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How Do I Optimize My Laptop

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Clean The Remaining Surfaces

How to Upgrade and Optimize Your Gaming Laptop for 2021

With the screen taken care of, your smartphone is ready. But your laptops keyboard and touchpad still need cleaning:

  • Squeeze a disinfecting wipe to eliminate excess moisture.
  • Gently wipe all surfaces buttons, keys, touchpad with the wipe.
  • Use a cotton swab to remove any gunk between keys; do this over a trash can to catch debris.
  • Let the laptop dry before using.;
  • Need further assistance? Contact Staples Tech Services.;

    Does Ram Increase Fps

    Usually, upgrading your RAM should increase your FPS. But other factors will come into play whether this upgrade will optimize your FPS or not.

    For example, if you are playing on a system with low system memory, like 4GB, adding another 4GB stick would surely increase your FPS as the majority of games right now requires 8GB for smoother performance.

    Another example is that if you are already playing on a system that already has a massive amount of RAM, adding more RAM might not increase FPS.

    You can read a more in-depth discussion about RAM and how it affects FPS here.

    Activate Windows 10 Game Mode Settings

    Game Mode Settings is a new feature in Windows 10. This feature will prioritize your games by preventing Windows Update from installing new drivers and sending notifications to provide the best gaming experience.

    It will also help you achieve stable frame rates depending on the type of games that you play.

    Game Mode settings in Windows 10 is turned on by default. However, you can switch this on by following these steps:

  • Type game mode in the Windows search box and look for the Game Mode settings option.
  • Inside the Game Mode settings, you can see the slider in which you can switch Game Mode on or off.
  • However, there are cases that some users have a better gaming experience when the Windows 10 Game Mode is off.

    So it is recommended for you to experiment and observe which setting suits your gaming experience best.

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    Reset Device To Factory Defaults

    Alternatively, you can also reset the computer to the factory default settings to start fresh with a clean copy of Windows 10 to improve startup and shutdown, battery life, and overall system performance.

    Warning: If you choose to erase your files, you should consider creating a full backup or make a copy of your files to an external drive before proceeding.

    To reset a device to its default settings, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the Local reisntall option.

    Quick tip: If you want a clean installation of Windows 10 without the apps that came pre-installed with the device or if the Local reinstall option does not work, select the Cloud download option.

  • Click the Next button button.
  • Click the Reset button.

  • After you complete the steps, Windows 10 will be reinstalled, removing previous configurations, settings, and apps to help you boost system performance. If you selected the option to remove everything, remember to restore your files from a previous backup after the process.

    If you are looking to install Windows 10 from scratch, check out our in-depth guide to perform a clean installation.

    Use Dlss Or Other Image Reconstruction Tools

    Optimize My Computer (How The Heck Do I Book 2) eBook ...

    Nvidias Deep Learning Super Sampling is an image reconstruction tool that renders a game with a lower internal resolution, then uses AI to upscale the game to your displays native resolution . For PC gamers, DLSS is the most widespread image reconstruction tool. That said, some games have similar tools.

    Look for any settings that refer to image reconstruction or dynamic resolution. This feature is what allows consoles to run so many different games so consistently. Unfortunately, PC versions usually dont come with dynamic resolution or the feature is disabled. As consoles and PCs become more similar, though, more developers have started to include dynamic resolution. Immortals Fenyx Rising;and;Horizon Zero Dawn,;for example, both come with dynamic resolution settings.

    DLSS is your best option, but you need an Nvidia GPU and supported game. Otherwise, keep an eye out for any dynamic resolution or image reconstruction settings.

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    Overclock Your Cpu Or Gpu

    Your processor and graphics card work at specific clock frequencies, which determine how many operations per second your hardware performs. For example, a Core i7 6700HQ clocks from a base rate of 2.6 GHz and boosts up to 3.5 GHz. The GeForce Titan X runs at just over 1500 MHz. Overclocking increases these frequencies in order to get more processing power.

    Overclocking also increases the stress and heat put on your PC’s hardware, though its not as dangerous as it used to be. In most cases, your CPU or GPU simply turns off when overstressed or overheated, and Windows freezes before any real damage occurs. Still, due to these effects, overclocking is considered an advanced process that requires you to carefully monitor CPU temperature. In other words, dont overclock your hardware unless you know what youre doing.

    Overclocking the CPU

    Unless youre doing a lot of CPU-intensive tasks like multimedia editing or running lots of applications at the same time, you wont feel the difference of an overclock. But for those who want absolutely optimal performance, try Intels own Extreme Tuning Utility.

    With this tool, you can easily adjust the CPU clock speed, but we advise you to increase it only in increments of 50 MHz and then test your systems stability under various high-stress scenarios before increasing it further.

    Overclocking the GPU

    Update Using The Official Website

    You can also update your drivers through the official website of your GPU product type.

    Nvidia Drivers

    If you have an Nvidia card, you can go to and fill in the form based on which type of card you own.

    Using this website is very straightforward, but we have attached a screenshot below as a guide. After you have entered your graphics cards info, click start search.

    After hitting the search button, you will see a bunch of drivers that are available for download. We recommend going for the latest game ready driver to ensure stability. Click the Get Download button to start the download.

    You can now start installing the new driver as soon as your download is finished.

    Keep in mind, however, that you should create a system restore point before installing the driver, this is in case there are problems with the latest driver. This option will be available during the installation process.

    AMD Drivers

    Next, for AMD cards, go to and search for the type of graphics card you have.; Attached below is a screenshot as a guide. You may also use the search for your product option using the drop-down list found in the screenshot below. We highly recommend using the list for a faster search.

    After searching for your product type and selecting it, click the Submit button. You will then be redirected to the Download Page. Select the current operating system that you have and, finally, click on .

    Intel Drivers

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    Optimize Startup By Disabling Startup Items In Windows Task Manager

    Is your PC taking a bit too long to boot up? It might be loading up too many programs that you dont need. Use Windows Task Manager to review the list of programs that run automatically at startup.

    To go through the list, right-click on your Windows taskbar and select Task Manager. Go to Startup and look at the items listed.

    The screenshot above shows at least two programs that dont need to start up every time you fire up your computer: the Epic browser installer and the screenshot-taking tool Greenshot. If you need those, you can simply launch them yourself. To prevent an app from launching automatically at startup, right-click on it and select Disable.

    Now those were some super-easy examples. What about entries that arent immediately clear, such as NVIDIA Capture Proxy? In those cases, Google is your friend. Simply look these entries up online, and youll likely find them explained on a forum or technical website. That should help you decide whether you need them or not.

    To help you get rid of annoying startup delays, weve put together some tips for speeding up boot time as well as some common boot-time myths that you should be aware of.

    Adjust Your Power Options

    How To Optimize/Improve Laptop For Gaming?4 Easy Steps! (2015)

    Windows comes with several preset power plans to suit your needs. The default is set to Balanced, which takes into account performance and energy consumption. But the latter is only really a concern if youre running off battery or trying to keep the electricity bills down. As such, you may want to change your plan.

    As its name suggests, the High performance plan is a better option is your PC is running slow. Although this option uses more energy, it favors performance so should help speed up your machine.

    Aside from the standard options, you could choose to create your own custom plan. Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound>Power Options>Create a power plan. Choose which existing plan you would like to start with, enter a name for your new plan, and select Next.

    Basic options include how long the display stays on for when youre inactive and how long before the computer goes into sleep mode. These wont really affect your computers speed, but if you go into Change advanced power settings, you can make more adjustments that will have an impact.

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    When To Defragment Hard Drive In Windows 10

    Windows 10 should automatically run Optimize Drives utility on your computer on a weekly basis to Defragment the Hard Disk and improve its performance.

    However, this may not always happen and it is a good idea to make sure that the Hard Disk Drive on your computer is not too fragmented.

    While there is no set rule about when to Defragment Hard Drives, it is considered a good practice to keep the fragmentation percentage of Hard Disk Drive to a low number .

    In general, you should consider running Optimize Drives utility, whenever you notice a sluggishness in the performance of your computer.

    Disable Automatic Updates For Games And Operating System

    Another common problem that a computer user might encounter is system instability. This is due to several reasons, one of which is new updates that still have lots of bugs.

    Unfortunately, there is no way you can disable automatic updates in Windows 10. But you can prevent the installation of new updates and automatic restarts by activating Windows 10 Game Mode settings.

    When it comes to automatic updates for games, most gaming clients, such as Steam, have a feature in which you can choose which time would you want to install updates.

    You can also disable downloading updates whilst playing games. This will prevent ping spikes and packet loss while playing online games.

    Follow these steps to schedule updates on Steam. This process might require you to log into your Steam account.

  • Open your Steam client
  • Choose Steam found in the toolbar and click on Settings
  • In the Settings menu, choose
  • In the section, you can set the schedule on which time of the day would you want to install updates. You can also uncheck the Allow downloads during gameplay option to prevent your games from updating while playing.
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    Check Your Power Plan

    Its worth taking a peek at your power plans in the Control Panel on a laptop, found under Hardware and Sound.;

    If its a powerhouse laptop that youre essentially using plugged-in as a desktop replacement, slap that high performance plan on and call it a day; otherwise, youll want to take a trip into the advanced power plan settings.;

    The default balanced plan is usually a good call, but even then you might want to make some adjustments; like disabling certain ports while the monitor is asleep, for example.

    Consider More Memory Or A Solid State Drive

    How do I optimize my computer for video sharing ...

    If you still dont notice a significant performance increase in your computer after following this tutorial, it may be that your hardware needs a little upgrade as well. Increasing the memory in the computer is one upgrade that can improve your Windows experience, particularly when it comes to multitasking. Swapping out your mechanical primary drive for an SSD can also boost performance significantly because data can be read and written to your hard disk much faster. If you decide you want to purchase more RAM or upgrade to an SSD, I recommend consulting with a PC specialist before purchasing and installing the parts. New parts need to be compatible with your computer, and installed properly.

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    Make Onedrive Files Online

    Files that are available offline take up more space on your PC. OneDrive also needs 200 MB of free space on your PC to sync your files. To free up space, you can make some files or folders online-only.


    • If you have Access all files offline turned on, you need to first turn off this setting before you can make files online-only.

    • If you have pending uploads to OneDrive, you need to wait until they are completed before making files online-only.

    How To Use Optimize Drives On Windows 10

  • Open Start type Defragment and Optimize Drives and press Enter.
  • Select the hard drive you want to optimize and click Analyze.

    Note: You always want to analyze the drive first to figure out if the drive needs optimization. If the result shows less than 10% fragmented, you probably don’t need to optimize the drive.

  • If the files stored on your PC’s hard drive are scattered everyone and defragmentation is needed, then click the Optimize button.

  • Once the process complete, the current status should display “0% fragmented”.

  • Note: Keep in mind that depending on the number of files, the size of the drive, and fragmentation, the defragmentation tool may take some time to complete the task. It’s also recommended to perform this task when you know, you won’t be around your computer.

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    Uninstall Windows Store Apps You No Longer Need

    You can also uninstall Store apps you don’t want anymore.

  • Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, tap Settings, and then tap Change PC settings.

  • Select Search and apps, and then select App sizes to see how much space each app is taking on the local drive.

  • Once you locate an app you want to uninstall, select the app, and then select Uninstall.

  • Note:;This will only uninstall Store apps from your user account.

    Enable Windows Game Mode

    How to Speed Up HP Laptop Quickly and Easily

    A few years ago, Microsoft updated Windows 10 with a Game Mode setting. Previously, you could tweak processor behavior, battery power allocation, and how the GPU is treated to see if any of these things helped your game.

    Game Mode essentially prioritizes processor and graphics card resources to the game running in the foreground. In other words, it temporarily suspends background services that Windows 10 currently doesnt need so your CPU has less non-gaming work in its queue. This system management aims to provide a stable average frame rate, which is more beneficial on lower-end systems.

    To enable Game Mode, type gaming in the Windows search bar and select Game Mode Settings listed under Best Match. Once the settings app opens, make sure Game Mode is toggled on. Youll need to restart your computer if youre just now enabling this feature.

    Note that you may see an uptick in power usage running Game Mode on a laptop, so you should keep it plugged in. You should probably keep your laptop plugged in anyway while gaming, given power management will throttle performance to conserve battery life.

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    How To Change Internet Settings

    After downloading the TCP optimizer from link above, it is time to change your internet settings. The settings that i will show in the tutorial video above are the best settings that will;improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10. Follow this video tutorial very carefully and pause the video to change settings as i do. This is my YouTube tutorial video below to watch carefully:

    Finally, i tried many other solutions to;improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10 but didnt notice an improvement. And when i used this TCP Optimizer program, my internet speed increased by 3 MB per seconds, and my Ping decreased by 14. The TCP optimizer improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10 and also works for Windows 7 and 8. This is the best free and easy solution to;improve internet speed and Ping for Windows 10. Even if it doesnt work, you can try the Optimal settings or at last you can revert back to Windows default settings from the TCP Optimizer program.

    Identify Processes That Consume Resources

  • Open your Norton device security product.

    If you see the My Norton window, next to Device Security, click Open.

  • In the Norton product main window, double-click Performance, and then click Graphs.

  • In the Graphs window, on the left pane, click Usage.

  • Do one of the following:

  • To view the CPU graph, click the CPU tab.

  • To view the memory graph, click the Memory tab.

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    Adjust Your Visual Effects

    Windows features a whole range of stylish visual effects, but if you dont mind going without them, you can improve performance by turning them off. Youll need to open the Performance Options section of your Control Panel.

  • To find this setting, type adjust appearance into your Cortana search bar, or directly into the Start menu. Then, press the Enter key to open the Performance Options.

  • Select Adjust for best performance to let Windows optimize its visual effects automatically. You can also enable or disable individual effects.

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