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How Do I Speed Up My Laptop

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Purchase A Brand New Machine

How to Speed Up HP Laptop Quickly and Easily

It is worth examining this as a possibility, although it should be viewed as a last resort. Purchasing a new laptop is, of course, not a frivolous purchase. It can be rather expensive to do so. However, if youre already paying more than youd like on maintenance charges, buying a new device may be better and more financially sustainable.

After all, most gadgets come with at least a year of warranty, which indicates that some faults, such as faulty hardware or operating system malfunctions, will be repairable.

If you want a new laptop, you should conduct some research. Its the ideal time to reassess your hardware requirements, whether professional or personal and any other features youd like to see in your new device.

Following last years transition to remote working, many manufacturers have redesigned their offers by making their gadgets more fit for current working conditions. HP, for example, introduced a new line of home office laptops built to enable hybrid work settings and increasing personal creative studios.

Purchasing a new device is also an excellent opportunity to think outside the box. Would a PC be more beneficial to you? What about a tablet or a 2-in-1 device? Now is the right time to consider all of your possibilities.


What are the Software to speed up laptops?

Following are the recommended software:

How to Diagnose Optimum laptop speed?

Step 1) Press the Start button.

Step 2) Choose Control Panel.

Use A Specialized Cleanup App

The built-in Windows cleaning tools wont remove nearly all of the junk hidden on your PC, because Disk Cleanup wont remove files created by individual apps. AVG TuneUp can clean out the files created by hundreds of different programs.

Heres how to use AVG TuneUp to clean up your PC.

Get it forMac,Android

Click Free Up Space to explore all the temporary files AVG TuneUp can find. Youll often free up gigabytes of useless data that you can now use for new programs, music, photos, or anything else you need.

Our Disk Cleaner removes leftover files generated by crash reports, caches, old thumbnails, lists of recently used files, various gaming files, and much more.

Close System Tray Programs

If your computer is off to a slow start, then its possible you have too many programs starting up at the same time as Windows itself. Items in the system tray often launch at startup and then stay running while you use your computer.

To access these items, click the upwards arrow toward the right side of your taskbar.

If there are any programs you dont need to have running, right-click them and close.

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Overclock Your Cpu Or Gpu

Overclocking your CPU or GPU makes them work faster and gives you more processing power. Though not as dangerous as it used to be, overclocking increases the stress and heat put on your PCs hardware. In most cases, your CPU or GPU will switch off when overstressed or overheated, and Windows will freeze before real damage occurs.

Overclocking is an advanced process that requires you to monitor your CPU temperature. Dont overclock your hardware unless you know what youre doing.

Overclocking the CPU

Unless youre doing a lot of CPU-intensive tasks, such as multimedia editing or running lots of apps at the same time, you wont feel the difference of a CPU overclock. But if you want optimal performance, try Intels own Extreme Tuning Utility.

With this tool, you can easily adjust the CPU clock speed. Increase in increments of 50 MHz, and test your systems stability under various high-stress scenarios before increasing further.

Overclocking the GPU

Usually, your graphics chip is what causes jittery or laggy gameplay. To improve performance, try overclocking your GPU to run it beyond factory settings. You can overclock your GPUs processing chip and memory speed with tools like MSI Afterburner.

On our own gaming PC with two Titan Xp graphics cards, after overclocking the GPU by 200 MHz and the memory by 500 MHz, gaming performance climbed by 15%, and we saw the best possible frame rate and picture quality on even the most demanding games.

How To Speed Up Windows 1: Disable Visual Effects

How do I speed up my computer?

Windows 11 features a lot of fancy visual flourishes and animations when opening and closing menus or switching between apps. They look cool, but they can slow your computer down if your hardware’s not up to the task. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to switch them off. Here’s how to disable visual effects in Windows 11.

1. Click the Windows icon on your taskbar to open the Start menu. Type visual” and “Visual effects” once it appears.

2. On the list of effects, if “Transparency effects” and “Animation effects” are set to “On,” the toggles next to them to set them to “Off.”

Do all or even some of the above and you should notice a nice speed boost for your Windows 11 PC or laptop.

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Add More Ram To Speed Up The Laptop

A RAM can add virtual memory to your Laptop or Windows 10 system. Lesser RAM slows down the operating system and brings it to a screeching halt.

Basically, the more you use your computer, the more your computer starts using the virtual memory. So, you should always add additional RAM to your Laptop or computer if you are using it intensively. By adding more RAM modules, you can get faster performance from your Laptop.

Adding more RAM will help you with smooth multitasking and better overall performance. To add more RAM to your laptop, you need to first know about your laptop motherboard, like how much RAM and which type of RAM does it support? Then you need to identify the RAM slots available in your laptop motherboard.

For example, if your laptop has 2 RAM slots that support up to 16GB, 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, and it has 1 RAM module of 8GB 1333 MHz installed already, then you can add a second RAM module of either 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB with similar frequency to get the best performance out of your laptop.

Maintaining Good Pc Performance

Regardless of whats causing your PC to slow down over time, there are a few best practices to keep in mind for better day-to-day performance, such as:

  • Always fully close apps and software youre not using.
  • Move large files to an external storage drive and/or to a cloud storage platform.
  • Regularly empty your Recycle Bin and delete software caches and unnecessary downloads.
  • Properly shut down and restart your computer regularly.
  • Do occasional defrags and run CHKDSK scans for errors.
  • Protect your device with a reliable antivirus program.

In most cases, these simple fixes should improve your computers speed. Antivirus software like Norton 360 and TotalAV are well known for enhancing computer performance in addition to providing protections against cyber threats.

However, all computers and their components degrade and have to be replaced or upgraded over time. But with proper care, you can delay that and give your computer a long, happy life.

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Adjust Appearance & Visual Settings

Adjusting your computers visualizations likely wont dramatically improve performance, but it could help in some cases.

Type appearance into the Windows search box and click on Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows from the results that appear this will open the Performance Options dialog box.

You can either uncheck specific appearance settings or just choose the setting Adjust for best performance. This causes you to lose all of your systems visual effects which may help with speed a little bit.

Check For Malware Adware & Spyware

How to Speed Up Computer Windows 10 DELL (Official Dell Tech Support)

Malware and viruses can infect your computer and impact performance by taking over computer resources in the background.

Reputable antivirus software can help protect your PC by scanning for and removing threats. The best antiviruses include real-time protection to block malware from entering your system in the first place.

There are many free antiviruses available, but most of them lack the comprehensive malware and internet security protections that will keep your devices 100% safe. However, many top antiviruses come at affordable prices, and they all come with money-back guarantees, so you can even purchase the product, check/clean your device, and then cancel your subscription before the money-back guarantee is over.

My favorite antivirus is Norton 360 its got 100% malware detection/removal rates along with one of the best device optimizers on the market. TotalAV is also a really good option as it comes with a range of useful additional features, including device optimization tools that are easy to use for non-technical users.

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Make Windows 10 Search Faster

If you want to further improve the speed of your machines search function, you can also change the locations that Windows Search indexes to exclude stuff you know you don’t need to find. This can include locations such as the App Data folder that contains web browser cache and cookies, among other things. If you don’t use Internet Explorer or Edge you may not want these indexed either.

To manage these, open the Indexing Options by pressing Windows and Pause to open the System control panel, then click on ‘All control panel items’ in the location bar at the top, and then find and click on Indexing Options. This then opens a window that shows all the locations that are included in Windows 10’s search indexer. Here you can choose which locations to include or exclude to speed up this search function.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Programs

Speed increases don’t end with startup times. You’ll want to make sure that your computer is running fast when you’re using it, too.

Free up storage space and memory by uninstalling programs that you dont use. These may include trial versions of software that came with the computer when you bought it, out-of-date antivirus programs, old software or games that you no longer play.

  • Click Start> Control Panel> Uninstall a program.
  • From the list of programs that appears, click the program you want to uninstall, then click Uninstall.

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Prevent Programs From Running On Startup

Many apps are designed to launch automatically as Windows boots up. If you have too many programs running at launch, youll notice that your laptop takes forever to boot up.

Limit your startup programs to the ones that you can actually need. For instance, having an antivirus program launch during startup makes sense.

On the other hand, do you really need apps like Spotify or iTunes to run as soon as you boot up your laptop?

Bring up the Task Manager by using the Ctrl + Shift + Escape shortcut command. Click the Startup tab and you can view and set which programs should run on startup.

Keep your PC Devices Up-to-Date and Improve Online Safety

How To Speed Up Windows 1: Free Up Storage Space

Why is my PC running slowly? What Can I do to Speed it up?

Windows 11 has a handy built-in tool to free up space on your computer. If you’re running out of storage space, the Storage tool can be a quick way to remedy this and potentially speed up Windows 11 at the same time. Here’s how to free up storage space on Windows 11 using the Storage tool.

1. Click the Windows icon on your taskbar to open the Start menu. Type storage” until you see the “Storage settings” option appear, then .

2. You’ll now see a list of the top five categories where most of your storage is being used on your main drive. For now, we’ll focus on “Temporary files,” as they’re usually the least important files on your system. To get started, “Temporary files.”

3. You’ll now see a list of file types that Windows 11 has selected automatically. You may safely also select Recycle Bin,” “System error memory dump files” and “Delivery Optimization Files” to free up even more space however, check your Recycle Bin on the desktop first to check there’s nothing important in there before you empty it. It’s not recommended to delete any of the other files in this menu.

4. To delete the selected file categories, “Remove files” at the top of the page. “Continue” on the prompt to confirm.

If you have more than one drive on your Windows 11 PC, you can clear up some space on the other drive, or drives, too. To do this, go back to the main Storage page, then “Advanced storage settings.” Then, “Storage used on other drives.”

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How To Speed Up Your Computer

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  • Uninstall Programs You Dont Use

    We often install huge programs without realizing how much space theyre taking up. If you think that might be the case, you can easily uninstall any programs you dont use. Even if its a program you do use now and again, if its particularly large, it might be worth simply reinstalling each time you need it.

    To uninstall a program, head over to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features.

    Go though the programs and decide which ones, if any, you dont need. If youre unsure about a particular program, you could simply use a search engine to find out more. Alternatively, you can also use a tool like the aptly named PC Decrapifier to help you distinguish the good from the bad.

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    Remove Viruses Malware Spyware Adware Etc

    Every Windows computer is vulnerable to malware, but your risk of infection is low if you regularly use anti-malware programs.

    Once the virus is on the computer, it usually stores itself in the system memory, slowing everything down. Some malicious programs show pop-ups or trick you into buying their “antivirus program,” which are even more reasons to remove them.

    You should periodically scan your computer for malware to get rid of these pesky memory hogs.

    Turn On High Performance Via The Power Slider

    How to Speed Up HP Laptop Windows 10 | Make HP Pavilion Laptop Running Slow

    Windows assumes you want an energy-efficient computer. But you can trade electricity for speed. This tip depends upon whether your PC enables it: The so-called Windows power slider is nearly ubiquitous on laptops, less so on desktops. It puts the PC in a high-performance mode, which in a laptop means increased performance for gaming, sayat the expense of battery life.

    Previously you had to use the Control Panel to do this, but now you can do it right from the Windows 10 Taskbar. Right-click the battery icon, and adjust the power/performance slider all the way to the right. Note: Windows considers your PC while plugged in, and when running on battery power, as two separate states. Youll typically need to adjust the power/performance slider while plugged in, and then adjust it again while unplugged and running on battery.

    You can access the Windows 10 power/performance slider by clicking the battery icon in the taskbar.

    While plugged in, theres really no penalty for pushing your PC into performance mode, though it will consume a bit more power and the fans may be louder.

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    Use Hidden Types Of Storage Cache

    Clearing Windows Storage Cache

    Step1) Open Run by hitting Windows+R on your keyboard to remove the Windows Store cache. The Run dialogue box will appear. Enter WSReset.exe in the text box next to Open, then click OK.

    Note: When you choose it, a dark window will emerge. You have no choice except to wait a few moments as it clears the cache. The cache is erased when you close the window, and Windows Store runs automatically.

    Clear Temporary Internet Files Cache Using Disk cleanUp

    Step 1) Enter Disk Clean-up in the Windows search box in the bottom-left corner of the desktop to delete the temporary file cache.

    Step 2) Choose the Disk Clean-up software from the search results in Windows.

    Note: When accessing the disk clean-up tool, it will calculate how much space you can free upon the operating system drive , the Disk Clean-up utility for OS will now be displayed. Scroll the cursor down and opt for the Temporary Files checkbox. You can also delete files from other folders, such as the Recycle Bin or Downloads.

    Step 3) After youve decided what you want to delete, click Clean Up System Files. As the window calculates the storage space to be cleaned in a round, it takes you back to the same page.

    a) Click OK once you select the unnecessary file icons that need to be deleted a second time.

    Delete the Location Cache

    Step 1) To clean away the location cache, click the windows symbol and select gear icon to open the windows setting.

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