance from our network location to your computer, the performance of network servers and routers, the condition of all lines between these two points, environmental factors, and your computer performance. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you will achieve the maximum speed, as many of the above factors are external and dynamic.

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    What You Need To Do A Real Wi

    In my experience, the real-world speed of Wi-Fi 5 , even at its best, has never surpassed the sustained rate of a wired Gigabit connection. But Wi-Fi 6, and especially Wi-Fi 6E, can be significantly faster.

    In any case, keep this in mind: The connection speed between a pair of network devices is at the mercy of the lowest party involved. You can read more about that in this post about network basics, but the gist is the rate you see is that of the bottleneck device.

    That said, these are what you need to test a devices Wi-Fi speed:

  • A computer that plays the servers role and hosts the test data. This computer must have a Gigabit network port or a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port if you intend to test a Wi-Fi 6 router and use a solid-state drive as its storage. Connect this computer to the fastest LAN port of the Wi-Fi router that you want to test. . Now on this server computer, share the folder that contains the test data so that its accessible to other computers that connect to the same router.
  • And thats it! Now from the second computer , browse for the shared folder on the server computer and copy the data over. Time how long that process takes, do some simple math with the amount of data involved, and youll figure out how fast the connection is.

    For example, if the data you copy is 2000 megabytes and the copy process takes 30 seconds, the speed is 66.7 megabytes per second or 533.6 Mbps.

    Install/update Official Network Drivers

    How to Check Your Internet Speed

    Network drivers can become outdated over time and its up to you to keep them updated. Its also a good idea to make sure youve got the correct drivers installed to avoid unwanted complications with new Windows 10 updates.

    In order to ensure that you have the correct drivers for your PC and that they are up to date, its best to visit the official site for them. You can always opt to have Windows do an automatic search for them but if you currently have the wrong drivers installed, this only makes matters worse.

    If youre having issues keeping up or just dont want to go through the hassle, there are programs you can install that will ensure everything is kept up to date as it should be. Driver Talent, SnailDriver, and IOBit Driver Booster are all free options available to get the job done.

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    Check Your Wireless Network Speed In Windows 10

    This dialog box allows you to check your wireless network speed in Windows 10.

    There are several ways to do this. Thats often the case with Windows. But this is the fastest, least roundabout way Ive found so thats the one Ill tell you about.

    Right-click the Wifi icon in your system tray next to the clock. It looks like a beam emitting toward the top of your screen off to the left a little bit. Select Open Network and Internet settings, then click Change Adapter Options. Double-click your wireless network interface.

    The connection speed is usually about the sixth line down. The line below that will tell you the signal strength. You can click Close when youre finished.

    Over time Ive stumbled upon at least three other ways to get to this information, but many of them are confusing and hard to remember. I like this method because it only takes a few seconds and the hardest part to remember is to right-click the icon. In Windows 10, the advanced stuff usually seems to be a right-click away, rather than a left-click away.

    Move Closer To Your Router

    As you get further from your router, the quality of the signal will decrease. This means that more of the data packets will get lost, and your device wont receive all the information the router tries to send it. Sending the data again takes time, so the overall speed decreases.

    A typical home router on the 2.4 GHz frequency will have a clear range of around 300 feet. However, the walls, doors and furniture in your house can easily drop this by half or more. Even if youre in this area, fewer data packets will be lost if youre closer to the router, so its worth trying this before you continue.

    You can also try moving the router to a more central location, rather than, for example, the corner of your house, which decreases its effectiveness.

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    How Does The Speed Tests Work

    Various Internet speed tests differ in various aspects like broadband speed test, dsl speed test, wifi speed test, cable speed test however, the basic concept of the internet speed tests remains the same. In order to test the download speed the internet speedtest tool would download a file or a set of files and then it determines how long it took to do so. Similarly the upload speed is measured by uploading a file or set of files. Majority of the internetspeed test tools tend to test the ping rate just because they contact the server somehow. The internet speeds seem to be slower most of the time than they should actually be. This happens because of the IP overhead. IP or Internet Protocol refers to the set of procedures that are responsible for the working of the internet.

    Why Do You Need To Check Your Home Internet Speed


    With work from home as well as the increased popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Hotstar, etc. and resolutions jumping from HD to 4K fast internet connection at home has become a must. Netflix recommends a fast internet connection speed of 5 Mbps or faster for HD streaming, however, the number of devices in your home using your network also makes a difference.

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    Why It’s A Good Idea To Test Your Internet Speed

    Seeing if your internet provider is living up to their claims is only one reason to bookmark this page and take an internet speed test every so often.

    Here is a list of other reasons to do so:

    • To consider a different internet providers service that may be available to you.
    • To see if you can take steps to improve your internet speed at home.
    • To see if you have sufficient speed for all the users in your home or small office.
    • To see if your online activities require more speed than you have.
    • To find out the speeds at the free Wi-Fi spots you visit, and the fastest one.
    • To see if you can lower your internet bill by downgrading your maximum speed.
    • To test your download speed with somebody elses , to see if your device is slow by comparison.
    • To see how using a particular VPN affects your internet speed.

    Check For Wireless Router Issues

    Many people argue that you should always plug your computer directly into your router with an Ethernet cable before you test your internet speed. While this does give you a more accurate measure of what your ISP is giving you, it doesnt help much if youre still getting slow speeds where you normally use your devices.

    We suggest that you check your internet speed where you most often use your computer. If the speed is less than what you expect, try plugging it into your router. If you get a dramatic increase in speed, it might be time to get a better router.

    Depending on where you live, its likely you can upgrade your internet or switch providers to improve your speeds and performance. Run a search with your zip code to see whats available in your area.

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    Test Internet Speed On Laptop With Gospeedcheckcom

    Thats it! Weve gone through easy ways to test internet speed windows. Those methods are a kind of speed test without app.

    For more advanced features and convenience, you can also download an app to test internet speed on laptop/pc.

    Upload and download speeds are both two key metrics that are measured in megabits per second . How much speeds you need will depend on the online activities you mostly use.

    • For web browsing, checking email, and streaming online video: 4-8 Mbps

    • Netflix: 5.0 Mbps download speeds for watching HD quality videos.

    • YouTube: 1.5 Mbps download speeds min. For those who run many Internet applications at once, 20+ Mbps is recommended.

    After running speed test windows 7, you should get the actual speed youre getting and know whether it is enough for your online activities. If it is not, think about speed optimizations.

    The Miles Per Hour On The Internet

    How do I check my internet speed on my computer (Mac or PC)

    All internet service providers measure their download speeds in terms of Mbps, and all you need to keep in mind is that a higher Mbps number means a potentially faster internet connection speed.

    As far as switching internet providers for a higher Mbps, youd likely notice a difference only if you were moving from a slow connection to a much faster one. If that were the case, then the change would be significant and welcome, because

    You wouldnt experience lag and slowdowns.

    More of your household can do more online activities at the same time.

    Your gaming wouldnt experience frustrating delays.

    You wont have to wait as long for files to download or upload.

    In short, you get a better internet experience.

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    What Is An Internet Speed Test

    • Ping : Ping is the amount of delay it takes to send information from one point to the next. Ping test is performed by measuring the time it takes data packets to travel from the internet to the users computer. Ping is typically tested multiple times, with the lowest value finally determining the result.
    • Download speed is the rate at which data packets are transferred from the Internet to the user’s computer. Most internet speed test online applications establish multiple simultaneous connections to make the final result more accurate.
    • Upload speed: Upload speed is the rate at which data packets are transferred from the user’s computer to a remote server. Just like when testing download speed, multiple connections are typically established to increase the accuracy of the test.

    How To Run A Speed Test

    Before you start the test, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the most accurate results.

    • Be sure to place the laptop, tablet or smartphone you are using as close to your router as possible. Distance, walls, plumbing and other factors can all have an effect on your results.
    • Be sure to turn off any other devices that might be clogging your connection. This includes TVs, streaming devices, and other computers around your home.
    • On the device you are using for testing, be sure that you arent actively downloading any files or updates before beginning the test.

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    How To Do A Real Internet Speed Test

    There are many speed test websites, such as,, or

    Dont get too obsessed about which to use. These tests are all the same in the test methodology. However, the results will vary due to the servers location . So pick one thats best for your location, and in that sense, is excellent.

    Since youre on this page, do a quick test right now.

    So how fast is it? Totally fast, and youre happy with it? Good for you! You can move on now. But if for some reason its not what you expected, keep in mind that chances are its not your correct Internet speed anyway.

    Let me explain. When you did the test, there might have been other devices in the network, also using part of the connections bandwidth.

    If you have an ultra-high-speed broadband plan, the local Wi-Fi or your computers wired connection might not be fast enough to deliver the Internet speed in full.

    That said, to find out the real speed of your broadband connection, you need to do a bit of preparation before the testing.

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