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How Long Is Dell Laptop Warranty

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Is There A Difference Between Free And Extended Warranties

How to Check Your Dell Warranty

The answer is yes, these two types of warranties differ from one another.

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  • Free warranties: this is often a guarantee written on the package of a product by the manufacturer after a buyer purchases its product. The guarantee promises to replace or repair the product if necessary during a stated time frame. It comes at no added cost to the buyer as they are already attached to the product. Usually, the time frame of expiry is between one to two years.
  • Extended warranties: this is often based on an existing warranty such as the free warranty. It is often offered by tech stores and product manufacturers with a guarantee to replace or repair operational defects and in some cases normal wear and tear to a laptop but with a premium charged. It also has a limited life span.

How To Do A Dell Products Warranty Status Check

To check your Dell products official warranty status, you need to have its serial number handy. Once you have the serial number of the product, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open a web browser and navigate to Dells official warranty status tool here:

Step 2: Enter the Dell service tag or Dell EMC product ID into the text field. Now, click the Search button beside the text field.

Step 3: On the next webpage, you can find the warranty status of your Dell product.

Faqs About Onsitegos Extended Warranty Plan For Dell Laptops & Tablets

Q. Will I get all the details related to my Dell device using the Dell Warranty Check tool?

A. Yes, Dells official Warranty Check tool provides all the details related to your Dell device, including its name, purchase date, and warranty status.

Q. Is Dell Warranty Check applicable on all Dell devices?

A. Yes, Dell Warranty Check is applicable on all kinds of Dell devices, including computers, laptops, monitors, tablets, and more.

Q. Do I have to register my Dell device online before doing a Dell Warranty Check?

A. Yes, you need to register your Dell device by visiting the URL mentioned above in the page before you can check its warranty status.

Q. What do I do after a Dell Warranty Check if the warranty has expired?

A. If your Dell Warranty has expired, you can extend your devices warranty by buying Onsitegos Extended Warranty Plan for up to two additional years from the end date of the 1-year standard brand warranty.

Q. How reliable is the Dell Warranty Check?

A. Dell Warranty Check online tool is 100% reliable and accurate as it is developed by Dell itself.

Q. Does the Dell Warranty Check give information about Dell devices purchased in India or abroad?

A. The Dell Warranty Check tool provides information about all Dell devices, no matter whether they were purchased in India or anywhere else in the world.

Q. Will OnsiteGo repair my Dell device if it was purchased in India but breaks down while Im travelling abroad?

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Broken Screens Not Covered

If your laptop gets a crack, either minor or severe, your laptop warranty will not cover your screen repairs. Screen damage is the fault of the laptop owner and not the manufacturer. Because of that, manufacturers wont give you free support and will instead ask that you pay for them to repair damages.

Check What Does Dell Warranty Cover

Three A Tech Computer Sales and Services: Used Laptop Dell ...

Dells limited warranty ensures that your laptop remains operational during the warranty period, and takes care of any manufacturing defects that might render your device unusable. The limited warranty takes care of the following issues and damages.

  • Damage to the laptop due to shipping
  • Problems or issues as a result of manufacturing defects

However, Dells limited warranty does not cover the following costs and repairs.

  • Damage to the laptop due to external causes, including accidental damage, misuse or abuse of the laptop, or problems with electrical power
  • Damage as a result of servicing that hasnt been authorized by Dell
  • Hardware damage caused by using parts and components that arent supplied by Dell
  • Software, external devices and accessories that arent provided by Dell while shipping the laptop
  • Products purchased through the Software & Peripherals department. Only the monitor, keyboard and mouse that are Dell branded are covered under the limited warranty

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What About My Dell Device’s Eosl Date

Though checking in on your Dell warranty can actually be pretty simple, finding the EOSL date of your device can be difficult and frustrating. Dell products have varying policies on the time frame for devices to go EOSL. Often times, they dont advertise this information to the public and it can be challenging to find. There are third party sites that list Dell EOSL dates, but be aware that those posted dates are not always accurate.

Need help finding Dell EOSL dates? Contact us for help.

Do Dell Monitors Have A Warranty

Yes, a limited hardware warranty.

Dell can be vague when it comes to their warranty policies, but all Dell products will have some form of warranty, from 90 days to 5 years in length. The warranty will cover any malfunctions caused by the manufacturing of the product, not user damage or normal wear. Regardless, it is best to communicate with Dell on the issues you are having and see what can be done at no cost to you.

If you find that your Dell monitor or product no longer has a warranty, Dell may still take steps to help you. Going to their Fix Your PC or Tablet page on the support site will give you the steps to start communicating with a Dell representative.

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How Can I Get Warranty On My Dell Laptop

You are generally stuck with the warranty that is available on your laptop at the moment you purchase it. If you would like additional warranty coverage beyond what comes standard with it, then you will need to purchase that supplemental coverage at the time that you purchase the laptop itself.

There are a lot of ways to check on the warranty of your Dell device, but the best thing to do is to go directly to the people who made this device for the answers that you need. If you do this, then you should get the most straightforward and helpful information available.

Exploring Dell Hardware As Your Newest Business Asset

Dell Computer Extended Warranty

Dell hardware has become a part of our day-to-day routine here at IT Edge. Ultimately, a large part of our computer networking consulting and setup for small to medium sized businesses is making informed recommendations.

Realistically, this allows businesses to choose the best hardware for their business situations. In this blog, youll get a sneak peek into our most recent guidelines and a few recommendations from our team.

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What Is Dell Support Plan

Dells ultimate support plan*. Everything you need is included, from around-the-clock access to experts*, to repairs for accidents*, and technicians that come to you*. When used with our SupportAssist technology, it automatically predicts problems before they happen, optimizes PC settings and removes viruses*.

How To Check Dell Warranty

The best thing to do when checking on your warranties is to check by the service tag if you have one available. If there is some reason why you dont have a service tag for your product, then you might be able to look it up by the product description and see what the listed warranty is for it online. Doing so can be a little less accurate because anyone who wants to can post whatever they want about warranties online, but it can still be a good place to look if you are in a bind.

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What Should I Do If Dell Laptop Warranty Expires

If you did a dell warranty check online and find that your Dell laptop’s warranty has expired, there are a few options to avail of technical support from Dell. This will be the perfect time for extending the warranty on your laptop by purchasing an accidental damage service that will take care of all the repairs and replacements. It will also take care of system damages that are not covered by the standard Dell laptop warranty. The status and availability of dell warranty check can be done by using the Dell support website. First, locate the service tag on your device and keep this information handy before making a call on checking the details on their website. The service tag code comprises 5 to 7 alphanumeric characters which are unique for every device. The product ID is also known as express service code consisting of 10 to 11 numeric and is also needed for dell warranty check.

How Much Is Dell Laptop Warranty

Dell Latitude E6440 Laptop Notebook i5

Dell laptops are sold with a standard 1-year warranty from the date of purchase in India or any other place in India. Dell covers any defects on the device due to defective materials or workmanship that will compromise its normal operation. There is no need to do a complicated warranty check with Dell.

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How Do I Claim My Dell Warranty

Your warranty goes into effect at the time of purchase and receipt of the product. When a laptop or peripheral is purchased through Dell, then the company is immediately aware of the warranty. If purchased from a third-party location, like a retail store, then a notification is recommended so Dell knows about it.

This occurs when you register the product on their website. By doing this youre able to retrieve warranty information much quicker.

How Can I Check My Laptops Warranty

Lets say your Dell laptop wont start up at all. You can always check if it is still under warranty. By going to Dells website, and entering the serial number of your laptop, you will be able to check your warranty status. You can use the same website to acquaint yourself with other Dell warranty information such as warranty registration, transfer, and renewal.

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How Do I Register My Dell Monitor Warranty

Use their Dell Product Registration page.

On the Dell support site, you can register your new Dell product with them to get immediate access to support and other information. They have a detect PC button to automatically identify the product, so you will want to register with your new monitor already installed on the PC you are using to access the web. If the detect PC option does not work, or you cannot use the monitor, you will instead need to do an ownership transfer and enter in your service tag.

Water Damage Not Covered

Dell Warranty Information (Official Dell Tech Support)

If your laptop was exposed to water that results in the failure of certain pieces of hardware or wholesale system failure, your machine will not be covered.

Since water damage isnt always apparent from the outside, many water damage claims get filed by consumers as standard hardware failure claims. Because of that, the first thing manufacturers will look for when assessing your claims validity will be signs of exposure to water.

Suspected water exposure is one of the top reasons why warranty claims are denied.

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What Doesnt It Cover

Not as simple to answer. It certainly wont cover the loss or damage of your programs or files. Most warranties dont cover damage caused by you or someone else, but you can usually buy accidental damage coverage for an extra fee. This may include theft or loss insurance as well, but you should assume the loss or theft of your laptop is not part of the standard warranty.Certain parts of your laptop my have different warranty coverage terms. For example: your laptop battery may not be covered at all, your hard drive for under a year and dead pixels on your screen for 30 days. Check the fine print!There are also ways you can void your warranty. It varies by manufacturer, but in some cases if you open, modify or otherwise upgrade your laptop, it may void the warranty unless youre a certified technician. Manufacturers put tiny stickers on the inside of your laptop that tear when you remove certain parts, you wont know until its too late. To be safe, if its not in the manual that came with your laptop, assume it may void your warranty and seek advice from the manufacturer before proceeding.

Extend Dell Battery Warranty Online At Affordable Price

Dell Laptops are found to be the best because of their salient features, services, & durability. But being an electronic gadget it can anytime pop-up problems. One of the common problems found among Dell users is related to Battery. Its true that when you buy a laptop you get a warranty of a particular time period. But what to do when the online service providers fails to extend the warranty period? What to do to when your laptop starts overheating & you need a battery replacement? Just to help such users we are providing this platform where all the Dell laptop battery warranty related problems can be discussed & fixed. We are third-party online service providers that deal with all sorts of difficulties, no matter how adverse your issues are you will be provided immediate help. We suggested getting the Dell battery warranty extended instead of getting it replaced as it may cost you a lot!

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Do All Dell Laptops Come With A Warranty

Products branded with the Dell name sold in the United States. There may be limited hardware warranties in Canada and the United States of America for 90 days, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, or other terms. In addition to the limited hardware warranty, you may be able to renew or extend it after you purchase your product.

Dell Warranty Check Not Working


If you are familiar with the Dell warranty check program, then you know that you know that they offer this up as something for their customers to be able to do to check the warranty they carry on any given Dell product. You can check these facts directly from your computer, and it makes life a lot easier to know what your warranty is looking like for any given Dell product that you own.

However, if the Dell warranty check is not working, then you may have to call the company directly to check on the warranty of your product. You should have been given this information directly when you purchased the product anyway, but it is understandable that this information can slip away from your mind as time goes on.

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Looking For Another Maintenance Option

If youre looking for a maintenance option that keeps you in the know on important information, you might want to try looking into a third party maintenance provider. Third party maintenance providers, or TPMs, center around putting the clients needs as the top priority. A TPM provider like M Global Services is always out to prove that the service we provide is better than what you would receive through the manufacturer. Not only is M Global customer-focused, but we have a number of other big advantages over OEMs like:

  • Up to 70% contract savings
  • Dedicated inventory for each client
  • Consolidated contracts across multiple manufacturers
  • Simplified escalation process

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How Can I Check My Computer Warranty

There is often a customer service phone number on the computer itself that is a direct line to ask the professionals at Dell questions like this. If that is not available to you or you cant find it, then you can always look up this information via the Dell website. It is all laid out right there to help you understand what is going on and why your equipment is or is not within warranty coverage.

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Check Dell Warranty Status Online

If you have the service tag or express service code of your Dell device, you can easily check the warranty status online with a few clicks. The service tag and express service code are usually found on the back of the device. If you cannot find the service tag or service code on the device, please refer to the directions in Method 2.

Step 1: Visit this warranty page of Dell in a web browser on any device.

Step 2: In the field, type the service tag or express service code and then click the submit button to see the warranty status of your Dell computer.

Method 2 of 3

How Do You Check If You Still Have Dell Warranty

Transferring Your New Dell Warranty

You can check the warranty status of your Dell products in a number of ways. The most straightforward way that many people enjoy is by going to and looking up their product by its serial number.

This allows the Dell website to pull up your specific product and give you information about the status of any warranty that might be available on that product. This is critical as there is a lot of variation as far as Dell products are concerned, and it is nice to boil down specifically what you have covered on your Dell product as soon as possible.

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