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How Do I Edit My Gopro Videos On My Laptop

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How To Transfer Gopro Videos To Windows Pc/mac

Best Computer for GoPro Video Editing (Mac and PC) [28/30]

Here weâve listed different methods to transfer GoPro videos to Windows PC or Mac.

Using the GoPro App

Whether youâre using a Windows PC or a Macbook, using the GoPro app will help you quickly transfer the videos from your GoPro with one click. All you have to do is install the GoPro app on your desktop and connect the camera via USB cable. The GoPro app will automatically detect the camera model and list all the videos that you can instantly import to your desktop.

Transfer Files Via USB

Speaking of USB, you can also transfer video from GoPro to PC directly via USB. Simply connect the camera to your computer with the help of a USB cable and let it recognize and install drivers. Once the camera is successfully connected, a GoPro folder will appear in the This PC section.

Open it and go to the DCIM folder. Here youâll find all the videos and images that youâve shot on your GoPro. Choose the files that you want to transfer and copy/paste them to a specific destination on your PC.

Transfer Files Using SD Card

One of the most convenient ways to transfer videos from GoPro to PC is through the SD card method. In this case, youâll need an SD card reader as GoPro uses micro-SD cards. Simply remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into the SD card reader.

Using GoPro Quik App

Using GoProâs Wi-Fi Network

Full Video, Audio and Image Solutions for Camera Users

Gopro Player For Windows Is The 360 Editor You Need

The GoPro Player for Windows is now available. And, the beauty of this player is in the 360 details. We recognize editing 360 content can be complicated and the tools can often lead to less-than-desirable results. So, our goal is that GoPro Player makes playing and editing your 360 media fun and easy to manage, while still producing stunning results. Sure, the GoPro app can help, but we know the desktop interface is often times best to really get your creativity flowing.

GoPro Player for Windows, released in August 2020, is not only one of the best ways to interact and play with your 360 footage, but it is also brings the power of Reframe to make amazing edits in a simple and intuitive way. And today, it’s getting an upgrade!

As of December, the GoPro Player for Windows offers the following – with the newest features listed first.

Current options for managing, transcoding, reviewing and exporting 360 content are limited for Windows, which is why we set out to bridge what we felt were the gaps and what would benefit MAX users the most.


How Do I Use My Gopro As A Webcam Mac

Settings for GoPro Webcam Setup

  • Plug your Cam Link into your USB 3.0 port.
  • Connect your micro HDMI cable to your GoPro.
  • Connect your USB cable to your camera and the other end to a powered USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on your GoPro.
  • Open your webcam software and choose your GoPro as your source.
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    Gopro Editing Software: Winners

    Before we get into all the details, here are the programs that you should check out:

  • Quik Desktop Best Free GoPro Software Heres why: Quik Desktop was made for their footage. It comes with some great presets and its easy to combine clips, speed up / slow down footage, and render for a variety of platforms . Its free and has decent tutorials.
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro Best Consumer GoPro Software Heres why: For just seventy bucks, you get 1500+ effects / templates, 32 editing tracks, and motion tracking. I like this program and it comes highly recommended and has a solid feature set. Check out our tutorial about creating video with Movie Edit Pro.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Best Premium GoPro SoftwareHeres why: If you are going to make your living with video editing, you should choose Premiere Pro by Adobe. This is the best, cross-platform premium video editor.
  • What Do Youtubers Use For Recording

    GoPro Editing Software

    YouTubers use Bandicam to make their videos Bandicam has earned its reputation as the best game capturing and video recording software for YouTubers. It will fully satisfy both beginners and advanced users who need a tool that allows them to capture their gameplay, computer screen, system sound, and webcam/facecam.

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    Free Video Editing Software

    If youre on a Mac, you should have iMovie, and iMovie is actually a great editing platform for beginners and even beyond beginners. I have a Crash Course called Strikingly Simple Edits for iMovie, and near the end of this post, youll find a coupon code to save a few bucks at check out. If youre struggling to get to know iMovie, then this crash course is for you!

    If youre on a PC, you can download a free editor called VSDC. I installed this on my PC and played with it a little. Its a little confusing at first, but its a good place to start if youre looking for free and youre on a PC. Ive recently published a 3-part Tutorial series on getting started with VSDC which you should check out!

    Review And Polish Your Edit

    Details matter. Before exporting your final video, review your edit and take some time to refine the details. Double check to see if your cuts are synced up to the music perfectly make sure your story includes an easily understandable introduction, body and conclusion.

    Did you over-use transitions? Are your audio levels consistent? Is your footage shaky?

    If youre happy with the results, youre ready for the last step!

    Pro Tip: Before your final export, let your video sit for a full day. Chances are when you come back the next day things will stand out that you overlooked. After you make those changes, youre ready to go.

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    Move Your Footage To A Computer

    While mobile video editors have come a long way, theres still no substitute for proper desktop video editing packages. This means youll have to get your footage onto that computer if you want to work with it there.

    With GoPro cameras, you have two main ways of doing this. The first is to remove the SD card from your camera and put it into a computer SD card reader. Many laptops already have these built in, but on most desktop computers youll have to use a USB card reader. If youve moved your footage onto your smartphone you can upload it to the cloud and then download it to your computer.

    Some newer GoPro cameras can also upload footage directly to GoPro cloud storage. If youve chosen to pay for it, that is.

    Convert The Gopro Video To A Lower Resolution Format

    GoPro Hero 9: How to Transfer Photos & Videos to Windows Computer / Laptop
  • Click the button on Handbrakes website to save the setup wizard to a folder.
  • Open Handbrakes installer to add the video optimizer to Windows 10.
  • Press the Open Source button.
  • Click File to select a 4K GoPro clip to convert to an alternative 1080p resolution.
  • Then select the Fast 1080p30 preset to convert the video to an MP4 clip with 1080 resolution.
  • Press the Browse button to choose an output folder to save the video to.
  • Then press the Start Encode button.
  • Those users who cant play 4K GoPro videos in Windows 10 can convert them to 1080p clips with Handbrake.

    That will probably ensure the videos resolutions arent too high for a desktop or laptop, but users can also convert their GoPro clips to ones with resolutions lower than 720p.

    If you want to play GoPro 4K video on PC, converting it to a lower resolution with Handbrake might be the best option, especially if youre using a lower-end PC.

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    Edit The Video And Save The Changes

    On the video editor window, position the Timeline bar to the frame you want to start the edited footage from, and click Cut.

    Ensure that the segment you want to get rid of is selected, and click Delete.

    Repeat the process for the right side of the clip to trim off the segment you donât want at the end of your video. Click the OK to save the changes, and to get back to the appâs main window.

    Optionally, you can click the Crop and Effects icon from below the thumbnail to crop the footage and apply effects to it, respectively.

    Gopro Studio For Windows 10 Review

    GoPro Studio lets you add or remove music, trim unwanted sections, create fast or slow motions, add graphics and text, etc. Its the perfect choice for beginners because it is pretty easy to use. The app isnt complicated like some other advanced video editing programs.

    With GoPro Studio, you can import, trim, edit, and export videos within minutes! Using its advanced features, such as adding background music or further trimming of videos is highly convenient. Plus, you can also create great time-lapse playback sequences of photos as videos with this app. GoPro Studio for Windows provides you with a lot of editing templates to help you edit the videos with good edit points, adding music, titles and music, and even audio tracks on your phones library.

    However, while GoPro Studio is a practical and easy-to-use & learn software that is free and accessible to everyone, it has only limited & basic features. Professional video editing apps like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut offer much more advanced features.

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    New Quik App Helps You Get The Most Out Of Your Photos And Videos No Matter What Phone Or Camera Youre Using

    Quik Rescues Your Favorite Shots from the Black Hole of Your Phones Camera Roll

    Quiks Mural Feature Serves as a Private Feed for Your Favorite Shots

    Auto-Generated Videos + Powerful Editing Tools Empower Casual Users and Pros

    $9.99 Annual Subscription to Include Unlimited Cloud Backup at Original Image Quality

    On March 16, we launched a total refresh of our mobile app and gave it a new name to reflect its purpose. Aptly named Quik, the app makes it quick and easy to get the most out of your favorite photos and videos no matter what phone or camera youre using.

    At its core, Quik solves the black hole problem of your phones camera roll and ensures youll never lose track of your favorite photos and videos again.

    The next time you capture that special keeper photo or video, you can conveniently share it to the Quik app where it will be added to your own private Mural feed within the app. You can also share images that already exist in your phones camera roll, text threads or wherever your favorite images may be. If you share multiple photos or videos at once to Quik, theyll be grouped together as an event and the app will produce a compilation highlight video beat-synced to musicwhich you can adjust to your liking, if desired.

    Quik also features a suite of powerful yet simple editing tools if you prefer to edit your photos and videos yourself.

    Quik features and benefits include:

    Best Overall: Adobe Premiere Pro Cc


    Courtesy of Adobe

    Adobe Premiere Pro is largely considered to be the best consumer video editing software out there, and for good reason. Its comprehensive and powerful, plus it integrates with Adobes cloud platform, Creative Cloud, meaning users get timely updates to their software, access to cloud storage, and more. Its all very intuitive and easy to use.

    Of course, perhaps the main reason for many to subscribe to Creative Cloud is to use Premiere Pro the software is considered the standard, thanks to features like its huge range of organizational tools, good speed, the fact that it supports unlimited video tracks, excellent video stabilization features, and more. Safe to say, whether youre editing GoPro footage, or footage from a cinema-level camera, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the way to go, despite the fact that it is a little pricey. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is available on both Windows and macOS.

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    Apply Effects And Filters To Your Video

    The Special Effects Window will turn your video frame into a blank canvas, and youâll have the option to draw anything you want. You can change brightness, contrast, clarity to make your frames look visually appealing. To give your videos a special touch, you can also apply the pre-loaded filters.

    Once youâre happy with the editing, simply tap OK to apply your changes.

    Gopro Video Editing Workflow: 13 Steps

    The following editing workflow details the process of turning single GoPro clips into an edited video that is ready to be published online and shared with friends and family.

    I used Final Cut Pro X in this tutorial however the editing process is basically very similar for most editing applications .

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    Gopro Editing Software Options

    Okay, with the editing apps out of the way, lets get started! Here are the GoPro editing software options that Ill cover in this post.

  • Quik Desktop by GoPro Windows and Mac Get your free copy here.
  • iMovie for Mac Mac OS Get your free copy here.
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro Windows with Android App Learn more here.
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra 18 Windows Learn more here.
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Windows Learn more here.
  • Corel Pinnacle Studio 23Windows with iOS App Learn more here.
  • Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 Windows Learn more here.
  • Vegas Pro 18 SuiteMac OS and Windows Learn more here.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 2020Windows and Mac Learn more here.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Mac OS and Windows Learn more here.
  • Final Cut Pro Mac OS X Learn more here.
  • Animoto Online video editor with iOS / Android apps and Lightroom plugin Learn more here.
  • Davinci Resolve 16 / Studio Windows, Mac and Linux This is definitely an advanced editor, and the only one on the list to run one all three platforms. Learn about the free and premium versions.
  • Honorable mentions: Blender Editor

    While most of the programs on the list are great, a few of the options might be better to avoid.

    Only a few players The options in this list are dominated by a few companies. Apple, Adobe, Corel, and BlackMagic Design all have two programs each.

    Heres what Im using: I use Quik and Sony Movie Studio. I have used Adobe Premiere Pro but found it to be too complex for my needs. I also use Camtasia occasionally.

    How To Edit Gopro Videos Easily

    How To Edit GoPro MAX Footage Using GoPro App

    Now that you know how to transfer videos from GoPro to Mac or Windows, letâs familiarize you with the editing process so that you can create an engaging story from all the RAW clips youâve shot on your GoPro.

    To edit different clips and compile a complete story, youâll need a professional video editing software. No doubt, there are too many options to choose from. Still, we recommend using Wondershare UniConverter , especially if you donât have any prior experience in video editing.

    Wondershare UniConverter is a tool thatâs primarily designed to convert videos to different formats. However, the software comes equipped with an extensive range of features, and video editing is one of them.

    You can perform different editing operations like trimming, cropping, and adding special effects to create captivating videos thatâll hook the users from the start till the end. Letâs guide you through different functions and the process of editing GoPro videos using WonderShare UniConverter.

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    Tutorial On How To Cut Gopro Video

    Step 1.Launch the GoPro video cutter

    Step 2. Import video to the program

    Drag and drop your GoPro videos into the media library inside Filmora. Or click on “Import Media Files Here” to browse the videos from PC and then add them to the progam.

    Step 3. Trim the imported GoPro video from the beginning or from the ending part

    Locate the beginning or end of the GoPro video, until you see the consor become pointer. And you can move the pointer to cut the duration of the beginning and ending of the video.

    Step 4. Cut GoPro video from a middle section of a video

    Move the cursor to the beginning and end of the GoPro video section you want to cut and click the “scissors” icon to separate it from the original video clip. After then, right-click on the video and select “Delete” to cut the unwanted part.

    Step 5. Save or Export the video

    Finally, click on the Export button to save the change of video. Select a video format or website, set the name and quality, and press Export. you to export and convert the video to most popular video and audio formats, and upload the video to YouTube channel, Facebook and Vimeo for sharing directly.

    Gopro Not Showing Up On Mac

    There is also an issue where the camera does establish a connection with the PC but the contents are not visible. Messages like No Files to Import will appear but Space Used indicates that there is still data on the SD card which can be imported.

    Sometimes when you are using software like Image Capture, there are chances that the application will fail to recognize the camera. The main reason could be changes in folder names.

    How you can fix this is by ensuring to keep the SD card structure and the same names at all times. This will decrease the chance of incompatibility. For example, avoid changing or renaming the DCIM folder. The original name and information is more recognisable and hence leads to lesser problems.

    There are some other minor solutions like :

    • Sometimes users find Quik is not compatible with their device, for this, make sure if the Access to Photos option for Quik, was disabled in Security & Privacy settings.
    • When the camera is not being recognised by your PC, make sure that the USB and battery symbol are there on the cameras screen. Red LED light of the camera indicates that it is charging. These are few things to know if connection has been properly established.

    I hope that you found these tips useful! If so, please with your friends and colleagues

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