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How Can I Sell My Laptop Fast

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Where And How You Can Sell Your Pc

SELL YOUR GAMING PC FAST! | Tips for selling your new/used PC

You have a few different options for selling or trading in your old PC. You can list and sell it yourself on services such as eBay, Craigslist or , but be prepared to field questions and haggle with potential buyers who will surely try to convince you to give them the best deal possible.

And with Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you have to plan to meet the buyer in-person for the exchange. That can be stressful enough during normal times, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic only complicates matters.

Meeting a potential buyer can be stressful, even in normal circumstances. Some best practices to keep in mind include meeting in well-lit public places, bringing sanitizer wipes so the person feels comfortable inspecting your computer , and wear a mask.

If you opt to list your item for sale, make sure to include well-lit photos, indicate any defects or scratches, and list everything that’s included — such as the charger or original box.

You may be surprised at how much you can get for an old PC.

What Should I Do Before I Sell My Computer

So you know where you want to sell or trade-in your computer, but now you have the fear in terms of what needs to be done to clean your personal data from the device in question.

Here are some helpful tips:

Virus Scan: Before you pass on some old malware which is a potential security threat to someone you should give the computer a full scan. If you dont have any antivirus software dont waste any more money, there are plenty that will take care of it for free, however Kaspersky, Avast and Bitdefender offer the most comprehensive versions for free.

Backup your data: When you sell your old computer, youll probably have a load of photos, applications, and files you want to move to a new device. Here are the options you can explore:

  • Backup your computer with an external hard drive
  • Backup with Google Drive OneDrive / Dropbox
  • Transfer data with PCmover
  • Clone your hard drive with Macrium Reflect

Delete your data! Of course, the next step is to make sure you dont have any personal files as well as essential logins and card details stored in your browser. You can reinstall Windows, and this will wipe the drive to an acceptable standard. Alternatively, a service like DBAN by Blanco is a must it will deep clean your computer so even files you simply deleted will be impossible to recover. Just keep in mind if someone is collecting they may want to test the computer to make sure it has an operating system on it, and you restrict the programs at startup, so it boots up quick.

Resetting A Windows 8 Laptop

Now since youre using an older computer or laptop, then you might not necessarily be using Windows 10 but an older version of Windows. If this is the case, then know that the steps are similar with some minor changes.

Here are the steps for resetting Windows 8:

  • Go to settings in Windows 8.
  • Search for Update and Security and click on it.
  • It will take you to a similar screen to the Windows 10 option and all you need to do is got to Recovery and choose the Get Started option similar to Windows 10.
  • Follows the options and choose the second option Remove files and clean the drive
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    How To Sell Your Laptop With Mazuma

    With years of experience in safely recycling technology, weve streamlined the process for you to get your tech to us and for us to get cash in your pocket quickly. This means that when you sell your laptop, its quick and easy.

    You can sell your laptop in just a few simple steps:

  • Find your manufacturer and model on Mazuma, then register your laptops details for your 100% guaranteed quote.
  • Well send you out a sales pack.
  • You just need to follow the instructions on the pack and arrange for it to be delivered to us.
  • Once your laptop arrives at Mazuma HQ well get you your money as quickly as possible. This is often on the same day it arrives.
  • If youre concerned about security, then dont worry as we wipe all laptops that are sent to us. If, for any reason, we feel we cant give you the price we quoted well send you your laptop back too. For more on how it works when you sell your laptop to Mazuma, check out our guide, and while youre at it, you can read more about why Mazuma is such a great option.

    Discounted Used Laptops For Sale

    How to Make 5000 Dollars Fast (Yes, $5,000 Cash)

    Looking for a great gently used laptop bundled with a solid warranty? Weve got you covered. Save big and shop with one of our stores today.

    • We offer a wide variety of new and used laptops for every need.

    • All of our used laptops for sale undergo full testing, cleaning, stressing and refurbishing.

    • Purchase a used laptop with confidence, all of our laptops come with industry leading warranties and a full money back guarantee.

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    Whats The Top Way To Sell Your Used Laptop For The Most Money

    So, whats the best site for selling your used laptop?

    My personal preference is eBay.

    Not only have I personally had a lot of positive experience selling my laptops here, but Ive heard from others that theyve gotten the highest amount back for laptops on eBay.

    On eBay, you can either sell your computer in an auction or create a fixed buy-it-now price you feel is fair.

    You can even open up your listing to allow others to offer their best prices for it.

    You have the right to deny or accept any offer you choose.

    If you decide to have an auction, you can set a reserve price, which ensures that your computer doesnt sell for anything lower than a price you determine.

    Basically, youre in charge over how much your laptop sells for on eBay, which can give you the most cash back for your used computer.

    And, people flock to eBay for used laptops to upgrade, refurbish, and resell.

    You can even sell broken ones there .

    Some of the other options on this list only allow laptops in great condition.

    Some also will give you an amount lower than your laptop might be worth so that the company can make a profit reselling it.

    eBay doesnt do either of those things, which is why I consider it the best option for you.

    Not quite sure how to use eBay?

    This will teach you everything you need to know!

    Why You Choose Sell Your Laptop

    We understand that you have a choice and we aren’t the only company buying used laptops – so why choose us? Simple, we pay more than anyone else and our cutomers trust us! Other companies ask 3 questions about your laptop to give you a quick price but this does not get you the best value! We ask a total of 7 questions which can be completed in less than 1 minute to give you the BEST PRICE for your laptop!

    Data Wiping

    Your privacy is key. We use Ministry of Defence standards to wipe the data from your laptop so you can rest assured.

    CPU Finder

    Of of the key metrics in valuing a used laptop is the processor that its installed. For the less ‘tech savvy’ users out there use this tool with the laptop you’re selling and we will tell you what processor is in there!


    We take the hard work out of positng a laptop to us. We send you a postage label FREE OF CHARGE and all you have to do is drop the laptop off at ANY Post Office.


    Questions, questions, questions! Read our FAQ’s for our most common questions and answers, or call us to discuss.

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    Need Help Deciding Which To Check

    Known Defects

    Can your laptop run for an hour without plugging it to the power outlet?

    Defective or missing power adapter. There is no AC Adapter. Power adapter doesn’t work The AC Adapter you use is not the genuine AC Adapter that originally came with your laptop.

    Defective or missing hard drive. Does the operating system Not load after POST? Does the hard drive emit any loud, low, irregular, clicking, or grinding sound? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” – your hard drive is bad, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective or broken screen. Does your screen have any visible cracks? Is the image on the screen Not centered? Does the image on the screen have any lines across? Does your screen remain black after laptop powers on? If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions – your screen has a defect, please check the appropriate checkbox.

    Defective motherboard. When a computer powers on you can see running numbers and letters representing the result of several internal tests laptop performs and the image of the operating system interface appearing on the screen. Failure to power on properly or intermediate powering on is more likely a sign of dead or dying motherboard, which is considered a serious problem.

    Clear Computers Before Selling Or Donating It

    How To Sell Inventory On Ebay Using A Computer Or Laptop

    Definitely, the new owner will be able to access your private or confidential data saved on the computer if you haven’t removed them before selling or donating. As a result, you have to suffer from privacy leakage or even more serious losses.

    Well, how can we erase or clean sensitive information completely before selling or donating the laptop or PC?

    Most of you may choose to delete files and then clean the Recycle Bin, or delete files via Shift + Delete, or directly format the drive storing sensitive information. Are these solutions useful?

    If you are using a solid state drive with TRIM enabled, any of these 3 solutions is workable. But if you are using a traditional mechanical hard disk or SSD with TRIM disabled, both deleted and formatted data are recoverable.

    Let’s see why.

    Once TRIM is enabled, files deleted from SSD will be erased from their original place immediately so that there is no chance to recover them. But for a HDD, when users delete a file, system just marks a deletion mark showing space taken up by this file is available for new files, and the real file is still saved in data area until new data is stored.

    Nowadays, anyone with free or cheap data recovery software is able to recover deleted data or recover data from formatted drive as long as those files are not overwritten.

    Well, how can we quickly and permanently clear computers before selling or donating them? There is freeware to give you a big hand.

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    Tips: Selling Used Computers On Trade In Websites

    In most cases, youll get more money selling your devices through a classified ad or auction website. However, the amount of effort to go through and list everything in detail, take photos, package and ship everything is pretty depressing, especially if theres not a lot of resale money involved.

    People also tend to consider trade-in websites as some enterprise-grade parts may be difficult to sell as theyre in much less demand than say, standard graphics cards .

    This is where trade-in websites come in, you can sell your old computer parts for cash by getting an instant quote, and they often front the shipping costs for you. This will also remove the potential waiting period for someone actually to find and want your device on craigslist or eBay.

    Stand out options for selling old PCs, Laptops and tablets:

    • IT Connected Sell desktops, laptops, and parts
    • SellGPU Desktops, laptops, servers, consoles, and parts
    • BankMyCell Selling iPads, tablet PCs, consoles and phones

    Format Your Data And Check If Anythings Broken

    Dont sell a phone or laptop thats full of personal photos and Google login information. Thats a dumb idea. Take a minute to format your phone, laptop, or tablet before selling it. This is an easy step, and it gives you the opportunity to see if the device is still working.

    You can still sell a broken device for a decent amount of money, but a functioning device will always net you more cash. Check that there isnt anything wrong with the display, that the battery will still charge, and that all of the buttons work. You can go to a repair shop to get any problems fixedor not. Some people will buy broken electronics.

    Formatting a broken device can be tricky, but its still an important step. If your phones display is broken, consider having it repaired and then formatting the device. The repair will increase the value of your phone, and youll be able to wipe your data. Alternatively, you could use software like LockWiper to format your broken phone from a computer.

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    Look Who’s Selling Laptops

    Ive got so many laptops lying in the garage because I didnt know what to do with them. Thank god I found you guys. Selling my laptops to you was the best deal ever!

    – Caroline A

    Did somebody say cash? I need them but I never knew I could get money for selling my overly old and used laptop! I got my money within a day, literally! Kudos to the guys at for quick response.

    – Joshua Z.

    Ive gone through so many recycling websites but I like cashforusedlaptop because they have such an easy process. Just search the brand, provide some info about my laptop and instantly get a quote.

    – Ethan K.

    Back Up Your Personal Files

    Sell your Vizio Laptop

    Nobody wants to lose important work documents or pictures and videos you’ve stored on your PC for safekeeping. Before factory resetting your PC, remember to take a few minutes — or hours, depending on how many files and folders you have — and move it all to an external hard drive.

    If you don’t have an external hard drive, you can always upload them to a .

    Sign out of your accounts on Windows 10.

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    To Bid Barter Or Stay Strong

    It can be tempting to offer your product for bids on eBay or to negotiate with buyers on LetGo. After all, an item thats up for bids sells faster, and a buyer thats trying to barter is probably interested in spending some money.

    If youre trying to maximize your profits, its best to stand strong and offer a fixed price. But if you want to get it over with, then you might as well open your product to bids or negotiations. Just remember that a professionally listed product will always look more valuable to potential buyers, even if theyre bidding or bartering.

    Find Out The Invoice Of Your Computer

    A computer with official invoice would be sold at a much higher price since it proves the ownership and purchase information of the computer. So youâd better find out the invoice of your computer if you want to sell it. If you just want to donate your old computer, then the invoice is not that important.

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    How To Sell Your Laptop Phone Or Tablet For Top Dollar

    Andrew Heinzman writes for How-To Geek and Review Geek. Like a jack-of-all-trades, he handles the writing and image editing for a mess of tech news articles, daily deals, product reviews, and complicated explainers. Read more…

    So, youve decided to turn those old electronics into cash. But if youre trying to turn a retired phone or laptop into big bucks, youre going to have to put in some elbow grease.

    What To Do Before Selling Your Laptop

    How To Make Money Online With JUST Your Phone (no computer required!)

    Is your laptop getting and youre planning to get a new one? Well, if you are then it might be a good idea to sell your old laptop and get some cash in return. However, you cant just sell your old laptop just like that because you need to make it more appealing to potential buyers and you need to keep your personal information secure. After all, if you sell your laptop right away, then the buyer can see all of your personal data and even old passwords to important sites like your bank accounts.

    With this in mind, it shows that even if youre excited to sell your old laptop, there are many things that you have to do in order to make it more convenient for both you and your potential buyers. Thankfully, in this article, well be covering the things you need to do before thinking about selling your laptop. These steps range from reformatting, backing up files, as well as tweaking and refurbishing your old laptop so that it will look better.

    The first and most important thing before you do anything to your old laptop is to back up important files.

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    Transferring Files To An External Drive

  • Identify folders you want to back up and highlight them.
  • Drag them into your external hard drive and you should be good to go.
  • If you dont drag your files across the screen then you can simply go to the Home tab and click on the Copy To button.
  • Select your external drive and the files should be transferred.
  • You can also do this to a USB as well if youre only planning to transfer small amounts of data.

    How To Get Started In Resetting Your Windows 10 Laptop

  • Press the Windows button and type in settings. A new window will popup showing multiple options.
  • Search for Update & Security and click on it.
  • Look for Recovery on the left window pane and click on it.
  • The look for Reset this PC text and choose the option under in called Get started
  • A new window should pop up. Youd want to click on the remove everything button since you want to delete all of your personal files on your laptop or computer.
  • To ensure that all files will be removed, click on Change settings and turn on the Data erasure option.
  • Press Confirm > Next > Reset buttons accordingly and your laptop should start the resetting process.
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