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How Do I Recover Deleted Files On My Laptop

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Can I Recover Permanently Deleted Files From My Pc

How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10/8/7 Easily?

Yes! Permanently deleted files in Windows 10/8/7 can be recovered. In fact, there are several methods you can try to get back deleted files in Windows 10/8/7.

It is recommended to use FonePaw Data Recovery to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10/8/7 or Windows XP/Vista. This powerful software can recover accidentally deleted Word, Excel, PPT or other files, photos, videos, messages, emails, etc. from a Windows PC. It can not only recover deleted files from desktop computers and laptops, but also supports recovery of deleted files from hard disk drives, SD cards, flash drives, etc. rescues accidentally deleted, formatted, and damaged files due to system errors or inaccessible files and allow previewing of deleted files before restoring. In this tutorial, I will also use FonePaw Data Recovery as an example to explain.

The following types of deleted files recovery are mainly supported:

  • Images: JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, HEIC, PSD, SWF, BMP, ICO, AI , RAW, SVG, TIF etc.
  • Video: MOV, MP4, MPG, TS, WAV, NLS etc.
  • Audio: ACT, MP3, M4A, WAV, OGG etc.
  • Resource Library: DB, COM, EXE, FON, DLL, LIB, TLB etc.
  • Compressed file: ZIP, RAR, 7Z
  • Email and other files

Restoring Files Deleted From The Onedrive Cloud Storage Service

In OneDrives own Recycle Bin you can select from the list which files to restore by ticking the selection markers to the left of the filenames and choosing Restore.

If you cannot find the file you are looking for and it has been a while since you deleted it, try checking if you can still find it in the Second-stage recycle bin mentioned and linked at the bottom of the file list.

How To Recover Permenantly Deleted Files

There are many ways to restore permanently deleted files, but the easiest way is to use software dedicated to data recovery. Wondershare Recoverit is one of the best software you can use to recover your permanently deleted files. It is an innovative data recovery software for Windows and Mac. You can use it to recover permanently deleted files from a PC, USB drive, memory card, external hard drive, etc.

Guide to Recover from PC using Wondershare Recoverit:

Step 1: Install & Run Wondershare Recoverit

Step 2: Scan Location

Step 3: Preview and Recover

Check all the files correctly and preview files that you want to recover on your PC. Now select files that you want to restore and press on âRecover.â Select the path where you want to store the recovered files. With that, you have successfully recovered the files that were deleted from your windows PC.

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Q2 Are Deleted Files Ever Really Gone

No. A hard disk is divided into many storage cells, which are called sectors. When you create and edit a file on Windows PC, the content of the file is written into multiple sectors and a pointer is created in the system to record from which sector the file begins and to where the file ends.

When you delete a file permanently, Windows deletes the pointer only, while the file data is still saving in the sectors of the hard disk. That’s why the permanently deleted files can be recovered with a powerful file recovery program.

However, you should know that the computer won’t keep the deleted files for a long time. After a pointer is deleted, Windows will mark the sectors that the deleted file occupies as free space, which means that any new file can be written into the sectors and overwrite the deleted file. Once the sectors are used by new files, the deleted file can’t be recovered anymore.

Therefore, to recover deleted files in Windows 10, 8, 7 there are 3 rules to follow:

Bearing all the principles in mind, you can follow the guide above to recover permanently deleted files from your PC.

Top Tips For Factory Reset Laptop

Solved: Recovering a deleted folder

After reading the simple introduction to data recovery after factory reset as well as how to restore laptop to factory settings, if you still want to reset your Windows to factory settings, the following tips may be useful.

  • Backup at least important data.
  • Know clearly the reset options that will work for you the best

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Use The Windows Undo Function

Using the key combination of Ctrl-Z undoes the last command entered on a Windows computer. If you enter this command immediately after deleting your file, the operating system will undo the deletion and make the file available again. Its worth a try but should be done before many other commands have been executed on the machine.

Solution : Recover Shift + Deleted Data From Pc Using File History

  • Open the folder from which the files were permanently deleted
  • Once the File History is launched, it will display all the recent backup of that folder
  • Now, click Previous to locate the files and select the files to be restored
  • After that, click the Green Restore button to recover the permanently deleted files from PC.
  • If the computer prompts that the files with the same names already exist, then choose to Replace the file in the destination option.

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How To Recover Files After Reinstalling Windows 11/10/8/7

Windows data and files may not be deleted permanently after reinstalling Windows 11/10/8/7. The lost files can still be recovered using reliable methods. In this part, you will uncover three proven & practical ways to recover files after reinstalling Windows 11/10/8/7 using Windows data recovery software, Windows File History Backup, and performing System Restore.

Recover Deleted Files Windows

How to Recover My Files from Laptop

If you deleted a file or the entire folder by mistake in Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, or other systems, you can recover it from backup, Recycle Bin, or even the emptied Recycle Bin with professional software. As for how to recover deleted file on PC, please read the steps below.

Backup is essential for data recovery for Windows.

  • If you have a backup, please recover deleted data there.
  • However, if you dont have any backups, you can check Windows Recycle Bin to see whether the important files you need can be found there.

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Is It Possible To Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Fortunately, permanently deleted files can still be returned. However, there is one condition! Immediately stop using the device if you want to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10. Otherwise, data will be overwritten, and you can never return your documents. If this does not happen, you can recover permanently deleted files.

In fact, they are not cleared from your computer, but they are still stored at the depth of your computer disk. These files are marked as inaccessible data by the system and are waiting for new data to be overwritten on the disk. In this case, there are several good ways to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 10, which will be described in details below.

Recover Files From The Recycle Bin

Laptops, just like any other PC, have a recycle bin. All the files that you delete from the hard drive will be sent to the recycle bin automatically.

If you do not permanently delete the files from the recycle bin, then here is what you can do to recover deleted files.

  • Open the recycle bin by clicking on the recycle bin icon on your laptop. You can find this on the desktop screen or search for recycle bin.
  • Check for the files you recently deleted and would like to recover. You can also look for the files you lost accidentally on the list of files available.
  • Select the files and right-click on the section.
  • Tap restore to recover the files. You will send the files back to their original locations.
  • Go to the original location of your files to obtain the restored files. You can also search for the files on the search tab to find their new location.
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    Using System Restore In Windows 7 Or Vista

    Heres how to recover deleted files in Windows 7 via System Restore. Its pretty similar to what youd do on Windows 10, and you can also apply these steps to Windows Vista. Again, System Restore will not recover personal files it will undelete files that are directly relevant to the Windows system.

  • Click the Windows icon in the lower-left corner of your screen to open the Start menu. Then, click Control Panel.

  • In the Control Panel, select System and Security.

  • Click System.

  • Click System protection in the left-side menu.

  • Click System Restore.

    If the button is greyed-out and unclickable, youll need to first activate System Restore for your drive. Heres how:

  • Click Configure.

  • Choose whether youd like to restore your system settings and files, or just your system files. After making your selection, click Apply, then OK.

  • After clicking System Restore, hit Next to begin the process.

  • Choose a restore point that was created before your data was deleted, then click Next.

  • Click Finish to confirm that youd like to return your system to the selected restore point. Your computer will restart, so make sure to save anything youre working on first.

  • Where All Deleted Files Will Be Stored In Pc

    How to recover deleted files

    Sent to Recycle Bin or Trash

    When you first delete a file, it is moved to the computer’s Recycle Bin, Trash, or something similar depending on your operating system. When something is sent to the Recycle Bin or Trash, the icon changes to indicate it contains files and if needed allows you to recover a deleted file.

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    Recover Deleted Files From A Usb Drive

    USB drives, also known as thumb drives or pen drives, are popular devices for sharing files among friends or colleagues. They can also be used as additional storage on your computer. As with all other digital storage devices, they are subject to accidental data loss. Heres how to recover deleted files from a USB drive.

    • Check the Recycle Bin on the computer the USB drive was attached to when data loss occurred.
    • Use a backup if you have one.
    • Recover with USB data recovery software.

    Try Windows File Recovery

    Windows File Recovery is a recent tool introduced to the Microsoft Store by Microsoft. The tool is a command-line utility that allows you to recover deleted files from a laptop. Being a command-line tool, it doesn’t have a graphical user interface. All commands are typed syntax. Also, note that it works with Windows 10 version 2004 Build 19041 and onwards. It comes with three operating modes:

    • Default: Locates lost files using the Master File Table.
    • Segment: Searched for lost files using file summaries.
    • Signature: A mode to search for specific file types.

    Install Windows File Recovery from the Microsoft Store and launch the tool. You will be presented with a command-line window. Then, follow the steps below to recover a single file from a laptop, specific file types from a single folder, a folder, and any file including a specific term.

    Method 1: How to Recover a Single File from a Laptop

    Below is the sample command to show you how to recover deleted videos from a laptop. The code scans the folder for MP4s and MKVs and recovers any data to the recovery folder.

    winfr C: D: /n \Users\Kevin\Videos\*.MP4 \Users\Kevin\Videos\*.MKV

    Method 2: How to Recover Specific File Types from a Single Folder

    To recover a specific file type or multiple file types in a single folder, type the following command.

    winfr C: D: /n \Users\Kevin\Videos\*.MP4 \Users\Kevin\Videos\*.MKV

    Method 3: How to Recover a Folder

    To recover a folder, use the following command.

    winfr C: D: /r /n *report*

    winfr /!

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    How To Recover Accidentally And Permanently Deleted Files In Windows 10

    • August 27th, 2019

    Sometimes accidental deletion of files is the core reason for the data loss. In such a case, it creates chaos inside the users like us. The ratio of the data loss due to human failure is higher than the external or hardware failure. So lets see how to recover accidentally deleted files or permanently deleted files in Windows 10.

    Whenever we click on the delete button, the file goes to the recycle bin. Moving the data out of the recycle bin is quite an easy task until youve changed the properties of the recycle bin. Its a matter of few clicks to restore the data from the recycle bin. But, if you have shift+deleted any file, then its quite a task to restore those files because those files are permanently deleted. It also becomes a critical issue when you emptied the recycle bin.

    How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Google Drive

    Recover Deleted Files Dell Laptop or Desktop

    If you use Googles cloud file storage and synchronization service, , to store files on their servers and synchronize them across devices, you can use the 5 above-described methods to recover permanently deleted files from Google Drive.

    How? Simply perform data recovery on the drive where you store the Google Drive folder to recover files that are no longer recoverable using the “Restore from Trash” option in Google Drive.

    As you can see, even files deleted with the Shift + Delete keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 arent actually permanently deleted as long as you know what to do and act quickly enough. The next time someone asks you, How do I recover permanently deleted files from my PC? you can just point the person to this article or, better yet, recommend Disk Drill, the only data recovery solution you need.


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    Solution 2 Restore Windows Previous Versions Of Files

    The next solution is by using the File History feature in Windows 10 wherein you can restore a previous version where your files are intact. Follow this guide:

  • Navigate to your File Explorer and select the folder whose previous versions you want to restore such as your Desktop, Downloads, etcââ¬Â¦
  • Highlight the folder and then right-click and scroll to Restore Previous Versions or you can also go to Properties and then open the Previous Versions tab and select Restore
  • Data RecoveryRecover deleted image, document, audio and more files.Get deleted data back from computer and hard drives.Recover loss data caused by disk accident, operation system crushes and other reasons.

    Permanently Deleted Files From Computer Hard Drive Or External Device By Emptying Recycle Bin Or Clicking Shit+ Delete Buttonno Worry You Can Restore Permanently Deleted Files From Windows Pc With Recoverit Data Recovery Software

    Managing data has been a problem ever since the evolution of the internet. We tend to store multiple files on our PC’s hard-drive, including temporary files and critical data. We are clearing temporary files, but we also delete the folder containing essential data by mistake. If these files are deleted while pressing âshift + delete,â or you also cleared the recycle bin unknowingly, then these files will be permanently removed from the system. Donât panic we have a solution to this tragic accident. Here we have provided a step-by-step process of how to recover permanently deleted files from PC.

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    Why Are Regular Backups Important

    Backups are the most reliable form of protection against all forms of data loss. They are the only method that can always be guaranteed to recover your files no matter why they are lost or deleted. As you can see from the list of the reasons for data loss, in some cases, such as theft or physical damage to a storage device, a backup is the only way that you will be able to recover the lost data.

    Bruhhhh I have like 4-5 modded files for a PC game, tried to add a 6th and now the game crashes. So now I have to bring it all the way back to its vanilla form . BACKUP YOUR FILES #stupidme

    An essential prerequisite to implementing backups is to have adequate storage media available to hold your backed up data. A great solution that will work for the vast majority of users is an external hard drive that connects to your router through its USB port. We suggest that you obtain a drive that is at least double the capacity of your computer so you can keep multiple backup copies available.

    This is a case where larger is definitely better, so get the largest external drive you can. Both setup scenarios described below include connecting the external device to your computer as the first step. Once that is completed, you can proceed to set up your backup solution.

    Connect Your Old Hard Drive Into A Desktop Computer

    How to Recover Deleted Files/Photos from Laptop For Free

    You can attempt to recover the data on your laptops hard drive by removing it from the computer and using it with a desktop computer. To do it, follow these steps.

  • Obtain a laptop hard drive adapter kit that enables you to directly connect the laptops drive to a compatible desktop machine.
  • Remove the hard drive from the laptop.
  • Turn off the desktop machine and disconnect it from its power source. Open the tower or enclosure.
  • Connect the drive using the adapter.
  • Configure your computer to use the new drive and reboot the machine.
  • Search the new drive for files that can be recovered. Save them to the main computer or an external storage device to guard against permanent drive failure.
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    Recover Lost Or Deleted Data From Windows Backup

    Windows come with Backup and Restore features that make it easier to create backup points for recovering data in case of accidental losses. This is a kind of data recovery service feature that is easily accessible through the Control Panel.

    If you lost files or accidentally deleted them after creating a backup point, follow the steps below to recover your data.

    Step 1: Double-click the Control Panel icon to open it. Go to Backup and Restore through the System and Maintenance.

    Step 2: Locate Select my files and click the button.

    Step 3: Select browse folders to preview the backup content.

    Step 4: Choose the files and folders you intend to recover and tap Add folder.

    Step 5: Tap Next and specify where to restore the folder.

    Step 7: Tap Restore to restore the folders.

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