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How Do I Reset My Laptop

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Restore A Backup Made On Another Computer

You can restore files from a backup that was created on another computer running Windows Vista or Windows 7.

  • Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore.

  • Choose Select another backup to restore files from, and then follow the steps in the wizard. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  • What Is Asus System Recovery Partition

    Just as the name shows, the ASUS system recovery partition is a partition used for restoring the ASUS laptop to its original condition whenever you encounter problems. It contains the recovery image and is hidden by default on your computer.

    In addition, you can make an ASUS system recovery disk/disc or ASUS recovery drive by saving the system image file to DVD, CD, USB, or other discs.

    Way : Use Recovery Partition

    How to factory reset Windows 7 without password? How to factory reset Windows 8 without CD? How to do Windows 10 factory reset from boot? These three questions may be asked by you. Actually, it is quite easy to factory reset laptop with a recovery partition.

    As is well known, recovery partition refers to the special partition on your disk used to restore the system to its factory settings in case system failure happens.

    If your system is installed on a GPT disk, there will be a built-in Windows recovery partition that is visible in Windows Disk Management. In addition, there is another kind of recovery partition called suppliers recovery partition, including these manufacturers Dell, HP, Lenovo and more.

    Both of these two kinds of recovery partition are available to restore laptop to factory settings.

    To factory reset laptop in Windows 10/8/7, follow the steps below:

    1. Restart your laptop.

    2. During the startup, press the corresponding key to boot your computer into the recovery environment. Perhaps you will ask: how to factory reset an HP laptop or Toshiba laptop? How to reset a Dell laptop?

    In fact, as for different laptop manufacturers, the specific key is different. For instance, Dell , Acer , HP , Samsung, Lenovo , Asus , Toshiba and more. Suppose that you want to boot from a recovery disc, to change the boot order should be done.

    3. After that, follow the corresponding instructions to factory reset laptop.

    For more information, watch this video.

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    What Is Factory Reset

    Three Ways That Can Factory Reset Laptop in Windows 10/8/7

    You may have heard of a factory reset or performed a factory reset on your device. But do you know what does factory reset mean?

    A factory reset is also known as a hard reset or master reset it refers to the action of restoring all software of an electronic device to its original system state and manufacturer settings. During the process, all the user data and information stored on the device will be erased .

    This seems very terrible, but why there are so many people want to do a factory reset? For instance, an ASUS laptop factory reset. The main reasons why users want to reset ASUS laptop to factory settings and how to factory reset ASUS laptop will be discussed in the following sections.


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    S For Laptop Password Reset With Command In Safe Mode:

    Note: Besides the password reset disk and command prompt in safe mode, the efficient Windows password recovery tool is also a smart choice. For example, powerfuliSunshare Windows Password Genius is recommended usually because it could easily burn a password reset disk anytime for all Windows forgotten password reset with some simple clicks on any locked PC/laptop/tablet.

    Step 1: Boot or Reboot your Windows 7 laptop .

    Step 2: Hold on F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options before the Windows 7 loading screen appears. Or Press CTRL to enter Advanced Boot Options when computer powers on.

    Step 3: Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt in the coming screen, and press Enter.

    There are three options for choice, Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt. In order to reset Windows user password with command prompt, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

    Step 4: Wait for Windows 7 to load files until Windows login screen comes out.

    Step 5: Log in with an administrator account or built-in administrator when you see login screen.

    Step 6: Command Prompt runs automatically. Type net user in the Command Prompt and press Enter to see how many user accounts in the locked laptop. Then all laptop users will be listed in the Command Prompt.

    Step 7: Choose one administrator to reset forgotten password for laptop.

    Type net user fuzi 123 and hit Enter. Suppose ‘fuzi‘ is your locked Windows user name. Then ‘123‘ would be new password you reset for it.


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    About Microsoft

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    How To Reset A Laptop Faq

    How do you do a factory reset on a laptop?

    You can restore your laptop to the factory settings via Reset this PC if you are running Windows 10. Just go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery and click Get started under the Reset this PC section. Then, choose to keep your files or remove everything and follow the on-screen instructions to finish the factory reset.

    In addition, you can also use Recovery partition or a system restore point to restore the PC to factory settings.

    What happens if I reset my computer to factory settings?Can you factory reset a computer from BIOS?How do I restore my computer to factory settings Windows 7 without CD?

  • Choose Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Go to System and Security and click Backup and Restore.
  • Click the Recover system settings or your computer.
  • Click Advanced recovery methods.
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    About Microsoft

    For more information :Magdalena Stepien, Microsoft UAE

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    Scan Your Drive For Lost Files & Recover Them

    How to use it to recover lost files from Dell laptop:

  • Launch the software at the end of the installation process or by double clicking on the software icon added to your desktop.
  • Click Yes if an User Account Control window shows up.
  • Select Hard Disk Drive from the left sidebar of the software window.
  • Choose your Dell laptop hard disk from the right pane.
  • Click on the Scan button in the lower right corner.
  • Wait for the scan and browse the scan results carefully to find what you need.
  • Check all the files and folders you want to recover and then click on the Save button at the bottom right.
  • Choose a proper storage path for the selected data waiting to be recovered and then click OK to confirm.
  • Wait until a small window pops up in the software to tell you that all the files have been saved to the place you appointed.
  • You can now close the software and take a look at the recovered data.
  • If you only want to recover certain types of files from the Dell laptop, you can click Settings to choose the file types you need before clicking Scan.

    Therere many other data recovery tools available for you you can choose one according to needs. However, the recovery process and steps are similar. Please if you want to know more details on how to recover files after factory reset a laptop.

    How To Reset Your Pc To Factory Settings

  • Click Start in your taskbar.
  • Click Settings > Update & Security > Recovery.
  • Click Get Started under Reset this PC.
  • Select Remove everything. This will delete all your files, apps, and settings and return your computer to out-of-the-box settings.
  • A message will appear asking how you would like to reinstall Windows. Choose Cloud download.
  • An Additional Settings window will open. Select Change settings. Toggle the slider for Clean data? and to the Yes position.
  • Click Confirm > Next > Reset and the process will begin. This can take several hours and your computer may restart a few times.
  • If none of the above steps worked, your computer may have a hardware issue. Visit your nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion store for a free diagnosis and any needed computer repairs. We’ll get you back up and running as soon as the same day.

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    Reinstall Windows 10 As Dell Factory Image

    You need to create recovery discs or download images online for Dell computers. Then, use it to reinstall Windows 10 as Dell factory image. Beside, your device must include at least 2 GB of memory and/or 32 GB of storage space.


    How to reinstall Windows 10 as Dell factory image:

  • Insert the recovery media to your Dell laptop.
  • Reboot the laptop and press F12 several times when you see the Dell logo screen.
  • Release the key when the Prepare one-time boot menu shows up at the top right.
  • Browse the boot menu and choose the UEFI boot device that matches with the media type .
  • Select a keyboard language and then youll see the Choose an option window.
  • Choose to restore via drive and then follow the on-screen instructions to continue.
  • The process will take you some time and your Dell laptop will be restarted.

    Restore Files From A File Backup After Restoring Your Computer From A System Image Backup

    i want to reset my laptop

    After you restore your computer from a system image backup, there may be newer versions of some of your files in a file backup that you want to restore.To restore files from a file backup that was created after the system image backup was created, follow these steps.

  • Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore.

  • Choose Select another backup to restore files from. If you’re prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  • In Backup Period, select the date range of the backup that contains the files that you want to restore, and then follow the steps in the wizard.

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    Refresh Your Pc Without Affecting Your Files

    If your PC isn’t performing as well as it once did, and you don’t know why, you can refresh your PC without deleting any of your personal files or changing your settings.

    Note: If you upgraded your PC from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 and your PC has a Windows 8 recovery partition, refreshing your PC will restore Windows 8. Youll need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 after the refresh has finished.

    Warning: Apps you installed from websites and DVDs will be removed. Apps that came with your PC and apps you installed from Microsoft Store will be reinstalled. Windows puts a list of removed apps on your desktop after refreshing your PC.

    How To Reset Windows Laptop Password If Forgot It

    Have you ever been faced with the problem “forgot laptop password to login”? It is a really painful thing but fortunately password reset disk always works for Windows password reset for any laptops. Just not everyone got the point and made such a disk when laptop is accessible. So at most of time, we need a way to reset forgotten laptop password without disk.

    Here I will share a free way I have ever used to reset my laptop password – reset laptop password with command prompt in safe mode. It will work with built-in administrator.

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    Reset Dell Laptop Through Windows Recovery Environment

    How to reset Dell laptop through Windows Recovery Environment:

  • Press Windows + S or click the search icon/box on the taskbar.
  • Type reset and select Reset this PC.
  • Navigate to the Advanced startup section and click Restart now under it.
  • Wait until the Choose an option screen shows up.
  • Click Troubleshoot and then select Factory Image Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete rest steps.
  • Is there any other way to open Windows Recovery Environment ?

    • Restart your Dell laptop -> press F11 key immediately and repeatedly in case you miss the screen -> select Troubleshoot when you see the Choose an option window -> select Factory Image Restore.
    • Reboot your Dell for 3 times -> it will enter the Windows Recovery Environment automatically -> select Troubleshoot -> select Factory Image Restore.

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    About Microsoft

    For more information :Magdalena Stepien, Microsoft UAE

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    Restore Your Dell Computer Using Windows Push

    If you would like to reset your computer to a clean Windows 10 version and remove all your files, follow these steps:


    Some Dell tablets may be configured to add Dell factory-installed software during this process.

  • Click Start
  • Select Reset this PC .
  • Under Reset this PC, select Get Started.
  • Select the option to Remove everything.
  • If you are keeping this computer, select Just remove my files. If you are recycling the computer, select Remove files and clean the drive.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. This takes some time and your computer will restart.
  • To reset your computer to the Dell factory image as it was originally shipped, including Dell factory-installed apps and software, follow these steps:


  • Click Start
  • Select Reset this PC .
  • Under Advanced Startup, select Restart now.
  • At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
  • Select Factory Image Restore.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process. This takes some time and your computer will restart.
  • From outside Windows

    After the third attempt to boot, the computer will automatically enter the Windows Recovery Environment . Follow these steps to restore your operating system.

  • At the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot.
    • At the Troubleshoot screen, select Factory Image Restore.

    How To Factory Reset A Pc Using Windows

    Is your PC is running slower than usual? Is it crashing, stalling, or freezing? Are you worried it has a virus? It may be time to reset itâespecially if you plan to trade in or sell your device.

    At Asurion, our experts help millions of customers with issues like this every dayâon all their favorite devices. Here’s our experts’ guide on how to reset your Windows computer.

    NOTE: The steps listed below are for PCs running a Windows 10 operating system version 20H2. If you’re unsure of which version of Windows you have or how to update it, contact one of our tech experts.

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