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How Do I Make A Phone Call From My Laptop

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Best Apps To Make Free Voice Calls From Pc/laptop To A Mobile/landline

How To Make FREE Phone Calls On Your Laptop or Desktop Computer!

Do you want to make free voice calls from your PC/Laptop to a Mobile/Landline?

Its a shame when you want to call someone, but you find yourself running out of monetary balance on your phone.

Thankfully, you still have the chance to make a call from the Internet without any payment necessary.

So, scroll down to see a list of the best 8 apps to make free voice calls from your laptop to any mobile phone across the world. And yes, Ive tested them all and I will fill you in on the quality, experience, and overall perception of the various programs and apps.

You should listen to the first 60 seconds of this video. Once you finish, go ahead and finish this article. If you want to skip ahead and ignore the video, feel free to do sosome people learn better by reading! Continue for the summary.

How Do I Make A Call Using My Google Chat List

If youre using Google Chat, you should see a green, yellow, or red circle next to a persons name on the left panel. Or, if youre using Hangouts in Gmail, youll see a green or gray circle on the bottom right of the persons photo. Learn more about how to call a phone using Hangouts.

Voice calls in Google Chat may be faulty after an upgrade to Chrome 42. It would help if you used Hangouts to avoid this problem.

  • Log into your Gmail account.
  • In your Google Chat list, click the icon.
  • Use your mouse or keyboards number pad to dial the number you want to call.
  • Click .
  • If you have a Google Voice number, it will appear on the recipients caller ID. If not, a generic number should appear to the person youre calling.

    How To Make Phone Calls From Your Pc Using Your Phone

    Your Phone allows you to sync messages, notifications, photos, and more with your PC. Microsoft recently added the ability to relay phone calls through the Your Phone app. With this feature, you can make a call from your PC and seamlessly switch the call between your two devices. It’s a handy feature that allows you to keep your smartphone in your pocket. At the moment, it’s available exclusively for Android devices.

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    How To Make And Answer Phone Calls From Your Windows Pc Or Laptop

    The continuity feature of Apples Mac and iOS has been one of the most coveted features for Windows users. It lets users seamlessly continue editing documents or photos while switching between Apple devices.

    Now with Windows Your Phone app, Microsoft has managed to bridge the ecosystem barrier between Windows and Android to let users manage and mirror their phone on PC wirelessly.

    With Your Phone Aoo, users can check notifications, revert back to messages and even answer calls, or call someone straight from their Windows 10 machine. To enjoy these features all you need is Your Phone App on your Android v7 or above the phone with windows 10 PC with Bluetooth support.

    Before we get to how to make phone calls from windows machine, lets first help you get Your Phone app and link it to your windows laptop or desktop PC. To do so follow these steps:

  • Go to start menu on your Windows 10 machine, and type in Your Phone and hit enter.
  • Once the app opens it will ask you for a mobile number. Enter your active number on the Android device. Microsoft with send a link to Android version on Your phone companion app.
  • Once the installation process is complete, open the companion app and sign-in with your Microsoft account information.
  • Now, the Companion app will ask prompt you for permission to access contacts, manage phone calls, access files on the phone and send and view SMS messages. Provide the necessary permission.
  • Pros And Cons To Google Voice

    How Can I Make a Phone Call from My Laptop?

    If you have immediate access to a computer or someone elses phone, Google Voice can be a handy way to call your lost phone. But its worth pointing out that the service isnt ideal for all situations.

    Most notably, Google Voice isnt completely free. Googles site points out that almost all calls to the US and Canada are free, but only if youre calling from the US. However, calling some places in the US and Canada could cost you 1 cent per minute, or another amount. Additionally, making a call somewhere outside the US and Canada will cost money, even if youre in the US.

    You can calculate rates for a domestic or international Google Voice calls directly on Googles site. CallMyPhone, on the other hand, is 100% free.

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    Can I Use My Laptop To Make Calls From The Sim Card

    01-15-201509:08 AM


    Was able to install a SIM card in my laptop and got connected to the 4G connection. HP Connection Manager also allows to send/receive SMS through the SIM.

    My question is there any possiblity for me to send/receive calls from the SIM?

    I am able to send/receive calls if I insert the same SIM on a cell phone.

    Will be obliged if anyone can suggest a software or workaround to make calls from my EliteBook 1040 Folio.


    I have the same query and the guy who asked was pretty clear..

    He was able to make calls if he inserts his sim in a cellphone so..why ask sim service provider?

    Anticipate customer care to read question properly.

    I too have my sim inserted and can browse internet and send /receive SMS and want to call/ receive calls,plzsuggest how can that be done.

    HP connection manager doesnt have such a option yet and HP didnt upgrade it since last 5000 years.


    How To Make Phone Calls From Your Computer

    In our new reality, plenty of us are having to get used to working from home, and that often means making and taking calls, depending on your job. If you dont want to have your phone pressed to your ear all day, or youd rather keep your work on your work machine and your actual life on your phone, you can get those calls done on your laptop or desktop.

    There are a slew of ways to call someone from your computer, from video-conferencing software like Zoom to a messaging app like Slack, but here were going to concentrate on calling actual mobile or landline numbers from Windows or macOS .

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    With The Official Website

    It is not necessary to have the Skype application on your computer to access the tools that the platform has, as you can use Skype online and thus be able to access all the platform’s functions. You just need to open Skype on the web and once inside, find the contact and click on the phone icon to initiate the call.

    Pros And Cons To Apples Find My Phone

    How to make calls from your computer

    If youre trying to find a lost iPhone or iOS device, Find My Phone could very well do the trick. Like Samsungs Find My Phone, its completely free and boasts an array of functions to help you find your missing phone and ensure the safety of your data.

    But like Samsungs Find My Phone feature, its completely useless if you havent activated it on your own device. Theres also the hassle of logging into your iCloud account, which can be frustrating if you cant remember your passwordbecause its stored on your missing phone.

    If Find My Phone isnt panning out for you, go ahead and try a free calling service like .

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    How Do I Make Phone Call From My Computer

    To make and receive calls from your computer, you just need to set up an account on the Ringover website. Once your account is activated, simply log in to the URL with your username and password to start making and receiving calls immediately. There is no installation to do. You can use any PC or Mac, desktop or laptop, to make calls from anywhere.Please consider the following requirement:Internet Connection: A sufficient and relatively stable internet connection is required to make your calls. The technical recommendations are an overall bandwidth of 100kb in transmission and 100kb in reception per user.If you encounter quality problems on your calls, you can read our article on Jitter and Latency problems.Headset: You need to acquire a headset and microphone.Laptop Microphone: You can also use the microphone of your laptop.

    Way : Make Phone Calls From Computer Using Google Voice

    If you have Gmail account, you can use the Voice application provided by Google to call loved ones or acquaintances. Theres no charge in using this PC application to call from Canadian or US, but it requires a small fee for international calls.

    This Google service is particularly useful in changing your phone number whenever you want, but just ensure to bundle it with a fixed Voice number. Your Google Voice number will never change. Also, your voice account can forward the calling history and contacts to a new tel number set by you.

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    Make Free Online Phone Calls In 3 Steps

    Go to

    You can now make free online calls right from your web browser. With PopTox, there is no need to download any app or plug-in. You can now call via internet as long as you have a modern web browser such as Chrome. The first step to making free calls is to open your web browser and go to

    Enter Phone Number

    Once you are on PopTox home page, you will see a dialpad. Select the country from the drop down that you want to call and enter the destination phone number. You will not be required to enter the country code. Just select the destination country from the drop down and enter the phone number without the country code.

    Make sure you have entered a correct number in the right format. Once the number is entered, simply click on the Call button on the bottom of the dialpad. You will be prompted to allow PopTox to access your mic. Click on Allow for us to connect your call. Make sure to not Deny mic permission.

    How Do I Create A Skype Call From My Cell Phone

    Can I Make A Phone Call From My Laptop

    One thing you should consider when making a call, is that if you are a contact who is not a Skype user, you may be charged for calling or messaging services. But among Skype users, calls are completely free. So you can make calls from the mentioned computers and use Skype to make calls from your mobile. The way you should place the call on each type of device is as follows:

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    What Features Can I Use When Calling From A Computer

    At Keku, we are really proud of our . They feature a clean, intuitive user interface and outstanding functionality. Whats even better, using you can access the same functionality from your desktop PC or a Mac.

    Through your account screen you can easily:

    • Access call recordings and SMS messages
    • Keep track of all the bonuses youve earned!

    And again, by using the computer interface- you can make calls with multiple caller IDs. And should any questions pop up just contact our quick and friendly customer support.

    Finding Your Apple Device

    Like Samsung, Apple has also rolled out a comprehensive Find My Phone feature. Find My Phone is compatible with any modern Apple device, including AirPods.

    Apples Find My Phone feature lets you view the location of any Apple device, and it also lets you play a sound to track down a device thats within earshot. You can also lock your device or erase its data remotely.

    Theres also a feature called Lost Mode, which is available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch. Activating Lost Mode will immediately lock your device and start tracking it. It can also display a message with a contact number on your devices lock screen. If someones picked up your lost phone while you were out, this is a great way to get them to contact you.

    You can find a full explanation of Find My Phones functions on Apples official site.

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    How Do I Mute A Call

    You can mute a call by using the mute button on your Android device or PC.

    When you place a call on your PC with Your Phone, a small separate window opens to display the call you’re on:

    Click the downward pointing arrow to expand the window. Then the Mute button will become available:

    When you start a call on your PC and transfer it to your Android device, you can only mute the call from your phone .

    If a call is happening on your Android device, you cant mute that call from your PC.

    Making Emergency Calls With The Your Phone App

    How to Make a Video Call on My Laptop : Computer Know-How

    Emergency Services. While it may be possible to place calls to or receive calls from Emergency Services using Your Phone, note that Your Phone is not a replacement for your primary telephone service. Your Phone calls may not work or may get disrupted due to power issues, distance from your PC to your phone, or other technical issues. In addition, there are important differences between Your Phone and traditional wireless or fixed-line telephone services. Your Phone is not required to offer access to Emergency Services under any applicable local or national rules, regulations, or law. Your Phone is not intended to support or carry emergency calls to any type of hospitals, law enforcement agencies, medical care units or any other kind of services that connect a user to emergency services personnel or public safety answering points .

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    Find Your Phone With Google Assistant

    If you have a Google account, you can use Google Assistant to find your Android or iOS phone. You can use your Android phone, iPhone, or iPad for this process. For detailed instructions, refer to the .

    If you have an Android phone, it must be:

    • Turned on
    • Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
    • Signed in to your Google account
    • Visible on Google Play
    • Location must be turned on
    • Find My Device must be turned on

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, it must be:

    • Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
    • The phone number must be added to your Google account
    • You can add your number by going to > Phone > Add Recovery Phone > and following the steps.

    If more than one person is using the same Google Home device, everyone who wants to call their own phone needs to link their Google Account and voice to Google Home. This includes the person who set up Google Home.

    Finally! Just say OK Google, find/ring my phone, and Google Assistant will call your phone.

    How Else Can I Make Free Wifi Calls

    You can use a variety of different apps to call for free but keep in mind that those apps only let you call users who have the same app installed on their computer or smartphone. Skype is a good example of that. PopTox is the only web browser based application that lets users make free internet VOIP calls to mobile phones. With PopTox, you no longer have to sign up to make international calls. No payment is required. You will not go through the hassle of paying fees and poor quality of calls. We connect your call directly from the web browser to the mobile or landline phone number. We realize that it is very important for you to stay in touch with your loved ones and we are constantly stiving to make international calls affordable and hassle-free.

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    How To Make The Calls

    With your equipment and software picked out, youre ready to start making calls through your computer. Read on below to see how to make your first call.

    To use the microphone in your headset or earbuds, first, plug them into your computer, or connect them via Bluetooth. Tap or click here for ways to fix Bluetooth pairing problems.

    Once your headset or earbuds are in, go to your computerssystem settings, and find the Sound section. Find the Input tab thats theone that controls what microphone your computer picks up sound from.

    Select the external microphone or headset/earbuds name option that should appear in the Input list. You can usually test the microphone and make sure your computer is picking it up on this screen once youve made your selection.

    With your microphone working, log in to your call software. For FaceTime, that should just involve opening the app. For Skype, Google Voice, and Keku, youll have to input your username and password.

    The Software You Need

    Make Free Phone Calls From Your Computer

    You a have a lot of options when it comes to making phone calls. If youve got a Mac and an iPhone signed into the same Apple ID, just load up FaceTime for macOS. You can place an audio call to any number from the desktop FaceTime app through your iPhone by typing it in and clicking Audio .

    If youre on Windows, the Your Phone app thats now part of Microsofts operating system can make calls through a linked Android phone. Its almost as smooth as macOS and an iPhone. Launch the app from the Start menu, switch to the tab, then follow the instructions .

    Screenshot: Gizmodo

    If you dont want to route calls via your phone, Skype is a reliable option, with desktop clients for Windows and macOS. for prices for calling mobiles and landlines a variety of subscription options are available, and you get 60 calling minutes a month if youre an Office 365 subscriber. Just tap out the number you want to call in the app .

    Image: TextNow

    is still around, and if youve signed up for the service then you can make calls to mobile phones and landlines through the web interface. to check out international calling rates. Aside from being able to make calls from your computer, Google Voice also offers automatic voicemail transcription.

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