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How Do You Get More Space On Your Laptop

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Defragment Your Hard Drive

How to Get more Computer space and Clean Up C Drive In Windows 10 2019 Easy & Free

When adding a new file to your computer, a particular portion of your hard drive is allocated to store the file. However, after constantly saving and deleting files, a disk will become fragmented. This means that there are gaps in your hard drive where subsequent files would not fit, so they are left vacant.

As well as affecting your usable free space on your hard drive, fragmentation also has a negative impact on your computers ability to store your data in sequence, hence slowing down its speed.

Luckily, Windows has us covered, providing a Disk Defragmentation tool. Using this tool, we can analyze which of our drives would benefit from defragmentation, before we commit to defragging. This is very useful, as if you have a large drive full of data, it may take a substantial amount of time to defrag.

To make use of this tool, hit your Windows icon, or Start menu, then start typing Defragment. From the search list, click Disk Defragmenter. Once you see the tools window, you can elect each drive and analyze them to determine what percentage of them is fragmented. Higher percentages mean higher fragmentation.

To defragment your disk, just hit Defragment Disk.


Quick Ways To Free Up Drive Space In Windows 10

Bumping up against your PC’s physical storage limit? Here’s how to grab a couple gigs’ worth of space.

No matter how large a hard drive or solid-state drive you have in your PC or laptop, there will come a time when you run out of space. If you’re bumping up against your PC’s physical storage limit, here are some quick tricks you can use to reclaim a couple of gigabytes’ worth of storage space. These options will take you only so far if you need more free space after following these tips, you may need to add a second hard drive or replace your current drive with one with more storage capacity.

With that caveat, here are eight tips for reclaiming some drive space on your Windows PC or laptop.

What Can I Remove From My C Drive

If you are looking for a way to free up space on your C device, you can use Windows tools to free up space. These tools will delete temporary files, the contents of the recycle bin and will suggest you delete/uninstall the programs that you do not use. You can access these tools by typing “Storage settings” and “Delete temporary files” from the Windows menu.

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Delete Junk Files By Storage Sense

If you have a Windows 10 #1903 or a newer version, then you can also take the assistance of Storage Sense. It is an inbuilt Windows Utility tool that can help you free up space on C drive automatically. When turned on, it will optimize space on C drive by deleting the unwanted temp files and managing the OneDrive data. Here’s how to increase the C drive space with the Storage Sense settings.

1. From the start menu, go to Windows’ Settings and navigate to System > Storage. Here, you can turn on the “Storage Sense” feature.

2. To further customize things, you can click on the “Change how we free up space automatically” button adjacent to it.

3. This will provide a list of various options that you can select to clear C drive. For instance, you can turn on the automatic deletion of temporary files, remove data from Recycle Bin, and make cloud content available on the drive. After making the appropriate selections, click on the “Clean Now” button.

How Can I Increase My Laptops Storage Space

Free Methods to Fix Laptop Running Out of Hard Disk Space ...

I use a Dell 15-5577 laptop with 8GB of memory for music production and graphic design. The problem is that its 256GB SSD is not enough to store all my projects. An external drive is not an option because I want everything in the same drawer and its a pain to carry it everywhere with me. I need help with how to swap out my existing SSD with a larger capacity one, say 512GB. While Im at it, should I also upgrade memory?

The Dell Inspiron 15-5577 was sold as an affordable 15.6in gaming laptop with an Intel Core i5 or i7 Kaby Lake processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics chip. It costs from £799 to £1,299 depending on the processor, graphics, storage and type of screen installed. It also has an Ethernet port, three USB 3.0 ports and a full-size SD card slot.

Reviews suggested the base-level screen was somewhat lacking and one said the 256GB SSD was slow. However, if your machines screen meets your needs then it is a good specification for your purposes.

Now you can get extra benefits from its ability to handle upgrades. You should certainly be able to do these yourself, with the help of the service manual and couple of YouTube videos.

Theres only one screw to hold the back on your laptop, so physically installing an M2 SSD and an 8GB memory module is a two-minute job. With some upgradeable laptops, it can take longer to get the back off.

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How To Fix Additional Free Space Is Needed On The Drive Where Windows Is Installed

For this kind of automatic repair failure, it is due to the low disk space of C Drive. Therefore, to get rid of this issue, just as the error message mentioned, you should free up disk space. Yet, the process of freeing up drive space is slow and sometimes it doesnt help much. Then, you need a much quicker way to just increase the size of C Partition.

In most cases, users need to refresh or reset their PCs when they cannot access the operating system . Yet, when they try to reset/refresh the machine, their computers stuck on the Windows 10 automatic repair loop with some errors like Additional free space is needed on the drive where Windows is installed. Lets see how to escape this loop and repair Windows 10 .

Extend C Drive Without Unallocated Space Or No Continuous Unallocated Space

Step 1. Right-click on This PC/My Computer, select “Manage” > “Disk Management”.

Step 2. Right-click the adjacent partition next to the C drive , choose “Shrink Volume”.

Step 3. Enter the amount of space to shrink, click “Shrink” to confirm.

Step 4. Right-click on local disk C drive and select “Extend Volume”.

Step 5. Follow the on-screen instructions to add more space to the system C drive.

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Ways To Create More Disk Space In Windows 10

Speed up your computer, make upgrades easier

When your computer runs low on physical storage, its speed, performance and ability to maintain system integrity will be affected. A poorly managed hard drive can leave you with little space to install significant updates and will generally degrade the user experience over time.

In this article, we will discuss several ways to create more disk space in Windows 10.

  • Delete Unwanted Apps and Programs
  • Enable Storage Sense
  • Delete Temporary Files
  • Archive Or Delete Files You’re No Longer Using

    How To Get More Space On PC (easy)

    If you have photos, music, videos, or other files that you want to keep but don’t necessarily want on your PC, consider saving them to removable media, such as an external drive, USB drive, DVD, or cloud storage. You’ll still be able to view those files as long as your PC is connected to the removable media or cloud storage, but they won’t take up space on your PC.

  • Open This PC by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search , entering This PC in the search box, and then tapping or clicking This PC.

  • In the Search This PC box in the upper-right, enter size:huge.

  • Select the View menu, select Sort by, and then select Size. The largest files display at the top.

  • Once you locate a file you want to delete, press and hold or right-click the file and then select Delete.

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    Choose Which Apps To Back Up On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Go to Settings > > iCloud.
  • Tap Manage Storage > Backups.
  • Tap the name of the device that you’re using.
  • Turn off any apps that you don’t want to back up.
  • Choose Turn Off & Delete.
  • When you confirm that you want to Turn Off & Delete an app, it turns off iCloud Backup for that app and removes all of its information from iCloud.

    Some apps are always backed up and you can’t turn them off.

    How To Free Up Ram On Laptop

    If you can’t get more RAM on laptop by adding RAM, you may want to know how to increase RAM on laptop without RAM upgrade. Then, you can free up RAM on laptop. As for how to do that, there are the ways:

  • Restart the computer.
  • Uninstall or disable software.
  • Increase virtual memory.
  • If you want to know the detailed steps and more methods on freeing up the RAM, please read the following post:

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    Add More Free Space In Your Onedrive By Getting Referral Bonuses

    Microsoft offers 500 MB of free OneDrive space for every person you are referring to this service. You can invite your friends, family or any other people to start using OneDrive. Each new person that you’ve referred also gets 0.5 GB of additional OneDrive storage space. However, Microsoft imposes a limit of 10 GB of maximum additional free space that you can add to your OneDrive using this method. To get the referral link or share it on social networks, click or tap the “Earn more” link from your OneDrive Manage Storage page.

    In the past, Microsoft used to offer other ways to earn more free space in OneDrive. Unfortunately, it seems that those days are over. However, for the sake of historical accuracy, here is how you used to be able to add more space to OneDrive:

    Store Files In The Cloud

    How to Free Up Disk Space on a Windows XP PC: 5 Steps

    If you take advantage of cloud storage via OneDrive or another service, you’re probably double-storing files and photos. Well, you don’t have to do this — all cloud storage services allow you to select which folders are downloaded and saved to your PC .

    If you use OneDrive, here’s what to do: Right-click on the OneDrive icon in your system tray and choose Settings. In the Settings tab, check the box for Save space and download files as you use them. This setting will let you see the files you have stored in OneDrive from File Explorer on your PC, which pulls off the neat trick of showing you all of your local and cloud-based files in one spot. In File Explorer, you’ll see three different icons for OneDrive files in the Status column:

    • Blue cloud: online-only file
    • Green checkmark in white circle: locally stored file that might revert back to online when you run short on space
    • White checkmark in green circle: locally stored file that will stay put, no matter how short on space you get

    You can easily move OneDrive folders and files to your PC and back again. To move a file or folder stored in OneDrive to your PC, right-click it and select Always keep on this device. To remove the local copy of the file or folder and have it stored only on OneDrive, right-click it and choose Free up space.

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    How To Upgrade Ram On A Laptop

    Is there a way to increase RAM on a laptop? As long as you havent reached your systems maximum RAM, then yes! The same considerations that apply to desktop RAM also determine how much RAM your laptop can handle.

    Additionally, some laptops may not be eligible at all for RAM upgrades. Sometimes, the RAM modules are soldered directly onto the motherboard, meaning that you cant remove them yourself. Check online to see whether your laptop has replaceable RAM.

    Assuming your laptop can handle more RAM, heres how to add it:

  • Shut down your laptop, close it, and let it cool down.

  • Unplug all cords, cables, and accessories.

  • Flip it over and place it face-down on your work surface.

  • Open the bottom casing, or remove the portion that covers your RAM. The specifics here will depend on the type of laptop you have. If you need to unscrew the case, remember which screws go into which holes, as sizes may vary from one screw to the next.

  • Touch an unpainted metal surface in your laptop to discharge any static electricity from your body. This will help protect your laptops sensitive internal components.

  • Remove your current RAM modules by gently pushing aside the clips that hold them in place. Each RAM module should pop up and out at an angle. Then you can pull it out of the RAM slot.

  • Pick up your new RAM modules by the edges or corners. Do not touch the gold connectors or any components on top of the module!

  • Empty The Recycle Bin

    Deleting items from your computer such as photos, videos, and documents dont remove them from your hard drive. They are moved to the Recycle Bin instead and continue to take up space on your hard drive. Emptying the Recycle Bin will create more disk space.

    • Type Recycle Bin in the search bar to locate the app and open it.
    • Click Open to go to the Manage section of the app. Scroll through the items before deleting them to make sure you didnt delete something you need.
    • If you find a file that was mistakenly deleted, click on it and choose Restore. The selected item will be removed from the Recycle Bin.
    • When you click Empty Recycle Bin, a pop-up will ask: Are you sure you want to permanently delete all of these items?
    • Click Yes to reclaim valuable disk space.

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    Ways To Expand Your Pc Storage Without Deleting Anything

    When low disk warnings begin to pop up on your computer, it can only mean one thing: youre critically low on disk space. You have to delete something to free up room, but you cant delete any software, files, or folders. In fact, you cant get rid of anything at all! Theres only one thing you can do: expand the current space you have to fit everything in. But how do you expand your PC storage?

    Lets take a look at some of the ways you can expand the storage size of your PC.

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    How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop

    How To Get More Storage Space? Windows PC [Simple Steps]

    How much storage do I need on my laptop?” Before you get ready to increase disk space, you must be wondering what is the expected storage space for your drive. To run a computer smoothly, you are required to get enough disk space. For instance, if you run a Windows 10 system, you need to fulfill the minimum system requirement of this system. You are able to check Windows full specs including the current available disk space via this guide.

    The required disk space varies according to different user groups. Now, we will discuss the recommended disk space for corresponding users.

    For Common Users

    If you are a common user who just want to store pictures, audio music, and movies, the storage capacity ranging from 256GB to 512GB is sufficient. To be specific, 256GB would be enough for creating word documents, sending emails, playing games, running applications, as well as streaming shows.

    In cases like backing up local videos and photos, storing some high-quality games and high-resolution 4k photos, 512GB is recommended.

    For Business Man and Gamers

    As business requires you to access massive spreadsheets and some specialized programs, the laptop should have a high storage capacity. The recommended space ranges from 512GB to 1TB. For gaming laptop, 1TB storage space is suggested. This large space enables you to run some space-consuming games smoothly.

    For Video & Edit Professionals

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    Free Up Drive Space In Windows

    If your PC is running low on free space, you might not be able to install important Windows updates, and your PCs performance may be affected. Here are some ways to free up space so you can keep your PC up to date and running smoothly. These suggestions are listed in order, so start with the first one, see if that helps, and then continue to the next one if it doesn’t.

    To check the total disk space left on your Windows 11 device, select File Explorer from the taskbar, and then select This PC on the left. The available space on your drive will appear under Devices and drives.

    Note: If you follow the steps below and continue to have trouble updating Windows because of low disk space, resetting or reinstalling Windows might help. For more info, see Reinstall Windows.

    Turn On Onedrive Files On

    You can save space by turning on OneDrive Files On-Demand, which stores a smaller placeholder file on your hard drive instead of the full-size file that’s stored in your OneDrive account in the cloud. You’ll be able to get to your OneDrive files from your PC without having to use up hard-drive space downloading full-size versions of them all. See Learn about OneDrive Files On-Demand for more info.

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    Swap Your Hdd With An Ssd

    Yes, I know SSDs are usually lower in storage than HDDs , but hear me out.

    You will remove your laptops HDD and convert it to an external hard drive. All you have to do is get an HDD enclosure for it.

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    I had done this before with one of my old laptops, which had been damaged, and now I have an external hard drive from that laptops internal HDD.

    Although youll have to take special care of it, then you will replace your HDD with an SSD. An SSD will guarantee your laptop better performance.

    In case youre already using an SSD, I would recommend you purchase an external hard drive in which you will store extra files.

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    If youre going to replace your hard drive by yourself, make sure youre completely competent. If not, get your laptop to a professional to do this for you.

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