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How Do I Fix My Hp Laptop

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How Do You Recover Your Operating System

FIX : Laptop / PC Overheating While Gaming Or Heavy Use In Windows 11

To restore the operating system to an earlier point in time, follow these steps:

  • In the System Restore dialog box, click Choose a different restore point, and then click Next.
  • In the list of restore points, click a restore point that was created before you began to experience the issue, and then click Next.
  • How To Diagnose Hp Computer Hardware

    HP computers have built-in diagnostic tools.

    This is a benefit of owning HP computers. HP provides built-in diagnostic tools for end-users to use.

    Dell, Apple, and some Lenovo models also provide this. While Acer, ASUS and many others do not.

    To access this diagnostic tools, after pressing the power button to turn on your HP computer, repeatedly press Esc key until you see a startup menu.

    Select System Diagnostics, or you could press F2 key.

    This is an easy, built-in general hardware diagnostic test that you can use to check on the status of hardware across your computer, like the hard drive, RAM, and video card.

    If any of the parts fails the test, it means the part is faulty and needs to be replaced.

    If it passes all the test, it does not mean that the parts are in working order. Keep in mind that this is free, user-friendly built-in tools provided by HP only.

    You can repeat the tests multiple times to increase its accuracy. If any of the tests show a part is fault, it means the part is indeed faulty.

    Restart The Explorerexe Process

    The HP laptop screen can go black of the explorer.exe process has somehow stopped. This is because this feature manages your desktop, taskbar, and other aspects of the system. Here’s how to restart it

    Step 1: Press the “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” keys on your keyboard at the same time to open the task manager.

    Step 2: Click on the “Details” tab and then scroll down to find the explorer.exe service. Select it and then click “End Task”

    Step 3: Restart the PC to see if the problem is gone.

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    Fix : Scan For Virus And Malware

    Viruses and malware would not only slow your laptop down, but also expose your laptop to dangers such as information leakage and security attacks. You may want to run virus scans on a regular basis to prevent your laptop from being hacked.

    There are several ways to do it. You can use Windows Defender to scan your laptop and remove anything problematic. If you prefer professional antivirus tools, we have some recommendations:

    If scanning for virus and malware doesnt solve your problem, try the last fix.

    Update Bios On Hp Laptop

    How To Fix HP Laptop Screen is Black Problem [Solved Guide]
  • Connect the HP laptop to a working power source using the adapter.
  • Press and hold the Windows + B keys simultaneously.
  • While performing step 2, please press and hold the Power button for 1 second.
  • Release all the keys and the power light should back on.
  • The laptop screen will remain blank for about 40 seconds.
  • You may also hear the beep sounds.
  • The HP BIOS Update screen will appear and the updating process will begin.
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    How Do I Boot My Computer In Advanced Mode

    If you can access Desktop All you need to do is hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and restart the PC. Open up the Start menu and click on Power button to open power options. Now press and hold the Shift key and click on Restart. Windows will automatically start in advanced boot options after a short delay.

    Enable Touchpad From Bios

    The BIOS fully controls all the hardware devices connected to the motherboard. If the touchpad configuration in BIOS is set to disable, you cannot move the cursor using the touchpad at all.

    However, some HP laptops have a customized BIOS, meaning you cannot change some BIOS settings. And this includes the touchpad as well.

  • Press F10 during startup to enter the BIOS setup.
  • Go to the Advanced Tab and select Built-in Devices Options.
  • Here you should see a Touchpad checkbox that enables the touchpad.
  • Save and exit the BIOS.
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    Troubleshoot Hp Laptop Black Screen

    The screen may be the problem if your laptop wont turn on even when plugged in. You should diagnose the screen issues in the following ways:

    • Modify the brightness: you should turn up the brightness of your laptop screen to make sure its not set to the minimum.
    • Disable hibernation: your screen may remain black if the hibernation files are corrupted suddenly. You should disable this feature and then restart your laptop.
    • Connect to an external monitor: you may connect your HP laptop to an external display using a VGA cable to test the LCD & LCD cable. Besides, you can try to connect the laptop to a TV using HDMI cable. Then, try to restart the laptop.

    Fix Hp Laptop Wont Turn On Even When Plugged In

    My HP Computer Won’t Turn On. Easy Fix

    Errorsdoc » HP Issues » Fix HP Laptop Wont Turn on Even When Plugged in?

    HP laptop may not turn on at times. It may flash its power light, however, the machine may not start. Sometimes, this issue may be seen after an HP laptops AC power cable has been unplugged. The draining of your devices battery can be one reason why your HP laptop wont turn on. Other than this, even when the cable has been plugged in and the charging is complete, the same issue may be seen.

    A hard reset can be attempted on your HP laptop to start its screen. Booting your device in the Safe Mode can also be of help. Diagnosing the HP screen problems, checking the BIOS settings and hardware, as our experts say, can help you reach the root cause of the problem. Based on this, the most suitable fix can be applied.

    As you read this post, you will be equipped with more knowledge relating to why your HP laptop would not turn on and what are the various fixes to apply. This knowledge can help you resolve the error on series like HP Pavilion, HP Stream, HP Envy, etc.

    Should you like to quickly reach a particular section of this post, the following will be needed:

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    Remove External Disks And Devices

    Step 1: turn off the HP laptop.

    Step 2: remove all external disks and devices connected to the laptop: USB flash drives, memory cards, external hard drives, printers, scanners, docking stations, and so on.

    Step 3: try to turn on your laptop by pressing the power button.

    • If it starts normally, you can confirm that a problematic external disk/device is making your HP laptop unbootable. You should turn off the laptop again -> connect one hardware device each time -> turn on the laptop to see what happens. Please repeat this process until you find which hardware/device is
    • However, if your HP notebook wont turn on, you should turn to other solutions.

    How to restart or shut down a laptop on which Windows 10 is running:

    Hard Reset The Laptop

    Hard resetting your laptop is one of the best ways to remove any conflicting settings that could be causing the issue. Here’s how to do it

    Step 1: Turn off the laptop and then remove the hard drives, battery, and any other hardware components connected to it.

    Step 2: Press and hold the power button for about 60 seconds and then release it

    Step 3: put the battery back and plug in the charger, don’t reconnect any other hardware components.

    Step 4: Boot the laptop to see if the black screen is gone.

    If the problem has been fixed, connect the hardware devices one by one until you find the one causing the problem.

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    Check Air Flow And Heat Transfer

    Just like with desktop computers, laptops need a way to expel the hot air created by their components. No air flow means no heat transfer, so your first step should be figuring out where the air vents are located. Most laptops have vents on the bottom.

    And someespecially thicker modelshave vents on the back panel.

    Youll likely see multiple vents. Some are intake vents where cool air gets drawn into the laptop and some are outflow vents where fans expel the hot air.

    While the laptop is runningand ideally while its running a taxing appcheck to see if the outflow vents are blowing hot air and the intake vents are letting air in. If youre not feeling much airflow at all, the most common cause is an accumulation of dust in the vents, fans, and cooling channels. Its not too hard to clean out this dust. Turn your laptop upside-down and look at what youve got.

    You may be able to get by with just blowing the dust from the vents using a can of compressed air. If you have a laptop that makes the fans easily accessible through panels you can remove, unscrew those panels and lift out the fan so you can blow the dust out even better.

    And while the fan is out, dont forget to blow out the area where the fan sits, as well.

    If you find that a fan is spinning erratically, you may want to try lifting the sticker off of the axle and putting a drop of mineral oil to keep it going. You can also use contact cleaner, which is designed to evaporate quickly and leave no residue.

    Tip : Restart Your Hp Laptop

    How to fix HP laptop won

    It sounds a bit simple thing but obvious too, because restarting the laptop flushes your systems memory, and helps the recent updates to come into effect. Hence, it is extremely crucial to restart the laptop, especially when your respective laptop/PC is running slower and slower.

    If restarting the laptop doesnt fix HP laptop running slow issue, then try the next solution.

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    Is It Worth Fixing A Computer

    It depends. If the damage is severe, you might be better off buying a new computer than spending hundreds of dollars on repairs. Always get price quotes from a few computer repair services near you, and compare those estimates to desktop and laptop prices. If it’s cheaper to fix your computer, consider doing so. But if it’s cheaper to buy a new device, that’s probably your best option.

    How Do I Fix My Messed Up Laptop Screen

    To fix a physically cracked or broken screen, the only option is to replace the screen. Restart your laptop. Close the laptop and reopen it. Plug in an external monitor. Update your video drivers. Try to unstick your stuck pixels. Try to fix your burn-in. Check your screen and backlight connections. Replace the screen.

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    How Do I Fix My Laptop

    05-09-202202:46 PM

    I need help with my laptop. My laptop has been acting up for months now. It doesnt let me do anything. When I turn on the laptop it just turns back off after 2 or 3 seconds and it repeats almost as if it was boot loop im not sure what it is. There is no HP logo when I do this. Ive tried everything like resetting my laptop but it always says theres a problem resetting it. Ive tried downloading windows 10 again and use the usb drive to boot it up and this static screen pops up. And the laptop seems to do like a beep noise here and there. What do I do?

    Tip : Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

    Desktop Turns Pink or Purple in Windows 10 FIX [Tutorial]

    Too many startup programs and services snatch down the laptops performance. Hence, disabling the useless startup programs can speed up your laptop. Below is a quick tutorial on how to do that:

    Step 1: Click right on your taskbar, and then select Task Manager from the list that appeared.

    Step 2: In the next window, head to the Startup tab and disable the programs you dont require at startup.

    Step 3:Restart your HP laptop.

    After disabling the unnecessary startup items, try to check if the HP laptop running slow has been fixed. If not, then jump on to the next solution.

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    Remove Ram And Clean It

    Remove the RAM cover and move it to a different location. The device can also be booted during this process. Because this measure has yielded positive outcomes in various situations, it may work on your device. More information about this fix may be found below.

    • Disconnect the RAM cover. Remove the RAM now.
    • Install the RAM again. Begin by turning on your new HP laptop.
    • If your gadget isnt operating, take out the RAM stick.
    • Restart the device at this point.
    • If the gadget isnt working, try rebooting it.
    • If the gadget still doesnt turn on, you can put the RAM in the opposite slot.
    • Check if the hp laptop wont turn on is solved or not.

    Reset The Computer When Windows Does Not Start Normally

    Use Windows Recovery Environment to reset the system when Windows does not start normally.

  • Choose a method to open Windows Recovery Environment.

  • Restart your computer, and then immediately press the f11 key repeatedly.

  • On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.

  • On the Troubleshoot screen, select Reset this PC.

  • Follow the instructions to reset your computer. This might take a few minutes.

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    Solution 5 Disconnect External Devices Connected With Your Laptop

    If your laptop is left connected with a USB drive, DVD or memory card for a long time then this could be the reason why your HP laptop wont startup.

    The fact behind this is that your BIOS is trying to boot from the removable storage device. So immediately remove the USB drives or external devices and then try to boot up your laptop.

    If again you are hitting with the same issue after plugging the device then its a clear sign that you need to update the driver of that particular device.

    The outdated driver also causes various issues and errors, so here it is suggested to check for the outdated drivers and update them from time to time.

    Boot Hp Laptop In Safe Mode

    FIX HP Laptop Won
    • Keep pressing the ESC key until the Startup Menu appears when your computer turns on.
    • Press F11 to start a System Recovery.
    • The screen Choose an option appears.
    • Select Advanced settings from the menu.
    • To open the Safe mode with Command Prompt window, click Command Prompt.
    • Check if the hp laptop wont turn on is solved or not.


    • Tap the F8 key at 1-second intervals after the machine is turned on or restarted .
    • The Advanced Boot menu will appear after the computer shows hardware information and a memory test.
    • Check if the hp laptop wont turn on is solved or not.

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    How Do I Use Hp Protectsmart Hard Drive Protection

    However, if the computer is running on battery power and reaches a critical battery level, HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection allows the computer to initiate Hibernation. Once ProtectSmart is activated, to unpark or unlock your hard drive, follow the steps below. Hold down the power button for 5 seconds until the power goes off.

    How Do I Troubleshoot An Hp Pavilion Laptop That Wont Turn On

    The users of HP Pavilion laptops can drain the battery of their device and then reinsert it. In addition, they can try removing the RAM or change its position if required. In case this doesnt help, then performing a hard reset will be the best approach. Issues with the battery, RAM, or power form certain reasons why the HP laptop will not turn on, especially when this particular model is being used. After these fixes have been executed, the problem should stop occurring.

    Fix 1: Drain the Battery and Reinsert it

    Draining the battery can be helpful for the users of HP Pavilion laptops. This will be helpful when your HP laptop has power but it wont turn on. You can initially remove the battery, drain the static electricity, and then reinsert the battery back to its original position.

    The detailed method for doing so has been outlined in this section.

    • Remove your devices RAM.
    • Take off the power adapter along with the battery.
    • Turn your device upside-down.
    • Push the Power key for 5 minutes to drain the static electricity.
    • Let your HP Pavilion laptop sit idle for 30 minutes.
    • Correctly insert the RAM in its slot.
    • Plugin the adapter.
    • After turning it on, open the Control Panel.
    • Select Power Option.
    • Choose Do Nothing after clicking on the dropdown.
    • Press Ok.
    • Now, place the laptops battery back to its position.

    Fix 2: Remove RAM or Change its Position

    In case your new HP laptop wont power on even now, you can move to the next measure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Check If Any Hardware Is Malfunctioning

    Hardware malfunction can also be the source of the problem. For instance, if your laptop responds to the power button but gives nothing on the screen, you can try hooking up another monitor. If the other monitor works, your laptops screen is broken. You can then replace it or fix it with the help of a professional.

    Additionally, if your laptop heats up as soon as you hit the power button and then turn off automatically, your fans might not be working. Such a case also does not let your laptop turn on. So, it is best to take your laptop to a professional and have it diagnosed for faulty hardware and change it.

      There is a chance that your laptops CMOS battery is dead or not working properly. Usually, the CMOS battery lets your laptop store BIOS settings and other useful information on your PC.
      You can try changing the CMOS battery and turning on the laptop. If it works, you will not have to worry about the problem again.

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