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How Do I Fax From My Laptop

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How To Send And Receive A Fax Online

How to send and receive a fax for free from your computer

If you no longer have access to a fax machine, you can send and receive faxes over the internet.

Faxes are so 1980s. Who faxes anymore? Well, lots of folks do. Business offices. Small companies. Large companies. And why? Well, let’s say you want your doctor to send you a copy of your latest lab results. Or your financial analyst asks you to send a document authorizing a certain transaction. Snail mail can be too slow, and email isn’t secure. So that leaves us with the decades-old, but still reliable, fax.

But I don’t have a fax machine, you say. How can I send or receive a fax? Lucky for you, an array of web-based services exist that can send or receive faxes without much effort.

How To Send A Fax Using Gmail

To send a fax online using an online fax service, just:

  • Log into Gmail and compose your email like you normally would
  • Type in the destination fax number and extension in the recipient line
  • Type the message of your fax in the subject line
  • Add your fax and any attachments to the body of the email
  • That is all there is to learn about how to send a fax in the modern digital age! Its easy, convenient, and doesnt require a fax machine.

    So you want to send a fax to yourself. Sounds fun! To get started, we need to make an assumption: you have a fax machine that you want to fax to. It could be across the room, across the house, or across the country. Now that we have that end covered, we need a way to fax it to that machine. Solution: Learn how to send a fax from Gmail.

    Can I Send A Fax Without A Landline

    You can, however, use a variety of online services to send a fax without a landline or even fax without a fax machine at all. Some also allow you to receive faxes for a fee. In some cases, it might be simpler to email your document or send it with a text message from your phone if you dont have a fax line.

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    Set Up Windows Fax And Scan

    Before you can begin faxing, you’ll need to connect a phone line to your computer through a fax modem and then get the Fax and Scan software activated. Here’s how to get started.

  • To open Windows Fax and Scan, type “Fax and Scan” into the Windows 10 search bar and select the Windows Fax and Scan app from the search results.

  • The first time you access Windows Fax and Scan, you need to set up a fax modem. This requires a telephone line to be connected to your computer. Once you’ve connected the fax modem, click Tools in the Windows Fax and Scan application.

  • From the Tools menu, select Fax Accounts.

  • In the Fax accounts dialog box, click Add.

  • Then, in the Fax Setup dialog box, click Connect to a fax modem.

    When you first connect your fax modem to your Windows 10 computer, all the appropriate drivers should be installed. If they did not install automatically, follow the instruction which came with your fax modem to properly install it.

  • How Do I Fax From Windows 10 Without A Phone Line

    RingCentral Fax 2020 Review

    Sending a fax from Windows is super easy when you have an iFax account. Heres how to do it.

  • Visit to register a new account. You may do this on a web browser or sign up using your mobile device and avail of the 7-day free trial via Windows Store, Apple Store, or Google Playstore.
  • After signing up, iFax will take you to the main dashboard. The interface is like your emails inbox. This is where you can view the sent and received faxes. To send your first fax, click the New Fax button.
  • A window will pop out showing a fax cover sheet to fill in, including sender, recipient, subject, and comments. Click the arrow in the middle screen to change the fax cover page template.
  • After filling in the details, upload documents from your Windows computer. Click Add Documents
  • Click Send Fax when youre all set and ready. iFax will prompt you to notify the recipient via email of the fax you sent.
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    How Do I Fax A Pdf

    How to Fax a PDF Online

  • Start by setting up an account with eFax.
  • Log into your account.
  • Complete the cover page and enter the recipients fax number on the form.
  • Directly upload your PDF.
  • Once the process is complete, eFax will simply combine all the information and fax the PDF online to its final destination.
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    Can You Fax Using Wifi

    Another option is that some connected fax machines can be faxed to wirelessly over a WiFi network from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. These connected fax machines still need a physical connection to a land-line phone line the wireless portion is the WiFi connection between the computer and the fax machine.

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    How To Receive & Send Faxes From Windows 10 Computers

    Paul Rydell / August 20, 2020 /

    There was a time when households typically had a fax machine and a dedicated fax line.

    But times have changed. As more of our lives and communications have become mobile, weve let some of that older technology go. Some of us no longer have a land line , and many of us havent purchased a fax machine for years or a decade or more.

    But the reality is, faxing is alive and well.

    So sometimes we find ourselves needing to send or receive a fax, and wonder if we can do it with our latest technology.

    Which is why youre likely asking

    Can I send and receive faxes with my Windows 10 computer?

    Well you can. And its easy.

    To send a fax from Windows 10 all you need is your favorite email web application such as Outlook or Gmail and a Faxburner account.

    As long as you have an internet connection you do not need a phone line or a fax modem or a fax machine. Just follow these simple steps below to send a fax straight from your Windows web browser.

    Office Max And Office Depot

    How To Send a Fax from a Computer

    Office Depot and OfficeMax merged back in 2013. While some stores still carry the OfficeMax name, most have been converted to Office Depot locations. If you search Office Depot fax services near me, youll find your nearest Office Depot location on Google Maps. You can then click the redirect link to that stores specific website and scroll down to see if they offer faxing services.

    The cover sheet is included in the cost. A single page starts at $1.50 when sent to the same area code. Sending a fax anywhere in the US will run you $2. International faxes will set you back a whopping $8 for a single page. Additional pages cost nearly the same as the first, so try to keep your page count light.

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    How Fax Machines Work

    This isnt as easy as it should be. Fax machines are all connected to the plain old telephone lines. When you use a standard fax machine, that fax machine places a phone call to the number you specify. The fax machine at the destination number answers and the document is transmitted over a telephone call.

    This process was invented before the Internet and seems laughably archaic at this point. To perform a fax, a person may type up a document, print it out, and scan it into the fax machine which sends it over the phone line. The person receiving the fax may then scan the faxed document and turn it back into a digital file. Theyve come full circle the document was sent from one computer to another computer with much additional work and lost image quality.

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    Ideally, youd be able to submit a document via email or a more secure online method. Many businesses consider fax a secure method of transmitting documents, but it really isnt if someone was snooping on the phone line, they could easily intercept all the faxed documents.

    Is Gmail Fax Secure

    Any fax messages sent to your number are delivered to the provider’s servers, then converted to PDF and dispatched to your inbox. You will need to sign up to a third-party service provider to obtain a Google Fax number. This service provider will ensure all data passing through its servers is encrypted and secure.

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    Send And Receive Faxes With Your Mac

    Unbelievably, millions of faxes are still sent and received all over the world each year. Unlike obsolete formats such as cassettes, VHS tapes and floppy discs the fax machine refuses to go away and remains a service that some businesses still need to have. In this tutorial, well look at ways you can use your Mac to send and receive faxes as well as finding some suitable alternatives!

    How To Send A Fax With Built

    How Do I Fax A Word Document From My Computer : 3 Ways To ...

    If your computer has a phone line input built into it, you can use this to send faxes from any application that allows you to print documents. A MacBook equipped with this phone line input has a built-in fax modem that will allow you to complete the task and you wont need to use an external fax machine.

  • Plug in the phone line into your computers phone input.
  • Open the document that you want to fax.
  • Click File from the top menu.
  • Click Print.
  • Click the PDF button on the bottom.
  • Click Fax PDF from the drop-down menu here.
  • Enter the Fax number where you want to send the document in the To field.
  • Click Use Cover Page if you want to include a cover page in the fax, you can type a subject line or intro message here as well.
  • Click Fax.
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    How To Send A Fax

    Many web services can send a fax to any number you choose for free, as long as you transmit a small number of pages or put up with an ad or logo on the cover page. If you need to send more pages or don’t want an ad cluttering up your fax, you’ll usually have to cough up some money. This can either be a per-fax cost or monthly subscription, though many offer a 30-day or 60-day trial.

    Assuming the document you want to fax is in hard copy format, you’ll first need to scan it. This can be done with a scanner, all-in-one printer, or even a scanning app. The scanned document can be saved as a PDF or TIFF, though the former is better if you want an electronic copy that can be easily shared with other people.

    Why Can I Send But Not Receive Fax

    Fax issues where you can send, but not receive is typically an issue with the phone line or incorrect setup. If received faxes seem to be going through, but isnt printing and there is no error message, refer to Faxes are received but not printing out to confirm that the Fax Preview feature isnt enabled.

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    Fax Software Step 1 Set Up The Phone Line Fax Modem And Fax Software

    Phone line: You will need an active landline phone line. A VoIP phone line or internet phone will not reliably carry a fax signal.

    Fax modem: Your modem can be internal or external . Plug a USB fax modem into the computer and it will install all necessary software once. Connect the fax modem to the landline phone line with a telephone cord.

    Fax software: Windows computers already have a copy of Windows Fax and Scan. Other software packages are available for Windows. Linux desktop users will need to select from a variety of software packages. MacOS users do not have fax software available.

    Funciones Adicionales De Fax De Gmail

    How to Send Fax from Computer Without Fax Machine

    Cuando envía un fax a través de Gmail, utiliza todas las funciones para que el envío de faxes en línea sea más fácil y rápido.

    Esa es la razón principal por la que Gmail Fax se distingue de otros métodos de envío de faxes, lo que hace que la tecnología digital sea el método de envío de faxes más rápido y económico.

    Odds are you probably havent used a fax machine in decades, perhaps not ever in your entire life! So youre right to be completely perplexed when youre told you need to send a fax in this day and age. Fortunately, if youre scrambling for fax services near me, youve got plenty of options. You might be surprised just how many places near you allow you to send a fax at a reasonable price.

    Technology has made it a lot easier to send a fax without a fax machine. There are services that provide virtual fax numbers, which let you receive a fax from a machine. The file will be sent to your email or even directly to a printer. It works the other way, too: You can upload a file, and itll be sent to a fax machine somewhere else.

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    Paid Online Fax Services

    If you need to send a fax, subscribing to an online fax provider will give you the best service. It can also save you money in the long run. Purchasing a fax machine or modem and connecting it to a phone line can be a substantial investment.

    Sending faxes through your Gmail account is a cheaper and more efficient option. Online services have the additional advantage of allowing you to fax from any device, anywhere with an internet connection.

    Why Is My Fax Not Receiving

    Fax issues where you can send, but not receive is typically an issue with the phone line or incorrect setup. If received faxes seem to be going through, but isnt printing and there is no error message, refer to Faxes are received but not printing out to confirm that the Fax Preview feature isnt enabled.

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    Send Fax From Your Mac Using A Multifunction Printer

    Alternatively, for Apple Mac users, another handy faxing option is also right by your side. Only by having a multifunction printer connected to your Mac, you can send faxes directly from your Mac.

    • Open the document you would like to fax, then select File > Print.
    • Click the PDF pop-up menu, and choose Fax PDF.
    • Click the Printer pop-up menu, and then choose your multifunctional printer.
    • Type the fax number in the Tofield.
    • Click Fax.

    Can I Fax From My Pc Windows 10

    How to Fax From Your Computer

    Yes, you can definitely send and receive fax from Windows computers. Microsoft Office allows you to send any documents from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint using the Windows Fax Printer Driver. You do need to connect your PC to a fax modem to do this, which can be an added expense if you do not have this already.

    If you want an easier and quicker way to fax from Windows computer without needing to install any hardware, get yourself an online faxing subscription or plan. Its more cost-effective and its compatible with any version of Windows.

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    Is Efax Really Free

    eFax. eFax offers a free version through which you’re assigned a virtual fax number, though not a toll-free one. You can receive up to 10 faxed pages per month and view faxes through the free eFax Messenger software. The service also offers paid plans if you need to receive more faxes and want to send them as well.

    How Can I Get Free Efax

    • Choose Your Own Local or Toll Free Fax Number. With eFax, you can select your own fax number with the local area code of your choosing.
    • Send Faxes Online with a Free Trial of eFax.
    • Send Faxes by Email Free for 30-Days.
    • Fax Anytime from Your Free Mobile Fax App.
    • Fax Without a Fax Machine Using Your PC or Mac.

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    Register With An Internet Fax Service


    Launch your Web browser and navigate to an Office-compatible Internet fax service’s website. As of April 2012, this includes InterFAX or eFax.



    Select the option to activate your Internet fax service within Microsoft Office. This enables Office to automatically route any faxes to your account at the Internet fax service. A dialog box opens requesting permission to install a registration file on your PC.


    How To Send Fax Online From Mac Devices

    How to Send a Free Fax Online from Your Computer

    The FAX.PLUS web app works flawlessly on Mac devices and you just need to open the web browser on your MacBook, go to the FAX.PLUS web app and start sending fax. But if you want to send fax from Apples productivity apps such as Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, you are going to need to use the Email to Fax feature. Like sending fax from MS Word, you need to share your final file via Email and send fax from the Mail app.

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    How Do I Fax A Pdf From My Computer

    How to Fax a PDF Online

  • Start by setting up an account with eFax.
  • Log into your account.
  • Complete the cover page and enter the recipients fax number on the form.
  • Directly upload your PDF.
  • Once the process is complete, eFax will simply combine all the information and fax the PDF online to its final destination.
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