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How Do I Dispose Of Old Laptop Computers

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Laptop Disposal 101 | Must see way to dispose of old Laptops

The hard drive is a record of all the data on your computer. Over a lifetime of use, you will have input a lots of confidential information credit card numbers, bank accounts, and website log-ins and passwords. This date must be destroyed before you sell or give away the PC in order to prevent criminals making use of it.

This personal and private information can remain on the hard drive even if it has been “erased” or reformatted. To ensure its complete removal you need to destroy the magnetic platter inside the hard drive.

  • Use a screwdriver and hammer to prize open the back of the computer, and remove the main circuit board from its enclosure.
  • Wear eye protection and strike the hard drive on various sides until it starts to open. When open, remove the round silver platter from inside.
  • Ding, dent, and scratch this platter. Physically damage the disk to destroy the hard drive effectively.
  • When done, box up all components and dispose of them at your local recycling center.
  • How Do You Dispose Of Old Computers

    We’ve outlined the steps we recommend you take below.

  • Delete and overwrite sensitive files.
  • Turn on drive encryption.
  • Consult your employer about data disposal policies.
  • Wipe your hard drive.
  • Or physically damage your hard drive.
  • Consequently, where do you dispose of old computers?

    However, there are a number of ways you can dispose of your computer:

    • Recycle: Your local recycling centre may be able to take it.
    • Sell it: If your PC still works, you can list it on sites like eBay.
    • Donate it: Charities like Computer Aid International refurbish your old computer and send them to developing countries.

    Similarly, how do you dispose of old computers that don’t work? Here are four environmentally-friendly ways to get rid of your old machine.

  • Give away or sell your old computer if it is still working.
  • If not working, harvest useable parts to repair your current model.
  • Break up the old broken computer for resale or reuse.
  • Recover gold and other precious metals for recycling.
  • Similarly, can I throw away a computer?

    If you choose to recycle your laptop, reach out to your local electronics recycler and ask about drop-off policies. As a last resort, throw your old laptop away with your garbage. However, be aware that throwing computers into local landfills is not legal in every city.

    Will Best Buy take old computers?

    Be Environmentally Responsible And Recycle Old Electronics

    If you care about the environment, it’s important to stop laptops being sent to landfill. It makes more sense to recycle your laptop and get some cash back. This will be a small amount, but anything is better than nothing! There are several companies that do this, and you can find them online by searching for recycle old computers or cash for old laptops. They will ask for details of the laptop you want to sell, and some will give you an instant quote. If you accept their offer, they will organize collection of your PC and send you the money on receipt. However. check online for reviews of each company before proceeding to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable organization.

    Recycling your laptop is important because if it ends up in a landfill, the problem isnt solved. Electronics that end up in the trash can become a serious environmental and health hazard.

    Electronic devices contain toxic materials like chromium, flame retardants, and lead. These materials have been related to damage to kidneys, blood, and the central nervous system.

    When you throw your notebook with household trash, those toxic materials can leak into landfills, reach groundwater, or vaporize.

    Green Citizen website

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    Laptop Recycling How To Do It Properly

    1. Wipe It Clean

    If you are going to be getting rid of older laptops, you want to ensure that you are disposing of them properly. Whenever you are getting rid of any laptop with a hard drive, you want to completely wipe the hard drive to avoid exposing your private and personal data. To do this, you will need to clean and restore the PC or Mac. Doing this on Windows or Mac is very easy. Simply navigate to the search on each and type reset. You will be presented with the opportunity to wipe your PC or Mac. To ensure you are wiping everything with no chance of recovering the files, you should be doing the option to Fully clean the drive presented by Windows.

    2. Recycle Your Tec

    If you are in a business where critical data handling is part of your daily routine, and you believe that every bit of information stored on your hard drives are critical to the functioning of your business, you will want to hire a professional to ensure 100% data destruction before your laptop computers and other devices are sent for recycling purposes.

    One such professional data erasure service provider is Recycle Your Tec that not only provides hassle-free data destruction services to individuals and businesses but in addition to all its services, provides certificates for proof of erasure and destruction that could be critical for your laptop recycling needs.

    How To Recycle Laptops

    How to Dispose of Computer Monitors

    If the environmental risks aren’t reason enough to recycle your old laptop, consider this: recycling one million laptops can save enough energy to power 3,500 U.S. homes for an entire year.

    Finding a reputable recycler may require some research. Begin by exploring the following options to ensure your device is processed responsibly.

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    Repurpose Your Old Computer

    Often, components or even entire computers can be repurposed for another function. An old storage drive can be wiped and made into an external drive, either for backups or extra storage. An old computer can turn into a home server, allowing you to connect home electronics like streaming devices to your network.

    Recycle Laptops: Your Quick

    If youve decided to recycle a laptop or desktop computer, heres how in three easy steps


    Have you backed up files that you want to keep? Did you remove memory cards, and batteries? Have you erased your personal data? Use our guide to deleting data.

    BAG IT

    Bag up your unwanted computer and accessories until youre ready to take them for recycling. Recycle the battery pack with your other batteries if its removable they are a fire risk if mixed in with other recycling.


    Find your nearest electricals recycling or donation point by using our locator. If youre buying a new computer you can now hand over your old one in store for recycling.

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    What To Do With Old Computers And Laptops That Still Work

    Sometimes youll have a need for greater speed or capacity and get a new laptop or computer before your old one actually stops working. You also might also clean out an elderly parent’s house and come across a functional but non-used computer.

    Here are some ways to get rid of functional laptops and computers and put them to good use.

    How To Dispose Of Old Computers Safely


    As for how to get rid of old computers securely, if you only delete all files in the old computer, its not enough and is not effective. The deleted files can still be retrieved, for instance, using a data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    The right way is to wipe hard drive permanently and overwrite the hard drive, then data on it cant be recovered. This can prevent your personal data from leaking when you dispose off your old computer.

    To realize this, you can utilize a top free hard drive wipe software.

    MiniTool Partition Wizard is a professional hard drive partition manager for Windows. You can use it to easily wipe the computer hard disk and overwrite the hard drive, thus, to keep your data from leaking after you dispose the old computer.

    Aside from wiping/erasing the hard drive , MiniTool Partition Wizard allows you to create/resize/extend/format the partition, clone disk, migrate OS to SSD, convert hard drive format, etc.

    Free download and install the 100% clean free disk wipe software – MiniTool Partition Wizard – on your new Windows 10 computer or friends computer, and follow the simple operation below to wipe the hard drive of your old computer to erase all information on it.


    1. Connect the hard disk of your old computer to another computer, and launch MiniTool Partition Wizard on another computer, and it will automatically load all detected drives and partitions.

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    How To Safely Get Rid Of An Old Computer

    by Suzanne Kantra on January 04, 2021in , , , , ::

    Have an old computer lying around the house? Don’t just throw it away. Computers house all sorts of toxins that are bad for the environment and all of us who live in it. Not to mention the personal informationpasswords, account numbers, license keys or registration numbers for software programs, addresses and phone numbers, medical and prescription information, tax returns and other personal documentsthat you would rather not fall into the wrong hands.

    So what to do?

    Why Should Old Computers Be Recycled

    Desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are considered electronic waste, often referred to as e-waste. Other types of e-waste include televisions, cell phones, computer monitors, microwaves, lighting devices, and stereo equipment.

    There is almost 7 million tons of e-waste generated each year in the United States. Unfortunately, only 15% of old devices are recycled.

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    Will Factory Reset Remove All Data From Laptop

    Factory resets arent perfect. They dont delete everything on the computer. The data will still exist on the hard drive. Such is the nature of hard drives that this type of erasure doesnt mean getting rid of the data written to them, it just means the data can no longer be accessed by your system.

    Youre Not As Safe As You Think

    How To Properly Dispose and Recycle a Used or Old Laptop ...

    In 2013, a study by BSIA reported that incorrect disposal played a part in 66% of data theft cases. The results were obtained by sampling a group of UK healthcare professionals. Carelessness too often plays a role in the disposal of electronics containing personal and confidential data, leading to data breaches and identity thefts.

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    How To Properly Dispose And Recycle A Used Or Old Laptop

    Once youve purchased a new laptop for an upgrade, youll probably wonder what youre going to do with the old one. Little did you know merely throwing it away in the trash bin isnt a good idea. Laptops are built with different kinds of toxins that are harmful to people and the environment.

    Many businesses have policies regarding proper disposals of old desktops and laptops. Although its best to recycle, its also crucial to get rid of your laptops sensitive data before anything else. You need to ensure that you wont throw off your old laptop immediately without deleting any retrievable data.

    When youre done with your old laptop, make sure its also done with you. Even though its considered trash, anyone who has a charger can still open your old laptop and access your data. And its not just ordinary data thats at risk. Your old laptop contains passwords, registration numbers/license keys, contact numbers, account numbers, and other sensitive data. With all these pieces of information, you dont want your old laptop to fall into the wrong hands.

    If you dont want your sensitive data from being compromised, here are all the must-know on how to dispose of your old laptop.

    Donate To National Or International Computer Distribution Charities

    Organizations like the World Computer Exchange or the National Cristina Foundation will take a functional, but not fancy, computer and find a new person to use it somewhere around the world. The National Cristina Foundation donates to adults living with disabilities.

    The World Computer Exchange uses donations to make it less expensive to get computers into peoples hands all over the world. They help children all over the world understand what a computer can do to give them opportunities.

    These organizations may have local chapters, but these large companies often also have websites listings where you can mail your computer.

    » MORE:

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    Give It To A Family Member Or Friend In Need

    You can always try to look up a family member or friend who might make use of your old computer monitor.

    It could be for a project, an old-school computer setup, or anything else that they need it for.

    You would save them some money as well as allow them to take an out-of-date monitor off your hands.

    Even though newer, sleeker monitors are available in the market, old-school computer monitors are durable.

    So, simply just get the word out that you have a spare computer monitor, and you never know who might need it from your very own contact list.

    Sign Out Of Accounts Disconnect Devices And Erase Your Hard Drive

    How to Safely Dispose of Old Computers

    After you save your personal information, however you save it, sign out of all your online accounts from the computer youre getting rid of. Un-pair your computer from Bluetooth devices like a mouse, keyboard, or wireless display.

    Then, erase your computers hard drive. Look for a program or function on your computer that will let you erase all your files from the hard drive and reset it to factory settings. If it doesnt have one, look for expert reviews online to see what programs are out there and which ones are compatible with the type of computer and hard drive you have.

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    Backup All Needed Files Before Disposal

    Before you dispose of the old computer, you should firstly backup all needed important files to an external hard drive, cloud services, or other storage devices.

    MiniTool ShadowMaker is a professional free PC backup software. You can use this tool to easily backup any files, folders, partitions or entire disk data to external hard drive, USB, network drive, etc. Check what this free backup software can do for you.

    • Select and backup any files and folders to USB, external hard drive, etc.
    • Select and backup specific partitions or the whole disk content to external hard drive, etc.
    • Backup Windows system-related partitions to external hard drive, etc. and easily restore system to a previous state with the system backup image.
    • File sync feature is also included. You can synchronize files to other locations or devices to keep your data safe.
    • Support automatic schedule backup, and incremental backup.
    • Even if your computer wont turn on, you can use MiniTool ShadowMaker to create a bootable USB or disk drive to boot your computer, and backup files from your computer to other devices.

    Free download and install MiniTool ShadowMaker on your Windows 10 computer, and check how to use it to backup files and data at fast speed before disposing of old computers.

    1. Launch MiniTool ShadowMaker and click Keep Trial button. It offers 30 days free trial.

    Next you can click Connect button under This Computer to get ready to manage the local computer.

    Have It Evaluated Locally Or Online

    There are at least two reasons to have a professional check out your computer first: one is to wipe or destroy anything that could contain personal information, and the other is to evaluate whether any part of the computer is worth selling as parts.

    A local computer repair shop may be able to help you with the part of the process or you can work with an online computer components recycling company.

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    Factory Reset Your Computer Before Recycling It

    Before recycling a laptop or desktop, you should reset it to its factory settings. In theory, this leaves only the bare operating system and pre-installed programs on the device removing access to your files and any programs youve added.

    Want some more help with your PC? Our friendly tech team can help you with one-to-one support on a range of tech issues. Find out more here

    It’s essential to make sure you’ve backed up all the files you want before you begin this process. Store them safely on an external hard drive, your new computer, or in online cloud storage. If you wish to reinstall software from your old computer onto a new one, note down the licence keys. You’ll need these to install paid-for software on a new machine.

    Shred data permanently with our guide to wiping a hard drive

    Where To Dispose Of Or Recycle Old Computers

    How To Dispose of Old Electronics: Cell phones, TVs ...

    After your computer is clean, you can trade in your old computer, recycle old computer for cash, or throw it away if its totally useless.

    As for where to recycle old computers, you can search in Google Chrome browser to find some computer recycling centers near you. You can also send it to some computer repair and resell services, they may recycle old computers.

    If your computer still works, you can list it on eBay, Best Buy or alike sites to sell your old computer for some cash.

    If your computer cant work at all, you can also sell the computer parts, or send it to metal and electronic recycling services, or send it to professional computer shredding services to damage the old computer. Remember that its not good to randomly throw away old computers into landfills.

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    Use Dual Monitors If The Display Works

    Some computers may not function but their monitor or display is still functional. Many people who work on computers enjoy the experience of using a second monitor.

    Most operating systems allow you to configure the second monitor so its not just a duplicate of your original screen. You could have a reference document open on one screen, for instance, while you type an email on the other screen. This doesnt get rid of the rest of the broken computer, but it does give the screen portion a new life.

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